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Axebreaker vs anybody midevil

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Axebreaker vs anybody midevil

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Midnight on Sun Dec 03, 2006 2:17 am

(I wanna try out a New charater in battle. See if he would actually work. Midevil only so magic and swords stuff, other then that I don't care.)

In a vast plains grew a tree next to a spring fed watering hole. In the tree a warrior sat with his axes crossed on his back. He was tall about 6'5 and he was bald. He was an orc with blue eyes. From his lower jaw came out 2 fangs that proturded out of the sides of his mouth. Beside his chin, was a big tuff of black hair on each side. He had a huge muscular build like triditional orc males with his head moved in abit. He had a cool calm disposition like an elf would have. Even in battle he is cool which makes him more deadly then other warriors, but at times he can go into a blood rage where he kills anything around until there is nothing around then he calms down. In his blood rage state he is a great fighter one of the best warriors there is but he don't think through with his actions. Thanks to his axes he don't need to worry about armor too much.

He wore a set of black dragon plate armor. (basicly black dragon scales sown together to make shirt and leg armor that went all the way down to his wrist and knees.) On his hands he wore brown worker gloves with black dragon scale on the back of his gloves cut to fit. His boots were brown worker boots with a black dragon scale on the top of his boots. His custom made armor gave him a high armor rating, one usually only seen from enchanted steal armors, while also giving him a high defense agianst magic, yet giving him a high mobility that wasn't giving from iron or steal armors.

His axes was the Dragon Cleavers. They were weapons forged during the dragon wars, where kingdoms all over the word were slaying dragons to stop them from distroying their towns. The axes were large battle axes with a black handle. They had runes carved in them for celtic magic. Between the blades on each axe was a enchanted gem that gave the axes the sharpness to cleave through dragon scales and made the axe's shafts were enchanted to make them light weight so that a warrior could wield it with ease with his shield. These were the only two left in existance.

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