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ATTEMPT TO REVIVE "Breaker Wars"!!

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ATTEMPT TO REVIVE "Breaker Wars"!!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryu_Saiashi on Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:22 am

The Breakers, What Are They?

The breakers are spheres of unkown origin, holding power that could determine the fate of the world . . .
The breakers are highly similar to Final Fantasy VII's Materia, due to the fact that they are translucent colored spheres that give the characters power. Main differences: The types of powers, how they're used, how many a player can get, how many you can activate at one given time, and how many of each type there are.

What Type of Powers Do the Breakers have?

It all depends on what breaker you have. For example, Spirit Breakers allow you to summon things, Energy Breakers boost your energy levels, the Elemental Breaker gives you power over wind, fire, water, and earth, and many more.

How Are the Breakers Used?

If you've ever seen Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, then exactly like that. In case you haven't seen that movie, 1: I suggest you watch it (lol), and 2: The Materia (FFVII) / Breakers (BW) phase into your arm, or other places of the body (or sometimes inanimate objects), depending on which breaker you're using. HOWEVER in the case of the Spirit Breakers, they are thrown and shatter, releasing the summoned spirit that you chose.

How Many Breakers Can A Player Get?

How many you start out with depends on the combination of breakers you choose, and what class you choose your character to be. You can always get more, and lose some of your breakers as well. Many convenient plot twists can give or take breakers to/from a player, but try to keep breaker gain/loss to a minimum.
If you choose to have Spirit breakers, you can start out with three kinds of breakers.
If you choose to have an Energy Breaker, you can start out with three kinds of breakers.
If you choose Light or Darkness Breaker, you can only start out with that type of breaker.
In all other cases, a player starts out with two kinds of breakers
Keep in mind that if you select a certain class of character, you can not have breakers.

How Many Breakers Can a Player Activate At One Given Time?

In most cases, just one. However, since Spirit Breakers are not phased into the body, the can be used as much as the user pleases, and do not count toward the (usual) one-breaker limit.
Also, the Energy Breaker is specifically a support breaker, so it does not count toward the one-breaker limit either. HOWEVER, you can NOT use an Energy Breaker with the Light Breaker or the Darkness Breaker.

How Many Breakers Are There of Each Type?

Typically one, except there are 10 Energy Breakers, 4 Elemental Breakers, and seemingly infinite Spirit Breakers, (but each player can only start out with ONE Energy Breaker, only start out with ONE Elemental Breaker, and only start out with TWENTY Spirit Breakers, if they select to start out with one or more of those types of breakers. Again, the plot can twist so a player can get more, and don't be afraid to have some random shop or a black market to have Spirit Breakers, but again, keep it reasonable. Don't get one million spirit breakers in one sitting, PLEASE)

What Kinds of Breakers Are There, and What Do They Do?

This is going to be a list. A LONG ONE. But don't be discouraged from reading and joining. In fact, if it helps, just skim and scan this list. Anyway, here goes.

Light Breaker: Allows the user to use a variety of light spells.

Darkness Breaker: Allows the user to use a variety of dark spells.
----FINAL SPELL: Darkworld Transport- Sends the target to the world of the dark

Elemental Breaker (4x): Allows the user control over The Four Elements: Earth, Water/Ice, Fire, and Wind. (NOTE: Only one elemental spell can be used at a time)
------1: Armageddon Blast- Combines the Four Elements into one large ray.
------2, In Conjunction with 10 Spirit Breakers: Summoning- Isitreal, Quad-blood Dragon- Summons a dragon with masterful control over the four elements.
------3: Deep Freeze: Freezes the target for a period of anywhere from one to six months

Speed Breaker: Allows user (or whatever it's placed in) a great boost of speed. When placed in the body, it can be placed in the arms or legs, and the boost of speed is applied to that region.

Mind Breaker: Allows up to 5-minute use of illusion techniques.
----FINAL SPELL: 5-minute absolute mind control
----NOTE: Both techniques require massive amounts of energy expenditure and concentration. If the concentration on the final spell is broken, the user still falls unconscious and surrenders the breaker.

Shield Breaker: Provides user with a quick burst of an impenetrable shield. (NOTE: The shield spell can only be used WHEN ATTACKED)

Time Breaker: Allows user to use a variety of time spells:
----Slow: Slows time around the user at a 5:1 spell-time-to-real-time ratio, for 5 seconds in real time (in other words, makes 5 seconds in real time 25 seconds for the user)
----Target Freeze: Stops the target for 5 seconds
----FINAL SPELL: Mega-Freeze- Stops time around the user for 3 seconds spell time
----Note: Spell Time is the term used to describe the time elapsed for the user of the spell

Energy Breaker (10x): Gives the user a 10-minute burst of infinite spiritual energy
------1: Energy Breakers can only be used once ever 24 hours
------2: Final Spells negate this effect

Spirit Breakers (Infinite, start out with 20): Allow summoning of creatures
----1 Breaker: Low-power creatures
----5 Breakers: Medium-power creatures
----10 Breakers: "Godly" Creatures
----Note on SB Expenditure: These are just landmarks on the scale, you can use anywhere from 1 to 10 breakers on a single creature.

What Are the Character Classes?

The Character Classes are as follows:

Breaker Warriors: Those who use breakers for the good of the world

Breaker Assailants: Those who use breakers for evil

Breaker Hunters: Breaker Hunters are people who will do whatever it takes to get breakers, for whatever reason, and use them for whatever purpose they please.

Breaker Assassins: Breaker Assassins view the breakers as unnatural, and their sole purpose in life is to find a way to destroy them and anyone who uses breakers. These Players DO NOT use Breakers for ANY REASON.

Miscellaneous: The Catch-all for whatever else you want your character to be.

What is The Setting of "Breaker Wars"?

On a planet known as Centauria, the style of the world is post-medieval times.
A war has just occurred over Centauria, and the Breaker Assailants are currently in control. After the war settled, the three continents were populated as follows:
West Continent: The continent where the Breaker Assailants and their alliances reside.
East Continent: The homeland of the Rebel Forces (Breaker Warriors), and many Breaker Assassins live here as well
Outer Continent: Lies north of both the Main continents, in between them. Not many people dare travel here, except Breaker Hunters and Assassins. MANY Dangerous beasts live here, but there are many types of breakers and treasures to be found here!

What does Our Profile Look Like?


Character Name:
Appearance: (Pic + description preferred, either individually accepted)
Class: (Breaker Warrior, Breaker Assailant, Breaker Hunter, Breaker Assassin, or Miscellaneous)
Bio (Optional):
Personality: (Describe or simply say something along the lines of "to be revealed")
Starting Breakers: (Keep in mind limits on breakers)

Where Do We Send/Post Our Profiles?

I would Prefer PM, so I can individually look over and approve profiles, but posting here is accepted as well. I will still PM you about your profile.
If you send VIA PM, Subject MUST be "Sphere of Power", and headline must be "I will use my breakers (or lack thereof) for [purpose]"

In A Nutshell . . .

1.)There are only one of most types of breaker
2.)Starting amount of breaker types are limited
3.)PMing of profiles is preferred, but not required

Last But Not Least . . . THE RULES!!

1.) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO GOD-MODING (lol, play on words)
2.) Follow site's rules
3.) Please, keep breaker gain reasonable
4.) HAVE FUN! ;)

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