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Appearance: Behemoth is quite a bit different than the regular Sons of Idea, it's much, much, much larger, and isn't based on an aquatic sea creature, or variation thereof. For one, Behemoth is visible from space on Colossus, it is roughly the size of Earth, and it's branches extend out into the atmosphere, gnarled and twisted, contorted upon each other, their only canopy is the smog that layers within the stratosphere of the massive planet. While the appearance of Behemoth is tree-like, it is not made of it's woody companion at all. The material of the outer shell of Behemoth is composed of a metal that is only within the atmosphere of colossus named Draedite. Within the Draedite it is visible that the hollows of Behemoth stretch far and wide and are mostly dark within the massive replica of a gnarled oak tree.

Anatomy: Behemoth is one of the few that has no internal organs or functions at all, it's functions all mimic a tree's, it is immobile and within it there are twisting narrows that seem to continue for ends, Val'gara creatures could live in the Behemoth their entire life and not explore every section of the massive piece. As a result of the Behemoth being very similar to a tree, instead of having leaves that it uses for vital functions, it uses the draedite mockup of bark for most of it's vital conversion processes.

Purpose: Behemoths purpose is quite clear and quite dire. Behemoth creatures the dissolution atmosphere where Earth's stratosphere would be, this allows it to deflect harmful rays, such as particle beams or uv/gamma rays and allow in pure unbridled bio-force. While the bio-force sifts through the dissolution atmosphere it then comes in contact with the canopy's draedite, the draedite expands on contact of the life energy and then transports it through the metals to the roots where it compresses the energy and then releases it within the inner confines of Colossus, feeding the planet.


The Collective: Behemoth is the sole factor that creates the Collective, none of the other avatars are capable of recreating it. How most heralds can be born from any of the sons of Idea, (except terracrusher) The Collective can ONLY be recreated by all of the Behemoths collectively.


Bio-manipulation: Originally Behemoth has no weapons of it's own, it is mainly a defensive avatar, however, it can utilize potent bio-force based attacks and defenses, capable of tapping into Colossus' own power crystals it is normally used to create bio-shields and deflect orbital attacks, as well as rain down aerial attacks on any ground units within a very large radius on the planets surface. Beneathe the surface, the roots have no ability to manipulate Bio-force, and bioforce is taken from the roots, pulled up the trunk and then channeled via the branches where the energy is properly utilized.

Density: Draedite may be a very circumstancial metal but it is a very, very, very strong one. A saying was created based on this son that goes "Like attacking a Behemoth" it is a notion among Heralds that means something is ultimately futile. Outer attacks are virtually useless on Behemoth, but within the creature is where it is weaker.

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