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[The Almost Modern Fantasy] Arthur Maze

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[The Almost Modern Fantasy] Arthur Maze

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LordSaladin on Fri May 25, 2007 1:21 am

Name: Arthur George Maze

Age: 68

Nationality: British


At such an old age, Arthur Maze looks well. His skin is admittedly heavily wrinkled, but not so much as one would expect from a man who is in the latter stages of his life. His green eyes are still sharp, and despite having lost all colour, he still has a full head of hair, which is thick, and combed back. Not the tallest of men, he stands at five foot seven inches tall, but with a manner such as makes him seem a good few inches taller.

Being one of such wealth, it only makes sense that he is always garbed in expensive suits. Pressed perfectly, accompanied by white shirts and a tie. He also wears expensive shoes, generally brown in colour to match his suits which are generally brown, or dark green.

It is obvious that Arthur keeps himself in shape, being slim, but still holding a mass of muscle that is strong and solid; not as much as he once possessed, but certainly impressive for one of his age.


As a dynamic businessman, Arthur Maze carries that into his everyday life, and his personality. A;ways smiling and laughing, he is certainly not one to complain, unlike so many of such years. He is confident to the point that some people consider him arrogant, but in all truth, he is a friendly man, and with his money comes a great sense of charity. He will happily help a poor man on the streets with some food, or shelter.

However, hidden deep in his mind is a sadness at the death of his wife, and the illness of his daughter, Clarice, that was caused by the death and slow break up of his family. That sadness is well hidden, and rarely surfaces. however, when it does, Arthur is known to lash out with his tongue to even the most menial of staff at Maze Borden Industries.

Overall, however, his demeanour is that of a doting grandfather, although tainted, or improved, with the manner of such as possess such vast amounts of money.

History and background:

Born to a middle class family, Arthur was far from rich in his early years, but inspired by those with more money, he had always aimed to be 'one of them'. In this goal, he knew that he would have to achieve a good education, and as such, he worked diligently during his school years, and receiving his education in an unknown school in Yorkshire, he actually gained the best marks in the school, showing much promise.

As such, he had gained a full scholarship and entry into Oxford University, where he had studied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering. At least, that was what he initially graduated in, later taking degrees in Business Management and Magical Theory. He had never been gifted with magic, but the subject had always intrigued him.

Finally graduating at the age of twenty seven, he had achieved high marks once again, following his trend in education. However, in the year that he had graduated, his aged parents passed away, which created a great deal of grief in him.

Driven by a promise that he had made to his parents that he would one day be classed as a rich man, he began to realise his dream. Starting out as an airship mechanic, he began to set up his reputation, and over several years he slowly moved to the manufacture of airships and became somewhat famous as one of the best manufacturers in the country.

During this time, he had married, and gave life to Clarice Maze, his only child. He had not allowed her to think that life came easily, and ingrained to her the importance of education.

It was when Clarice was in her early teens, and with the death of Mrs Maze, that Arthur decided that he would help with the education he so heavily believed in. As such, he began to lecture in the halls of the University that had given him the knowledge to become as wealthy as he was.

It was whilst he was here that he discovered certain possibilities that brought ideas to his mind that would rule him for the remainder of his life. Lecturing on Maths and Engineering, he kept an interest in the realms of Magic, and would often be seen listening to lectures on the subject, though none thought anything of it.

And finally, when Clarice came to Oxford University, Arthur would meet a man who would come to be his future business partner, and compatriot, Nils Borden. Although, he did not know that Nils would become a member of his family, and with the marriage of his daughter, Arthur was pleased, knowing that Clarice could not have done better than with such a great mind.

Over the next few years, Arthur worked closely with Nils, finally allowing him to join the business properly, creating Maze Borden Industries. The hype cause by such a union was even more than the marriage caused. However, the sharing of such wealth brought about a growth in the development of airships, and with this, Arthur's fortune increased greatly.

Despite sharing the sadness of his Grandson's death, Arthur made little public comment, and none on the apparent disappearance of his son-on-law that proceeded the young man's death. Despite knowing the full story and situation of the almost retirement of Nils, Arthur kept this all to himself.

And now, having run the business by himself for several years, he once again made a contribution to education. Earlier in the year, he had donated one million pounds to the Durham University, which was accredited with being one of the top universities in the country, ranking fourth in league tables. Some said that the donation was folly, but the dynamic man whose international company didn't seem to want to stop growing, would always be on the side of education, and as such enjoyed knowing that his money was going to good use.

The question is, however, with the apparent rise in popularity of the National Socialist Party in Germany, and their seemingly elitist attitudes, how much longer would peace reign, especially after the previous war? Would Maze Borden Industries be an integral part of any attempts at crushing such a domineering political party? The manufacture and usage of airships as a military weapon was already under development.

It was said that Mr. Maze had an almost unhealthy intrigue in the young Austrian man, Adolf Hitler. Why was this, the people ask.

Despite that, the co-owner of Maze Borden Industries remains loved by the people. And as he prepares to take an active part in his newest investment, Arthur is happy in the knowledge that developments his research and development department had been making would soon be in the stages of final testing.
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