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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby x Wicked Black Lace x on Sat Apr 07, 2007 6:28 am

Fae Name: Szamiro Alaglasia
Vampiric Name: Aubrey
Goes By: Aubrey
Species: Vampire of first blood, born a faerie.
Gender: Male
Height: 6'7"
Eye Color: Emerald
Hair Color: Black
Distinct Markings: The tattoo on his right arm; A viper wrapping around his wrist. At times he can be seen with wings. They have a span of eleven feet, are feathery, and gradually fade from red in the middle and tops to black on the tips.
Age: 19,852 and still as intelligent as ever
Birthday: January 1st
Sun sign: the max.
Element: Earth/Fire
Favorite Food: Dragon flesh! XD No... really.
Least Favorite Food: Anything else.
Favorite Drink: A strong alcoholic beverage. Any of taste and quality.
Least Favorite Drink: Anything else.
General Likes: Any reason to battle, hard music, intelligent conversationalists, killing things, sarcasm
General Dislikes: Everything. Specifically water. It burns him. He hates white lighters and transformative magic cause those people are usually goody goodies.
Quote: “Oh, taking charge and being overly baring? It’s sort of what I do.�
History and Personality: He grew up in a faerie kingdome with his mother, father, and little brother Baisyl. His parents named him Szamiro and tried constantly to train him like the heir he was. Though, this was especially difficult with their constant drama and Szamiro's father's abusive tendencies. Aubrey’s mother was, to lack of his knowledge was friend of Vrykolaos, and first blood of his soon-to-be Vampire line. Szamiro was constant victim of his father's violent hand but he protected his little brother from that sort of experience at all costs. It pained his mother to see such acts committed to her first borne. Vrykolaos offered his help, he recognized Szamiro’s potential and was very pleased with it, thus he sent his fledgling Jazlyn to syre the young fairy prince and take him from Fairy obligation.

Aubrey met his future syre in the midst of the night he’d gone off to do some thinking. The smart young boy he was, his mother knew he could take care of himself. The syring didn't take place at that moment, Jazlyn took 6 years to know him better. When Szamiro was about 19, Vrykolaos finally sent Jazlyn to sire the young Fae, and they named him Aubrey after a very skilled warrior. She set out to show him the true beauty of what it meant to be a vampire. He never returned to the Faerie kingdome. He never sought to avenge his childhood either. Though he occassionally visited his little brother to ensure his safety, he simply never spoke to his father again.

To make a long story short, Jazlyn eventually died in combat. Vrykolaos took Aubrey under his powerful influence and taught him everything he knew. He became, 2nd blood and the heir to the line. Upon Vrykolaos' death about 16,000 years later, he became first blood and the most effective 1st blood the line had ever known.

Personality: Aubrey can be extremely rigid; He can also be emotionally cold and inhibited. The prudent and cautious side of
his nature can be taken to extremes, too, sometimes into the unsociable realm of the miser. Reguardless, he gets the job done, and very accurately at that. He recognizes that sometimes he needs to shut down emotionally to do what he needs to do. Unless he truly cares for somebody, he won't date them. Though it's very rare he cares for somebody in any kind of extremes, he'll protect those he does care about very well. He is very orderly and efficient.

Although the humor is likely to show itself sometimes, he is very down-to-earth. He'll take under his belt anything important that others can't do, and won't stop until it's done. He endlessly prudent, reliable, persevering and disciplined.
Physical Description: He is a miracle of dark color, flawless light skin strapped across a body that ripples and moves with the muscles honed in battles fought for years since he was born. His body is well built, lean and muscular, and his face is catching, handsome to say the least. Long raven hair hangs down to just past his shoulder blades, pin straight and extremely well kept. His skin is pale, but not sickeningly so. He has piercing emerald eyes. Also, he is normally seen with pearly sharp fangs that add to his intimdating appearance. He can grow dark wings from his shoulder blades at whim.

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Re: Aubrey

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jadeling Hawkins on Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:39 pm

He sounds really cool!! Would you be interested in joining this? medieval-fantasy-need-players-t3101.html

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