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Doom Wars

Army warfare details. Warning: extensive!

a part of “Doom Wars”, a fictional universe by The Soul one.

A battleship of humankind finds a wormhole to a different part of the galaxy where a war of massive proportions is taking place, and the human's first alien friends are losing.[DEAD]

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Army warfare details. Warning: extensive!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby The Soul one on Thu May 30, 2013 10:08 pm

I though it would be nice to know exactly how a whole bunch of stuff work and why and how, so I'm putting details here. (Warning: extremely extensive!!!)

Regiments consist of 10 squads. Each squad has a specialization, like Infantry, Support, Heavy Vehicle, ect. Each squad, however, usually has 4 troopers, 4 MO's, 2 engineers, and 2 medics. Troopers know first aid, but aren't as equipped as medics, who can save dead people a couple of hours AFTER death, as long as the brain is there. (The massive leap in medical technology was started when stem's cells could be redesigned to make more stem cells, which in turn made more. This made it possible to make a breathing, technically living human (no mind). Because of the lack of a mind, it was deemed okay to do experiments on it. Program Issac is a good example.) Troopers, engineers, and MO's are also trained to drive most vehicles, including aircraft (not spacecraft), but medics can only properly drive certain light vehicles (Jeeps, ect.).

All weapons are chosen by the respective squad member, but it has to be within these ranges:
Troopers: 1 Assault Rifle, 1 (or 2) sidearm(s), 2 lethal grenades, 1 support grenade, 1 anti-vehicle weapon.
Melee Operative: A set of Vibro-knives (Characteristic weapon, extremely expensive. When activated, it can slice through armor like butter, but truly shines when used against electron shields (*which are used by humans), where inserting a Vibro-Knife into a shield immediately causes the shield generator to malfunction, causing immediate deactivation.), 1 or 2 pistol's, 1 lethal grenade, 1 support grenade. (they may seem to have a lot less stuff, but they're training and armor overly compensates for it)
Engineer: 1 Assault Rifle, 1 sidearm, 1 lethal grenade, 2 support grenades, their tool kit. (Aidion can use the trooper set if he wants, his tool kit is in his armored arms.)
Medic: 1 Assault Rifle, 1 sidearm, 4 support grenades, 1 lethal grenade, their medical kit.

Anyone who is going into combat, please post with your weapons for choice. Fair warning; I almost fell asleep writing this, twice! If you don't want to go through the trouble, just say that you want the basic gear, the stuff is marked as standard.

Assault Rifles:
'Hellraiser', or the Ganges. Higher rate of fire puts this sucker up to the plate. It fires at a rate of 20 rounds per second, and has a clip size of 120 11mm rounds. (runs out after 6 seconds of constant fire.) A careful gunner and a good position can waste wave after wave of enemy troops. The higher than normal fire rate has a downside, however, as the kick on it is insane. You actually have to stop shooting after 2 seconds to re-position the gun. The trooper's suit is designed to cause no damage to be done to the trooper themselves, but if someone with shields start using the gun they will find that the gun actually kills their shields faster than gunfire. This gun is also the loudest available, hence the name, as shooting one in the middle of a sleeping enemy camp tends to 'raise hell.'

'Mystic', or the Y277 Rifle. Modified from the Y222 sniper rifle, the only real change is the lack of scope and a replacement of the rounds, allowing semi-automatic fire. The original Y222 sniper rifle requires you to open a slide with each use in order to cool down due to the large size of the sniper round (82mm). The new round, 42mm, also allows for more ammo, which is 20, instead of the 10 used by the sniper version. The Y2 series has been used for decades, the Y2 rifle series has had very little change over that time, only the metal used for the gun was changed, from steel to titanium. (Most rare elements are now used often due to replication technology, which replicates pure elements using more common elements, like hydrogen, iron, and copper. Any element can be made using this technology. It was made by TITAN, and the main reason why it is so big today.) It is called the Mystic because the only kind of scope that fit it at the time it started being manufactured always had 'Mystic' written on it. Nobody knows who programmed the computers to add that detail, but the company liked it, and the name stuck. (Standard Issue.)

'Revolution', or the Prowler. High power is this guns deal. With a round consisting of depleted uranium/steel alloy, and at 68mm long, this round was designed to poke holes in the most armored tanks. Its only drawback is that continuous fire tends to melt the barrel, reducing accuracy over prolonged use. It is fully automatic with a low rate of fire, and has a distinctive 'thunk' sound when fired. It has a clip size of 8, but an automated re-loader built into the weapon design allows one to reload later, when the situation is not as hot. The gun was originally made by the Association, so the main reason for the name is unknown.

Ulysses. A small pistol with enough bullets to pin an entire squad for a good 10 minutes if the wielder can reload fast enough. With a pitiful 33mm steel round, the Ulysses has a clip size of 60, made possible only be the circular design of the clip, which circles to the right, covering a part of the hand. The gun can be modified to fire fully automatic, but only at a low rate of fire.

'Bitch-maker', or the Peppergun. A small six barreled shot gun. Simply enough, you pull the trigger, the space the gun is pointed towards is immediately covered in a massive amount of iron balls about 1mm in diameter. Reload is short, but firing immediately is not recommended, as the barrel could melt after three shots. The gun WILL fly out of the hands of anyone who has not taken the time to properly figure out the right way to hold it. This gun is so inaccurate, however, that firing point blank is advised, as anything over 5 feet you might miss, but anything closer is swish cheese. It got its name because anyone who complains about the massive kickback is considered the squad's bitch for the month. Most soldiers remember being the bitch, even the big tough guys. Only those who were warned of the Bitch-Maker's history are the ones who got out of that embarrassment. Them, and the few jokers who insisted that it wasn't that bad.

'The Man Gun', or the Yolk ver. 2. A big semi-automatic with a clip size of 8 and a round size of 50. The real special thing about this gun is its endurance. It has been proven on several occasions that this gun can survive getting run over by a tank at least 5 times and still shoot accurately. It's high strenghth comes from TITAN Industries special way of processing Titanium, Hassium, and Depleted Uranium. Due to the nature of the design, however, TITAN can only produce small arms with it (no indestructible tanks, unfortunately). The name was given by sgt. Will Travis, who, after seeing the proof of its endurance, called the 'Man Gun' and it stuck. (Standard.)

Locus ver. 3. The Locus series was always pretty crappy. The first Locus often misfired before exploding, causing a massive recall. The second Locus didn't explode, but still misfired often. The final Locus, Xylos promises, will not misfire or explode, although many people are dubious to their claims. The Locus, however, has been proven to be the most accurate submachine gun produced, with an effective range of 120 yards and a large clip size of 200, firing 10 rounds a second (emptying after 20 seconds). Each round is 22mm long. The clip itself is a mechanical wonder. Normally, It would only hold at most 68 rounds, but the layering system, which has three layers stacked behind each other. After the first layer is emptied, the gun automatically switches to the next layer with no detectable reduction in firing. The gun holds a slot to carry two other clips with it, allowing more room for ammo.

Grenades: (there are two kinds, lethal and support.)
'Hot Potato', or the Uther. Uther grenades contain NAPALM. Nuff said.

Crackhead. Crackhead grenades lost their true name. The crackhead grenades uses a new kind of explosive called 'P'. P is extremely explosive, but will only detonate under the correct circumstances. Which is, of course, the temperature of 1020 C. It was thought that P was impossible to ignite, until someone failed to properly clean the experiment before conducting an experiment between two chemicals, HydroMolasic Acid and Oliphur, both do nothing except produce the exact temperature required to detonate chemical P. Needless to say, the scientist lost his arm, but the formula for Crackhead grenades were simple. No matter the low amount of HydroMolasic Acid or Oliphur, if the same amount touch each other, they immediately increase to that temperature, so a small amount of both are locked on either end of the small capsule, releasing after a 4 second fuse. There is another flaw in the design of Crackhead grenades, it may take as long as another 4 seconds before detonation due to the way the chemicals are released. (Standard Issue)

Smoke: Creates 'smoke' that covers 60 ft. of space in all directions. Using bio-mechanics, the gas emitted is technically a lot of microscopic lifeforms, despite them being made in a lab. Their design is simple: Spread 60 ft, then stop and don't move. They're quite small, filling the small capsule. When out, they fill the area and cease to move for thirty seconds before expiring. The color is different depending on the squad. They make a surprisingly good smoke screen, despite the complexity in the design.

'Pester Bomb', or Scrambler grenade. The scrambler grenade is not a grenade, but a small EMP device that disrupts all electronics within 120 feet of it. It is so named because the generals disapproved of their use on the battlefield, calling them pests more than actual tools. Use against shields are extremely effective, however, and so they continued in use.

Stun grenade. A bright flash of light blinds everyone who's eyes were open at the moment of detonation for a couple of seconds. Headaches often ensure afterwards, causing most soldiers to use them often to try to wear out the enemy before rushing them. (Standard Issue)

Anti-Vehicle Weapon:
Heat-Ray. Primary anti-building weapon, the Hear-Ray is only effective against vehicles with no shields, being extensively useless against shields. It is, however, extremely powerful against armor, and melts it with ease. It is heavy though, and its low usefulness keeps it off many battlefields.

'Hiccuper', or the Pile-driver. Anti-Vehicle weapon, specializes in slow moving transports. It has six launch tubes, which project 60 feet into the air before falling back to the planet with explosive results. Two of the launch tubes shoot EMP devices which devastate shields. It is so called Hiccuper because of the sound it makes when fired. Carried on the back like a backpack, used mostly for ambushes or sieges.

MSTML, or the Metric-Shit-Ton-Missile-Launcher (Official Name). The creator used several missile launchers to create one that had six barrels, each could fire three missiles on launch. This gun was deemed 'too powerful for combat' until it was proven otherwise, being the only thing available to destroy the latest Associate tank. Since then, its always been in use. A lock on variety was designed to allow for anti-air capabilities. This is the most widely used anti-vehicle weapon of the USC, as it is the most reliable and most versatile. Because of its popularity, little change has actually happened to the design of both kinds of ammo, EMP and armor piercing, and the launcher. (Standard Issue)

ML, or Missile Launcher. Less used and far less powerful than the MSTML. Double shot, fires one EMP rocket along with one anti-armor rocket. A variety with lock on capabilities is available for aircraft.

Now, I'm worn out. Makes me almost want to take a nap... But, who needs sleep? :p
I used to be nice... Then I got bored.

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