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[Sparsian Academy; Ghalerion] Arania

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[Sparsian Academy; Ghalerion] Arania

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lord Saladin on Mon Mar 12, 2007 6:08 am

Ok, so here is a bit of background on my character for the Sparsian Academy RP set in the Ghalerion world:

An orphan of Ghale, she lost both her parents to theives who ransacked the family's simple home when she was only 4 years old, Arania had nowhere to go, so lived in the dangerous streets of that land, so accursed by theives and other untoward people.
Surviving on little more than scraps, she was taken in by a middle aged man after se had been on the streets for just over a year, she never knew his name. At first, he treated her well, but very soon, he began to abuse her, both physically and sexually.
She eventually managed to escape, a damaged and scarred girl of six years old, she became bitter, and trusted no one, living once more on the streets, she decided to gain possession of a dagger, to ensure that the same thing wouldn't happen again.
At first, she didn't know how to use the dagger, and still, many men abused her, raping her, and beating her for no reason other than to get their kicks. She suffered greatly, but she did eventually take control, and stabbing a man in the chest, moments before he could be added to one of the many men that forcefully etched away at her innocence.
She survived for a long time on the streets, becoming nothing more than a thin wisp of a girl, so thin, you could see all her bones.
When the Officials of the Sparcian Academy entered the city, she hid away, not trusting anyone. She was eventually found by one, and she attacked him with her dagger, he had no choice but to defend himslef, and he found the skill of this small, waif-like child to be amazing, and so offered for her to join him.
At this point, the memory of her first abuser came into Arania's mind, like an explosion of images and sensations and nightmares. She immediately burst into tears and attacked the Official even fiercer than before.
The Official refused to leave her, and continued to defend against her constant onslaught. Repeatedly trying to reassure Arania that he meant her no harm, he began to feel that he would not be able to stop this child short of inflicting her with wound. Feeling no other option available, he carried on his futile activity.
Neither Arania nor the Official of the Academy really knew how long the battle had carried on for, but Arania, full of despair after so many years of being raped and abused, feeeling her energy subside, she knew she couldn't hold off this persistant, in her mind, attacker, for much longer, she thought it would be easier to just submit to the man. So she laid herself on the floor, legs open slightly and told the Official to get it over with and take her.
Obviously the Official was very disturbed by the sight of a ten year old girl, lying on the floor, legs open, expecting him to do things to her of a sexual nature, as a single tear fell from his eye, he said "you poor soul, I have no intention of harming you further, I will keep you safe", realising that this wasn't the first time the child had expected a man to force himself upon her.
It was at this point that Arania realised that this strange man, obviously from nowhere near the accursed city of Ghale, did actually mean her no harm. She told him she would come with him, however she did not loosen her grip on the dagger she held in her hand.
She arrived at the academy a ghost of a person, her clothes dirty, smelling and ripped, barely able to be called rags. her body gaunt and in general, weak.
After only a few months at the academy, she began to look more like a normal child, her skeletal structure became hidden once more behind healthy flesh, she was nourished and well dressed.
She was actually a very pretty girl, her features sweet, and her dark brown, almost black hair, naturally straight, was silky to the touch and shined in the light. Her brown eyes, still full of pain and hidden hatred for the many people who abused her, had the signs of a very sweet girl.
She didnt trusts no-one still, and even to this day, she doubts the motives of all at the Academy, and because of this, tends not to socialise with the other students. Although she takes her studies very seriously, soaking in information and knowledge at every oppurtunity. Excelling in the fencing classes, she favours, obviously the dagger as her weapon of choice. And despite not being allowed possession of a weapon, she still carries with her the small blade that was always her back-up when she was in Ghale. Hidden, no one is aware of this weapon.
She wears dark coloured, long clothes, covering all her body, and is generally seen around the academy wearing a long, black cloak, the hood nearly always drawn up over her face, she speaks very little, still dealing with her ordeals privately.
She tends to carry heavy resentment towards those who have had more priviledged lives, secretly wishing she herself could have had the lives of those around her.

Sorry, it isn't great, itis straight from the Sparsian site, when it was in it's first stages, and I don't have time to really make an entirely new profile, so bear with me on this one, for it will come. I simply copied and pasted this!

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