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Betrayal ; Survival. Reason? None.

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Betrayal ; Survival. Reason? None.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Senor_Fun on Wed Sep 07, 2005 7:48 pm

* Nestled between the foamy movements of a brilliant sea and the deserted peaks of the continent's center lay an ocean of pink and orange sands, washed by the vinious sky; dusty boulevards and empty corridors lined its extent, like a city of the Earth. Three tall, proud mobile stuits waded amongst its waves of beige-- yet despite their immense size, were nothing in scope to the immense desert in which they were present. Imagine, if you will, flying from a bird's vantage. Below, these suits, each at a respective height of approximately 16.2 meters, were like large stones or boulders. Now elevate, higher, into the uppermost regions of the troposphere-- you are at just under 9 miles high. The desert, its many crevasses and sand-shifts still visible, weilds little to no sign of the Mobile Suits. If anything, they are only ants to you now...

And yet, these ants are still lost in the middle of the desert-- 'an immense desert.' Although, perhaps "lost," isn't the correct word. No, they clearly knew where they were, just not *why.*

"Smoking isn't going to help your cockpit's temperature," a voice chimed into the receiver of Major Nabura "Kuma" Okada.

"Well reminding me of that isn't good for your health either, Yamada-ko," the officer snarled. He had gotten the nickname "Bear" for a reason.

Silence ensued after that.

Counting paces. There was little else to do. Major Okada knew they were in the correct area by looking at his GPS- shit, he could even *feel* it- and yet he didn't see anything around.

Twelve-hundred thirty-seven paces. 'Well shit, Nabura, it's the desert-- what do you expect to see?' he reminded himself mentally.

Twelve-hundred ninety-four paces. It didn't help he wasn't told what to look for in the mission briefing. His commander had simply told him to reach the area designated on the map and wait for someone to contact him. He could only guess what that meant.

Thirteen-hundred fifty-seven paces. And then... "Major, I've got something moving on my ERGRS, it appears to be--"

"Yes, Suzuki, I already got it. Stand down," the Major cut the other member of his squad off. That was it, a single squad, out here in the African boonies. Major Nabura Okada and his two green ensigns.

The moving object stopped at something over 500-yards. To the unfiltered eye, it was nothing-- a large rock to the birds, just like the three Leos across the dunes from it. However, under the 45x zoom of the Major's battle rifle, it was obviously an Oz suit.

"Ensign Taro-- move to intercept the object. Keep in radio contact. I believe this is our pick-up."

"WILCO, sir. Moving out n--"

"Ensign Taro, why aren't you--" but as Nabura turned, his eyes found that Ensign Suzuki Taro's Leo no longer possesed a torso. The beam had missed the now-expossed power core, but secondary explosions from the destruction of the suit's radiator would soon take care of that. Launching backwards and diagonally, Major Okada swept out an arm to tackle Yamado Ichiro's suit at the chest before rotating to sweep the falling Leo up in his arms. Primary boosters engaged and Major Okada carried his only remaining squad-member to a safe distance. And yet, they were still in danger.

"Major Okada!!-- that was a, a..."

"A beam rifle, high frequency; the mobil suit we saw couldn't have been the shooter, the beam came from aft, but it was from somewhere near."

"Sir, do you expect that this is the work of a local organization?"

"Yes I do, Ensign Ichiro." Of course, he knew it wasn't a local operation. This was something obviously much bigger. And still, they were not safe, here in this empty wasteland where shelter was as hard to find as salvation.

He knew who was pulling the strings. He knew who had betrayed his squad and left one of its memebers dead. Who else could it be, other than the faction he currently worked for? OZ... *

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Senor_Fun on Thu Sep 08, 2005 7:32 pm

* Two Mobile Suits limped out of the desert, frail and decrepit in their stagger. Only because of the Major's competant and rational skills had they even made it this far. The shooter had been found and quickly rendered ineffective as Major Okada put a large dune between the two Leos and their hunter. It was a game of cat and mouse out there, in the desert, but without the cute, cartoony antics.

"Okada-- Major..." Ensign Yamada Ichiro's suit was now walking in stride, next to Major Nabura Okada, "We need to re-establish contact with base. I don't think we're on the proper heading."

"We're not going back to base, Ichiro," the Major had said astutely, with the stoic poise of a learned master, preaching to his desciple. "And keep off the radio, I said silence."

"Yes, sir."

It was a quiet trip through the desert. An uneventful one, too. No doubt OZ, having already betrayed Okaka- and he suspected why- was on the hunt, but out here, in the desert, there were too many places to start, and not enough men to cover the entire expanse. If their luck held, Okada-san and young Ichiro would make it to the coast. He just needed to get to the coast...

"Sir, then what are we doing? Our line of traverse is a direct westerly heading. Are you taking us to the coast, sir?" Ichiro inquired hours into their trip. They had little time to do much else; talk, and move. They had been zig-zagging back and forth in the desert since they had broke contact with the enemy, trying to foil any surveillance devices tracing them. But Ichiro was right, they were continuing west; and his guess was on the mark. He just needeed to get to the coast...

"I know someone who can help us, Ichiro. I'll need you to trust in me, Yamada-ko," he spoke, but his remark on the man's age was meant in paternal affection. Yes, his young officers were green- "officer" now- but they were his young officers. His green ensigns.

He just needed to get to the coast...

Then he would place a call. A satellite-direct link to the Lagrange 05 Colony Cluster. *

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Senor_Fun on Thu Sep 08, 2005 8:46 pm

*He could almost sigh in belated relief when he heard the man's reassuring words. Almost...

"Major..." It was Ichiro.

"Yes, Ichiro, I got them, too." Suits. Three. Approaching fast. No visuals yet, but the Major knew they'd be well amared. OZ dresses for over-kill.

Time? They needed it now, more than anything.

'He'll be here soon...'

"Hold your position, I'm on my way," the man had told him. The man whome he did not know. The man ready to risk his life for these two stangers.

"May God give you speed," Okada audibly prayed. It would be his only request to the Heavens of the day. They were in the now, and their destinies were their own.

"Ensign Ichiro, combat spread, loose formation. I want you to keep about 400 meters to my rear at all times; I'll harass them once they break 2 miles, but you need to make sure you hold the beach secure. Watch the flanks, boy," he smiled. He was in the element now. Major Nabura Okada owned this world.

With his face still beaming, he launched forward, vaulting over the sand dune and directly into a visual contact with the enemy. Yup, three heavily armed interceptors. That meant they were fast, but not as agile as his own Leo, and he'd have to play their turn-radi against them.

Shots. Three. Each approaching tango fired a single salvo from their respective beam rifles. Nothing at this distance, just throwing flak in the air, as was procedure.

Major Okada came out of his descent flying, turning his downward momentum into forward progress, just skipping off the sand for the first fifty meters before settling onto the ground for a brief moment; over in a blink of the eye, thrusters engaged once more.

He made sure Ichiro was still on his radar, exactly where he was supposed to be- a pang of pride filling Okada's swelled heart- before raising the 150mm Battle Rifle to poise on his G-UNIT shield and firing from a moving stance. *

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby The Southern Wind on Thu Sep 08, 2005 8:52 pm

The ship drops low on the water, sending massive waves back from it due to the force it extended as it swelled upon the coast. The ship then tipped down against the water, using it to slow the ship as it slammed against the coast, close to the two Leo suits firing on others in the distance. Wind then grabbed the comm and connected himself with the one who'd sent the signal.

"I'm here, either load in or gimme a suit!"

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The Southern Wind
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Senor_Fun on Thu Sep 08, 2005 9:02 pm

* In the middle of an intense fire fight, he hardly noticed the craft's approach until his radio link was broken by an oddly familiar voce.

'Derek... but no, it can't be.'

"Ensign Ichiro!" the man snarled, "Give that man your mobile suit. I'll need some cover getting back to the transport... These interceptors are on my ass!"

He boosted over a sand dune filled with munitions, the G-UNIT shield catching the lip on his way over the dune as too keep him near the surface of the desert. No need to get shot out of the sky so soon...

He wheeled around and fired a few rounds of 105mm rifle ammo at a mobile suit sliding sideways on skirt boosters, but it was for effect, not suppression. He had to swerve around on his own Leo's right heel to launch a few rounds in the direction of a second enemy before boosting low and fast back towards the beach.

The Leo banked left. He intended to draw them down-beach and to the right of Ensign Ichiro and the rescue convoy from L5. A cross-fire would ensue, he planned, that would wipe out their OZ pursuers.

"You see what I'm doing? Take the shot, whenever you can, but make sure it's a damned good shot!" he cursed vigorously. *

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby The Southern Wind on Thu Sep 08, 2005 9:54 pm

The Leo drops before the form of Wind, the young pilot nearly falling from it's hold before he leaps into it. The cockpit door closes before him as he turns to take his seat, the view screen shining before him. Wind digs down into his pocket, pulling forth an MP3 earbuds that he'd acquired in his new position at L5. Wind takes hold of the controls, forcing the Leo to rise as Pantera - Cat Scratch Fever blares in his ears.

The Leo then raises upwards the 105 mm rifle to begin it's assualt on the opposing suits. Wind watches as the bullet slam into the back of the suits as the dropship moves upwards. The suits then turn about to advance on the new Leo that stepped to the battlefront.

Come on you assholes, gimme what'cha' got...

The first suit to rush forwards to greet him was met with a spray of gunfire at long range until it moved inwards enough to be considered close range. While the metal was repeatedly pierced by the hailing of gunfire the cargo ship moves over to pick up the extra Leo, piloted by the still unknown man. With the man now secure Wind threw the 105 mm weapon at the suit while his free hand reached into the shield to draw forth one of the beam sabers. The igniting hue of green was a violent blur as it ripped into the weapon and the chest of the suit, causing the weapon to explode in the hands of the suit and send up a void of dust as the dropship flew over him.

With his new cover of sand he flew upwards in the Leo, piloting it into one of the open containers of the ship before the doors close behind him. With his place in the ship now staked the pilot flew the ship at it's fastest velocity, barreling upwards as the beam sprays flew about it, a viscious rumbling to signal either a hit or their arrival into the atmosphere. A quick comm connection was made with the pilot still from the cockpit of the Leo.

Gimme the status pilot, I need to know what's go'in on.

Pilot - Sir, we've taken a direct hit on our left engine!

The pilot struggles with the controls as smoke drifts from certain sections, the lights flickering violently yet still under the pilot's command.

Are we gonna' make it out of the atmosphere?

Pilot - Yes sir, we'll make it outside of the atmosphere but our trip won't be as quick as our arrival.

Do what you have to do pilot, jus' get me an this cargo safely home. Plus, notify Zhelir and Sinful that two Leos have been acquired from Earth. Wind, out.

Wind drops his head back against the cushion of the cockpit seat, his body worn ragged by the events of the day and the quick piloting of this new mobile suit. What would become of this though...? Only the future would tell..

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