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Reita looked around at the smokey room that seem to get heavier with smoke by the second.He looked at the windows and the door they where closed off. Like his was a set up or something he was lucky to have something coving his nose already. He went to main front door and tried to push it open. Only getting his hands a bit burned but he didn't care." We gotta get this open! "He backed up front he door holding his hands together. Great the back door was a no go also what the heck.Reita looked at the kids and everyone else. Why would someone do this on purpose if they did. There women and children in here ! that is just so low to go. "We need to push this door open together! " Dai and Kyo both also tried to look for a way out. Kyo looked to where that girl Nai was making sure she was alright.Then looked at Dai and cracking his fingers heading to the door where Reita was. Dai looked at Megan worried about her hopping she was alright. He to went to where Reita was and was ready to help push this large door open but it was a no go. Everything was happening so fast thinking was becoming blurred and breathing was becoming difficult to.

KAZ grabbed Sato putting his face in his chest so he could breath. Sato was kinda his responsibility well he felt like it was casue he was Hyde's best friend.Almost like family was a very important in Hyde's life.KAZ kept eyes on Megumi also trying to make sure she was alright to. He watched and listened to what was going on. Looking to the corner of the room he saw orange flames climbing up the wall. " think of something quick ! unless you want to be well done!" He was getting a bit sacred now this was wood it would go up fast and it was starting to.

Hiroto finished his meal and starting to walk back to stables. When he spotted the tea shop on fire. He then ran to doors and koncked asking for help. A few answered there doors others didn't. Him and a few people ran to the water wells around the city getting buckets of water.Saga and Nao also join helping the blonde guy. They ran to the front door and some to the back throwing water at the doors and windows."is anyone in there!? where going to try to get the flames away from the doors and windows!? hang on!" Hiroto yelled as people around him yelling also and crying out.Ruki and Aoi ran ahead of the girls spotting the flames. They to join in with the people with buckets of water. The two started at Hiroto,Nao and Saga...then continued to help. This wasn't the time to talk they had to deal with this first. Hiroto took a large barrel and threw it at tone of the windows. The wood covering it broke and fell of its hinges. Hiroto jumped up to the window and looked in seeing a group of people." OVER HERE! HURRY!"Hiroto still had a that white outift on when he was last seen at the concert. Almost like an angel in white kinda thing.

Myv spotted that blonde guy from anywhere"H-hiroto?" He said as he covered his daughters's noses. He then picked the girls up and ran to the window.Handing them to Hiroto and a few other people waiting to help" WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST! NOW LETS GET OUT OF HERE!" He yelled across the smokey room and out his hand out to help get people out. He looked over at Gackt for a moment he sure looked like crap. Myv was to use to seeing GACKT as the head guy the top dog of most situation.This was odd and new to Myv to see Gackt so weak. Many people look up to that guy when he was lacking or weak with something. It often worried people or sadden people. Gackt was a leader kind of person not a follower.He looked at Melody come on quick i don't want to loose you"

Gackt looked at Koharu then looking at the fire across the room crawling and growling it way across the floor,walls and ceiling. He stared at it not even showing fear just smiling at it. Gackt knew who did it he had a feeling and so he smiled in disbelief. Then like before this vision started to blur again and his lungs felt heavy. But he was fighting it this time trying to keep his eyes open looking at Koharu. He looked at the window where people where leaving out of. Gackt felt a bit revealed but his sight was going in and out. His wound felt like it was fire right now. He looked at Koharu threw the smoke and fire she was becoming blurry.

Tastsu looked at the group and then rubbed his neck." so do we want to split up or stick together?"He didn't spliting up and in a place they had no idea of.He then looked at the three Dir guys and Shou." you guys have been longer...Shou and Shinya go with the girls and Uruha to the tea shop. Rest of you come with me we will check out this tower and meet back in the garden.....anyone disagree?"He asked looking at everyone." it works i think we should check our phones to. Uruha's worked so it possible to have contact of what is going on. So keep an eye on them to Yoshiki may be here soon so keep ears and eyes open for him.Be careful its very dark out there anything could happen" Kai spoke and folded his arms.
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"Uta I love you very much and we will never stop talking to each other"
after she hugged her tightly she had a wide grin "I have missed you and everyone my friend"
Ann was getting really worried and thought that fires were following her, I mean first hotel and now this.
she was hoping everyone would get out safe and that no one was left behind.
When Loveless had her to protect, she was melting. She was thinking in her head a few things here in there
thought he smelled good and that he was incredibly handsome. Her parents would think he is a very charming fella.
Her last guy she had did not last long because he was to busy with his job and he was a Polish man that she met in the flower shop one day when she was working
he was in Japan on a business trip.
It only lasted a month and he was nice he just never had the time for her.
"Oh my goodness a fire, I thought I smelled something weird, we should all get out of here safe"
"Loveless I swear there is so much that goes on its good we all have each other"
She fallowed the girls and listened to what was going on and trying to pay attention so herself or no one would get left behind. She always put others before herself.
That is how caring Ann is. She was helping as much as she could and saw and used her shirt to cover.
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Nai refused to panic. Why me? It's so bright. Don't breathe deeply, focus, focus. She had made sure that everyone had gotten out before her, especially the man Kyo. Everyone made it out that's good right? No worries, I've fulfilled my purpose, i suppose. She had no regrets if she were to die now. Oh my god.. After the last person had left the window, she had run over to get through but her clothes got stuck under a piece of furniture, and a part of the ceiling crashed down in front of the window, and the fire was rapidly spreading through the building. Let go you stupid furniture She wasn't afraid. Her sister was safe, Megumi, Melody, Kyo, Kaz, and all the others were safe. Her heart was filled with both sorrow and joy, joy for seeing her sister for the the while she had her, she had joy for meeting Kyo, and all the others, her only sorrow was that she hadn't bothered to speak to him when she had the chance.

She didn't expect anyone to come in and try to save her, it was too hot, and the smoke was seeping into her lungs rapidly. A small flame licked at her fingers, and for the second time in 10 years she made sound. Except this time, not a pleasant one. Her screams filled the building, and she pulled rapidly out of her trapping position, and realized that she wouldn't have much time left. The flames came closer and closer, but yet Nai wasn't filled with fear. A thought came into her mind, and she cried out in her mind for the strength for her sister, and her family: I pray you'll be my eyes, and watch her where she goes, help her to be wise, help her to let me go, every sister's prayer, every child knows, lead her to her place, guide her with your grace, to a place where she'll be safe, pray she finds your light, holds it in her heart, darkness falls each night, remind her where you are, every sister's prayer, every child knows, need to find a place, guide her to her place, give her faith so she'll be safe, lead her to her place, guide her with your grace to a place where she'll be safe.....Satisfied with her cry to the heavens, she shut her eyes, and resigned herself to her fate, shutting everything out, but constantly repeating the mantra over and over again, hoping to hope it was fulfilled for her sister, as the flames licked closer.

Suddenly, Nai was yanked further away from the fire, and when a piece of red hair appeared in front of her through the smoke filled haze she knew it was Bhu, and she was half happy to see her, half irritated beyond belief. While she was thankful that her friend had tried to rescue her, she was infuriated that she, Nai, had now placed Bhu in danger. Her anger was stoked even more when Bhu placed a heavy blanket over her head and then smothered her with her body, but when the ceiling began to fall all around them she realized that Bhu may have been right to smother her partially. She repeated the mantra, this time for both Uta and Bhu, and everyone. She didn't believe anyone else would risk the inferno, at least everyone else had made it out successfully, and that they were safe. She felt the flames begin to burn the edge of the blanket....
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Bhu had first noticed the  woman's strange behavior. Locking all the doors and telling all the guests to leave, but them. But then she smelled it, smoke, she hated that smell. It choked your lungs and left a bitter taste in your mouth. How anyone ever smoked was beyond her. Then It had clicked in her mind, the shop was on fire. It took one look, from Koharu, to Bhu , to Leena for all three of them to have kept up from there seats. Bhu ran to the back door with Luka only to discover it was locked and blocked. She looked to the windows only to find the shuttered up and impossible to break open. She tried to ram into the front door along with some of the men only to have that fail to. Bhu's eyes flitted around franticly. There had to be a way out, there always was! Damn it! She wished so bad she had a gun!Then she could have just shot the bolts on the windows and they'd be out of here! There had to be a way out! Cmon Bhu, think THINK! Then her ears picked up voices, water sloshing and being thrown, and voices yelling at them if they were ok. 

"Yes!" she yelled to poeple outside at the top of her voice "Were in here!" she hoped they could hear her, hope with all her soul. It seemed like luck was on their side as one of shutters blocking the window crumbled apart. Glorious light filtered in from the single window, their light at the end of the tunnel. 

"WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST!NOW LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!!" Myv yelled. Bhu ignored the women first part and immediately began helping the men get everyone out. Okay so she was practically throwing people out, but hey at least they were out of the burning building. Which was currently falling to bits and pieces. 

 Bhu helped the last person out the window and threw back a quick chance to check if everyone was out. She would have turned back if her hearing wasn't so acute. Someone screamed, their screams filled the burning room, drowning out even the roaring of the flames. Bhu's very soul quivered with the amount of pain and sorrow that filled the screams. She turned, and saw Nai getting herself unstuck of a piece of furniture, screaming. Bhu knew what went threw the other girls head, she thought that she would be abandoned. 

"Not on my watch" Bhu snarled out loud.  She was charged with these peoples lives, each one of them a pearl, a jewel, more priceless than the most valuable artifacts in the world, Nai's life was just as priceless, Bhu would NOT let her die! 

Bhu sprinted over to Nai and tore the clothe from the furniture. She then tried to get Nai to stand up up but knew they wouldn't get out fast enough if they ran at Nai's speeds. Bhu was about to pick her up, when she saw that the window that was their only escape was blocked by a huge pile of ruble. 

They were trapped. 

Bhu couldn't believe it. Her heart pounded, in her chest. No she looked around No they can't be trapped!

But they were,

And for once Bhu felt helpless. 

It weighed her down, her soul, her heart, and her body. She nearly collapsed along with her hope. She nearly gave up, until Koharu's voice rang through her head. 

You are never truly helpless, Bhu. There is always a way, always. Never give up your will to live and there will be a way

Yes. They could live, they couldn't escape but they could survive. Bhu straightened again and assessed their situation. No way out, plush the building was about to collapsed completely. But there was a way. Bhu saw an old heavy silk tapestry hanging on the wall that was still untouched by the flames. It would not protect them from completely, but it would at least shield her and Nai from the flames and debri. She marched over and tore it of the wall then marched back to Nai. Bhu covered them both with the huge tapestry, then shielded Nai with her own body. Just in case. 

It wasn't long till the creaks and crashes began and the world came crashing down. 


I entered the tea shop just as Kyo was teasing Dai, about me. I sighed, and rolled my eyes men. I spotted the girls drinking tea at a table and decided to join them. I listened and joined watched everyone around the table with a smile. Things on this end seemed to be going nicely. Thats when things sped up, like way up. 

I barely could keep track of the next couple minutes. One minute I'm enjoying some time with friends the next, the whole frigging shop is on fire! We're all trapped and panicking, I'm just about hyperventilating. Thankfully some people outside were there to help us and I was finally able to breath a little when a window broke open, allowing us a way out. 

I ran to the window, and was unceremoniously thrown threw it by some red head. Bhu I think her name was? Any way I was just thankful to be out of that stupid building. I stood there a minute to catch my breath before helping other people out of the building and checking if they were okay.  
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Mell rode on her horse fallowing the narrow path to the tower.It was dark and only lanterns and the stars shined the way now. Everything looked like a world of shadows and sounds.But the city glowed in the night like a jack'o lantern. A group of men in black armor fallowed MELL keeping near her and to keep her safe.I would take sometime to get back to the tower. The night was cool and fresh to her lungs. It was good night she thought Gackt and his stupid friends where now dead. She would never forgive GACKT after all those years of pain. How dare he leave her an alone without any word. He abandoned her and now he will suffer and his friends. She even crid as she headed to the tower. She was happy the pain was nearly gone and it felt good.

Kyo looked around and then at Dai " hey-y where messing two...Dai you see them anywhere?" Dai looked around and frowned then went to Megan." Hey! you alright? anything hurt?"He was worried about her not just cause he well liked her but she was like friend to.Kyo then looked back in the window and gluped.He then climbed back in and tried to look around. He coughed and peaked around trying to see anyone in the dark of the flames and smoke.He then spotted something and heard something.He reached for it and it felt like people.He pulled it and went to the window pushing them out and then climbing out. To his shock they where people! that red head and that girl Nai! He held his chest and coughed a women ran over giving him a spoon of water. Poeple that helped also where checking on everyone and giving water. Such kindness from these strangers and well oddly formialr faces.

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~Megumi & Sato~ Was in the fire, but gets out

Megumi pulled her shirt up a bit to cover her nose and mouth; the smoke was flooding in like a tsunami. Her eyes began to water and her consciousness started to dim from her low fatigue. She watched KAZ sweep Sato off his feet and was so relieved to have him with her. He had stuck with Hyde and the family for years and they all knew each other well. KAZ was like a brother to her, and a very precious member of the family. He had stood up for her husband countless times, protected him, and helped him out when Megumi couldn’t. At times she sometimes felt like a helpless wife.

”Thank you,” she muttered to KAZ and started wheezing. Her throat felt dry and it was painful to breath. She watched everyone frantically trying to get out, her eyes scanned over all the faces of her loved ones. The fire was slowly eating the house away, along with everyone in it…but no one gave up. It was human nature to fight to the death and never give up, but Megumi couldn’t help but think this might be there last few moments. She hadn’t even seen her husband yet!

Please, if there is someone out there…please save us!

Water splashed over a window and it crackled down onto the ground. A way out! Megumi ran over to the window and as she climbed out of the window she looked up at the man who had saved them. He was dressed in white, still in the same clothes she saw him in last. Today, he was their angel…Hiroto. She got out of the house and KAZ had handed Sato over to her as the men helped the women and children get out first. She got away from the building and held her son close to her. However she felt faint; and wasn’t sure how much longer she could stay away. Her eyes flittered open and shut.

”Mommy? Come on, stay with me,” Sato kissed his mothers cheek, who in return kissed him back. She wheezed again and Sato frowned, he was worried about his mother. She didn’t even have enough energy to stay awake, she really missed Dad. ”It’ll be alright mom,” he reassured her, and she nodded.

~Uta Ogata~ Was in the fire, but gets out

”Hurry Ann!” she yelled over the crackling of the fire. Uta hurried to the window, right behind Megumi with Koko in her arms. However, she felt time stop at the sound of the voice coming from the window. She looked up to see Hiroto and felt tears come to her eyes along with so much anxiety and worry go off her shoulders. He was safe! He was ok! He was alive!

She got Koko out first and then jumped out of the window. She swept her kid off her feet and ran to Megumi. She didn’t want to hold the line up any longer; other people’s lives were at danger. Uta set Koko down, who ran to Sato sniffling in his arms. Sato had moved to sitting next to his mom instead of in her lap. He rubbed her back and held her, seeing Koko cry made him want to cry. The two were best friends, sort of like brother and sister.

It’s ok, Koko,” Sato muttered.

”It was so scary,” she cried.

Uta ran her fingers through her precious little girl’s hair, she was so thankful they got out alive. She sat down in front of Megumi and noticed her going in and out. This woman was working so hard for everyone, and trying her best to stay awake. Uta tilted her head lightly to the side, ”Megumi-san, why don’t you rest your head on my lap,” Uta suggested.

”I can’t,” Megumi shook her head.

”you don’t be able to help anyone like this,” Uta pointed out, ”Leave it to the men, we can’t do anything at this point” Uta stated. Megumi sighed and gave in; both of them were mothers and understood the fact they had to have energy to take care of the kids and such. Megumi laid down and set her head on Utas lap, and as she fell asleep Uta watched over her.

~Melody & Kids~ Was in fire, but gets out

Jewelie and Lovelie were quickly taken out of the building; they were handed to Hiroto and then set on the ground.
”Come here you two!” Sato called; he was sort of like the leader for the kids. He was the oldest and only boy so he felt like it was his responsibility to take care of them. The two little ones made their way over and joined Koko in hugging Sato.

” Melody come on quick I don't want to lose you" Miyavi said. All of this was happening so fast that melody couldn’t process it very well. She held on tightly to her husband’s hands, looked up into his eyes and nodded. She kissed him on the lips before going through the window. Half way out she turned her head to look at Miyavi, worried it might be her last time seeing him. She took him in one more time before getting all the way out the window.

She sort of jogged over to where the two women were and the kids. She saw Megumi sleeping and looked at Uta, giving her a what-happened-look. Uta explained it to her and Melody nodded, she was glad Uta had convinced the older woman to sleep. She needed it. Melody then looked back to see Jyou and Mally helping with putting out the fire and ran over to them. She joined them in getting buckets of water, frantically trying to get it out.

”Melody! Boy are we glad to see you,” Jyou and Mally said in unison.

”Me too,” she grinned. She was glad to see these two alright, and even more surprised that she had enough energy to help out with all she’s done today. All her energy must have came from spending so much time with her husband. Over the years her energy and stamina and perseverance have built up, she had to keep up with him somehow.

~Koharu~ Still in fire

Stay with me Mr. Popular,” she said seriously, yet was joking at the same time. She was sort of worried herself about getting out of here, Gackt was twice her size and weight. She saw the window open and Megumi, Uta, and Melody head out with their kids. She was relieved to see them get out first. Koharu slowly started to guide Gackt to the window, supporting him with her body...but it was so difficult. She couldn’t use her shirt to cover her mouth and was coughing and wheezing like crazy, she felt like the smoke was choking her but she kept going. They weren’t moving very fast though and even Koharu herself felt her vision dim.

~Loveless~ Was in fire, but gets out

Loveless put his arm around her as he helped her make it to the window. The building starting to fall around them and the fire was burning even hotter than before. He didn’t want this woman hurt, and he didn’t want her to lose her life. He helped Ann get out the window and got out himself. Taking care of Ann was his main objective, everyone felt like they had someone to protect.

”Ann, are you alright? Any injuries?” he asked and coughed lightly. He almost had a heart attack when Megan was thrown out the window before his eyes. He knelt beside her and wrapped his arms around her, practically giving her a bear hug. ”I’m so glad your alright, my precious little Niece,” he said joyfully and relieved.

~Miko~ "Was in fire, but got out

((I almost forgot her again xD lol its like later on "oops I left miko in the fire D : she's dead now" good thing i remembered...))

Miko practically soared through the window once she made it over there. She jumped out and took a few steps back and watched the building burn. She winced, to think they were inside THAT.

”Come on Mally, go faster!” Jyou shouted.

”Oi, I’m not superwoman ok? I’m going as fast as I can!” Mally retorted. Miko wanted to hug them, she was so glad to see them again but couldn’t. She picked up a bucket and filled it with water before running over and helping them put out the fire.

”Miko!” They shouted happily.

”That’s my name, don’t wear it out.” she laughed and so did they, ”Come on girls, let’s show these men woman can be just as helpful,” all the girls nodded and went back to work.

~Koharu, Lena, & Luka~ Was in fire, but got out

((Sorry I sort of controlled Gackt, he sort of couldn’t move so...Hope it’s ok Sato ;A;))

”Come on!” Bhu had shouted, but Koharu could just barely hear it. It was Bhu-Bhus voice that was guiding her to the window at this point. The fire was burning so hot that Koharu could barely keep her eyes open, and plus, it was even bigger then before and only a few minutes had passed!

”Koharu!” Lena had shouted as she ran to her, Luka right behind her. ”Luka, get Gackt!” she ordered and he did as commanded. He picked Gackt up, sort of like a princess. ”Get him out of here!” Luka nodded and tried his best to make his way quickly through the fire; he reached his destination and handed Gackt to Hiroto who helped get him out. Luka jumped out of the window himself and put Gackts arm around him, guiding him to where the woman are. He laid him down and put his hands on his hips. ”He’s really heavy but somehow i made it,” Luka stated.

Koharu watched Gackt disappear before her eyes and even though she knew he was in good hands she didn’t like the idea that she couldn’t see him and wasn’t at her side. She couldn’t protect him. ”Gackt,” she whispered hoarsely.

”Forget about him, he’s out. Come on,” Lena grabbed Koharu by the arm and dragged her out of there. She shoved Koharu out the window and got out herself. Koharu collapsed on her hands and knees onto the ground, beaten by fatigue, worry, and smoke that filled her lungs. She stared at the ground; feeling like a hammer was slamming itself against her head. She looked up and saw Gackt laying on the ground and Luka standing next to him. She crawled over with all the strength she had left and laid down next to him. Gackt,” she whispered, she ran her hand gently over his wound and chest.

Lena felt pain strike through her body at seeing Koharu so desperate, so broken down. She has put so much energy into finding this man and making sure he would be ok.

Does she like him? Lena wondered, it would make a lot of sense if she did. Lena walked over to Koharu and saw her run her hands over his chest; she was slowly drifting off into sleep. She could see worry, concern, in her eyes.

~Uta Ogata~

Uta looked back and saw that everyone was out, a smile crept upon her face. But that smile quickly disappeared when she couldn’t spot her sister. Panic rushed through her veins.

”Not on my watch!”[/n] Uta heard Bhu snarl out just before the window crashed down. Uta couldn’t breathe. Her body began to shake. Sweat fell down from her skin. Her pulse quickened. Her breaths became shorter. Her body heavier.
Nai! No! Please, no. I don’t want to lose another family member again. Mom and Dad are gone, and now you? Please, if there’s a God out there, save my sister! Someone!

Uta broke out into sobs and loud cries; Lena knelt down beside her and rubbed her back. Megumi got up from her short nap and wiped the woman’s tears away. She wasn’t fully awake and wasn’t sure what was going on but knew Uta must have lost someone.

[b]”Oi, that crazy red-head is an idiot Uta but she knows what she’s doing. It’ll be alright Uta, your sister will get out of this,”
Lena reassured. Uta covered her face, tears slowly coming down her cheeks and hands. Her sister! Her precious little sister!

Lena watched Kyo dive in and come back out with Nai and Bhu-Bhu. ”Look Uta! Kyo saved them,” Lena said. Uta whipped her head around and saw Kyo coughing and her little sister alright. She got ot her feet and ran to her, her eyes red and watery.

”Nai!” she yelled and attacked her sister with the biggest hug in the world. She hugged her tightly as if she was scared Nai would slip out of her hands if she let go. ”Oh Nai, my beautiful, wonderful, ALIVE little sister,” she hiccupped, crying even harder then before. She was so overjoyed. She looked up at Kyo over her sisters shoulder and smiled, ”Thank you Kyo, thank you so much,” she said, and just continued on crying. Family was so important to her, ”I thought I lost you Nai,”

~Luka & Lena~ Out of fire

Lena punched Luka in the knee, ”Go greet her dumb ass” Lena snarled/ordered. Luka flinched at his sister’s punch. Usually he would groan and complain but he would have to admit, he was glad Bhu-Bhu was alright. He walked over to her and hugged her lightly; he ruffled her hair and then shoved his hands back into his pockets. ”You’re crazy,” he grinned, ”But I’m glad you’re alright,” he said nicely.

Because if you died it would cost a lot of money to pay for your funeral,” he joked and chuckled.
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Hyde stopped his horse turning around and looking at the fire. He watched to see people helping them out of the building.With wide eyes and growl he kick the sides of his horse. Making it dash forward and whinnies a bit. He was fueled this was not part of the plan.Hyde got to the tea shop and stopped his horse with a mighty yell and pull on the rengs. His eyes darted to face to face and spotted his once thought to be allies. Dai and Kyo he then looked and saw that samurai that MELL seem to favor for some reason..that man Kenshin. A man then turned to him Hyde"SIR!!! YOU HAVE COME OUR LORD IS HURT!!! THESE PEOPLE NEED YOUR HELP!!LORD KAMUMI !!" Hyde sat there on his horse rather speechless.Hyde just looked at the people climbing from the window. The man look up at him with his hands out. Hyde closed his eyes and smirked then kicked the man away. Then kicking the sides of his black horse's sides dashing off into the night.MELL was not going to happy with this news.

KAZ looked around at everyone then to megumi and sato.He put his hands on both there shoulders and gave a smile" it will be alright you two..soon we all be back home. And everything would be normal and all this will be but a dream..or something to laugh at with each other".KAZ did feel after stupid for saying that they still haven't seen HYDE.Where was that man anyway as he thought this. He thought he saw HYDE from the corner of his eye. He turned his head to look but saw nothing but a horse dashing off and man on the ground.

The guy Saga looked at the man Nao and laughs" I want a drink! a least it wasn't me this time starting a fire!" The black hairs man Nao looked at him." I saw who it was though...that man who is always with the mistress...rumors going around he set fire to a hotel down the hill".Saga looked wide eyed at them" Nooo? that is crazyyyy....but seriously i need a drink" Hiroto looked back in the window then backed away and coughed a few times.Looking at Nao and Saga hearing only a mer part of what they where talking about. Those two where always drink half the time when did they ever make since.

Myv brushed off his clothes and arms let out a few coughs. Then taking water from a lady who was offering it trying to help." Thank you miss" He bowed a bit to her and she smiled and did the same.He then went to where his wife and daughters." look at my yummmy cooked dumplings doing over here" He then look up at the dark sky and looked around like he was looking for something. Where they really in there that long?He then smiled at the ladies with his wife.

Reita got out of the window and was almost mobbed by Ruki and Aoi. Grabbing him and hugging them tight and rubbing his back."Are you alright? "Ruki said with worrie and put his hands on Reita's arms." Of course he is he has a noseband for crying out loud!" Aoi yelled trying to be funny but sounded rather serious to. He hugged Reita along with Ruki" GUYSSS! OKAY ENOUGH HUGGING !"Ruki let Reita go along with Aoi. They faked coughed and acted like nothing happened.Ruki put his hands in his pockets and walked away.Reita and Aoi fallowed behind heading to the guys that looked like Nao,Saga and Hiroto. The three stared at each other for a bit. "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Yelled that Saga guy who was well a tad drunk.

Gackt layed there his closed and he could barely breath. His wound has made him so weak and this fire has made it worse. He could hear people and feel someone touching his chest.Hiroto stared at his Lord on the ground from the distance. He then ignored the threes guys staring at him he walked up behind Koharu.He then looked at that tall guy Miyavi" hey ..youuu! tall guy...sir... carry my lord...i will bring you all somewhere you can rest for the night..." He looked at Koharu how dare so touch his lord no one was ever allowed to touch him. Kenshin was highly respected and only those he allowed or trusted could.But he was hurt but he still didn't have to like this.

Myv looked over a but confused then realized it was Hiroto. Once he understood he didn't hesate but rush over nearly knocking Luka over." excuse me will be alright..but we gonna get him somewhere safe". He gently removed her off of Gackt and picked him up bridel like trying keep Gackt mostly.If anyone was going carry this it would be a friend. Hiroto ran to a white horse that Gackt was seen on before. But he didn't get on just held its reins and started to walk off leading the way.Myv started to walk Gackt was heavy nothing but muscle that man was and almost his own height. His arms where a bit tried but he had to hold out.The man in white lead the way down a alleyway between buildings. Leading to a path leading to a dark wooden gate. "openn up! there are wounded and Lord Kenshin is serevre!" He yelled and the door started to creek open. A women in a cherry blossom kimono called to Hiroto and the group and ran into the large wooden house.Where women of all ages were along with a few men.There about 16 people living in this large building with Gackt.Most where maids and surived Kenshin all his orders and needs. They rushed around trying get ready and help these people that where just coming in. An older women in a purple kimono with birds on it went to Myv and to Gackt. Making the taller man fallow her inside taking Myv into Gackt's bed room and placing him on the bed. She then told Myv to leave as she tended to Gackt.

Hiroto walked off to the back of the house where a pond was and fence in area. Two horse stood there as he led the great white one in and closed the gate.Pulling off the rein and saddle he then started to talk to the horses" what do you think?"

She looked to be in her 60s and seemed to like nurse of some kind.Maybe there where people trying help Gackt's wound. Myv stood by the closed paper and wood door.The women carefully removed Gackt's upper part of his clothes. Taking a warm cloth and placing it right on his wound. Gackt let out a cry of bloody murder.The women didn't jump or seem sacred she just continued to do her job.After that she started to unclothe GACKT getting him in his night clothes.Wipping the black dirt from his face and arms and then left the room to let the man settle. The women looked at Myv and then walk off to help the others. Gackt layed there breathing heavy and starting to pass out.

(the clothes)

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((sorry late with posting, been busy and now I am replying back on here and in other friends rp^^))

Ann was happy that Loveless was looking out for her, after all she also had Uta and everyone else looking after each other and everyone
seemed to care for everyone she loved that always help those in need she always thought.
She could still smell the smoke and she was annoyed by her nose. and that her clothes were a little dirty.
Ann thought the wooden house that everyone was walking into looked really nice and comfy.
She was tired after all it has been a long day and she was glad it was finally night time.
"Uta you had quite the scare there, glad everything is okay" she looked at her and gave her a huge hug.
and then turned to also return the hug to loveless "Thank you dear for looking out for me" and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.
Ann was thinking of a nice hot cup of tea to drink and to relax.
She always loved it at night time, enjoying the city life around Japan and when she was in Italy visiting and living there.
Ann thought now was the good time to call up her parents in Italy to see how they and the family are doing. She missed them a lot.
But It wont work for the current time because of the area she is in.

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((I have a feeling I forgot someone but idk who…so tell me if I missed something, my mind everywhere for some reason cuz of all the characters u have to rp as and a lot going on too xD))

~Megumi & Kids~Out of tea shop

Megumi looked up at KAZ and smiled faintly, ”Thank you KAZ,” She sat up and Sato nodded, ”Yup, we were almost fried. Literally,” Sato laughed. Sato helped the kids along with Koko who had finally calmed down. Koko walked with Jewelie, holding her hand while Sato took Lovelies. Sometimes Sato wished he wasn’t the only boy… Megumi wrapped her arm around KAZ’s and looked up at him with tired eyes. ”Sorry KAZ, I can’t seem to keep my balance,” she frowned. She was in dire need of rest, how she had managed to hang on till now she had no idea. She was even too tired to talk to Hiroto, Saga, and Nao, but she remembered them.

~Loveless~ Outside of tea shop

He overheard Saga and Nao talking about a hotel being set on fire. He walked over and engaged himself into the conversation. ”I don’t know about WHO started the fire, but there was one. I was at that hotel when it was lit on fire,” Loveless stated. It was horrible; they would have never made it out of that hotel alive if it wasn’t for Dai. He was thankful to that man; he saved him, Ann, and the kids lives. ”And thanks to Dai over there, we made it out,”

~Melody~ Outside of tea shop

After she helped put out the fire completely she walked back to her kids.“Look at my yummmy cooked dumplings doing over here,” Miyavi had said as he made his way over to Melody and the kids, smiling at them. Melody returned the smile, she was so happy to see her husband back. She missed his crazy, strange phrases. ”You’re a yummy cooked dumpling too,” she chuckled and wrapped her arms around him, giving him a hug. She wanted to plant a big, fat kiss on his lips and kiss him passionately but she didn’t want to make the others feel uncomfortable. She watched their kids play with Koko and Sato, holding each other’s hands and walking around in circles.

~Miko, Mally, &Jyou~ Outside the tea shop

Once the three girls finished up with stopping the fire, they attacked each other with hugs. Miko had even started crying.
”Oh come on Miko, why are you crying?” Mally asked.

”I’m just so happy to see you guys,” she sniffled. Mally and Jyou laughed, Miko was always so sensitive and the most feminine of the group. They embraced each other once again, morely for Mikos sake then their own. ”Aww you guys,” she hugged them even tighter, sort of giving them a bear hug. Jyou managed to squeeze out of it, leaving Mally behind. That gave Miko a chance to squeeze Mally even tighter then she already was. Miko was hugging Mally so tightly that she couldn’t breathe. Jyou put her hands on her knees and was trying to catch her breath; Miko almost knocked the wind out of her. ”M-Miko, I can’t breathe,” Mally said hoarsely and the raven haired girl immediately let go. ”Oh, sorry,” she apologized.

”Where the hell does this strength come from?” Jyou asked and both Mally and Miko just shrugged.

~Koharu, Lena, and Luka~

She looked up at Miyavi and watched him pick Gackt up. ”Keep him safe,” she said softly before passing out. Koharu was strong, but she had really exerted herself while trying to find Gackt. Her mind was filled with him 24/7, but she felt liek she could rest now that Gackt was in safe hands. She trusted Miyavi. Lena looked down at her superior and frowned. She got down on one knee and picked Koharu up, adjusting her nicely on her back. She then stood up and followed Miyavi. She admired this woman; Koharu was there for her when no one else was. She took her under her wing. The least she could do in return was this.

Luka spotted movement from the corner of his eye. He whipped his body around to see Lena walking off with Koharu on her back. ”Come on Bhu-Bhu, It’s time to move. Try and keep up,” he said before jogging over to Lenas side.

~Uta Ogata~
Uta took her sisters hand and pulled it lightly, she had noticed everyone following her husband and took that as a sign that she should as well. ”Come on Nai,” she smiled.

~Megumi & Kids~At Gackts Wood House

Once Megumi had made it in she called a young servant girl over. ”Is there a room I may rest in?” she asked kindly. The maid nodded and started to go down a hallway, ”Follow me please,” she said. Megumi nodded, ’Sato, would you like to come rest with mother?” she asked. Sato looked up from where he was sitting, he was sitting in a circle with the girls on the ground. ”yeah, I’m tired,” she admitted and got up.

”If you could KAZ, please get a room near mine. I would feel a lot safer with you near by,” she gave KAZ a hug before following the maid down the hallway. ”take good care of them Koko,” he said before following his mother down the hallway. The maid had taken them to a room at the end of the hall. Megumi went through the dressers and found some light pajamas for her and Sato to wear. She and Sato changed into them and hopped into the bed together. Megumi laid on her back and Sato set his head on her chest, snuggling to her. She wrapped her arm around him and slowly drifted off to sleep. ”I love you mommy,” he said.

”I love you too,”

~Uta Ogata~At the back of the house

Uta watched Hiroto walk off to the back of the house and looked over at Melody. ”Can you watch the kids for me?” she asked. She wanted to try talking to Hiroto at least a little bit, even if he didn’t remember her. She missed him so much it hurt.

”It’s no problem, go on,” she smiled , ”I’ll be back Nai,” she kissed her sisters cheek and went to the back of the house and spotted Hiroto. He was talking to one of the horses, and for some reason it made her remember the first time they had met. In high school, she had sat behind. Back then, she would have never thought Hiroto would have been her husband. She walked up to him, hands behind her back. ”Can you speak to horses?” she asked, and laughed lightly.

~Melody~ In the house

Melody had sat down on the couch watching her children play together with Koko. The kids were playing patty cake but soon got tired of it. All of them got up on the couch with Melody and snuggled up to her. Jewelie buried herself on Melody’s left while Lovelie on the right and Koko in-between her legs. She ruffled her kid’s hair and leaned back in the couch. The soreness was finally catching up with her, and she was starting to get a bit tired. ”Don’t sleep yet Melody,” she told herself. She wanted to see Miyavi and wait for him so they could get a room together.

~Lena, Luka, & Koharu~ In House

Lena called a maid over, ”Oi, we need a room for Miss Kusumi,” Lena paused and then continued, ”Could you please show us to one?” she asked. The maid nodded and started to go down a hall, it was different then the one Megumi went down. Lena followed, ”Luka, go find Miyavi and Gackt. See how their doing,” she ordered, he nodded and disappeared. ”Bhu-Bhu…” she bit her lip and couldn’t believe she was about to say this, ”take Koharu to her room,” Lena put her back to Bhu-Bhu so she could take Koharu off. ”And stay in the room with her and watch her health, till morning. You should get some rest too,” she admitted.

~Jyou, Mally, and Miko~ In House

They looked over to see lena talking to a maid and asking her to show them to a room. ”Heey~ Could you give us one too?” Mally asked. Miko looked over at the few Gazette boys that were here, ”Hey, you boys want to come with us? Relax a bit together before heading to bed?” Miko asked, ”you could get room next to ours then once ready for bed leave,” she suggested. Jyou punched Miko in the arm, ”Unless you’re too tired, we all have had a rough day after all,” Jyou added. She didn’t want the boys to feel like they had to hang out with them or feel bad if they couldn’t. They might be too tired to talk, and sure the girls were tired too but they were really happy to see each other so they wanted to catch up.

~Koko~ In House

Koko hadn’t really drifted off to sleep, but she sat on Melodys lap anyway. She was playing with her hands till she saw Nao, he was talking to Saga and they were acting funny. ”NAO-CHI!!!” she yelled and jumped off of Melodys lap and ran to him. She glomped his leg, ”It Nao-chi! >U<” she then got off his leg and put her arms out and gave him that Nao smile.!/photo.php?fbid=466482733392195&set=o.451793664853559&type=1&theater

~Naoto and Omi~ In Tower

”Sounds like a plan, stan” Naoto replied.

”Who the hell is Stan?” Omi asked.

”I dunno, it’s a saying,” she replied, and Omi rolled her eyes. The girls waited for Shou to lead the way since he knew this place better than them. They didn’t want to move blindly and screw something up.
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Nai was stricken with after effects of the fire. When Uta came to hug her, she tolerated the hug for a few minutes, but then moved behind Kyo. Watching everyone in the vacinity for a few minutes hidden, a villager came up to her and handed her a soothing cup of water. Everything seemed so unlikely....What am i doing here? Why am I alive? Why does everyone seem to be ecstatic that I'm alive? Watching the group a little more carefully trying to solve her hidden mystery, she realized that no one except Uta and perhaps Kyo were happy to see her. Even Bhu seemed to be distracted, and no one even gave her a second look. Why did i come back? Who do they think I am? Am i a person people just think is always going to be there? A permanent basically artifact they expect to see hanging around everyday? They have their own ties...And now I understand. I have no place here, perhaps not even hanging around Kyo. He probably considers me a crazy female. She took one last look at them all rejoicing before following after Uta to the house.
When they had arrived at the house, she slowly distanced herself away from everyone.She quickly made her way through the rooms, and eventually moved outside avoiding everyone. She didn't want to be caught; all she wanted was to get away. She was like the one ring in the jewelry box that you see every day but it’s so plain compared to the bejeweled ones that it was ignored. Tears came to her eyes but she brushed them back, and made her way out, and just started running, being careful not to touch anything, and when she crossed into a dirt path, she remembered what Bhu had told her once... if you ever are running away from someone and you cross somewhere that has the ability to keep your tracks, brush or leaves or anything that is around can wipe away your tracks. Ripping a piece of brush off she dragged it behind her, erasing everything. It wasn't hard to get through the town, and she finally made it to the edge of the forest, and removed the sandals the maid had given her, and entered the forest barefoot, and exhausted. She didn't know how long had passed, but it felt like hours, and knowing that once the others realized she was gone, Uta in all probability would come after her with the others, so pulling all of her leftover strength into herself, she pulled herself into a ball between some bushes, and slept prepared to move at first light.
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(sorry if I control Koharu a bit, she's kinda unconscious though. Sorry again))

Bhu was in pain, that single fact alone dazed her. She'd never really felt pain, heck she'd had bullets lodged in her arm and still somehow managed the pain till her mission was over. But this pain, it stung, it burned, it screamed in agony. Her whole left side from her torso down to her hip felt like it was still on fire. That's right she had been burned, somewhere in all the mess the fire had gotten to her. She must not have felt it at the time because of the adrenaline coursing through her veins.

She was walking to the house, following Luka and Leena, who carried an unconscious Koharu. Bhu felt a pang when she looked at the unconscious women. Her sister had all but collapsed after using all her strength and energy to get Lord Usagi, who apparently (if her ears served her correctly) was the Gakt they had been searching for, out of the fire and into safe hands. she hadn't seen past that for it was then she had attempted to save Nai, ironically both her and Uta's twin had ended up being saved by some guy named Kyo. She'd tried to check on Nai after picking herself up but before she could say anything she had been caught up in the rush of people and checking if everyone was alright. The only part that stuck in her memory was when Luka had come up to her. He'd hugged her lightly, she'd been to dazed to hug him back, and ruffled her hair. The whole exchange seemed a bit awkward on his part, but Bhu didn't care at that point, she just smiled.

"You’re crazy," he grinned, "But I’m glad you’re alright,"

"Thanks" Bhu replied.

"Because if you died it would cost a lot of money to pay for your funeral," he added. Any other girl would have slapped him, but Bhu was used to this humor, she'd heard worse. She just laughed and nodded, the got caught up in the whirl again.

Only now, following the others was she getting some peace, sort of. Her side had started hitting shortly after her adrenaline rush had worn of. And how it hurt! She knew she should have gone to a doctor and gotten it checked out, she really should but.... Bhu sighed. The burn was the only thing keeping her awake right now, and she'd had worse injuries that hadn't gotten treated for a week and she'd lived. This burn could wait till morning when she had the energy to check it. For now she was still technically on a mission, that meant she was to stay awake and protect these people. Bhu gave a huge yawn, even if she was exhausted, she still had her stubborn pride to hold onto.

When they finally got to the house, Bhu was not seeing straight, she didn't even know if she was walking straight. All sounds were muffled, her nerves her fried, and smells seemed to sting her nose. Her limbs felt like ten ton weights and here head felt ten times heavier. She had to strain herself just to hear what Leena said.

"Take Koharu to her room" Leena turned her back to Bhu as she deftly nodded and took Koharu in her arms. Bhu only caught the main points of what Leena said next. "Stay in her room.... health....morning" Before beginning her long and strenuous stumble down the hall, following some maid to a room for Koharu. She dismissed the maid, then laid her sister on the bed, removing her shoes and tucking her in. Bhu sat back, Koharu looked so peaceful sleeping. The past few days had been nothing but stress for the young women and now she finally would get some rest. Bhu vaguely remembered Leena telling her to rest as well, but Bhu ignored it. She was still on a mission, she had to protect Koharu.

She didn't know how long she sat there, but the sun had only just raised its fingers over the horizon when her will to stay awake crumbled. must stay awake.....can't fall asleep.....must stay-

The room was quiet except for the steady breathing of two girls. One lay in bed, calm and content. The other, was awkwardly sprawled over the first. Red hair everywhere, and her face smashed into the floor, a little bit of drool hanging out. The only similarity between the two, was that they were both sleeping.

Megan ((ill add more to Megan's later))

Dai came up to me clearly worried, this somehow made me happy. Probably cause he's is one of the few people I really can count on these days.

"Are your alright?" He asked "anything hurt?"

I looked myself patting to make sure nothing was broken. Physically nothing hurt except for some scrapes and bruises. I took out my iPod, carefully inspecting it for most infentismal crack, this was my lifeline to music and it had better NOT be broken. When I found that my love hadn't been broken I put it away and nodded with a smile "Nope I'm whole and sound" then I added "What about you? Are you okay?"he looked ok but one could never be to sure.
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---Wooden House----

Myv stood there outside Gackt's door not sure if he should go in or leave.So the leaned on the wall next to the door. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the wall. Trying to relax a bit as maids walked by so sweeping the floors some carrying garments to rooms. Why the hell did GACKT have all these people here? Maybe this was just there thing back then? Myv had no clue at least it was warm here and safe. A maid then handed him night garments and smiled. Myv opened his eyes and stared at her for a moment." ...uh.. thank you" He towered over most of the people that was here. Not many her knew where taller than him. Gackt was almost his height and a few others but Myv was "6'0".There small rooms and hallways make him feel bigger and look it.The lady walked away and he watched her. That old women that tended to GACKT. Began to speak with a younger women then put a fur coat on. Myv watched from from the corner of his eye. The older women walked off into the night and past the gates. Those gates then started to close and then click sound they where not locked for the night Myv found that odd wasn't there a lady at the tea shop who kinda did the same thing. Myv had a bad feeling in his gut then started to walk around. Looking for cameras or something that was out of place.

Gackt layed there trying to relax and hope the pain in his chest would stop. He then sat up his right hand on his face he sighed. Images flashed threw his head and he felt very confused. SO his chest was killing and now mind was starting to trick him.He got up and grabbed his katana and strapped it to his waist.He then headed to a room where there was fire pit of some kind. The roof was open above it looked like a small shrine. He sat alone the dark throwing what looks to be sand in to the fire. The fire grew bigger and brighter as he did. He then to speak" Correct the disorders in this world... destroy the unjust.... Fill the emptiness of my heart with the wrath of justice......Please grant me powers." He repeated these words over and over staring to the fire. Maids who walked by paid little attention they where use to there lord doing this. Gackt/Kenshin hated being disturbed when he did this.

Reita,Ruki and Aoi looked at the girls for a moment." naaa girls I feel like I have an elephant on my back...we can talk in the morning..."Aoi said rubbing his lower back and yawning heading to the room they where given. Ruki just smiled at them and fallowed Aoi who was still complaing like a old man. Reita smiled at the girls" night ladies! if you need anything just wake one of use....just not Aoi he need his beauty sleep" A pillow then flew and almost his Reita" Oiii! Aoi you sure getting to be mister grumpy"He laughed and picked up the pillow heading to the room then close the door.

Dai and Kyo sat in a room they where led to. A maid checked them both out and then left. Kyo then started to speak with Dai" How fuck are we gonna save everyone? I don't like those gaze guys or A9 and everyone else. We never get along with them but...this is kinda our fault..that everyone is in this mess" Dai stared at Kyo and sighed pulling out a lighter and a cig.Then tossing them at Kyo" easy we work with them and get back at MELL...YOU don't seem to get along with many people...but I tomorrow we will work to get everyone out of here....I wonder how our boys are doing?" They both sat there thinking of there band-mates who where also in danger.

KAZ yawned and layed down on the bed. he was was liking this moment of alone time. He stared at the ceiling and started to drift to sleep. So much happened today and he was worried as to where Hyde was. He hasn't seen him anywhere yet where is he?

Hiroto jumped went he heard a women's voice." I use to talk to a dog....but I don't know where he went... its nice animals don't talk back..they just listen....He is Kenshin's horse I help care for him and the others everyday."He then turned to her and stopped petting the horse." So why are you here? you don't seem like you lived here at all you dress differently than the other women here"Hiroto folded his arms and leaned on the fence. Hiroto was starting to feel tired from the rush of the day.

-----Tower & road-----
Shou and Shinya had lead the group for a while down a dark dirt road. Nothing but forest to there left and right there was no light to be seen. Just the stars and moon above them guiding them."Shou you think our bands will....uh all get along after this?"Shinya spoke looking up at the stars. Shou looked forward trying see any light but saw nothing" maybe... if not a better understanding . He did see a orange light before but was then gone like the light burned out. Uruha made sure he stayed behind Naoto and Omi as they walked he sure didn't want anything happening to them."you two alright? we can take a break if you need it" He smiled a kind smile and rubbed the back of his head. He did though take glances at his phone a few times at least it was like flash light a little. But it was 30% of battery life left witch kinda got him worried. Then the sound of hooves clapping the ground was heard ahead of them.(Hyde) Shou paused" we need to get off the road!" He then ran into he forest to the right and Shinya fallowed. Uruha dropped his phone and grabbed the girls by the waist and carried them to the left of the road into the forest. And hopped they where hidden enough not to be potted by whoever this was coming.

Hyde kicked his horse's side hard making it run faster up the road. He then pulled his horse to a stopped he thought he heard a voice. He glared into the darkness around him. Then spotted something on the ground a few feet in front of him. He then climb off his horse and walked to it. Staring down at the glowing object he then knelt down and picked it up. Uruha smacked himself in the face he felt very stupid now. Great now if the guys found out about this they would start calling him Kai. But wait....that looked like Hyde but it was hard to tell in the limited light.Hyde then put the phone in his pocket and kick the horse's sides once more heading up to the tower. Uruha ran to the road and looked up it"shit...we really need to get off this road".Shou agreed and the looked around trying to see. He then looked to see a dim like in the woods not sure what it was or who it was. But it was something to aim for and maybe get some sleep." come on" He then led the them into left side of the forest heading to the light." It like those stories.... spirit shining our way a time of need..."Shinya said and fallowed. Uruha looked at the girls rather uneasy about going into the woods where into the dark. He did though hope that Shou and Shinya knew where they where going.

Hyde rode his horse to the front of the twoer and jumped off. Running inside with the phone and heading to find MELL. And tell her the news and show her the phone. As she did he came across an old lady he seen her before. The women realized who this man was and then told him about the guests at Gackt's/Kenshin's place. That they surived the fire and where now there, Hyde felt a rage of anger swell up in him. He hated failing he hated being looked at like a fool. He smiled a the women and thanked her and then made his way to MELL. Making his way up the tower to her room at the very top.
-----in tower,out tower,forest, house -----

Tatsurou put Tora down on the floor then poured water on his face. "wake up! we need you tiger!" He then slapped Tora in the face witch did the trick in waking him up."AH!...uh? Tatsurou? Kai? Toshiya and Kaoru!? what the heck?" Tastsu then patted Tora on he head" relax my time you turn on us I'lll kill you" Tora stared at him not sure why he said that." I am kidding Tora" He then walked around and looked up and down the hall they where in."Kaoru and Tora go explore the stairs and hallways that go down in and the basement...Kai,Toshiya and I will go up remember be quiet guard are still around and last thing we need i waking up a maid or even MELL....we will meet back in the garden in 2 hours..if a group doesn't show up dont go looking for them...the more groups we have the more chances we have to find MELL or a way to contact Yoshiki" He then walked off down the right end of the hall Kai and Toshiya fallowed. Tora and Kaoru made there way down the other end of the hall.

Tatsurou paused hearing foot steps and pulled the two guys in a open dark room. They soon saw Hyde walk past them and watched him head up stairs. They then fallowed Hyde but to close as he knocked on a rather large door with gold dragons on it.He door opened with a creaking sound of dry metal. Hyde then went in and sat in front of MELL who was on her bed. Hyde told her everything and tossed her the phone.She smiled and then looked at Hyde" good job now.... in the morning send a great number of troops to our friend's home....tell the maid she will be rewarded and to give Gackt some lotus tea....he seems to be fading on us...we sure dont want him to be with them when this go and make me proud and you will be rewarded also". Hyde then smiled and got up leaving the room. Heading back down the halls and stairs and finding that women and telling her the orders.Then handing her 5 gold coins and smiling watching her leave. He then frowned and heading to get his men together for the morning invasion.

The old women made her way back to the house. Not realizing she was near s group of people heading the same way. She held the coat close to and the gold coins in her hand. She soon returned to the gates and they opened again and she entered. Giving her coat to another maid and heading to make the lotus tea. She smiled and held the gold coins that she would give to her family later.

The gates stayed open as the people on the towers near the gate spoke the group in the woods heading to them. Kenshin always allowed people who needed a place to stay. To come and rest up gain strength with warm food and laughter. Shou stood there for a moment and then led the group in the gates. He seen this place before just not at night. Once they where all in the gate would close and anyone inside and outside of them would now have to wait till morning to leave or enter

(( sorry if missed something...will put in next post if need to...Also just like the maids the guards/troops you can contorl to they have black armor.. the black armor guys ))
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((That’s one beast video Gackt *A* and that’s ok Bhu-Bhu : D But please put a bit more effort into Megans replies. She’s my baby lol))

~Luka~ In wooden house looking for Miyavi

Luka tried to recall the way he saw Miyavi go and went down the hall, searching for the man who was like a mountain to him. He was so frigging tall, it was insane. As he searched through the multiple halls he thought of his sister. For some reason as he got older, he seemed to be more and more ok with leaving her alone, but only when it came to missions. If she ever went out ot do something personal he was always at her side. But Koharu beat it into him to listen to Lenas orders when on a mission since she was of higher rank. Earl, who had trained him, always gave him lectures instead of physical discipline. Suddenly Luka was snapped out of his thoughts when he ran into something huge. He looked up to spot Miyavi.

”Oh! Miyavi, just who I am looking for” Luka said happy to see the man but not too loud of course. It was late at night and people were already drifting off to sleep, plus he didn’t want to be found by other people around the house. ”What are you doing?” Luka then paused, ”Wait, you didn’t lose your memories again did you?” Luka asked. He was unsure, he didn’t know Miyavi well enough to tell the difference really. And he wasn’t with Gackt, so what was up?

~Lena~In wooden house, in lobby sort of thing

Lena watched Bhu stagger off with Koharu and sighed. The only reason she gave Koharu off to her was so Bhu could get some rest too. The woman was obviously worn out and injured, but Lena knew how stubborn she was. She couldn’t change that woman’s mind and it was way too difficult to force her to do something. Bhu-Bhu was stronger than her after all. Lena looked around and was taken off guard from Koko suddenly yelling ”Nao-chi!” and glomping Naos leg. Lena smiled at the little one and was tempted to walk over and say hi, to talk a bit with Nao. She missed that crazy hyper bunny, but she didn’t. She had went down the same hallway her brother had instead.

Now that I think about it…Nao and I got kidnapped together didn’t we? a big grin came across her face. It wasn’t something to smile about then but now that they lived through it, it was pretty funny. She was so irritated and surprisingly Nao was pretty calm. Maybe that was the first time she actually started to like him. Wow! Wait a second! Where the hell did the word like come from? She turned down a random hallway, starting to slow down a bit. Did she like Nao? Since when? Wth! This wasn’t the time to think about such things! And why did she even like that fluffy bunny anyway? she thought to herself. She snapped out of it though once she saw Gackt. She followed him into a room with some firepit of some kind. Lena watched him do some weird chants and thought it kind of strange but ignored it.

”Um, Gackt?” Lena asked softly, hoping she didn’t give him a fright. Miss Kusumi wishes to see you, if you will the same, follow me please,” Lena opened the door and walked out. She started to walk back to Koharus room, hoping Gackt would follow. She was surprised she even remembered the way back with all her strange thoughts on the way over here. She had easily made it back to the room and stopped next to the door and put her hands behind her back and stood up straight. ”She rests here,” Lena stated.

~Jyou, Mally, and Miko~ In wooden house and have fallen asleep

((Yes! I’m free of so many characters right now ;A;))

”Haha, alright we understand Aoi, you just don’t like us anymore,” she joked, and both Jyou and Mally punched her in the arm. ”Owwie! Gosh you guys, I was just kidding D :” Miko whined and followed the maid who showed them there rooms. ”Gosh Miko,” Jyou shook her head, she was more of the polite and respectful one in the group. Mally just laughed at Mikos cuteness, it wasn’t long till the other two girls joined in. The laughter could barely be heard once they went into their rooms though. They went nighty night time like almost everyone else in the home.

~Uta Ogata~ Talking with Hiroto near pond thingie xD

Uta almost jumped herself when her husband did, ” I use to talk to a dog....but I don't know where he went... its nice animals don't talk back..they just listen....He is Kenshin's horse I help care for him and the others everyday." Uta smiled lovingly at him, he always did like animals. Especially his pet dog at home who always followed him everywhere. He even liked Scotty, the dog she had gotten as a gift from Koharu to protect her when Hiroto was out. ” So why are you here? you don't seem like you lived here at all you dress differently than the other women here" he said as he crossed his arms and leaned against the fence. She frowned, so he didn’t remember her. It hurt a bit, but maybe it was Karma. She had lost her memories so often due to it being her defense mechanism. She had forgotten him a couple times and was surprised she hadn’t lost her memories again when he disappeared. It was probably thanks to Melody and Megumi; they helped her through it and still had so much hope and confidence that they were going to find their own husbands as well as Utas.

”I...” she paused, unsure of what to say. Her younger self would have just broken down and cried right here, begging for Hiroto to remember her. ”I’m...looking for my husband,” she stated. She looked up at him and walked a bit closer so they weren’t so far away from each other. She stared into his eyes for a few seconds before looking down, avoiding eye contact. ”He disappeared suddenly, and I’m looking for him. He’s been gone for 3 weeks now,” Uta said. Melody had approached this so differently than her, she wondered if what she was doing was right. ”I miss him so much, and our little girl, Koko, does too.” she took a deep breath, she felt like she was going to cry. She wasn’t going to be the cry baby self she used to be. Not anymore. She promised to put those old ways behind once she married Hiroto, she wanted to be a good wife and not be a burden. She looked up at him again, tears forming at the edges of her eyes. She didn’t notice it though. She tilted her head and smiled, ”Dress differently? It’s not strange though right?” Uta asked, ”Do I look ok?” she asked.

This specific question she asked on purpose. It was the same question she asked Hiroto in high school, when she started to have feelings for him. Do I look ok? she had asked, and he got all shy and blushed. He said she looked great, beautiful, and then she got shy and red as well. She smiled to herself in her head, she would always hang onto these memories.

~Omi and Naoto~ Heading to tea shop but changes course and goes to wooden house

So much had happened suddenly once they left the tower. Some man had come down the path and they had to hide in some bushes. When the person had left, uruha noticed that his phone was taken. Naoto punched him in the shoulder, ”Smooth moves,” Naoto said, ”Butter fingers,” she sighed and then followed the boys once again. Omi didn’t say anything, was it strange that she didn’t talk too much? They followed Shou and Shinya and Uruha into the house. Naoto was amazed; she thought the place looked really cool. ”Omi, isn’t this place cool?” Naoto whispered. Omi bopped her upside the head. ”Shhh,” she said super quietly that even Naoto found it hard to hear. ”Sorry,” Naoto mouthed.

~Loveless~ In wooden house

Loveless watched Ann excuse herself to call her family, his eyes didn’t come off of her. Why was he so attracted to her? He smiled to himself, maybe because she was his dream girl he always dreamed of when he was little. A beautiful, kind woman, who could cook as good as him. He noticed her hang out the phone quickly and show a concerned expression. He walked over and shoved his hands in his pockets, ”Everything alright Ann?” he asked.

((Megumi: asleep
Sato: asleep
Melody: half awake
Lovelie & Jewelie: asleep
Koko: awake!!
Uta: awake
Lena: Awake
Luka: awake
Mally, Miko, & Jyou: asleep
Loveless: awake
Koharu: sleeping –for now- ))
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Myv felt someone bump in to him" whoa there tough guy!"He put his hands up and then down"....uhhh hi Lu,...Lukie?" Myv folded his arms and sneaker at the smaller man" pshh....NO! heck who knows..i barly know you..." He then walked past Luka looking in holes and at the floor and ceiling." i am looking for recording the thing they all a cameras" He spoke looking around making a box outline with his fingers but still finding nothing." how about you help...your no use to anyone just standing there...wanna be hero? find a camera" Funny the whole camera thing was an idea not a fact. For all he knew there was none and he was wasting time.Boy this place creepy at night there was old armor statues and oni faces.He looked in the armor even from under it. He then put the helmet on and laugh" LOOK! I am samurai" He then took of the old dirty helmet" eww its dirty "and walked down the hall looking for clues.

Gackt/Kenshin pasued in his chant looking at the door where the women was. He didn't frown or look mad but he did feel irrated. He then got up stood for moment holding his chest it hurt. Walking out slowly and fallowing the girl to the door where Koharu was. He looked at Lena and smiled gently" thank you miss" He then slid the door open and look around. His eyes rested on Koharu he then knelt next her as she slept. He then smiled at her and then took his hand and brushed her cheek gently. He then looked at the sleeping red head an smiled. Then looked back to Koharu it was so quiet and rather peaceful here it was nice. He brushed his fingers on Koharu's face and then her lips the spoke in a deep whisper to her ear" i don't want to forget you..again....I don't want to loose you...but you will never loose me no matter what...I am always protect you" He then leaned and kissed Koharu's forehead and pulled away staring at her sleep.

Nao looked at Saga trying to understand why this little girl was hugging him. Saga just sipped a glass of sake and layed down soon passing out." this litte girl is crazy....she tickling my leg!" He looked at Melody with a goofy face and laughed." wait.....young lady! you should be going nigh nigh"He looked at Koko and made a werid face.

Shou heard a formalr voice and looked around. It sounded like Nao he frowned and looked around." I think our friends are here?"Shou walked in the house and looked at a door and then walked in and koncked." Hey koko...Melody..." Out of all people Shou randomly pops in and Uruha then appeared next to him. Nao stared at Shou then ran to him and hugged" Shouuuu!!! ohhhhhh! "Nao almost cried seeing Shou somehow cleared his mind. Shou laughed and hugged one of his best friends. Uruha smile where his buddies he though.He then smiled at Koko and Melody and then took a seat next to Melody and sighed.Poor Uruha was still feelinh stupid for dropping his phone he wanted to cry.

"well what does he look like? I can tell my lord Kenshin he always helps people"Hiroto then smiled at her when she asked about how she looked." I think you look really good...its just different".He took her hand kinda dragged her inside."come we will find Kenshin and he will help and we all can search together"He had a hyper happy smiled as he went to Kenshin's room"huh? he not there....mmm I wonder where he went?"He frowned looking at the ground biting his lip.He then heard someone yelled"Shouuuuuu!!!" and jumped" really!? everyone is sleeping...."He then ran down the hall to see two guys hugging in a door way and stared.
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~Luka~ In Wooden hosue searching for cameras with Miyavi

Luka twitched, ”My names Luka dang it, not Lukie,” he retaliated. He hated nicknames, they were annoying and stupid. Luka watched the big man step past him and ignore him completely. How rude. He watched the loony look through holes and crap, apparently looking for something. ” i am looking for recording the thing they all a cameras" Miyavi said and Luka raised an eye brow. Why would there be camera here? ” how about you help...your no use to anyone just standing there...wanna be hero? find a camera" Miyavi stated and Luka glared at him. This guy...was annoying. He was like a little kid, playing with armor and acting like everything so new.

He watched him head down the hall way and followed, deciding to play along with the game. He was just cruising along with him till he spotted some weird light shine on him. He looked around and the light was coming from inside another samurai helmet. He walked over and reached in, grabbed it, and took it out. It was difficult to get out at first but with some pulling it unhooked and fizzed a little bit. ”What was that?” he asked to no one in particular and took the broken camera out. ”Oops, I broke it,” he stared at it and then grinned.
He flaunted it in Miyavis face like a bone. ”I found the camera first big guy, who the hero now?” Luka taunted. He didn’t care about being the hero, he just wanted to tease this dinosaur brat.

~Lena, Omi, and Naoto~ In wooden house

She didn’t show any emotion to the man when he thanked her. Once he walked in she suddenly heard more peoples voices and Nao yelling ”Shouuu! Oooh!” and a bit of laughter. She peeked in to see more friends coming in and smiled. She came out completely to greet them. She waved at Shou and Nao, ”Finally remembered huh?” she asked. She watched Koko follow Nao and attack his leg again.

”Nao ignored me! bad Nao-chi!” she pouted, and made an angry face. She puffed out her cheeks too. Lena smiled, she was so cute. ”Where did you all come from? Omi, Naoto, it good to see you alright as well,” Lena said and was soon tackled by Naoto and even omi! ”Oh we so glad to see someone else! Even if it IS just Lena!” Naoto said happily, and Omi nodded in agreement.

”Oi =.=” Lena sighed.

~Melody~ In lobby, living room sort of thing >>

Melody ignored Naos words from before and waved at Shou and the others when they walked in. She was too tired to get up and greet them properly with hugs. Uruha came and sat by her on the couch, he seemed down about something. ”Uruha, everything all right?” Melody asked, a motherly tone edged into her voice.

~Koharu~In her room with Gackt

Koharus eyes flittered like a birds wing for a split second at Gackts touch. Hmm,” she turned on her side, pulling the blankets up to cover her and get it off her feet. The blanket was more of something for Koharu to snuggle to then keep her warm. ”Gackt, where are you?” she whispered, talking in her sleep. In her dream she was running through a forest searching for him. She could hear his cries of pain but could not find him no matter how hard she tried. ”I’m coming,” she shut her eyes tightly, the screams in her head were getting louder and louder and suddenly became dead silent. She woke up abruptly, breathing hard. Why did the screams stop? Was she too late? Had he...died? She looked over to see Gackt and tears fell from her eyes.

It was just a dream,..but it seemed so real

~Uta Ogata~being dragged around by Hiroto like she always is

Uta was taken by the hand and dragged around by Hiroto. It brought back memories, of when they were younger and there married laugh. Although Uta was always trying to track him down once she realized her feelings for him. It was these little thoughts she didn’t want to share with anyone else, the little things that happened between them because she wanted him to be hers and hers alone. What was she saying? He already was, even before the day he said I do. They loved each other. She smiled to herself, and her cheeks got bright apple red as she remembered their first time they became one. It was the greatest night of her life, he had taken her very first and she was happy to marry the man who did.

Uta watched Hiroto run down a hall and followed him, when she saw Shou she ran to him. She jumped up to hug him and joined Nao in the hugging. Usually she was calmer then this but she was so happy to see him. An old friend and her singing Idol. ”Shou,” she wanted to cry. Hopefully he remembered her, Nao too. She remembered the day she lost her memories from a horrible accident and Shou stayed with her the entire time and helped her remember. Nao, you’re here too,” she smiled. She was so happy to see these two, she recalled seeing Nao on the way here with Saga but she was so focused on being grateful that her sisters life was saved she didn’t pay attention.
Now that I think of it...where is my sister? Did she go off to bed? Uta thought at the back of her mind.
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Myv turned around and stared"GIVE TO ME YOU RAT!? I have a wife and two daughter!! give it to me now! this will save there lives"his mood changed rather fast to serious yet pissed off.He had forgotten his wife and two children. He felt like he had to do something to help them.And when it came to his family he would kill or die for them. Myv then grabbed the old spear the statue held."give it to me!sir!!"He yelled and walked forward to Luka looking like was going turn him into a kabob of meat. even started to growl at Luka.

Shou let Nao go and looked at Koko"bite him he likes that" Nao smacked Shou's arm and made a face. Shou just laughed and looked at Uta." Uta its good to see you again....Tora is fine to..him and the others are in the tower...MELL is behind everything and all this has something to do with Gackt..."he spoke softly to Uta. Nao looked at Shou and Uruha looked at him and the others."Mell is in the tower somewhere...Tastsu,KAI, Toshiya, Kaoru and Tora are looking for her....the rest of us came looking for all of you....Uruha spoke softly looking at everyone."on the road we had trouble....and i think i might of given us all away on accident....i dropped my phone..and we think Hyde took it to Mell."Shou smiled at Uruha" dont be so hard on was accident we will deal with whatever happens together" Shou then turned to see Hiroto. Hiroto listened to everything staring a bit confused as to what was being said. But yet all there faces where formalr he then ran back down the hall almost slipping on his face and out the door to the horses again. Shou looked at Uta" He doesn't remember does he?..but he will...just like Tora and everyone esle will"He smiled at Uta then looked at Melody and everyone else.

Gackt frowned trying understand what Koharu was dreaming about. Then she suddenly awoke breathing fast and looked terrified. He didn't seem to jump when she sat up. He then saw her saw to cry and move forward and held her. His arms warping around her like a blanket due to his clothes.He rubbed her back and lightly rocked her side to side." shhhh it alright"He put his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes."I am right here..Koharu...everything is alright" He then pulled away and took his sleeve and wiped her eyes and cheeks. Trying to dry her face and get her to calm down a bit. His voice was deep and gentle his eyes where watery to and tear fell from his right eye. Gackt then felt a dizy spell hit he had forgotten about his wound. He could feel the wound throb and he felt sick for a moment. He closed his eyes feeling dizzy then opening his eyes again. The room went blurry to normal and back again. He tried so hard to play it off as if he was fine. He then looked Koharu then looked down. He hated this place why was he here? he just wanted to go home.
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Ann sighed and looked at Loveless "I don't have any service so I might just have to try some other time.."
Anne was planning on taking Loveless to Italy next year and Uta so they can be the best tourists that they could be and to have loads of fun.
She smiled and heard noise and running so she went to go check it out. "Loveless...come, or you can stay Im going to go see everyone
there isn't much going on in this room"
She walked happily over to where others were and saw hugging going on. So Ann went along
with the hugging with the people she loves and especially Uta. "Oh It's so nice for us to be together"
Anne thought that when she had a smile on her face it was because of them and because they were all friends together and nice to each other.
Now that Loveless came along she starting melting and thinking that he is the one and hopefully they can spend the rest of there lives together.
"wow yeah there is people sleeping I agree, maybe we should keep it down a notch eh?" she looks at the guys with a huge smile thinking that she also wants to be loud herself.
Ann was thinking that maybe she should go to bed also, she was tired and she was thinking maybe people noticed her tired look. There was nothing to hide around everyone.
"Anyone heading to bed soon? I know Im getting close to wanting to be in bed" She wanted to take an evening run but she was still tired from the fire and she needed a long break and a sleeping one at that. Ann was really comfortable in her flats that she was wearing.

Anne's shoes

It matches the jacket that she's wearing
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~Luka~ In wooden house being chased by Mountain Man

”He’s lost it,” Luka thought as he backed away from the senile man. ”Now, now Dinosaur, do not be stupid. Put the spear down and no one will get hurt,” Luka said while backing up slowly but Miyavi didn’t back down. He growled and came closer and closer. Damn it, I can’t do anything to him. Luka thought before he turned on his heels and ran down the labyrinth of hallways. As soon as he would get in the living room, he would get Melodys help. He was her husband after all.

~Koko and Uta~ Uta runs after Hiroto, Koko stays attached to Naos leg

”Yeah, yeah, good idea Shou-san!” Koko said and om nom nom Naos leg. Uta smiled faintly, sometimes she wondered about her child but she still loved her. She returned her attention to Shou ”I’m so relieved to hear this Shou, thanks for watching out for everyone,” she smiled. She loved Shou, he was like a big brother to her…annoying as he is sometimes. Uta watched her husband run off then looked at Shou, he spoke encouraging words to her. He always knew what to say, and to think he was going to marry her best friend. Where did Sunny go off to anyway?

”I’m going to go after him,” Uta gave Shou and Ann one last hug before running off after Hiroto. Uta followed him back to the horses, finding it hard to keep up after going through the fire and all the exhaustion she felt. ”Wait!” she yelled and tripped. She fell down onto the dirt and had scraped her leg badly somehow. It started to bleed. ”Please wait…Hiroto,” she begged and her voice cracked. ”Please,” she couldn’t do it. It wasn’t in her nature. Tears fell down her cheeks and she began to hiccup. Her cheeks turned red and she hung her head. How embarrassing…she said she was going to be strong, not to be a burden, and here she was. Crying like the little baby she was. Yumi and Sunny would have shook there heads, saying ‘same old Uta.’ And babied her.

~Koharu~ With Gackt in room

She immediantly felt peace over whelm her at Gackts touch. He rubbed her back and rocked her side to side. Slowly but surely her breathing calmed.

It was just a dream, Gackts ok, he’s safe, he’s right here with me,

He wiped her tears away and she leaned her head into his hands. She kept her eyes closed, enjoying just having him here by her side again. Arms length away. She looked up and stared into his eyes, a tear fell down his cheek. She frowned and wiped his tear away; she ran her hand down his chest and felt something a bit wet. Was he still bleeding? It wasn’t much though if he was. ”Come here Gackt, lay down with me before you bleed to death or something idiot,” she grinned painfully, ”You shouldn’t push yourself like this,”[b]

~Lena, Omi, and Naoto and Luka~[b]In lobby thingie

”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Luka yelled, actually scared for once. Not that loudly though, he didn’t want to wake up the whole house. He came running into the living room and to Melody. ”Melody, you have to save me. Your crazy husband is trying to turn me into a friggin kabob!” Luka whined. He had never actually felt scared by someone before, not like this. Miyavi was a hundred times his height! He like dinosaur compared to him.

Melody stared at him confused, ”Hmm? I wouldn’t put it past him, but what wrong? Why would he do that?” Melody asked. Either Miyavi was just picking on the shortie or something happened, it could be either for all she knew. Her husband was unpredictable. Lena just stared at her brother like he was an idiot. He was her body guard yet he was scared of Miyavi? Miyavi couldn’t even harm a fly…..

Naoto cracked up at the sight of seeing this cold blooded guy have his tail between his legs. Omi face palmed and then looked at Shou and then Nao, ”So does Saga remember too? He seems to be sleeping really peacefully,” she said and walked over to him. She stared at him, sort of concerned about how easy-going he was.

~Loveless~in wooden house

Loveless followed Ann around and kept watch over her. "I'm tired too, want me to walk you to your room?" he asked. He was trying to be a gentlemen, even if he didnt look it at the moment. Two fires and a hike completely demolished his suit.
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Nao laughed and smiled at the ideas. let out loud laughs and cries" this girl! omg!"He then picked her up and held her." HEYYYYY youuuu need to sleeeeeeeep"Nao said making faces at her.He to wanted to sleep but then hear Myv.Myv then lets out loud war cry of some kind. Those who knew Myv where use to sudden bursts of "ahhhhh!" and " ouhhhhhhaaaa!".Myv the had a smirk on" run as fast as you can....but I WILL catch you! eat your meat and nibble your bones!".He charged the little man fallowing him to a door.Then not the best at stopping he ran into Shou. Who laughed a bit and realized it was Myv" ahh!...I was hit by a wonder it feels like a truck hit me! "He laughed and got up and rubbed his butt." Myv why do you have that..spear" Shou pointed and stared along Nao Uruha and Shinya. Myv then looked at Luka gave smirk and reached over grabbing him by the back of shirt. He glared at the guy and put his hand on his over hip. He stood there in the middle of the room holding Luka" now little MANNNN give me what you should give me....and we have to it" Myv was acting rather odd and kinda ignoring everyone around but Luka.He put his hand to Luka and frowned. Shou,Uruha, Shinya and Nao stared at Myv kinda sacred then they all looked at Melody." dont make me LICK you!" He then stuck his tongue out at Luka his tongue got closer to his face. He then took the spear and threw it at the wall it when partly threw the wood wall.

Shou looked at Saga then Naoto" not sure maybe when he wakes up in the morning we can crack a whip at him"He alaughed then looked what was going on.Why the heck Myv after him? and what did Luka have that Myv was asking for?

Hiroto ran in the horse barn and hid behind hay. Hiding his face in his arms and started to cry.His head hurt and he felt so tired.A loud boom of thunder roar above. Rain began to fall heavily as the night dragged on.

Gackt let out a light laugh and smiled " i won't bleed to death...I feel fine it hurts but I am alright Koharu. They treated it when I came in".But the thought of laying down with her seemed nice. Maybe he would stay till she fell back to least that. He closed his eyes and then moved next to her. He just stared at her " I am sorry...for all that has happened for the pain mostly....if i had the strength that day..I wouldn't of been gone for so long....,I dont even know why I am here or how others got here...its a blur" He then looked down and then back at her eyes. Gackt couldn't help but get a feeling someone he knew was behind this all. Then he looked up at the ceiling hearing rain and thunder.

The old women walked to GACKT's room to see him not there. She put the down on the table and then walked off to find him. She then came across a women on the floor. She walked up to Uta and knelt down and looked at her leg."what is the matter?...dear? what happen?" the old women asked looking at her.
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She pouted and attacked Naos face, ”Only if you sleep too!” Koko hugged Naos face, not letting go. She loved hanging out with Nao and sometimes thought Nao was her dad and mom ((lol)).


Luka twitched, he was sticking his tongue out at him trying to lick him. What was he, 5? And why the hell were there random, dangerous weapons just laying around this house? ”No, I found it first,” he replied. Great, now HE sounded like he was 5.


Melody just stared back at everyone when they looked at her, seemed like they wanted her to calm him down. She liked seeing Miyavi act crazy, she missed that, but they all had a point. He was acting a bit weird. She looked up at Luka being pulled up high into the air by Miyavi. She sighed and got up slowly as to not awake her kids. Somehow they had managed to stay asleep; they must be used to Miyavis random yells too. ”I’ll take that,” she said and grabbed the camera from Luka. She held it out to her husband, ”Is this what you want sweetie?” she asked, she examined it and it took her a while to figure out what it was. A camera! She frowned, ”Miyavi, why is there a camera here?”

”Oi! I found it first Crazy mans lady!” Luka retorted. Melody raised an eye-brow.

”Now you’re defentily not getting it back,” she shook her head, ”tsk, tsk, calling my husband crazy a no no”

Naoto laughed, ”I wouldn’t mind whipping him,” Naoto offered. Omi looked at her weird, ”Naoto, are you a sadist?” Omi asked.

”Nooo! I teasing,” Naoto started to laugh and Omi rolled her eyes.


~Uta Ogata~

Uta screamed at the crack of thunder and covered her head. The rain poured down on her and she felt cold. She got up and limped back to the wooden house. A woman knelt down beside her and asked her what was wrong. ”Nothing, please...Just get me inside” she sniffled, ”I’m scared of thunder,” uta shook and trembled. She wanted to run after her husband, hug him and comfort him but she was too scared. No matter how much time passed by she still couldn’t deal with thunder and she could barely walk with her leg screwed up like this. It reminded her of the day her parents died in the car crash. Uta shut her eyes tightly at the vivid image of blood that flashed through her mind.


Koharu didn’t care if he said he was ok, he was one of those men who acted like they were alright when in intense pain. Maybe that was one of the things she loved about him, he was a man. Not a boy. And probably a lot like Koharu herself even if she didn’t want to admit it. She laid back down once he laid next to her and she brought the covers up. She sort of snuggled to him but didn’t get too close, she was suddenly beginning to get nervous. ”Don’t be,” she whispered. He couldn’t help it, being in that kind of accident no human being would have had the strength. ”I just...really missed you is all,” Pain was in Koharus voice, she really had missed him. ”I looked everywhere for you, I was so worried. I even took my position back at my dad’s company, i sent so many search parties out to find you...” she said. She had stayed up countless nights, barely getting any sleep. She looked up at Gackt and smiled and brushed some hair out of his face, she wanted to see his face.
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