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Avernus v. Johnathan Alexander

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Avernus v. Johnathan Alexander

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Athanasius on Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:24 am

The Rules

    No post limit
    No time limit
    Standard Rules of Roleplay Combat will be in effect: No Godmodding, Metagaming, Etc.
    Setting is being done in the first post, which Johnathan will make. (Fucking making me edit a topic for this, how dare you.)

It'll be up in a while, probably after I go to bed and get some sleep.

The Characters

Johnathan Alexander will be using Levitas, a profile for this character is now in the works.

Avernus will be using Anguish.

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Re: Avernus v. Johnathan Alexander

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Athanasius on Sat Jan 15, 2011 6:09 am

Denmark, True Terra. January 25th, 2011 A.D. 9:08 A.M.

The tracking beacons and sensors seemed to be going haywire. Levitas wasn't sure why, but he could feel the mental disarray running around in his skull. Surely it couldn’t be what he thought it, definitely not something that ludicrous. <It is a possibility> He thought quickly, feeling as if he knew what was coming, what that sensation of mental instability meant. For some reason, though, he just couldn’t place the feeling. The abundance of disorder was growing stronger, and it didn’t seem like there was anything he could do to save himself from it. <Damnit, here it goes.> His brain, in all its synthetic, computerized glory, told him what was happening, even if the sensors and other various devices implanted couldn’t. <Damnit, it’s a...>

9:10 A.M.

A void tore through the air, even as he’d begun to finish his thought. A deep rend in space and time that could only be described as a temporal wormhole. Such things had been occurring a lot recently, in large part thanks to the failed projects of Dynasty Corp. and their sister company Franchise & Co. These anomalies seemed to be immune to any conventional means of stopping their occurrences, at least as far as Levitas himself could tell. It was an absolutely frustrating thing he had to go through, and, indeed, he blamed those two companies for his troubles.

He didn’t even have a chance to resist, as it seemed to lash out at him, pulling him toward it, not even giving him the benefit of choosing his fate. The utterly fascinating thing was that no one around him seemed to even notice it. Despite the insanely bright, utterly intense, white light that it gave off, no one even batted an eyelash as this man they’d never met just disappeared right in front of them. It wasn’t that they couldn’t see him, just that they couldn’t see it. Of course, like any temporal anomaly -- that Levitas had seen anyway -- it erased his presence from the current time-period, choosing to deposit him somewhere else.

And so, as quickly as the oddity had opened, it’d closed. Taking Levitas with it.

Deritas System, Alternate Universe #10283 - Fertus Colony, Alternate Terra 978. June 14th, 4,065 A.E.D. 4:40 P.M.

<...wormhole.> Levitas finally finished his thought, his body having been in a state of suspension as it traveled the temporal super highway. It seemed his trip had ended, though for him it’d felt like a nanosecond, it’d been well over ten thousand years. Of course, Levitas had no idea of where he was, the moment his thought had finished he’d shut himself down, opting for an entire system reboot.

His eyes quickly relit, an iridescent titian hue shining behind the eye-shields. That was all fine and dandy, but his main systems still needed a few more seconds. So, while he could see, he couldn’t move. His sensors couldn’t tell him anything, and everything else that existed within him seemed entirely unresponsive for the moment. So, all he could see was a vast, seemingly endless, expanse of light blue. <Not so odd> The working part of his brain told him. <Not when every time you’ve had this happen you landed on your back, anyway. Maybe you’re just in a good sized clearing.> Of course, that was entirely feasible. He had no control over where the distortions brought him, or what kind of chaos he was thrown into, so a random field in the middle of nowhere was kind of...inviting.

As the mental reverie occurred, his sensors had reset, automatically repairing themselves from what little damage the trip had caused them. It was, at that moment, that Levitas was able to see what was around him.

It can never just be a field, can it?

The squealing sounds of his sensors told him what he should be looking out for, and of course he instantly wished he could turn his head, at least then he could see what he was rushing toward, but no, it could never be that simple, could it? It had to be a damn challenge. Something to make him work. Well, damn it, he was not going to do it this time. He’d just let whatever come happen. <Fuck, I might even just help it along, if I get mobility back before I hit the ground.> Of course, the fact that he couldn’t move his body yet didn’t give him any kind of vexation. Each jump had been having a lengthening affect on the return of his systems.

Of course, he could easily countermand that happening by simply giving himself a few unneeded software upgrades. Though, he needed to find the proper terminal to do that. So far, he’d only been sent to cultures without such equipment, and with no way of creating it. He seemed to always have a task though, a job to do where he was sent. This place, he simply knew, would be no different. He’d find out what it was soon enough, he seemed to always come in at the most opportune times for figuring out what he would have to do, before being sent off again.

The lingering thoughts of not stopping what was happening to him continued to float through his [robotic] brain, when his head became fully functional again. <Good.> He thought to himself, as he felt the wind whoosh past his ears. The sensitive receptors inside his gleaming skull told him exactly what was happening, despite his already knowing he finally realized the gravity of the situation. The air here was thin, very, very thin. That, coupled with atmospheric pressure and the sensors not finding anything solid below within their formidable reach, told him the inevitably horrendous truth.

He was falling, and not just from a couple hundred feet - that he could handle. No, he was falling from an untold number of miles, toward what he could only assume was one of two things. Unforgiving ground, or a large body of water. Either would be deadly for him, though one was notably more so, given his current incarnation. He turned his head to see just how far up he was, and his silver lips shot open, forming the syllables and words requires for a long, involuntary “Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt.”

His eyes honed in on the ground below, and the heads-up-display told him he had a good fifteen thousand feet to go before hitting the ground. A fall of that size wouldn’t destroy his humanoid construction, but it would definitely dent up his exoskeleton, probably even tear section or two of it completely away, and then everyone would be able to see the complex system of wires and processors that controlled him. Not just that, but they’d be able to manipulate him. Technomancy could get through if he was exposed in such a way, and so could an electro-magnetic pulse.
For the first time since his arrival in this time, he began to actively work at restoring the functionality of his body. At free-fall velocity his descent was already dangerous. The more he fell, the harder he worked at restoring himself to at least something resembling 100% functionality. His fall speed just continued to increase, as more and more gravity seemed to be enacting itself on him.

<‘What is the speed of descent I am currently at, Lushia.’> His mind phrased, asking the secondary computer system active in his cranial structure.

<‘Mach 1, Levitas. At this rate, our body will impact the ground in...five minutes.’> Trilled the feminine computer. Levitas simply nodded, he was no longer even the least bit fearful. His fear had become subjugated by an intense resolve. His brain was going into over-time, restoring the links and command controls to proper working order. Eventually it would work, he hoped. <As soon as I’m able, I’m doing those upgrades.> He told himself, as he continued to work fiercely with every brain he had to reconnect himself.

Suddenly, a plume of smoke and a large stream of blue ‘energy’ shot out from the bottoms of his feet. This same ‘energy’ ran through his body, a power-source of unknown origins, but referred to as Nu-Plasma. It worked, oddly, much the same as regular plasma, though it had the added bonus of running systems for much, much longer than its predecessor, as well as being able more controllable, and protective. The secondary expansion of blue energy came when slits opened along the metal-man’s back, the ventilation slits were openings Levitas could ill-afford to have wide-open, and so the blue energy covered them, releasing excess heat while protecting his innards.

The plume of smoke was indicative of his thrusters, and they’d activated only a second before the H.U.D. had told him his body was [finally] 100% operational again. His descent rapidly grew, but now it was a controlled descent, something that had become malleable to the robot’s whims. The ground rushed up at him, and for the first time he could see he was coming down on some type of a city. A city, however, that was far more advanced than anything he’d been to before.

<‘Luschia, scan open ports. Find us some information on where we’re at. Check broadcast signals, communications signals, anything you can find.’> Almost as instantly as he’d finished what he’d saying, his third mind kicked into gear. This one was focused entirely on relaying him real-time information about everything around him, while keeping his main attention fully focused on what his current task might demand of him. It told him where, and more specifically, when, the place was that he’d come to exist within.

“Hm. I bet I can get those upgrades done here.” He said aloud, entirely to himself. (Which is cool, since with five brains he could easily hold conversations with himself that aren’t one-sided.) Of course, those upgrades would be done as soon as he landed. Which would be in about another fifteen seconds.

Knowing that, he manipulated the feed of Nu-Plasma from his body, cutting off the mass amount of the supply too his feet, and advancing some to flow, in a consistency akin to a gas, from his chest. Leveling off his approach was simple, and when he managed to land -- on his feet -- he looked around. This world wasn’t much different than the one he’d left, despite it being an alternate to True Terra. He could see subtle differences, but so far nothing was really...”Oh my god, what the hell is that?” He was cut off by his own voice, as he looked toward a billboard. “It’s 4065, and somehow Samuel L. Jackson is still making movies? Can anyone say, “I’m tired of this motherf**king negro, in these motherf**king movies?”

His laughter rang out in peals. <Maybe this is the task I’ve been sent here to do.> He jokingly mused. Of course he knew he wasn’t here to end the career of an old, black man. No. His job would be clear, and then he saw it on the T.V. The name ‘Anguish.’ Whether that was really someone’s name, or just a trick of the temporal loop, he felt his mind(s) click. Everything seemed to make sense again, sliding into perfect focus. Yes, this was his job, his reason for being here.

He walked to the nearest computer terminal, interfaced with it, and began installing his upgrades -- as well as updating his playlist -- while searching for information on the being he was looking for, with little in the way of luck. All he managed was a rough idea of a generalized site. <Looks like this is what I have to go on.> He was not amused, and his other brains were even less humorous than the first. <‘Run Analysis.’> Yet another brain kicked into action, as read-outs and displays were sent to the first brain, detailing the operational assets that Levitas contained.

<‘Looks like everything is here, from guns to missiles, to Nu-Plasma, to Nanite Regeneration Squads. Good. Let’s get going then.’> And with that final, useful thought he took off, heading toward the finer side of town.

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Re: Avernus v. Johnathan Alexander

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Avernus on Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:00 am

"I was having that vision again, consumed in this repetitive nightmare that played ceaselessly in my mind. I could feel the seething embers of hell bristling against my flesh each time. I could see it, as though it were truely before me. The world, collapsing in it's former magnificence. Cadavers and bloodshed staining this hellish nightmare. - A realm, wracked by discord, cradling on the brink of collapse. It was as clear as day to me. As if the flames of hell leaped from the very core of the planet and consumed all life in this shadowy realm.

I witnessed the souls of the damned burning, tossed upon tides of pain that flowed and ebbed, and left them – searingly lamenting for christ. The horrowing of the damned was as audible as the flames that burned them.

His body suddenly tensed, as he was brought back to reality. He'd been standing in the midst of an immense cathedral which was barren of life. Here now, a millinia later, after the demise of his kin, gazing upon a statue made of crystal. And a grotesque tableau of memorials commemorating various demons released from the underworld. -

Thin fingers clashed against the thick, frozen surface of a statues ebony crystal. His mind reeled with conflict. Every pulse in his body quaked against the contrast of its cold surface.

"Many are the names of heaven invoked in vain by mortal creatures as they implore the empty skies to come remedy the great hurts of this, their forlorn existence." He whispered.

"Of their gods and myths, all are lies and distortions; unheard and unanswered go the many entreaties made in the name of such contrived beings as these. Why then is there to be found, amongst all the sundry tribes, such enduring belief in divinity unseen? And how is it that, though found nowhere in the natural world, divine ideals have come like a contagion to infect the minds of mortals with yearnings for perfect justice, benevolence, renown, betterment—the strivings upon which their very civilizations were founded?

Even now they persist in the hopes of enacting a better world. For all innately feel betrayed by the world that is and bereft of the more perfect one that should have been. So the living seek to bring about the ideal world in all that they do. They derive bliss from imposing order on their shattered reality so it more closely resembles the blessed realm of their imagining. They see beauty in works of art according to how well each succeeds at bridging this separation. They feel the wrongness of a reality that sunders them from their dreams.

But whence comes this awareness that has turned them into soldiers for Order? As if they darkly recollect having been torn from perfection and plunged into chaos. Surely this disparity is felt most acutely in that part of themselves they term the soul.

For it is there, buried deep inside them, that some instinct recalls a time now lost to memory when the heavens Once truly deigned to respond to mortal cries.

All the many religions of the world arose from this grand intercession, this event so inspiriting and so unique in all of time that even unto this day its echoes ring in the hearts of those bloodlines whose ancestors hearkened to the whispers of the holy. The living were imbued with genuine and terrible purpose then. The divine had at last condescended to bestow their touch upon the world of mortal affairs grim and gray. After an eon of deliberation, they risked to pour their undefiled grace and precision out of the heavens into realms Overrun by a chaos stronger than any uplifted prayer. Spending much of their dwindling potential on the effort, the heavens sought to impose a wellspring of undying hope onto a world of such abject misery that the living had heretofore despaired of ever healing it, since none could oppose its brutality and survive.

Embarking upon their great endeavor, the holy acted then to alter the shape of things to come by elevating the futures of the sentients who crawled the earth or delved beneath or who swam its oceans. All this was done so as to fracture the evil hold that had long gripped the minds of all who wallowed in the absence of the light.

Reverence was born on that day, while the shadows trembled at the implications of what was to follow. So it was that the living responded with profound wonder to the appearance of the divine, for though they were blinded by the temporal flow and by rights should not have recognized the gods, yet the names of the divine were on their lips, for their souls remembered something of eternity, the soul's substance having been drawn hither from eternity to augment the living. This soul, not rightly a part of the earthbound at all, was adjoined to their being by elegant design at a time when those stellar furnaces which first gave rise to life were yet in their infancy. Although its alien mode of consciousness remains severed from the awareness of its living host, the soul when agitated sends reverberations coursing along the bond it shares with the attendant biological entity, until some inkling of forewarning carries into the consciousness of the host, where it manifests as feelings of awe or dread, déjà vu or bliss.

Thus each who was called to the altar of the world to stand in the presence of the holy felt his soul resonate in jubilation, basking in the long awaited fulfillment of promises secured outside the flow of time. As, in truth, the souls' enduring service to Life had always been conditional upon a promised time of fruition, when their long gestation period inside material beings would end with the souls pupating into a final manifestation never before seen. To swim up through the haze between dimensions and fully awaken into the earthly domain had always been their intent.

And so the world was changed. Impact waves spread outward from the source of divine interference and threatened to infect the whole cosmos with newfound perfectability. For several ages, a harmonizing influence pervaded all things and brought order to madness as more and more of the wicked fell under the sway of this radiant new Power and broke from the ranks of their fellows whose efforts to war with divinity only lost ground and unraveled in futility. Mortals who stayed steadfast in the light through these millennia saw themselves blessedly transformed, their evolution hurtling toward the godhead at an unnaturally steep incline and at an impossibly steady pace so that they became adorned in angelic forms and arrayed with spiritual fortitude to match. Souls burned bright with augmented magnitude that bled through into the physical world until they communed directly with the living beings they ensouled. The language of heaven was by this means imparted to denizens of the material realm so that they might become godlike in aspect. The timeless succeeded in grafting itself to ephemeral beings in those days and lifted them from their sad fates into a preternatural wisdom, their eyes alight with nascent divinity. Infused with grace, they salvaged their destinies from the pits and traps set along their path by chaos; they augured the future to find paths of proper action and began to slip the bonds of fate.

Developments such as these sent the evil ones cowering in those deep places no light breached, so certain were they that this fundamental shift in the cosmos signaled their doom. And they were not wrong. Time was against them, and fate no longer in their favor.

All Has Since Been Reversed. To the utmost chagrin of the gods, we have seen the work of the holy undone through the sovereign efforts of infernal lords whose laughter even now infringes upon the edges of your fragile hopes and dreams, fickle mortal, for Time and Fate were never the watchwords of heaven but were instituted by the Dark as a means of accomplishing our own abominable ends at the gods' expense. Heaven, by staging its offensive, managed to usurp these tools and contest the outcome ever so briefly, it is true. And there was indeed a time when our kind knew fear. But I tell thee now: of the machinery of fate, all which matters has since been retaken into the hands of the demon princes. Behold the failure of the light.."

Hands were clasped as if to pray, fingers curled. He had a slender black trenchcoat, and black boots that were covered by a series of crossing leather straps. The elaborately embroidered silks and velvets of his clothing were rimmed along the outlinning of his coat in ivory. With a white jabot collar taylored in three layers which had a golden cross with angel wings embedded in it.

Gazing upon his soft red carpet, he was submerged in his personal contemplations. The large grisaille glass windows shimmered, from which the prism of lightness shone down upon his raven black hair and reflected in his large ivory eyes. Those same eyes shifted upon noticing a distinct object from out the window. With arms now placed behind his back, Avernus approached and observed. -

Miles within the stratosphere, an indistinguishable dot descends from the sky at gravity's whim. Punching a hole through layers of clouds, leaving a fading trails of the cumilated vapor from above, Its course, unchanging, and its form only provide clarity as it nears. Moments since its untimely descent brings its form into range that only eagles can grasp. It plummets as an ebony figure resembling that of a human disrobed, until it was out of sight. - He thought nothing of it, turning his back to the window and striding down the hall.

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