Biography of Alien

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Biography of Alien

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Alucroas on Tue Mar 27, 2007 9:56 am

Quite literally as one would call it not from this earth and grotsque, not amiable in the least bit. An insanely vicious creature, covered in a thick exoskeleton. Thhis race of serpent like creatures are most definitely not ones even the bravest of creatures would like to go head to head against.

Wielding an array of weapons in their arsenal, powerful enzymes in their blood that work like acid, if you're dumb enough to try and bite it you'll most likely start suffocating and choking on from trying to drink acid blood which is exactly what it is, and it does an efficient job at dissolving even the most powerful steels known to man in a matter of mere seconds.

The inner-mouth is another one of the weapons in their arsenal. Like having an arm inside their mouth instead of a tounge, that ends in another mouth instead of a hand. The velocity it travels at it usually enough to penetrate skulls and is often time used for digging deeper into the flesh of dead corpses that allows the creature to devour its pray at a much faster rate and avoid discovery and potential death.

Despite their vast amounts of strength, Aliens are considered extremely fast versatile creatures, able to scale walls with the utmost of ease, and take a stealthy approach to the their target. Their almost perfect unmatched weapon of choice would be the bone at the end of their tails, carved out in the shape of a curved dagger, it is the most lethal weapon in their arsenal, capable of driving straight through a row of opponents for a straight eight feet and lifting them all up at once thanks to the hundreds of muscles working together simultaneously.

This here would be a fairly accurate description of Alien. ... eature.gif

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