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Dogs in Almighty God's Vineyard

Background Information

a part of “Dogs in Almighty God's Vineyard”, a fictional universe by Magus1108.

The King of Life has called upon you to be God's Watchdog, a defender of The Faith, the hammer upon which you beat men until they are purified. Can you answer the call, and do your best to defend and promote The Faith?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Dogs in Almighty God's Vineyard”.
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Re: Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Magus1108 on Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:18 am

The Prophet's Prayer (Faithian version of the Lord's Prayer)

The Great Prophet, who art in Heaven,
Who showed us the true Faith,
And brought the Light of God back to Man,
Hallowed be thy name;
Thy Kingdom Come;
Thy Will be Done,
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us the Strength to spread the Faith,
Give us the Wisdom to be Pure and Holy,
And give us the Power to Smite the Wicked.
Lead us forever more, away from the Sins of Man,
And to the True Word of God;
Lead us away from Temptations and Suffering,
Show us the Path of Righteousness and Glory,
And deliver us from Evil, from the Wickedness of Man.
None are Pure unless they are Saved by the Faith,
And the Earth shall remain Impure until all Tongues sing the Praises of the Prophet,
For Thine is the Kingdom,
The Power, and the Glory,
For ever and ever.

There is no War in Ba Sing Se

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Re: Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Magus1108 on Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:10 pm

Presidents of the United States of America (From 1861 to 1887)

16: President Abraham Lincoln (Republican; 1861-1865)


17: President George B. McClellan (Democrat; 1865-1873)


18: President Horatio Seymour (Democrat; 1873-1881)


19: President James G. Blaine* (Republican; 1881-)


* Following the near destruction of the Republican Party, after President Lincoln's failed attempt to subjugate the South and bring them back into the Union, the Republican Party was out of power for the next sixteen years. In the years following the Southern War, however, the Republicans maintained their political presence, and by the Presidential Election of 1880, were in a prime position to be restored to power once more. They succeeded, and their nominated candidate of James G. Blaine became the first Republican President elected after the failure of Abraham Lincoln. The Republicans succeeded again in the 1884 election, which saw President Blaine get a second term, the first Republican President to earn such an achievement.

Presidents of the Confederate States of America (From 1861 to 1887)

1: President Jefferson Davis* (Independent; 1861-1867)


2: President Robert E. Lee (Independent; 1867-1873)


3: President Judah P. Benjamin** (Legion; 1873-1879)


4: President James Longstreet (Legion; 1879-1885)


5: President Fitzhugh Lee (Legion; 1885-)


* It should be noted that, under the Confederate Constitution, all Presidents are limited to one six year term. Thus, Confederate Presidents are unable to run for reelection, hence the high turnover rate for new Presidents in the Confederacy. There are talks, however, of repealing that amendment.

** President Benjamin was the first candidate elected from the Legion of the South, a Confederate political party founded in 1864. Benjamin was also the first Jewish President elected in the CSA.

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Re: Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Magus1108 on Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:20 pm

Map of North America, circa 1887:


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Re: Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Magus1108 on Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:52 pm

USA States (24):

New York
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
New Jersey
West Virginia
North Missouri

USA Territories (12):

Utah Territory (Projected Statehood Date: ???)
Colorado Territory (Projected Statehood Date: ???)
Nevada Territory (Projected Statehood Date: ???)
New Mexico Territory (Projected Statehood Date: ???)
Wyoming Territory (Projected Statehood Date: 1890)
Montana Territory (Projected Statehood Date: 1889)
Washington Territory (Projected Statehood Date: 1889)
Idaho Territory (Projected Statehood Date: 1890)
North Dakota Territory (Projected Statehood Date: 1889)
South Dakota Territory (Projected Statehood Date: 1889)
Alaska Territory (Projected Statehood Date: ???)
Hawaii Territory (Projected Statehood Date: ???)

CSA States (13):

North Carolina
South Carolina
South Missouri

CSA Territories (8):

Indian Territory (Projected Statehood Date: ???)
Arizona Territory (Projected Statehood Date: ???)
Cuba Territory (Projected Statehood Date: 1892)
Puerto Rico Territory (Projected Statehood Date: 1892)
Lee Territory (Projected Statehood Date: 1900) [Formerly Mexican Chihuahua]
Davis Territory (Projected Statehood Date: 1900) [Formerly Mexican Coahuila]
Stonewall Territory (Projected Statehood Date: 1904) [Formerly Mexican Sonora]
Jefferson Territory (Projected Statehood Date: 1904) [Formerly Mexican Baja California and Baja California Sur]

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Re: Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Magus1108 on Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:44 pm

The Shape of Things to Come

The Confederate Presidential Election of 2004 proved to be one of the closest races in recent history, though few would know it at the time.

Going in to the Presidential elections, it seemed that the Reformists Party had it in the bag. President Ann Richards had been Commander-in-Chief for well over twelve years, and had proven to be wildly popular during her two terms. The good feelings continued well into the 2004 general election, and it was expected the Reformists would see themselves carry the Grey House for another six years.

The Reformist Primaries proved to be a divisive affair, however. Vice President Bill Clinton was largely seen as the front-runner from the beginning of the race, but he received a surprisingly strong challenge from North Carolina Senator John Edwards. Clinton was beating back Edwards easily enough, at first, but rumors of an affair while in the Vice Presidency (which soon turned into an outright scandal when several women came forward) damaged Clinton's campaign irrevocably, and soon enough the Vice President was forced to concede the nomination to Senator Edwards.

The Patriots Primary, meanwhile, proved to be less of a roller-coaster. From the very beginning, Governor Mike Huckabee had the primaries in the bag. He was the popular outgoing governor of a fairly successful state, and he connected quite well with the Patriot electorate, particularly those who voted more out of their Faith than any other matter. Governor Huckabee appealed to many religious voters, even those outside of the Protestant majority within the Confederacy, building himself up a sort of Coalition of Faith that would see him cruise through the primaries with relative ease.

Senator Edwards was a young, fresh face in Washington, and while detractors used his relative inexperience against him, he made it into a rally-cry, saying he'd bring fresh blood into Richmond. Edwards also vowed to continue the popular policies of President Richards, while Governor Huckabee, meanwhile, argued that the country needed to be taken into a new direction, to allow the Confederacy to further prosper in the new century. Huckabee also appealed to older, more conservative voters, who had primarily been behind President Richards during the last two general elections [Richards Patriots, they were called], in the hope that they would favor him over the more youthful and liberal John Edwards.

Thus, as the months winded down and the General Election approached, the race became more and more tied. What was thought to be another Reformist victory soon became a drawn-out, winner-take-all brawl as Governor Huckabee gained more and more traction in polling.

Ultimately, on election all came down to Texas. Texas, which was the homestate of President Richards, and had gone for her twice in 1992 and 1998. The Huckabee Campaign went after Texas hard however, the Arkansas Governor trying to win over the votes of the state's more conservative electorate. Edwards fought back hard too, the state quickly become the fiercest, most contested place in the entire 2004 election.

And so, on election night, everything came down to Texas. And by just a few thousand votes, Governor Huckabee carried the state, and became the next President of the Confederate States of America. For better or for worse.


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Re: Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Magus1108 on Sun Sep 20, 2015 8:16 am

Excerpts From:

A Brief History of the Kings of Life of the Deseret

By Joshua T. Winchester, Professor of Religious Studies in Richmond University, Confederate States of America; First Published May 3rd, 2015

Part 1 of 4

Great Prophet and King Silas Baker (Lifespan, 1793-1843; Reign, 1831-1843) [Portrait of the Great Prophet commissioned in 1839]

Silas Baker was the Great Prophet of the Faith, and first King of Life. Though truth be told, Silas did not enjoy the extravagant lifestyle his successors came to lead, once he was crowned King. The Great Prophet spent most of his time on the frontier as the King of Life, living a hard but Faithful live amongst his many followers. Indeed, he did not enjoy the fruits of the New Eden1 very long, for he died a few years after his followers settled in what would one day become Utah Territory. Still, the Great Prophet established a precedent, and it is from him that all the future Kings of Life come from.

Without Silas Baker, there would be no Faith, and there would be no Deseret.

His accomplishments are well documented, and much has been said about perhaps one of the most controversial men in modern history, so this study shall not focus heavily upon the Great Prophet. Instead, it will focus more on his successors, and the role they played within the Deseret.

However, there is a point of contention that we shall focus on, briefly. If just to put this subject to rest, once and for all. One of the biggest conspiracy theories surrounding the Faith...a question brought to the modern audience with director George Takei's rather controversial film, Prophet: was Silas Baker murdered by one of his own followers?

The honest, and most probable answer here, would be no. It is highly unlikely Silas Baker was murdered. Can we say this with a hundred percent certainly? The answer for that would also be no.

Quite simply, we just can't say for certain, either way. Perhaps we'll never know for sure.

Theories abound as to the circumstances of the Prophet's death, so it is in this instance fact shall be separated from fiction. On September 17th, 1843, the Great Prophet passed away after a sudden period of illness. Unlike his son, however, he did not die of tuberculosis. Indeed, the cause of death for the Prophet isn't entirely certain, as accounts of the time are vague and sometimes even differ wildly from each other.

The most plausible theory presented as to Silas Baker's death, and is commonly accepted as fact by most academics and religious scholars, is that he died from some form of cancer. Written accounts kept by Lady Agnes Kingston and Minister Elias Smith, as well as private correspondences recently unearthed between the Prophet's private physician and a family member in New York City, support this theory.

Still, it cannot be said for certain what the Prophet died from...we do know, however, that he had a sudden period of intense sickness, and after this period, expired. So from the sources given above, it is most probable the Great Prophet succumbed to cancer.

There are those who deny this theory, however. Many alternative scholars and even some recent Faithian historians assert that the Great Prophet was, in fact, murdered. Poisoned over a period of time, until his death was assured.

The primary suspect in this regard, of course, is Lady Agnes Kingston, third wife of the Great Prophet. Many supporters of this belief point to the fact that, in the weeks leading up to his demise, Agnes monopolized the Prophet's time, ensuring she was the one almost always by his side, tending to his very need. They also point to the fact that Agnes had much to gain from Silas' death; her son Garret had a good chance of succeeding his father, but he was not the eldest, nor his favorite child. Using this argument, they claim that Agnes poisoned her husband to weaken him and make him susceptible to suggestion, and manipulated him into naming her son as his successor.

Many, however, fail to realize the flaws in this theory. Of his three wives, Beatrice Winters had already died in childbirth just a year earlier in 1842, and Meredith Jackson had gotten terribly ill from a bad case of the flu, though she recovered in time. With these circumstances in mind, it is understandable that Agnes was able to "monopolize" the Great Prophet's time. With one wife dead and the other ill, Agnes was the last, closest person left to tend to the Prophet.

It is also no coincidence that many at-the-time accounts speculating about the feasibility of Silas Baker being murdered were all written down by Lady Agnes' social enemies. The factions within the Holy Family were already starting to form by this point, and the ascension of Clan Kingston into power over Clan Winters and Clan Jackson only cemented this. A good many people were furious with Lady Agnes, for apparently arranging the rise of her son. So any accounts speculating about the murder of the Prophet, need to be taken into this consideration. It might be one thing if all these speculations came from neutral or allied parties, but by and large all contemporary writings regarding this potentiality come from known enemies of Agnes Kingston, who would love nothing more than to see her ruined.

Now, of course...she may not have murdered her husband, but nothing here contradicts the theory that she may have taken advantage of his illness to advance her own causes.

Nothing here precludes the possibility that Agnes Kingston manipulated her husband into nominating her son for the Throne of Life. Or, indeed, that she may have lied about his final words entirely, and conspired with the Holy Council to see her son elevated over the elder children of Meredith Jackson and Beatrice Winters.

1; An alternative name for the Deseret, used interchangeably at the time with its counterpart, until the term 'Deseret' came to be more popularly associated with the Faithian theocratic state in the West, at which point this term fell out of the popular vernacular.

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Re: Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Magus1108 on Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:41 pm

Part 2 of 4

King Garret Prophet (Lifespan, 1825-1876; Reign, 1843-1876) [Photo of King Garret taken in 1873]

After the sudden death of his father, Garret Baker ascended to the throne as the next King of Life, as proclaimed by the Holy Council. While his ascension was controversial at the time, Garret's ascension went largely unchallenged, allowing the new monarch to consolidate his newfound power.

Over the next thirty years, King Garret guided the Deseret and its Faithian community, building up his followers and their community as they established themselves within the West. While his father established the religion itself, and guided the first generation of followers, it was King Garret who would build upon the success of his predecessor, and practically built the Deseret as we know it.

Under King Garret's reign, New Life slowly transformed from a small settlement into a booming, economic center of growth in the Western territories, a growth that practically skyrocketed upon the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, which allowed far easier access between the eastern United States and its western territories. King Garret also helped to colonize the rest of the western territories, particularly around what would soon become Utah and New Mexico territory, encouraging his followers to build and establish settlements all over the arid lands.

For entire generations, King Garret was the main figurehead of the Faithian religion, and for many, had been the only King of Life anyone knew, for a majority of the Faith's followers were born after the Great Prophet's death. He established many precedents, and paved the way forward for the future of the Deseret and its Kings of Life.

His reign would come to an end in 1876, when King Garret died of tuberculosis, or as it was known at the time, Consumption. Upon his death, his eldest son would be proclaimed as the next King of Life by the Holy Council.

Looking back at the reign of King Garret, one can see it as the beginning....and end....of an era. By his death, the Faith was firmly cemented as a full-fledged religion, with followers all over the Western territories, and even some back east, in both the United States and Confederate States. Garret built up on what his father had established, and had reaped what he had sowed, creating a powerful religious entity that remains relevant and influential even to this day.

However, King Garret would remain from different from his successors. He was the second and last King of Life to be born outside of the Deseret, and this gave him a different perspective on things. He was young enough to remember the turbulent years of the Great Trials, and fully remembered the hardships and tribulations faced by the members of the Faith when they first founded their paradise in the West. These hardships transformed him into a hardened man, one who knew his position in life would always be precarious, and so King Garret never took things for granted. He was meticulous, careful, and always weighed the risks in any given situation.

In short, he was the complete opposite of his son and successor, King Julian.

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Re: Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Magus1108 on Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:30 am

Order of the Saints

While not established by the Great Prophet himself, the idea of Sainthood was established in the Faith by his son, King Garret. Being a Saint, as understood in the Faith, is to be considered especially holy and to be on the same level with God as the Holy Family are, a feat few can claim. Other qualifications of Sainthood are to "go above and beyond your required duty", as declared by King Garret, and the process of martyrdom is also a valid way to achieve Sainthood.

The only person who can be declared a Saint is by the King of Life himself, and no other holy figure in the Faith.

In the sixty odd years since the Faith's founding, there have been Seven Saints in total declared by the King of Life. Five under King Garret, and two under King Julian.

Saint Elias Smith (1799-1862)

Saint Elias was the first declared Saint of the Faith, decreed as such by King Garret in 1852. Elias, founder of the Watchdogs, was decreed a Saint due to his actions during the Three Great Trials, specifically the actions he undertook to defend the Faithful when they were driven out of Tennessee and Iowa. It is recorded that Saint Elias turned down the King's offer of a grand celebration for his Sainthood, and instead had King Garret limit the ceremony to a small gathering of Holy Family members and select, upper members of the Faith. This act of humility further endeared Saint Elias to the people of the Faith, and as such, he is often the most high-praised of the Saints. Especially by the Dogs, who are more than happy to have their founder as one of the Seven Saints.

Saint Louise Delacroix (1816-1855)

The next Saint to be named, after Saint Elias. Saint Louise was elevated posthumously, for it was the manner of his death that acclaimed him to Sainthood. Twin brother to a future Minister in the Faith, Saint Louise started out as a simple and humble man, content to be the pastor for a small parish town in the outskirts of Faithian territory. On October 1st of 1855, Saint Louise's quaint little village was sacked by a band of Natives, leading to the death of almost everyone in town.

Survivors managed to get away however, and they told stories of Saint Louise's bravery and conviction. Louise joined the menfolk in defending the town, and when it seemed certain the Indians would overwhelm them, Louise sacrificed himself, buying time for the remaining survivors to get out of town while he and the other men kept the Natives at bay.

King Garret was struck by Louise Delacroix's bravery, and for it elevated him to be Saint Louise. And in order to avenge Saint Louise and the others that fell that day, the Dogs were dispatched to hunt down and slaughter the wild band of Natives. A two month back-and-forth between the Dogs and the Natives occurred afterward, which culminated in the Battle of Lyonsville, which saw the Dogs emerge victorious over this tribe of Natives. In the end, all the Natives were slaughtered by the Watchdogs of God, men and women alike, while the children were taken away to be shown the Light of the Lord and true ways of civilized society.

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Re: Background Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Magus1108 on Mon Jan 11, 2016 1:41 am

King Julian Prophet (Lifespan, 1852-XXXX; Reign, 1876-XXXX) [Photo of King Julian taken in 1880]

The first of the Kings of Life to be born within the Deseret, and thus the first King to be born into the prosperity of the Faith, without going through any of the hardships faced by his father and grandfather. King Julian represented the ever growing majority of the Faithful who had lived in the Deseret all their lives, and never faced the persecution and hardships their fathers and grandfathers did during the time of the Great Prophet. The Great Prophet founded the Faith, King Garret fully established the power and influence of the Throne of Life, and King Julian would ultimately bring the Faith into the modern age.

Many were not sure what to make of King Julian at first, however. Julian had a more...flamboyant taste than his father and grandfather did, and that was reflected in his style of dress, attitude, and general philosophy in his reign as King of Life. Gone were the smart and fancy suits worn by Grandfather and Father; instead, King Julian had himself commissioned a wardrobe fit for a medieval king, as the new King of Life took to wearing elaborate and royal clothing, parading around as a king not just in name, but in appearance. He even had himself commissioned an ornate Crown, which has since been worn by every successive King and Queen of Life. King Julian was also the first King of Life to start referring to themselves in the Royal We; a term normally used by the kings and queens of Europe, or the Pope of Rome, but was now being used by the King of Life.

On the surface, King Julian appeared far more arrogant and self-centered than his grandfather and father, but one must look at his upbringing as a boy to understand his behavior as an adult. Julian was born in the Deseret, at a time when the Faith was flourishing in the West, and for it never knew the hard struggles of life well understood by his predecessors. And, while his standard of living did not approach that of the Old Rich in the East (Southern and Northern aristocrats alike), the Holy Family enjoyed a very comfortable and plush lifestyle in New Life. This, combined with Lady Agnes Kingston's insistence that Garret's heir be raised as a true and proper King, combined to make Julian what he was upon his inauguration as the 3rd King of Life.

However, King Julian held a vast and keen intellect behind his more royal trappings, the new King of Life perhaps one of the most cunning individuals in New Life. He held a keen understanding of the politics within the Holy Family and the general Court, and used it to his advantage. When possible, he played rivals against each other, elevated allies to high positions of power in the Faith, and generally used the Court and Holy Family for his own gain and advantage. As one example, King Julian consented to taking his second cousin, Rebekkah Lynn Winters, as his second wife, to help assuage the "scandal" that erupted after he wed the Pauper Princess.

Such intelligence would prove very useful for King Julian in the years to come, for the tail end of the 19th Century would prove to be a pivotal point for the Faith. King Julian would be faced with many hard subjects, such as the growing sentiment for Deseret Independence, and tense relationships with the Federal Government; the question of the CSA, and if the Faith should align themselves with the South; and, ultimately, the idea of reform and change. King Julian was faced with the choice of remaining orthodox and steadfast, even with the threat of the United States Government looming over his head, or he could have the Faith reform and adapt, change itself and the more problematic tenants to become more fully tolerated by the Federal Government, and allow the Deseret to be peacefully integrated into the USA as a full state.

To that end, it almost goes without saying that the reign of King Julian I Prophet was the most pivotal and important period in the history of the Faith. The choices he made began a new Era in the Deseret, one that would have a profound impact on the Faithful, and even the entirety of the North American continent itself, for decades to come....

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