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[Multiverse]Artanis Batsu Rain, Guardian of Water

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[Multiverse]Artanis Batsu Rain, Guardian of Water

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zhelir Darkfall on Thu Jun 29, 2006 12:24 am

Name: Artanis Batsu Rain
Age: Undeterminable
Gender: Male
Race: Etherian/Night Elven Hybrid
Artanis Batsu Rain: 7'2, 240lbs

Physical Description:

Rain stands toweringly tall compared to the average citizen of Wing City, and has a wiry build. His skin tone is a faint blue color, offsetting his ice-blue hair, a long, fluid mop that hangs down to his shoulderblades, and bright aqua eyes. His lips are thin and puckered, and his face is possessed of no hair. When dressed casually, his clothes are usually enshrouded by a heavy tan duster, falling to an end just above the toes of a pair of cracked leather boots.

History: Work In Progress.

Personality: Rain is an extraordinarily calm being, taking up anything but serenity and joy at only the most extreme cases. He has an aura of wisdom to him, and often seems detatched, owing to his disconcern for the smaller events in the universe. While slaughter and torment do not particularly concern him, friendship is an entirely different stories. When he elects to befriend someone, he takes it seriously enough to back them in any cause, giving the impression that something so small as a murder or theft would cause anything but a raise of the brow from him.

Equipment: Rain carries a myriad of weapons with him. His two primary weapons are both magical weapons, one being a massive sword he has carried since he was only known as "Chrono." The sword's only magical traits are to the nature of allowing Rain to detect nearby sources of water for his manipulation. The hilt is constructed of a foot and a half of pure titanium, the blade being four and a half feet of titanium encased in razor-sharp diamond. The second weapon is a gun designed to fire "magical spells," of sorts, called a Caster.

In addition to his two primary weapons, he carries a Glock 9mm, of which his skill is decidedly poor. This weapon is generally used as a tool of threat and distraction. As well, he carries an unfixed number of throwing knives within special slots in the inner sides of his duster, with which his skill is far more considerable.

Skills/Abilities: Rain has two very noteworthy attibutes.

The first of these is his complete and utter control over water, owing to his nature as the Guardian of Water. This is limited by a strong moral code, in which he forbids himself to use more power than an opponent is capable of.

The final of these is his extemely formidable skill with blades, be they thrown or held.

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