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Biography of Seil. Hero of Time is no more.

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Biography of Seil. Hero of Time is no more.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Alucroas on Tue Apr 03, 2007 11:38 am

To those of you that have played The legend of Zelda majora's mask may know what The Fierce Deity's mask is. A dark mask which has ominous powers infused into it which transforms Link into the powerful fierce deity warrior.

Now this was originally just for fun but it eventually managed to build itself up into my own full fledged storyline.

It pretty much started out with Link placing the mask ontop of of his face, utilizing his newly acquired strength and abilities to take down foes with a much greater ease behind doing so. Every once in a while he could feel the darkness within the mask start to brew and force him to be far more brutal in killing evil-doers.

Now comes the real storyline behind the legend.

Of course having such a tool at his disposal was a valuable asset and there was also the fact that the boy knew the mask was dark and that putting it on meant for dire consequences.

Unfortunately for him, thanks to Link's own kind hearted nature he allowed a vampire to suck on his blood for nourishment by the name of Lantis. A few hours later both the vampire and Link were attacked, nearing death - He had but one choice and that was to resort to using the fierce deity mask. Unfortunately the results were not the same as they should've been, instead of taking down his opponent like he should have, he almost immediately obliterated him.

Then came the worse part. Turning on Lantis, he ruthlessly attacked the fiend for a straight four hours unrelenting and unwilling to give up in ripping that abomination to pieces. He almost suceeded in doing so, if not for the vampire managing to muster up enough strength and contain Seil within his own attack and knock him out cold.

Later on after Seil regained control of Link's body he discovered the power of the three goddesses that Link had possessed within the triforce of courage. He had attained Din, Nayru, and Farore's divine abilities and began using them at his own accord. Brutally and randomly taking out small villages, relentlessly destroying and killing whoever decided to get into his path.

However he didn't do all this just for the sheer pleasure of killing. He was sending a message to a different God. The christian God which he had some sort of grudge against for who knew why. All Seil cared about what was murdering that god and taking the throne for himself as the divine ruler.

Of course however Seil does more than just try to take down God every chance he gets. He is a great fan when it comes to fighting and taking down hordes of ominous beasts, fighting the most powerful of foes and ripping them to shreads,
For the record playing this character is a lot easier than explaining to you people his profile.

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