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[Kelante] Angrod Mithrandír

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[Kelante] Angrod Mithrandír

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Midnight on Mon Feb 19, 2007 5:27 am

Name: Angrod Mithrandir (Ang- rod Mithr- and- er)
Race: Blood Elf
Age: 2500

Physical Appearance: He is a tall elf with a kind of slim muscular build. He looks as if he has lived high sciety his whole life. He has long silver hair that is normally just laying behind him. He wears black sorcerer robes with red trim around the edges. Image is emblassed on the chest of the robes.

Abilities: He is a master fire sorcerer. He has even learned to cast rune spells. (a rune spell is one that can only be cast in a certain disign placed on something. (like using a transmustion circle for alchemy) A rune spell's strength depends on the size and the power put into it.)

History: Angrod grew up in a normal blood elf town around the Throsion Lava feilds. At the young age his parents sent him off to join the Sorcerers Guild. As an apprentice at the Sorcerers Guild Angrod developed a tallent at fire spells. The basic ones came second hand to him while the advance ones took alittle more effort.

Blood Elf info: Blood Elves look like normal elves to others but they are very different. Normal elves comune with nature using mostly earth or water magic or just living with nature. While blood elves are more warlike. They don't care for nature as its just their they perfure the more distructive magics.

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