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a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Mon Feb 06, 2006 9:40 am

She left the apartment building, and breathed the filtered air of L1. As good as the air back on Earth, she thought. Better, because it's much cleaner. Double check that she had everything- id, resume, lunch, pen, seal. Check, check, check, check and check. She started walking toward the office of General Sin, brushing her shoulder-length brownish blond hair behind her ear. As she walked, she reviewed her resume.

Name: Just call me Miyumi. Should I have put that? But I know if they had just seen Miyumi, they would've wanted a last name too.

The woman paused to adjust her glasses with a slight frown. I really need to find a better way to keep them on my face...

Specialty: Gundam Repair well, that is what I've been working with for the past five years... should I specify which Gundam? No, then they might want information on it... much as I didn't like him, I'd never give away the secrets...

Other Skills: Mobile suit repair, weapons repair...

The mechanic slowed down in front of a house. Just as she always remembered it. Her little sister would be at school now. High school! She'd been gone a long time. Mom and Dad would be at work, so the house should be empty. They didn't know she was back. No, if anyone followed her from Earth, she'd put them in danger by even approaching the house. For the sake of her sister, she walked on, and continued the slow pace past six more houses. Let anyone who might be watching think it was the third house she was interested in, not the first. She even made sure to stop and scrutinize it, watching out of the corner of her eye for watchers. No one. You're getting paranoid, Miyumi. Now, where was I?

Any fighting ability: Guns, and some ancient weapons: katana, staff, bow. Should I put that I have my own weapons? No, they'd want to know where I got a katana. How am I supposed to explain that, without giving away my past?

She finally got to the building, and walked up to the receptionist.

Hello, I'd like to see Sinful please? The mechanic winced at the sound of her once-soft voice, turned harsh by the fumes of the lab.

He's not in at the moment, did you have an appointment?

No... Could you take a message for him?

Sure I can. What's the message?

I'd rather leave a written message. Do you have paper?

The receptionist handed her a piece of paper. She sat down in one of the chairs, and wrote against the wall in the neatest handwriting she could, "Sir, I know you would know of someone who needs a Gundam Repairman. Well, I'm a woman, but I can do the job. Please pass my resume on. Thank you, Miyumi" There, that's polite, and won't take him an hour to read. She checked the contact number, folded the resume up, and sealed it. Once the blue wax dried, she folded the note over the resume, and sealed that. As always, the unicorn/tiger seal lifted her spirits. She had a good feeling about this. The receptionist smiled at her as Miyumi handed over the letter.

By the way, I love the red highlights. Who does your color?

Color? I only get it cut.

She turned around and walked out the door quickly. Stupid girl. Can't keep your feet when a question you didn't expect comes at you. Don't give so much of yourself away! She reached a park, and ate her lunch, watching a little girl play. She had a kitten in her lap, very young. Going up to her, Miyumi smiled and gave the girl a piece of lunch meat for the kitten.

Here. This kitten needs a lot of food. She's looking kind of thin.

Th-th-thank you...

Inwardly cursing her awkwardness around children younger than thirteen, she went back to the bench and finished her lunch. When she got up to leave, the girl came over to her.

Here. The young girl said, holding up a flower. Miyumi took it and nodded a thank you before continuing on. It's purple. Clover. I remember sucking the honey out of these flowers when I was her age. I give her kitten food, so she gave me a dessert to my lunch. She smiled at that. The reasoning of children is priceless.

On the way back, Miyumi hurried past the same seven houses she had slowed down for, wanting to get out of sight before they see her. I really need to find a new apartment. But I can't until I get some employment. I'll just have to be careful about it, that's all. Maybe there's another route... When she got back to her apartment, she ordered enough take-out to feed her for a week, and settled back to wait for a reply.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SinfulSoul on Tue Feb 07, 2006 1:27 am

Sinful burst through his office doors closely followed by a group of advisers and leading militant officials. Each was trying to have their voice heard which mounted in louder and louder debate. As Sinful moved past the lobby, and as he did the receptionist attempted to hand him the sealed letter without disrupting the aggressive conversations. The receptionist tried to tell him who it was from, but it was lost in the commotion around him. It didn't matter, according to his over-exaggerating advisers the apocalypse was coming and we were all doomed if he didn't act quickly. His sense of rationality told him otherwise.
Major General: "General, there is great need of more mobile defenses. Some of the security bays that we've captured don't even have one mobile suit in them. We must build more mobile suits!"
Colonel:"My men are ill equipped for these raids. Many of my men have been running on foot from one side of the colony toward the other for two straight days in a hailstorm of gunfire. We need to move the lazy bastards from the rear and relieve some of the men on the frontal assault."
Brigadier General:"What are you complaining about? There has been almost no resistance this whole time. Most of your men havn't the need to fire a single bullet! I say we take more of the men off the front line and put them to work on rebuilding the empire."
Colonel:"Take more men!? You have to be out of your fucking mind!? The line is spread thin as it is! One ambush and we could lose the whole damn offensive!"
Brigadier General:"You are way out of line Colonel! Stand down immediately."
Major General:"You're both fools! We need to concentrate on our outer defense. It's safe to say we have the colony under our control at this rate. Even if for some reason our current front line fails, we could easily send reinforcements to resolve the issue almost immediately. We need to concentrate on getting mobile suit factories up and running before some wretched Earthling decides to attack us."
The Brigadier General and the Colonel were about to protest, but all three were immediately silenced with the booming of General Sin's voice.
General Sin:"That's enough gentlemen! I know we're undermanned, under-supplied, and under-defended. I cannot just pull the things you need out of my ass as much as you'd like me to. You will make do with what you have until I find the man power and the resources to remedy your problems. Major, I know we need mobile suits, but I have yet to find anyone on this forsaken colony with any noticeable experience to run and maintain the mobile suits, let alone manufacture them. Until I find someone or transport one from another colony, YOU can haul your own ass into a factory and start building those mobile suits on your own. Brig, you enjoy camping don't you? Just use a tent as your headquarters until we get everything settled. And Colonel, you can relieve some of your front line and replace them with guards standing at previously captured points. I'll send one of our four Taurus suits out to deter any violence. If you panzies have anything else to whine about, you can type them in a memo and I might get to it. Is that all understood?"
The Colonel smiled at getting the better deal on his responsibilities compared to his superior officers and gave a prompt cheerful "Yes, Sir!" The two Generals gave a half hearted "Yes, Sir."
General Sin: "Then you are dismissed."
The officers turned on a dime and poignantly walked through the office doors in order of rank, Major, Brigadier, then Colonel. Normally the Colonel would not be involved in these discussions, but since his second in command - Lieutenant General - had suffered a gruesome death as a victim of a hate crime by those who despised General Sin's rule in the last three years, accommodations had to be made for a third adviser. Usually promotions would be made, but with the immediate involvement into conflict there wasn't any time to deal with formalities.

Once his "advisers" had left, he let out a deep breath. His proper stature became sluggish as he finally allowed himself to be merely human again; burdened with the weight of exhaustion. He bordered on the line of a Tyrant on first impression, however he believed the only way anything could be done is if he forced his total power into what he believed was just and fair. Unfortunately, no matter how fair he tried to be there is always someone who will twist his words and actions to hide their true justification. At least he knew what he was doing was what he believed was best for the Colonies and the future of mankind.

Sinful made his way over to a sitting area across from the receptionist's desk and placed himself into a chair to rest. As he was sitting down, he realized in his right hand he was holding sealed paper. The tiger on the seal caught his attention as a symbol of strength. Already he was getting a good feeling about the contents within. He carefully pealed away half the seal to allow the papers to unfold. Inside he saw the note and began to read.

"Sir, I know you would know of someone who needs a Gundam Repairman. Well, I'm a woman, but I can do the job. Please pass my resume on. Thank you, Miyumi"
It was as if there was some super natural force bringing him exactly what needed to achieve his goals. He looked over the resume to ensure the person's qualifications. "Just Miyumi," he thought. No last name given which would make it difficult to do a background check especially without any photo idea. It made him slightly suspicious, but then again he himself didn't really have much of a name either. It was worth a shot then since there wasn't anyone else on the colony that he knew of who could solve his problems. He pushed himself out of his chair and briskly walked over to the receptionist.
"Call this number. Her name is Miyumi and that I may have a job for her if she can come down here ASAP."
The receptionist did as she was told, and with that said Sinful made his way back over to the chairs in a darker corner of the office. He spread his body across the length of several chairs gave himself some well deserved sleep while he waited.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:45 am

She jumps. They've found me. They followed- calm down, it's probably just a response to your resume. She answers the call, pushing my glasses up nervously.


A female voice on the other end asks, "Is this Miyumi?"

The receptionist. It is about the resume. Thank God!Twirling a strand of hair that had fallen in front of my eye, she responded. This is she.

"General Sin requests that you come in immediately, he may have a job for you."

Miyumi can barely control her excitement. I'll be right there! She winces as her voice cracks. Thank you!

Hanging up on the receptionist, she pauses a moment to run a brush through her hair, and then some water to take out the static. Neither jeans nor green t-shirt have any stains on them, so she just grabs her jacket, slips on some shoes, and runs out the door, locking it behind her. Then the mechanic turn around, go back in to get my black shoulder-bag, and lock the door again. She sprints to the block with the office, and then slows to a walk for the last little bit to catch her breath. Entering the doors, she walks up to the receptionist.

Hello, I'm Miyumi, and I just got-She is cut off mid-senance.

"He's waiting for you. Go on up to his office."The receptionist indicates an elevator, and smiles at the girl's nervousness.

Entering the elevator, Miyumi takes the time on the ride up to put her hair back in order and collect her thoughts. I wonder what sort of position it will be. Repairing mobile-suits, obviously, but which systems will I be working on? Which suits? Oh well, I'll find out soon enough. She digs the chap-stick out of her pocket and applies.

The elevator doors open, and she walks down the hallway to the door, putting the chap-stick back in her pocket. She catches herself playing with her necklace, kisses the tigress medallion, puts it back under her shirt, and settles for catching a hair that chooses that moment to shed, twirling it around her finger and testing its strength until it breaks. Reaching the door, she knocks three times, the first one so faint she can barely hear it, but the second and third one are stronger. She takes a deep breath to calm herself, and the door opens.

General Sin? My name is Miyumi. I was told you have a job for me?

This time she doesn't wince when her voice comes out low and rough. I need to talk more, then maybe I'll stop startling myself with how I sound now. The man gazes steadily at her, analyzing her. Being only 5'3", she looks up to meet his eyes and does not look away, exerting all her self-control to keep her hands from fidgeting. Stupid habit. I should've cut it out years ago. She looks about 27, but she's really older. Under his gaze though, she feels about 20. General Sin finally motions her in. Closing the door, he offers her a chair and takes his own behind his desk. She leans her bag up against the chair before sitting down on the edge of the chair, feet together and flat on the floor, hands clasped on her lap.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SinfulSoul on Wed Feb 08, 2006 4:32 pm

General Sin sat in his black leather chair with his elbows propped up on the large desk in front of him and his hands clasped together at his chin. He didn't bother much with formalities, they were the last thing on his mind. He was waging war as they spoke and it was difficult to remember the small things like common courtesy with that kind of burden. For him, it had to be all business. Miyumi definitely presented herself in a professional manner, but judging by her build it wasn't what he had expected. He expected a mammoth of a woman cold and hardened after years of working through the hard lifting and strenuous work. Maybe it's because he grew up back an older time when things needed to be done manually. Nowadays, machines do all the heavy lifting. Hell, when he was growing up most of the manufacturing of mobile suits took place on Earth where the gravity was the strongest. Oh how the times of changed. Besides, according to her resume it would appear she's had some significant experience despite her young appearance. After a brief physical scan of Miyumi, he deemed her presentation satisfactory and he continued on.

General Sin slid a manila folder off from the side of his desk in front of him. He opened the folder to reveal the resume and scanned it quickly for a refresher. He was still a bit of difficulty concentrating on the task at hand since his mind kept trying to drift toward the war, but as soon as he saw the word "gundam" on her resume he suddenly realized what he had brought her here for. This was indeed more important than the war.

"Hmm... It seems gundams are going to be key elements in a clash of power with any force in the known universe both now and in the future. The newly resurrected Space Imperial Guard that is under my command already has it's own gundams, but our problem is that our current engineers are unfamiliar with much of the newer systems found in these mobile suits. It says here you've had experience with gundam repair. Which gundams have you worked on before, and what kind of systems did this gundam have that you've worked with? Also, do you know the owner or organization who owned this gundam?"

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Thu Feb 09, 2006 10:06 am

Miyumi hesitates to answer. Should I tell him? It's embarassing to admit I was working there... That group has long since disbanded, the country swallowed... No one followed me back, right? I need this job. I need to let him see that it wasn't really by choice... As she describes the group she had worked with, the French words rolled off her tongue with the ease of someone used to speaking the language.

I've been playing with mobile suits in genreal for, oh, twenty-odd years. During the wars, I worked for the Chatte-Bleue group. They were based off a small country in Africa. I would've preferred working for a group in the colonies, but I didn't have enough experience at the start, and I wanted to work on a Gundam. Besides, their mascots were the large cats, and I like tigers. I worked on Gundam Tigre, mostly the control systems, but also weapons-repair I subconsciously touch the scar on my cheek. after a couple years, and pretty much handling anything that came up in that last year, including bringing the dead suits back into fighting shape. There were a surprisingly large number of women on the staff to start out with, and they kept going away to find other jobs... They were so short on staff that I even worked on regular mobile suits modeled after Virgos called Les Pantheres. They needed me so badly by that time that they pretty much gave me whatever I asked for, within reason, so I got a chance to play around with the zero system and mobile dolls. Don't know how they got a copy of the technology, but get it they did. I stole the specs on everything just before the end of the wars in '96. Since then, I've mostly been trying to get back on the colony, repairing the odd bit of hardware or machinery here and there to get enough money. Left everything but this bag on the base when I left.

She can tell he doesn't believe that last bit, due to the steely gaze he leveled at her then.

You mean to tell me that all the specs for every system you've worked on are in that bag?

The mechanic is puzzled at why he would disbelieve her, until she realizes that no ordinary laptop would be able to handle that much information. She gives a guilty half-smile as she shakes her head.

Not everything I've worked with, but everything for that group... I wasn't kidding when I said they would let me have pretty much anything. I required a computer that could handle my experiments, and required it to be portable, allowing me to hook it into a Gundam at will. So, they had their best design teams come up with something that could handle ten mobile-suit systems, including the system for Gundam Tigre, and handle a program allowing me to get into anything I can hook my computer up to. Everyone has a hobby, mine just happens to be collecting the specs for suit systems. Then, one of the few friends I had taught me to jury-rig a connection between my computer and just about anything using a few pieces of wire.

She thinks about telling him of the leadership, and realizes that she'd have to go into the fat slob of a girlfriend who was really in charge, and Miyumi didn't like her. She had the audacity to claim the tiger's name for her own when she had never hunted a day in her life and couldn't walk silently in zero-G. It would've been fine if it had been her parents who claimed it for her, but she was loud in saying how much she wanted to honor them by getting her name changed to theirs. Plus, she chose their name in some obscure dialect that no one had ever heard of before.

It was a very breif pause before she asks,
Where are you going with this? What sort of job do you have for me?
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SinfulSoul on Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:27 pm

He nodded his head as she spoke, mentally checking off the skills she mentioned that he deemed necessary for the position he had in mind. She had the full specs of gundams and other mobile suits that his earth adversaries would be using. She was indeed a source of valuable information, but most important of all was her ability to repair both gundams and mass produced mobile suits based on generic design.
"I knew I had a good feeling about you, and your love of tigers solidifies that notion. You seem to be the perfect addition to our team. My military advisers have been wanting someone of your level of experience for a long time. The position I have in mind for you is of great prestige and will offer you benefits and experience that you wouldn't have been able to find on Earth. Here, we are not limited by gravity and we have the latest technology available at your disposal. Your potential here will be significant, especially in furthering your own skills. I have high hopes for you, which is why I'm offering you a position as Chief Engineer of our Mobile Weapons Department. You will be considered a high level government employee servicing under the soon to be reborn Space Imperial Nations. As such, you will also be granted the benefits and lifestyle of higher class to help ease the pains of strenuous work during the day. You'll have all of our current technicians at your disposal and the tools you need will be available upon request. Your duties will be to mobilize this colony and maybe the other colonies as well with enough Virgos to defend our homes to the bitter end. You will also be responsible for urgent repairs on damaged mobile suits at any time of the day or night, especially in time of war. I will come to you for any needed updates and future projects - including the possibility of a gundam design in the works. If you agree to join us, you will be helping not only this colony, but every citizen of Space in defending our rightful home from the greed of the Earthlings. I ask you not as a leader, nor as a soldier, but as a citizen of space that you help strengthen our countries so that we may defend ourselves against the evils of Earth."
He then slid from underneath the resume a small packet of papers with a brief non-disclosure statement and outlined the responsibilities above. Her personal information was already typed in, including a predetermined street address. The last page had a line at the very bottom that required her signature and date after a short few lines in fine print about how the Space Imperial Nations would not be held responsible for any and all liabilities due to injury or death aside from the monetary amount awarded by the provided insurance company. Clipped to the end of the packet was a security clearance card with her name printed on it.
"I hope you don't mind, but we've taken the liberty to provide you with housing that I think you would find very suitable at the address shown in the packet. It's spacious, already furnished, and close to the main mobile suit repair bay for easy travel. The military units stationed around the colony have set up a network of outposts and perform patrols around the clock. Show any patrol in a Jeep your clearance badge and you can get a quick lift. We'll also provide you a generous monetary amount for the purchase of a personal vehicle just for accepting the position. I'm sure all the personal information we've entered for you is correct, all we need is your signature on the final line and everything will be set. Please, feel free to use my pen."
Sinful pulled an elegant black pen from a matching holder on his desk and held it out for Miuyumi.
"This is the opportunity of a lifetime."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Fri Feb 10, 2006 4:25 pm

I'm so excited, I don't even notice that he said something any idiot would know, despite the fact that I normally would've picked up on that. I take the pen and packet, glancing through it quickly. I am startled at first, to see my real age, but then I realized the powers of research he must have to find it out. Then my eyes get wide at where I'll be staying, but for no more than a moment. I'd never dared to dream of staying at a place like that! It doesn't take more than a minute for me to page through, and I sign it without hesitation. I know well the evils of earth, and would gladly work myself into the ground to keep them from taking over the colonies. Hooking the strap of my bad around my shoulder, I stand in one fluid motion and hand the papers and pen back to him.

"I will do anything I can to keep the colonies out of earth's hands. Thank you for this opportunity."

I hesitate then, unsure of protocol.

"There is transportation waiting for you outside. Just tell the driver where you were staying, so you can pick up your things. He knows where to go after that."

I give a respectful nod.

"Thank you."

Closing the door behind me, I walk down the hall, full of relief that he didn't ask for the specs. Okay, so maybe I'd give them to him. I just don't know yet. I would give the specs for all the others, but for the ones I worked on... well, they're probably out of use anyway. In the elevator, I put more chapstick on. Stupid dry lips... maybe if I could quit that habit, they wouldn't peel so much... well, soon I'll be far too busy to think about it anyway. The receptionist gives me a look that asks if I got the job, and I answer with a wink and a nod. I pause, as I see my father in the window walking home, on the pretense of fixing my bag. I walk outside, and a man walks up to me. As he spoke, he held up an id declaring himself to be an employee of General Sin.

Miss Miyumi? I was told to take you to your new housing.

As I get in, I tell him the address of the appartment. It only takes me two trips to bring my stuff down, first the small bag of clothes and then my weapons and personal things. I ask him to take me to the main bay first, so I can get an idea of what I'll be working with. Stunned by the total destruction of the units there, I go to the housing. Not even looking around, I drop my things just inside the entrance, lock the door, and go back to the bay. The first thing I need to do, is figure out what can be salvaged off these suits.

I first approach the remains of a virgo. Hooking my computer in, I find out how much damage has been done the system. If I can get the control systems up and running, they'll be able to warn me if I'm about to do more harm than good. It doesn't even show a sign that there was anything there at all. I'm going to have to reinstall the system. Two men come up behind me, and I stand up and twist to face them.

"Ma'am? We're certain it's no use repairing this. We might as well scrap it."

"How many mobile suits does this colony have? Does it have so many that we can afford to take our time in building one from scratch, when we are perfectly capable of taking one is a condition as good as this, and one like that" I gesture to one that is so beat up I would never even bother checking it for life "and combining them onto the frame of this first one to build something that is as strong as a new one, but with more battle-experience if I can manage to resurrect its memory?"

"But we're not capable of that!"the one who had previously spoken said, confused.

"Can you work the machinery that puts metal into place and follow directions? Then I can direct you to fix this."

The man's eyes widened in respect, and he saluted as they turned to get the cranes. Meanwhile, I've climbed up the wreckage, into the heart of the suit to look at the wiring for the system. Good! The battle-memory hasn't been touched! Blocking out the sounds of groaning suits and whirring machinery around me, I settle in to repairing the system.

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