Biography of Zucroas

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Biography of Zucroas

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Alucroas on Tue Mar 27, 2007 9:42 am

Zucroas in anthropomorphic or as some would call it a humanoid dragon, walking on two legs instead of the traditional for. His skin almosu pure white, standing at a height of at least nine feet tall.

The majority of his mass is evenly distributed in the form of muscles and very little fat. One of the few anthropomorphs of his time. In this particular dragons clan he is often requested favors from other members such as his own parents Argoas and Renoas.

Being able to use charges and manipulate them at will - These dragons use their abilities for both destruction, construction and even to create different types of attacks to use on their opponents.

Now comes the real background of the beast.

about 600 miles northeast of the land, resides a horde of ruthless orc like creatures who prefer to call themselves Morbid simply because of the way they kill, personalities and other such traits. Being humanoid anthropomorphs just like Zucroas they act more human like than anything else.

In an effort to gain more territory the Morbids devised a series of plots to attack the clan, launching the assault while a group of dragons including Zucroas had been hunting quite a distance away.

Heads were crushed, necks slit open and overall mass bloodshed had been thrown all over the clan.

Zucroas and his fellow beasts returned to see the entire clan utterly desomated. Enraged at this, each and everyone one of them went insane and slaughtered damn near every orc they saw, not hesitating to shed even more blood than the orcs themselves.

The finality had alas been upon Zucroas when he discovered Renoas and Argoas laying on the ground dead. He mourned for his loss, however those dragon spirits immediately exited their bodies in the form of electrical energy and infused themselves inside his arms, forming the crimson and sapphire seers that streak down his left and right arms.

It wasn't long before Zucroas had found out what happened to him, and thus he set off on a journey to take revenge on each and every one of those wretched orcs. Managing to track down a few and kill them, it was in vein because every time he killed one ten more would come and beat him down.

every once in a while when Zucroas gets beaten down to the point of near death, the spirits - Argoas and Renoas will act on their own descretion and launch themselves out of the arms in the form of electrical heat and impale their enemy ruthlessly as enraged spirits which is how the attack became known as "Spirit Rage"

As of now Zucroas us currently traveling on his own accord, finally giving up the quest for revenge and living on his own ambitions.

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