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Angels Rising

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Angels Rising

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby belthazar666 on Fri Sep 28, 2007 2:44 am

This is an RP I made on another forum not long ago.I want to see how it goes on another forum.

All general RP rules apply, no godmodding, controlling other players and such.

Once every hundred thousand years or so, an angel rises. It is no ordinary angel, this angel is evil.The proficy tells of three people rising above all lost hope and stopping this evil.They will meet many people on there journey, many will die.Each one of these people three people hold a special power.The fate of the world is in their hands.

---------------BATTLE SYSTEM---------------
For every 2 attacks you make, the enemy makes 1 attack.
If there are more than one enemies they alternate attacks, and if your attack is an odd number such as 3 they get the higher attack (3=2 5=3 etc.)
Try and make 1-3 attacks per turn, I don't want to see people making spams of 4 attacks, however 4 attacks are allowed ever 5+ posts.

---------------The Powers--------------
When the time comes and the final battle is revealed, the three hero's will gain that special power that makes them the hero's they are.But first, they must find the three mystery items that contain the powers.

Satans soul:Whoever possesses this item gains the power of satan himself.They will grow long dark wings, they will also gain the power of fire.The power of fire allows the keeper of Satans soul to shoots out long streams of fire from the palms of there hands.When the time comes to destroy the evil angel, they will also gain an unknown ability.---Reserved for Belthazor

Angels Soul: Whoever possesses this item gains the power of an angel.They will sprout white wings and the ability to shoots lightning from their eyes.As with Satans soul, the Angels Halo also holds an unknown ability.

Gods soul: Whoever possesses Gods Soul, gains the ability to do great things.They become stronger, they also can use lightning.This lightning is different from the being who uses the angels halo. This lightning is golden and slightly stronger.

----------EXP Chart----------
After you get to level2, the EXP you had goes to 0 and you start over.

Level1 need 500 to level up.
level2 needs 1000 to level up
level3 needs 1500 to level up
level4 needs 2000 to level up
level5 needs 3000 to level up
Basically need 500 then add another 500 for the next 3 levels, then add 1000 then go back to adding 500 for three levels.

Stats are used to make characters stronger, you start with 10 stat points to be distributed freely.You get 5 stats points per level up.

Vitality:Adds 20 to maximum HP
Energy:Adds 20 to maximum MP
Strength:Adds 2 damage to maximum and minimum damage
Dodge:Each point in this stat gives you a 1% chance to dodge maximum % is 30.

Please make your profile like this.
Name: (Your name)
Age: (Your age)
Race:(Your race)
Class: (Your Class)
Weapon: (Base damage for starting weapon is 15-20)
Level:1 EXP: 0/500
HP: 100/100
MP: 100/100
Abilities: (Start with 3 abilities gaining 1 ability point per level. Ability points can either make an ability stronger, indicated by the + sign after the abilities name, or you can create another ability.)
Power possessed: (If you were one of the first 2 people to sign up, you can have dibs on one of the items, such as Satans soul.) (Satans soul will be my power though so take one of the other 2)

---------My Profile----------
Weapon:Sword (15-20 base DMG) (25-30 With STR)
Level:1 EXP:0/500
Stats: 5STR 5VIT
HP: 200/200
MP: 100/100
Heavy Slash: Puts all the might into the attack of the sword. (25-30 base dmg) (35-40 with STR ) 2 cool down. 40MP

Fury: When health drops down to 10% or less, Damage is increased to 150% and gain an extra 5% to dodge Passive

Weapon throw: Throws weapon at enemy (Thrown weapon deals 1-100DMG) After the weapon is thrown, Belthazor becomes unarmed and deals 5-10 damage with punches. No STR bonus available) 30MP

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