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Patch 1.20X: The Trial


a part of “Patch 1.20X: The Trial”, a fictional universe by Sonicx00.

A brand new patch for Heide Online has just been released bring new content to the game yet also many dark truths behind it. Follow the story and help save you and the subscribers among you...

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Patch 1.20X: The Trial”.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sonicx00 on Wed May 29, 2013 2:37 am

I will not explain what you see inside the dungeons because i want there to be suprises and for us to explore it all together. There is no direct setting for levels areas in the game but there will be difficulties just so no one thinks its a cake walk... Edelon especially... No one will start there by the way.

Reference 1 = a farview of the city
Reference 2 = gives more of an idea of the landscape of the city/A better visual of what you'd see.

(Pictures incoming soon)

The Plains Capital: Heide Reference Picture/Reference Picture 2- The reference picture shows the castle to be true to how i would imagine it however, the large body of water isn't that big. The whisper plains surround this area. From here you will be able to see a tower which wasn't there before... you can only guess it's the new dungeon located in the whispering plains. among the town is the whispering plains This area is known as the noob's town in game, every new player starts here. The wave gate is located in the kingdom's square in the middle of the area.

The Whispering Plains: Very Easy
Tower Dungeon level = 10
A calm green lush area, filled with low level monsters, beautiful sights and a glorious new tower everyone is curious about. You will feel a gently and soothing breeze as the warm sun is upon you. The tower is south of the exit of Heide and although it may reside in this area... the inside the tower is quite dangerous.

Enchanted Forest: Easy
Temple Dungeon Level = 20
The enchanted forest is said to be nearly a maze even with the UI's map helping players. Although as thick is it may be, it is still a little hot as the rays of sunlight beam through the trees. While traveling through the forest in the eastern part you will see the temple dungeon. The entrance of the forest is located south of the Whispering Plains.

Shattered Mountains (Border): Easy
The Shattered Mountains is located after getting through the Enchanted Forest. It starts with a road leading into the dangerous terrain. As you travel through the rocky field you'll notice how the road cuts into a fork. One of the trails leading south and the other leading west. The southern trail leads you into the Highland Capital Odin as for the other trail that becomes more lush and grassy eventually leading you into Starlit Valley.

The Highland Capital: Odin- Reference Picture/Reference Picture 2 – Just like before Odin's picture is actually quite similar to the picture if not entirely. The city is in itself known as the trade city to the world. Many players have found this city commonly and group up here due to it being so convenient from coming to the newbie town. In addition, this town is known for craftsmanship and crafters benefit well from this town for NPC masters residing here. Often during the day, the city is rather busy compared to most yet at night its quiet. If you just entered the area the wave gate is located near the southern gate towards Highlands.

Highlands: Medium
Castle Dungeon Level = 30
Located as soon as you take the southern exit of Odin. The Highlands is quite a calm place that you could say resembles a slightly emptied plains with many hills. It can get quite windy yet it is often still with just a gentle breeze. When walking, upon the tallest hill in the western part of the area you will see what may look like an abandoned castle. This would be the Castle Dungeon. Continuing south will eventually bring you to a hotter and a slightly lush area which is the Calm Meadows.

Calm Meadows: Medium
The Calm Meadows resembles quite a beautiful and peaceful sight. Before NPC farmers inhabited the area with farms yet you will notice how many farms have been abandoned and this is only due to creatures over running the area. There are a few safe areas among the land but none the less no where a nooby should step into until further trained. If you decide to walk forward towards the south, you'll reach the end of the continents point of the south which is Sunbroken Desert.

Sunbroken Desert: Hard
Crypt Dungeon Level = 50
Sunbroken Desert can be described as a deadly place when without water as the sun beams down upon you every step of the way as you travel through. Field effects towards this area is that sand storms happen often and a sand tornado will damage your character by 10% and will throw them to either the beginning of the area or a random area ways away from the beginning and the dungeon.. The dungeon is unable to be seen unless close enough and when the sand storm is not there Other then that if you reach the edge of the area you will only see the beautiful sea.

The Valley Captial: Tyr- Reference Picture/Reference Picture 2 – This capital takes place among the trees and is often starlitten, many streams flow through this capital which arguably if not completely true that this is the most beautiful place in the game, having many floral and well kept nature scenes among it.. However no one has ever stepped foot in Edelon so opinions are still open. The city itself is quite large and is very lively. Often in-game events and festivals are held here due to the atmosphere in culture it holds. The wave gate is located among the garden in the center.

Starlit Valley: Medium
Starlit Valley is the field that is before entering the starlit town surrounded by nature and trees, Tyr. The valley is rather calm and the road to Tyr is safe unless you are encountered by a valley's giant. Beast can and will be aggressive when in their territory. A bad field effect is that when you slip or are thrown into the river beside the road It will take you into Tyr's Jungle and wont stop until halfway into the area where it finally ends at a lake's shore. Tyr is located in the West. No other area is next to this.

Tyr's Jungle: Hard
Ruins Dungeon Level = 70
Tyr's jungle is on the western exit of the capital. You will notice a rocky pathway down from the capital already putting you into the dangerous area. Tyr's Jungle is inhabited by giant animals and dinosaurs. The largest beast is a incredible Land Dragon which could be related to a level 60 Boss. He however wont attack unless you are in his way or are in his territory. If you travel east and decide to go into the Land Dragon's territory, when passing him, you'll see the Ruin's Dungeon. After getting through the jungle if you went down the trail you'll realize it becomes sandy which leads you into the dunes.

Tyr's Landing(Docks): Medium
City Dungeon Level = 80
Tyr's Landing is a sandy dunes, However you'll notice its not as hot as being in the desert. While traveling the dunes you'll see a small village that holds a ship. The captain will obviously let players ride this warning the players where they're taking them is somewhere extremely dangerous but he often makes trips back and forth. If the player chooses to explore the dunes upon traveling towards the south of the area you'll notice yourself getting close to what seems to be a city... this is the “City” Dungeon. This is the end of this continents borders and going forward is only by the captain's ship.

The Sky City: Edelon- Reference Picture/Reference Picture 2 – Although rough to get this far, the adventure could be a sight for sore eyes. Though no player has set foot in Edelon. Many NPC's say rumors about how incredible it is. Edelon is known as a holy place which infact holds the Holy Chapel. This floating city is definitely the biggest compared to the other three (Not by too much though). The wave gate is located on the third floor (Noble Grounds) of the city right before the castle's gates. This city holds 4 floors to it and due to this size is often broken up into districts, Trade, Noble, Working, and Residential.

Brightened Plains:: Hard
Sanctuary Dungeon level = 90
After taking the boat, It may take a few post to get through the ship ride unless you wish to skip it with a post. You will arrive to what seems a very bright and inhabited plains with a beautiful sight in the east.. Although as nice as this may seem. The area itself may be the downfall of the players unless they can figure it out. From the Sanctuary... You will notice magical orbs soaring in random direction. These orbs are only directed outside the safe area of the ship. If these hit a player they will take 20% of there HP. Rarely the orbs are directed towards you yet it all depends on the Rper (I will not force orbs upon you, It is up to you to get some or a few orbs directed at you or not). If you follow where the orbs come from you will see the Sanctuary in the south. The closer you get to the sanctuary the less orbs will shoot just due to the range. Going forward towards the North you will reach Heaven's mountains. The orbs do not reach this point and you are considered safe until traveling forward deeper.

Heaven's Mountain: Extremely Hard
Portal Into Hell Dungeon Level = 100
Heavens Mountain could be said that it is the worst place you might imagine yourself although the next area could be said to be as bad. This area is inhabited by Land Dragons, Sky Dragons, Giants, Larger dinosaurs comparable to the Land Dragon you fight in the Jungle. The trail towards Edelon's Wall is no cake walk and often the player will encounter at least a few of these. The monsters are very aggressive here. If a battle takes place and is everywhere they have enough power to cause a small quake where depending on the size of the stones that may hit you, you take such damage being (Small/Medium/Large/Extremely Large) 10/20/30/40% HP. If you take a turn where the road forks towards the west, it will take you deep into the mountains where you'll see a burning portal. The last dungeon is here.

Edelon's Wall: Easy - Insane (Depends if you run into the giant)
If you make it into Edelon's Wall, you will be a bit safer the area itself is said to be just a long tedius walk to Edelon which is a portal at the end that basically places you there. Although it is what it seems to be a simple walk. Some do not make it... Only due to the guardian.. The guardian is quite a terrifying beast. They call him that only due to the fact that he claims this to be his home and doesn't like people intruding. If you are not spotted by him and get to the safe area with the portal to Edelon then you're fine. Edelon's wall's entrance starts with a golden gate, you're then basically on a straight path that leads up a mountain pass. It goes so high to where you could possible see Brightened Plain's Sanctuary. Once you reach the top you'll see two guards infront of a white chapel. Once you go into the chapel you'll see its empty but holds a portal. This portal will ask you "Will you travel to the holy grounds of Edelon?" upon saying Yes, you will be then teleported.

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