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Barren Hope[Characters]

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Barren Hope[Characters]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Litria Death on Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:19 pm

Character Record
Please post all accepted character to this topic.

Quick links: OOCMapsCults ▍IC ▍Old OOC

(This symbol stands for, "The New World".)


Feras, coming from the Portugese term for "Beasts", are mutated human life forms that evenly evolved into a new class of creature. Similar in appearance to the human race, Feras are very differing from them; from things such as thoughts and behavioral patterns to emotional and physical variables, Feras are too diverse from humans to be unified with them under that category.

Feras are, in some opinions, a superior race to the human race. Gifted with the same, glorious intellect of the human mind, Feras are equiped with powers and abilities humans do not posess. Feras average life span easily surpasses a human's by half a century(about 50 years), whereas females live long than males.

Feras reproduce well, showing no apparent signs of extinction. It is estimated that about 500,000 new Feras join the New World annually. Female Feras have offspring younger than what was 300 years prior. It is not uncommon for a 14 year old Feras female to have had a child once. Children of the New World are hardly ever cared for for long periods of time; commonly, a mother Feras will raise her child up until a certain age(usually 4 or 5-whenever the mother feels her child is ready), then lets the child go off, leaving the child to defend and learn for him or herself. It is rare for a mother Feras to keep in contact with her child or children, but not impossible; it is also rare for a child to know the parents of which the child had come from. These lifestyles and choices show the more animalistic property of Feras.


Naturals: Having the ability to control natural resources, such as plants, air, earth, fire, wind, and, in very, very rare cases, the Feras can control one's spirit. (If you'd like this class, please PM.) These Feras are usually Sassins, Strikers or Wendies.

Seducers: Creatures of seduce, deceit and lies, some have the advanced ability to control a person's actions for a very brief amount of time(like, 30 seconds for a very skilled Seducer). These Feras are usually Serpentes or Wendies.

Titans: Gifted with strength, speed, agility, etc; these Feras are usually Fenders or Strikers.

Flyers: Just as the name suggests, these are Feras who are gifted with flight; this comes in many forms, such as having wings, being able to vibrate the body quickly enough for short moments of flight, or the power of air manipulation. They are one of the most common, and are usually Strikers or Serpentes.

Seekers: Given the ability to see into the future briefly, Seekers are held at high honor in the New World. Seekers are usually Leaders or Co-Leaders, making them always seen in high honor as well. Seekers always have the character of a Leader in them, so it makes sense. It is very rare, but Seekers can also be Serpentes or Wendies, depending on their additional powers/skills.

Raisers: Given the gift of moving objects with sheer brain waves, this is truly the rarest Feras ability of all. Raisers, like Seekers, are held with a honor of high, and are usually Leaders and Co-Leaders, yet, many more of the men double or replace the role as Head Striker.

Drinkers: Like the infamous vampire, Drinkers are Feras who have to consume blood to live. These Feras are always gifted with claws and fangs, making them excellent predators. They are usually Strikers, Wendies, Serpentes, Sassins or Co-Leaders.

Savages: Given the power to control normal animals, Savages usually are also gifted with some type of animal characteristic. Most of the time, Savages are Fenders, Sassins or Strikers.

Emos: Given the power to contort a person's emotions, Emos stem from the old term "Emotionals". They are dark, quiet, and collected, and always have control over a situation; because of this, they are often times Leaders, Co-Leaders or Head Strikers. It isn't common, but they can also be Serpentes, Wendies, or Sassins.


Humans are often labelled the inferior race of the New World. They are the weaker of the two races, and are the rarer race to come by. The human population of the New World is slowly but surely growing extinct due to careless, cruel Feras, the race's unability to care, provide and protect themselves, and their unimmunity to certain sicknesses, such as Sanguis tussim, the dreaded lung infection that causes one to spit-up blood, and other terrible illnesses.

The humans are, however, capable of some useful things besides a food source. Eagle's Stand, a well-known human cult throughout the world, makes sure Feras know that the humans aren't completely feeble and useless. It is rumored that the humans have posession of the cure to the Heat-Lamping menance, which proves them competent in the ablity to continue the studies of science and math. For these things, humans are constantly considered the brains of the new World.

Humans' life spans are a quarter shorter than Feras; the average human male lives for about 75 years, where a female can live up to 80.

Humans do not reproduce well. Few experiments on human females show that their bodies are somehow weaker and less stable than Feras females when it comes to childbirth and carriage. Due to this, some pregnancies result in death for the mother during childbirth or whenever the baby grows too large for the mother's body. It is theorized that the once well-constructed makeup of the female, human body for child carrying has somehow changed over the years, altering the human form yet again in the long run. Due to this, if a male human wanted to conceive a child, it would be wise to seek a Feras female in place of a human.

It is thougth that humans have the more civilized thought-process in comparison to Feras. There are still traces of the human race 300 year ago in the race of today. However, the hardships and tension of the new, barren Earth have taken tolls and strains on humans whereupon new traits, habits, and behavioral developements have occured.

Character Sheets:

Code: Select all
[left/or right]Image here![/left][b]Name:[/b](Many name themselves)
[b]Roles[/b] (Striker, Leader, Serpentes, etc)
[b]Appearance:[/b] [Describe!]
[b]Love Interest:[/b](If any, of course... If nothing, put [i]none[/i].)
[b]Offspring:[/b](It isn't uncommon for a Feras of 15 to have reproduced at least once. Just saying; they all live like animals. Put names/#s/etc)
[b]Secrets:[/b](Plotting with rivals, running away, something. If nothing, put [i]none[/i].)
[b]Religion:[/b](If nothing, put [i]none[/i].)
[b]Brief Bio:[/b]
[b]Class:[/b] (Unless creating your own class)
[b]Additional Powers/Skills:[/b] (Two max.)


Code: Select all
[left/or right]Image here![/left][b]Name:[/b]
[b]Love Interest:[/b](If any, of course... If nothing, put [i]None[/i].)
[b]Offspring:[/b](Names/numbers/etc. If nothing, put [i]none[/i].)
[b]Siblings:[/b] (You know what to do.. :P)
[b]Brief Bio:[/b]

Rouge Cult Characters
Sumisa Tintin○Co-Leader-Played by Litria Death

Neophyte Cult Characters

Carte Blanche Characters

Eagle's Stand Characters
Maria San○Leader-Played by Litria Death
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Re: Barren Hope[Characters]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Litria Death on Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:34 pm

Name: Sumisa Tintin
Age: Appears 19
Gender: Female
Cult: Rouge Cult
Roles Co-Leader/Striker
Appearance: Sumisa has short, flared pixie-cut hair that hangs above her shoulders with hard, deep brown eyes, a long nose, and lips that seem to always be puckered in thought.; she's a very dark-colored girl, yet, when she changes forms, her skin pales dramatically, along with her dark eyes changing to sparkling blue. Sumisa is a tall girl, around 5'9", with long, graceful limbs, a fine, curved body and medium-sized, callused hands, in which one can always see a gun in; yet, if you're that close, you're more then likely staring it in the barrell. She makes her own clothing, which describes why she constantly wears a bright, mix-matched fashion, yet, you don't wanna question her about it, or she'll punch you. All in all, Sumisa is a pretty young woman with a thoughtful expression.
Phobias: Acrophobia- Fear of heights.
Cacophobia- Fear of ugliness.
Dinophobia- Fear of dizziness or whirlpools.
Electrophobia- Fear of electricity.
Goal(s): To end the trivial fighting between Rouge and Carte, and to put an end to humans cowering in fear; find her brothers.
Love Interest: None for now
Offspring: Five children; Ni-Ni, Marcia, Damien, Samuel, and Tally.
Siblings: Two brothers; unknown location.
Religion: Christian
Ethnicity: Japanese/American
Brief Bio: Sumisa is the youngest of three, with two older brothers, Ty and Tomy. She and her siblings were abandoned by their parents at an early age, so her brothers took care of her up until she was 16, when the two of them went missing after searching the jungle one night after hearing a light scuffle nearby. Sumisa, heart-broken, stumbled through the jungle until she came across one of Rouge's minor bases. There, she was trained to join the cult, and quickly rose in rank to Co-Leader. Although she has her eyes set on helping the human race, she still has the dream of reuniting with her brothers again one day.
Personality: Sumisa is a woman of plans, actions, and schemes; she is very clever, wise and cunning, yet, whenever tempted, blows her cool facade easily. She knows she has to get a hold on her temper, but sometimes she simply can't help herself. Sumisa loves fighting, it's one of the reasons she decided to remain a Striker, along with her Co-Leader post, yet also likes to calm down and return to base at the end of the day. Even though she craves action at times, she does indeed know how to cool herself. Sumisa's normal form keeps her very level-headed, excluding when she gets unreasonably angry, but, whenever she morphs to her Drinkers state, she's so cool-headed, it's very frightening; her skin pales, her eyes take on an icy blue, her co-workers find her vampire-like state horrifying to watch. Especially during a feeding, she becomes utter terror; many times in the presence of a human, she'll scare the creature half-to-death. Aside from her terrifying ways, Sumisa is very loyal, determined and friendly, and loves to be around others.
Class: Drinker
Additional Powers/Skills: Mastered control of water(Natural)/Light control over emotions(Emo)/Also gifted with armaments.

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Re: Barren Hope[Characters]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Litria Death on Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:57 pm

ImageName: Maria SanImage
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Cult: Eagle's Stand (A government group ran by humans and human half-breeds)
Roles Leader
Appearance: Maria is a lovely girl of 22 with white blonde hair tinted with a vibrant green, radiant, captivating eyes of a light grassy green, pale, white skin with a spray of freckles and a womanly frame. She is very girly, as she likes to be seen in pink most of the time, and will constantly grow flowers from her hair. She isn't very tall, as she stands at 5'4", but she's got rather long arms, so she jokes that, "my arms make up for my height..". Maria has a beautiful, oval-shaped face, starting with her hypnotic green eyes, and ending with her full, naturally pink lips. She constantly has a bright, bubbly expression.
Agraphobia- Fear of sexual abuse
Cnidophobia- Fear of stings
Gerascophobia- Fear of growing old
Kopophobia- Fear of fatigue
Merinthophobia- Fear of being bound or tied up

Goal(s): End the conflict and save the Earth!
Love Interest: A member of the Carte Blanche(Once a male joins...) ;]
Offspring: Two; both females; Morgan and Alyssa.
Siblings: Jasmine(34, Alive)
Secrets: None; besides she's IN LOVE WITH A MEMBER OF THE CARTE BLANCHE! O_O
Ethnicity: American
Brief Bio: Maria was born in the upper reigions of North America to a young human woman. Her father was a member of the Neophyte Cult, as he was a Natural with the control of plants. He loved Maria's mother, but couldn't risk getting her involved in the Feras war, so he left her, pregnant with their child, with a clan of humans. Maria, despite the fact that she never knew her father, loved her mother very much and appreciated that she had a man to help create her. Her mother, unlike most in the New World, kept Maria and planned on raising her until she found a human man to marry, but, this changed when Maria discovered her Natural powers. It was a horrible night, nearing Maria's 12th brithday, when her mother had returned late from food-hunting. Before Maria even realized what was going on, theives attacked them, and Maria, desperate, flailed about, trying to break free from them. Soon enough, the hands that held her went limp, but, to her horror, so did her mother's; the vines that had lined the forest floor were now constricted around the throats of all the people around her, including her dear mother. After this night, she became a single nomad, traveling around the New World alone. Only recently did she join the Eagle's Stand, mainly because she was so bored with life. The group gave her a new purpose, and an outlet to use her rather aggressive Natural's skills. She quickly rose in rank with her abnormal human powers, and, after the death of the original leader, here she is today, the Leader of the Eagle's Stand.
Personality: Maria is a light, pixie-like, happy woman, one who can always see the bright side to something, despite all the horrible things she knows and has experienced. She always seems to be smiling, as she isn't very aggressive or ill-tempered, making her an easy leader to like, unlike all the others. She feels the need to get to know someone, even if they're a total stranger, and doesn't take no for an answer a lot of times. She's also an easy person to come up to and speak with, and she's a good listener and advice giver, as she's very wise and aware. Maria is all over a good person, and is only harsh and cruel towards enemies, or whenever she thinks she's doing what has to be done, as she will strive for what is right for her cult, no matter the cost!
Class: Natural
Additional Powers/Skills: Her dominant control of plants is her main power, but, in human skills, she is good with cooking, staffs, swords, and sniping equipment.

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Re: Barren Hope[Characters]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Litria Death on Wed Jun 08, 2011 5:13 pm

Image Name: Hazel Bane
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Cult: Carte Blanche
Roles Wendy/Sassin
Appearance: Hazel is a spidery, graceful-looking individual with long, narrow limbs, thin body frame, and covered in creamy skin. She stands at 5'8" with chopped, completely black hair, an oval face behind the veil of ink tresses with a medium-sized nose, red lips of bloody roses, and two mysterious, hazy blue eyes like the foggy night sky. Her clothes are made to match her persona; dark and lacking color. She does this to keep blended in the night, the only proper time for scouting in such a hot environment. She wears no makeups, her skin, lips, and lashes naturally pretty, and the only thing she does to her jagged hair is brush it every now and then.
Achluophobia- Fear of darkness
Anthropophobia- Fear of people or society
Asthenophobia- Fear of fainting or weakness
Iophobia- Fear of poison
Kakorrhaphiophobia- Fear of failure or defeat

Goal(s): Do whatever it takes to get by.
Love Interest:None for now.
Offspring: Four; she cared for none of them.
Siblings: Her mother was a continuous whore; too many siblings to care about.
Secrets: It is rumored she is working with the Rouge Cult, yet, she denies any association with them besides their blood on her hands.
Religion: She lost all faith years ago...
Ethnicity: Italian/Austrian
Brief Bio: Hazel was born from a woman who gave the world many children, only cared for until she was old enough to be given away. She was, at first, a child of the Neophyte Cult, but it was told that she was pursuaded to join the Carte Blanche. She had always felt unloved once she changed Alliances, yet, the Carte Blanche consider her a wonderful Wendy and Sassin, and value her assistance. Other than that, she is just a tool for them to use, making her long for love from someone, yet, this side of her is buried deep within; this is mainly because she felt abandoned by the woman who gave birth to her, but she'd never admit this to herself. Despite that, her past is just a memory, nothing she would allow herself to fall back into.
Personality: Hazel holds a blank, impassive cover at all times, allowing no one in to her real self. She will put on a fake skin to fool enemies whenever she's on a mission, easily gaining their trust; she has the ability to wrap people around her finger or at least get a mild liking from them. She can truly be anyone; a mean, proud, selfish girl, shy, quiet, collected, or even loud, aggressive and playful. Whenever alone, utterly alone, she'll show a little bit of an awkward, quiet side; she's also a little mental, as, whenever completing a kill, she'll sing to the corpse. Besides this, Hazel truly is a blank canvas, just awaiting the paints to be given to her.
Class: Blinker-A very rare Fera ability, Blinkers come around once every 10 years. They are gifted with the power to strip away or gain enhancements on normal vision. Ex; seeing through objects, heat-sensing vision, seeing clearly at night.
Additional Powers/Skills: Flyer/Seducer

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