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[OOC] Bestiary Forms

Postby LunaTalula on Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:56 pm

Listed here are the creatures of Concordia.

Provide a bestiary form if you are able...
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Entry: The Relequiste (Rel-eh-quee-stay)

Postby Aufeis on Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:02 am

Description: While the Relequiste maintain many key features that humans do, they also have many distinct features that separate them. The shape of the Relequistian face is more animalistic than that of a human, taking on a somewhat cat like appearance. They also have better senses (generally) than humans, though they’re bodies are usually smaller and more compact than a humans. The Relequiste also possess sharp claws, usually brandished in displays of hostility and a natural weapon. Some Relequiste have the ability to produce poison from their fangs, though the ability is rare and is highly valued within the societies. Due to their new habitat, they are almost always covered from head to toe in clothing, to protect from the hot sun, harsh winds, and sand storms.

Attitude: The Relequiste are highly distrustful of outsiders, especially humans, due to the hostilities reflective of their so called treasons. There are very few places that Relequiste are allowed outside of the deserts. In fact, Relequiste are openly killed for their fangs and claws, which are made of durable materials that make excellent weaponry. The ability to produce poison only makes the fang’s value increase.

Culture: While the now nomadic tribes have lost a lot of their culture in their new surroundings, having to abandon it to survive, they still hold onto their more sacred traditions, one of which is the Ancestral Pact, in which the Relequiste align their wrists and take turns biting, mingling blood and poisons to create a bond, the strongest of which is used in marital ceremony. A new tradition that has been created since the banishment is the Trial of the Wastes, during which time the Relequiste child must brave the sands by themselves and survive for two years on their own. When they return to the caravans, they have gained great strength, both of mind and of body, allowing them to better the tribe.

Age: The Relequiste have a very slow aging process, compared to humans, usually living two or three times as long as the average human. Childhood ends for a Releiquiste at about thirty-six years of age, when they go through the Rites, a series of tests to ascend to the stage of New Birth, the equivalent of a human’s teenage years. This stage ends with the Trial of Wastes, at approximately the age of fifty-five, resulting in either the ascension to the Cresend Phase or death. During the Cresend phase, the Relequiste will seek companionship and find a suitor, with whom they will bond for life. The years pass and the Cresend will eventually age to the Sharisi phase, in which they trade their bodies for wisdom. Only one in thirty survive to become true Sharisi.

The Casting Out of the People: The Relequiste used to be a proud people of grandeur, their city a gem of Concordia culture. However, in the past thousand years, the Vudece (the Lord of the Relequistian nation) Cariet Dacian(Car-eet Das-ee-an) betrayed the Concordian Royalties with secret plots against the crown, though his plots were discovered early on, and though there was good evidence that most of the Relequiste public did not know of the plots it’s lord was planning, the King feared for the peace of the Kingdom, and as such, banished the peoples as a whole. The nation split into tribes and dispersed into caravans with populations ranging from the low thirties to the high eighties. While the King did not expect the people to survive, he was surprised to learn that almost twenty years later, the Relequiste were very much still alive, though the race had changed dramatically from the lives of nobility they once led.
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Re: [OOC] Bestiary Forms

Postby Aznmafia on Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:40 am

We can make up any race we want?
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