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No better time to start

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

No better time to start

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby AgentPaper on Wed Mar 29, 2006 2:35 pm

The early morning sky began to break through, disperseing the compleate darkness that engulfed the jungles. With a sigh the pilot of a lone Maguanac unit watched a few transport planes from his cockpit, the hatch wide open, the pilot peering through a pair of binoculars. He sighed again. The pilot had no name really but was known as Incognito, those that knew him that is. To him, though he knew his name. His boniculars moved there way past the planes and over a few buildings and hangars then to a few fuel tanks, easy prey. His target was simple, the small map on his side computer screen showed it well, the Singapore Space Base. His personal mission, to render it useless, anything to keep the earth out of space. The target was not the only thing on his list at the moment but it sure was the first, the first of all things to come eventually. With a heavy sigh incognito stretched as he looked to the pale blue sky on the horizion, sitting back into his cockpit seat and strapping himself in. He was as ready as he could be. No better time to start than now. Pressing a few buttons the hatch closed and the screen monitor illuminated the dim cramped area. Moveing his control stick slightly the target retucule came up and searched for nearby targets, carefully and slowly

"Decisions, decisions.........."
He muttered to himself. He nodded slightly and made the decision, the transport planes, clog the runway and keep anything or one from escaping. He kept his suit in the crouched position and adjusting his hand controlls his unit carefully raised its dobergun up and onto its shoulder, the gun slightly adjusting itself to its assigned target

"Lets see where this goes......"
With that he squeezed the trigger on the right control stick. The dobergun fired, the loud boom echoed and threw dust and peiches of tree around his suit. The unti itself jerked from the tremendous recoil. He watched as the slug smashed into a suit transport plane, tearing a large hole into it, and within seconds after the impact it exploded, takeing a nearby shuttle with it in the process. The bases alarms were already sounding off from the attack, it wouldnt be long before they mobilize there troops as well. Adjusting his controls and moveing the target reticule he squeezed the trigger again, fireing another round from the dobergun. The slug slammed intot he fuel tanks, the tanks causeing the thunderous explosion. The light from the explosion lit up the whole area for a split second. Incognito smirked at his accomplishment for the day, but now it was time to move on. But before moveing he sighed and looked over his instument panel and grinned. Carefully he set in a frequency, ready to broadcast a message. A message that everyone on earth and space would hear. Carefull he sat back in his seat and relaxed a bit as the small camera began o capture his image. He smirked a bit as he began to speak.

Good evening. This is Incognito sending out a rather firendly message. How long has the earth trampled on the colonies? How many times will we have to fight them again. If you ask me its a waste, fighting the earth people everytime we turn around. There is but one solution...the entire genocide of the earth populations. In one fatal sweep we can be rid of the pests once and for all and as a bonus, the earth will fully belong to the colonies. I ask of fellow supporters, militias, kings, queens and dictators to join in and revel in the massacre. Destroy the earth once and for all. Peace can only be obtained through annihalation. join in and reap the rewards.

The broadcast ends and Incgnito sighes heavily as he takes hold of the contols once more and grins slightly.

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