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Appendix A - Stations and Specifications

a part of “The Blackbird's Cry”, a fictional universe by DarKnight36.

Board "The Blackbird's Cry", the most advanced starship ever constructed, and join its captain in exploring the unknown.

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Appendix A - Stations and Specifications

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Engines & Flight:
The Blackbird's Cry maintains three engines - one on each wing, and one on the central frame. The central engine only engages during faster-than-light travel, or emergencies. All three engines have compartments that run along the length of the ship, which open up for cooling or to help with maneuvering. The wings on the Blackbird's Cry can extend outwards for water or surface landings, but generally remain closed.

Weapons & Shielding:
The Cry's weapon systems contain both high-intensity beam tech and the more outdated kinetic/ballistic tech. The older weaponry is more easily replaced and stocked; the Cry maintains an impressive arsenal of 550 missiles and torpedoes of varying sizes and payloads. The ship has four missile ports located just above maintenance, and can be quickly loaded during battle to fire 360 degrees around the Blackbird's Cry.

The beam weaponry has sixteen firing ports located around the ship, most near the top where the armor is thickest. These fire high-intensity short bursts that are designed to bolster ship defenses over offensive actions. Each cannon comes equipped with what amounts to a battery pack: these packs are non-rechargeable but can last up to 2500 shots each.

Shield technology is designed to withstand kinetic weaponry just like it would withstand a collision with an asteroid. Most shielding can be overwhelmed given time, but in general, the larger the craft, the bigger the shield and the longer it can withstand punishment. The Cry's shielding is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is able to withstand up to five hours of what is considered "normal" bombardment. To bolster this further, the beam cannons are able to pick off incoming kinetic missiles and destroy them before they reach the craft.

Since shielding does not stop the lasers fired by the beam cannons, thick armor plating is used to diffuse any offensive use of lasers. To breach the hull of most standard craft, a charged shot is required - charged shots drastically reduce the number of shots available however, and can be hazardous to the health of the beam cannon itself.

As something of note, the ship is designed to be unable to enter faster-than-light travel without its shielding available. This is to protect the ship, as without shielding, even a tiny object could do incredible damage.

Floor One: Main Bridge / Captain's Room
- The Main Bridge is located at the peak of the ship, at its fore. It is usually where you will find the Captain, unless she has business elsewhere. The Captain's Room is located behind the bridge, accessible from either side of the elevator and stairs. This is a private room used by the Captain for short meetings with officers or other personnel.
- Bridge Personnel:
    *First Mate
    *Navigation Officer & Aide
    *Pilot & Co-Pilot
    *2 Weapons Officers
    *Communications Officer

Floor Two: Secondary & Tertiary Bridges / Main Hall (Recreation / Dining / Library) / Medical / Science
- The Secondary Bridge is used in emergencies if the Main Bridge has been compromised. The Secondary Bridge is considerably larger than the Main Bridge, as its main intent was to be used as a large conference room.

- The Tertiary Bridge, also known as the Navigation Room, is located on Floor 2B. It also functions as the records room. Although navigation generally remains on the Main Bridge, the Navigation Room has more functions available than upstairs allows.

- Medical is located just behind the Secondary Bridge, near the heart of the ship. Its purpose is to ensure the well-being of all crew members, especially those injured. Medical stretches around the port side of the ship, connecting to the Science Division. (14 members)

- The Science Division is located along the port aft of Floor Two, near the entrance of the ship. This was designed so that any new discoveries could easily be transferred to Science, without contaminating any other areas. Science also has a Tech Wing - both are extremely important to any exploratory ship. (30 members total / 8 members of Tech Wing)

- The Main Hall has three areas for crew members to relax while off duty - recreation maintains a gym and indoor track, dining offers meals to all crew, and the library keeps a large collection of both fiction and non-fiction that can be accessed from not only the quiet areas designated for reading, but also general quarters. (4 Recreation Staff / 12 Dining Staff / 2 Library Staff)

Floor Three: Crew Quarters / Battle Readiness HQ
- The Crew Quarters are located in the ship's center, and actually cover several floors, designated by letters A through D. Only floor A is used by officers; the rest of the floors are assigned based on what station the crew member is assigned to. All but officers usually share quarters with at least one other crew mate.
- On each floor is a Battle Readiness HQ, for quick arming of personnel, although its main station is on A. All personnel are required to be at least trained in simple combat, but a small elite guard and police the ship. (15 members)

Floor Four: Maintenance / Reactor
- Maintenance is located in the belly of the ship, and has access to the reactor, shielding, and engines. (92 members)

I have made a quick sketch of the ship itself (sorry if it's terrible, I'm not super great at it) to show general locations.
Until I get a signature image, this is all I have.

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