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Animorphs RP

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Alambil on Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:35 pm

This is a role play I created based on the Animorphs book series. We need just two or three more players to get started. Here is the intro:

Aliens have invaded earth. You can't see them, but they're here. They force their way through the ear canal, wrap themselves around the brain, and take control. The world's only hope: five teenagers given the power to morph into any animal they touch.

This RPG is based off the Animorphs series written by K. A. Applegate. If you have never read the books you can still play. However, I would ask that you skim over a few articles in the Animorphs Wiki. (See rules for more information)

Animorph #1
Animorph #2
Animorph #3
Animorph #4
Animorph #5
Visser Three and controllers

About the Animorphs:
The five Animorph slots must be filled with original characters. Please do not create a character that resembles one of the original Animorphs too closely. That being said, you can borrow circumstances. For example, your character's parents might run an animal rescue in their barn (making it easier to acquire morphs). The only requirement for your character is age - they must be roughly 14 years old, not yet old enough to attend high school.

About other characters:
If someone familiar with the series wants to play an Andalite (filling the role of Ax) just let me know. You probably won't be able to join the other characters immediately, but you can RP separately for a while and then join with the rest of the group later. You may follow the events as they unfold in the series or make up your own story.

I will be playing Visser Three/Yeerks/Controllers/minor characters needed to further the plot. I will also act as game master. My role may be fairly extensive if role players are not familiar with the series. Otherwise, I will probably just create a character and join in the fun (First dibs on the Andalite role). If someone wants to help me with any of these minor/antagonist roles, or has an idea for another character, just let me know.

Please keep in mind:
Because space is limited, I will choose the characters who I feel are most well-rounded and unique. I am also looking for contrasting characters that will add to an interesting team dynamic.

Unlike the book series, our RP takes place in the year 2012 (the books take place in the mid 90s).
The setting is the same as the book series: a suburban neighborhood outside Santa Barbara, California. It is located near the coast and a vast wildlife preserve (uninhabited forest). There is also a zoo/amusement park located nearby called The Gardens.

Opening Scene:
Our role play starts just as your character is waking up. It is the morning after being given the morphing technology and watching Elfangor die at the hands (mouth) of Visser Three. Flashbacks to the night before are allowed and they may differ slightly from the events in the book, but it is assumed that your character now has a basic understanding of the Yeerk invasion, who the Andalites are, and the danger of staying in morph past the two hour time limit. Your character is also familiar with Visser Three - the leader of the Yeerk invasion of earth and Elfangor.

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