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Biography of Alucroas

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Biography of Alucroas

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Alucroas on Tue Mar 27, 2007 10:12 am

Alucroas is quite literally an abomination as some would call it. Fused from Zucroas and Alien to form Alucroas. 'Al' (Alien)+ 'Ucroas' (Zucroas)= Alucroas.

A creature of full obsidian color, at least fourteen feet long and six feet tall composed of sheer muscle, a rather vicious creature when pissed off enough. The traits of this beast contain both the same ability to manipulates charges like Zucroas and using brute strength to take down opponents, while having the slick masculine evened out core of Alien to take down enemies using the stealth approach.

Of course there's always a twist though just to make things far more interesting. This time the attack known as spirit rage that Zucroas unleashes when brought down to critical levels, bring the beats out in a more physical form rather than just the simple elemental electrical forms. Able to use their physical attributes in order to brutalize opponents without just incinerating and shocking them upon immediate contact.

They'll use their sheer size and weight as battering rams to send opposition soaring through the air. Each of course equipped with their own inner-mouths thanks to the newly acquired traits and thus gain even more power and viciousness.

Upon the front of the beasts head reside two counter-colored crimson and sapphire eyes, the sapphire able to detect electrical charges and all other types of protonic, neutronic, and all other levels of charges, giving it the unique ability to sense prey from great distances away. The crimson orb on the other hand links back to the Alien's ability to use a very small flap on its forehead to sense the thermal signature (Heat signature) exerted by all life forms.

And to think this beast couldn't get any worse it has a second form when pushed far enough.

A.K.A the monstrosity known as Alutrosity. A massive 40 foot tall anthropomorphic humanoid creature, baring a humanoid body structure and ability to relentlessly charge massive targets such as buildings, cliffs and all other sorts of gargantuan opponents such as the Chain Beast from the foul depths of hell, Agron the rock and fire manipulating gargantuan and many other giants. Tendrils wrapped around the arms make for lethal weapons, numbering in the sixties, each one of them launch out at prey, armed with extremely shape hollow bones, capable of injecting their opponents with that same acidic blood, also able to exert powerful amounts of electrical discharge.

Of course you'd think there'd be a side effect to losing your own blood, however the charges at so quickly that they stimulate blood cells and cause a massive amount of mitosis to take place within the blood cells and thus reproduce before becoming dizzy and possibly dying from blood loss.

In this particular case when spirit rage is unleashed in it's third and final form, the tendrils will immediately launch into the dragon's heads and come out through the gums, acting as their own hook shots, able to launch out at prey and reel them in for devouring, exerting powerful shocks of electrical energy, while simultaneously pumping acidic blood into their bodies.

Quite literally an insanely painful and absolutely ridiculous way to die.

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