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Name: Axebreaker
Age: 25
Height: 6'5
Weight: 300
Race: Orc
Discription: He is bald and has blue eyes. From his lower jaw comes out 2 fangs that proturd out of the sides of his mouth. Beside his chin, was a big tuff of black hair on each side. He had a huge muscular build like triditional orc males with his head moved in abit.

Personality: He had a cool calm disposition like an elf would have. Even in battle he is cool which makes him more deadly then other warriors, but at times he can go into a blood rage where he kills anything around until there is nothing around then he calms down. In his blood rage state he is a great fighter one of the best warriors there is but he don't think through with his actions. Thanks to his axes he don't need to worry about armor too much. Outside of battle he is very friendly able to make friends with almost anybody. Children arn't even scared of him usually. Though in or out of battle with or without his armor on he always has his axes on his back. Ocupational hazard.

Wears: He wears a set of black dragon plate armor. (basicly black dragon scales sown together to make shirt and leg armor that goes all the way down to his wrist and knees.) On his hands he wears brown worker gloves with black dragon scale on the back of his gloves cut to fit. His boots are brown worker boots with a black dragon scale on the top of his boots. His custom made armor gives him a high armor rating, one usually only seen from enchanted steal armors, while also giving him a high defense agianst magic, yet giving him a high mobility that wasn't giving from iron or steal armors. Under that or when he's not wearing his armor he wears a brown shirt with ripped sleaves, brown pants, brown gloves with the fingers cut off, and brown boots.

Weapons: His weapons are a pair of battle axes known as "The Dragon Cleavers". They are weapons forged during the dragon wars, where kingdoms all over the world were slaying dragons to stop them from distroying their towns. The axes have a black handle with runes carved in them for celtic magic. Between the blades on each axe is a enchanted gem that gives the axes the sharpness to cleave through dragon scales and the axe's shafts are enchanted to make them light weight so that a warrior could wield it with ease with his shield. These were the only two left in existance.

Skills: He is skilled in lots of different weapon types as part of his warrior guild's training. He is also trained to beable to use his body as a weapon when he doesn't have one. He is flunt in English (human), Wood Elf, Water Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Orc, Troll, Undead Lore, and Tauran (Minotaurs). He is also a Journyman of Herblore and Alchemy.

Abilities: He has alot of physical strenght but his training was designed so that it doesn't make him really slow. He his very dexterous and nimble. He is also a good hunter.

Magic: Has none. He's a warrior duh.

Bio: Axebreaker grew up in a warrior family. His great great great grandfather was a Champion dragonslayer in the dragon wars. He made his armor out of the black dragons he's slain and he passed it down in the family. Axebreaker's father used the armor as a hunter. Now Axebreaker owns it and uses it as a warrior. His great great great grandfather also wielded a set of the Dragon Cleavers. Those same Dragon Cleavers formed the family coat of arms and was held as a trophy to honor his family. His entire family has acted as translators between the other races.

When Axebreaker was a boy he always went with his father hunting wether or not he killed anything. His father taught him how to use a bow and a knife to get food. When he was 12, he joined a Dragonslayer's Guild, that was in his home town, agianst his parents' wishes. While he was in the Guild training, he was told his father died on a hunt, and his mother died from a mugger. Though somehow, he knew this wasn't the truth. He never found out who really did it. After his parents died, on his next break, he went to his old house and sold everything in it that he couldn't take with him, but kept the Dragon Cleavers as his weapon of choise.

After that he trained hardest in duel wielding and axe wielding. When he was 19 he graduated from an Apprentice warrior, and now travels around as a Journyman warrior. When he was 21 the Alliance Horde war broke out where he acted as a neutral translator between the two sides. It took alot to be trusted by the Alliance and the Horde. Now he doesn't translate anymore because all the peace talks broke down. Though he does work for both sides for money translating, defending caravans, quests for each side that involve enemys outside of each of the sides, or just odd jobs.

Misc. info: The Dragonslayer Guild was started by Axebreakers' great great great grandfather after the Dragon wars but it moved out of the family after him. It is a warror's guild that trains to fight any race or beast with any weapon. Axebreaker was trained in Axe weilding, Duel weilding, throwing weapons, bows, swords, two-handed weapons, and daggers.

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