Bittersweet Poison

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Bittersweet Poison

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Eisling on Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:09 pm

This is a private roleplay between Fadded & Myself. Look until your heart is content, but no touching.

Green-eyed. Long brown hair. Baby doll faced. Bright smile. Elongated fangs glistening. Utterly unattractive.

It wasn't easy to please Cael Zengen, the eldest son and prince of the Zengen clan. How time flew by. Every morning the servants greeted him, arms full of folders containing information on possible suitors. His time to take the position of leading the family was fast approaching, but before he could do that, he had to get married. His mother was pretty lax when it came to the matter, his father on the other hand, is a lot more active. He took on the duty of interviewing various royals from other clans in hopes that his son would agree to accept one of his selections. There were a few problems with that wish. For one thing, the prince absolutely hates when people are picked for him just because they're of royal blood. He's had his fair share of experiences with them and has found that they're all the same. Dazzled by his appearance, they think they're in love with him based off looks, but none of them ever showed any interest in looking deeper than his appearance. Secondly, there was nothing challenging about them. Cael is so easily bored, he needs to be challenged in a relationship. They obeyed every single word he said with a smile, on top of creeping him out, it made him uninterested. As stated before, he knows they all act the same way because he's been with enough of them to be sure.

Impossible. Getting married to any of these girls wasn't going to happen. How terrible of an existence it would be, having to wake up to a Stepford wife. The idea repulsed him. No matter how much his father tried to lecture him on responsibility and doing what was good for the entire family, the old man was wasting his breath. He had a greater chance of getting his son to walk out in broad daylight than he did marrying some cookie cutter princess. "No, no, definitely not." His gray eyes lost more and more focus with every folder he flipped through. Really, did his father know him at all? Terrible choices, every single one of them. He haphazardly tossed the last file across the dark room. It slid across the wooden floor and a long silence stretched on. He looked away from the item and to his bed where a pale, lifeless male's body lay motionless on the bed. Oh. He'd done it again. He already new the events that would happen next. The servants would act surprised as they took the body away, his father would tell him how it was unacceptable to use humans as play things he could throw away after a night, all while Cael would shrug it off halfheartedly and surely repeat the same action again. He had a bad habit of bringing home cute humans off the streets at night, using them, and then feeding until they died.

Just as he knew it would, the prophesied events did in fact ensue. Cael spent his day lounging around the manor, what else was there to do when you couldn't go out during the day? As the sun was setting, he left his room in search of his mother. In the same place as always, the library, he found her with her nose stuck in another dusty old book. "Going out soon?" More of an obsessed bookworm than a mother, she didn't even look up from the book. She knew the sound of her son's footsteps anyway. "Lucky guess." He crossed the vast distance between them--the library being a very large room, and draped his arms over his mother's shoulders. Strands of his raven hair blended with her own. "You worry your father with your eating habits, don't cause him too much trouble." She spoke in a monotonous tone, too absorbed in the book, and clearly she knew Cael wouldn't take her words to heart. She accepted her son's behavior. "Oh he's alright, besides, I'm just having a little fun. That's what young people do." She sighed and extended a arm to rub his hand. "Anyone interesting on the prospective list?" The prince rolled his eyes once, "What do you think?" Rosarie knew just as well as he son, that he wouldn't pick a single person to marry if they were pre-selected for him. "Enjoy your evening." That was her way of dismissing him without bluntly saying get out.

And so, Cael was off. He dressed in normal clothes, nothing extraordinary. Then again, when you had his dashing looks, clothes couldn't really weren't anything special. Night had fallen and he was out on a hunt of sorts, out to find his next playmate. In the back of his mind a plan was taking shape, one that would surely bring him great pleasure. His father wanted him to get married so bad, maybe he would do just that...with someone he selected on his own. Someone that would surely rile the elders up. They didn't have rules about who you could marry, it was just accepted that a royal would marry a royal. Cael was thinking of something else, a human, a male at that. He just needed to find a cute one. Oh, he was just thrilled to see the look on everyone's face when he came back with a human.
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Re: Bittersweet Poison

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Fadded on Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:28 pm

"What are you, retarded? You fucking bitch!"

Oh lovely. They were fighting again. Icarus groaned and looked up at the ceiling with hazel eyes without truly seeing anything. Hid mind was focused on the yelling downstairs. He shut his eyes and clenched his death. He hated this. He hated his step-dad. He was always yelling at his mom, always calling her names when they got into a fight even though his mother never called him a single name. He was always quick to judge her and the things she did. Icarus's mind was filled with the phrases he used every day; phrases his mother had started to parrot; the thing he hated most.

[i]"I love you to pieces but..."

"What are you retarded?"

"Thia has to stop."

"You're not responsible."

"Fuck you."[i/]

Icarus groaned and rolled onto his side, pulling the pillow over his head trying to block the sounds. He always asked his mother why she stayed with the prick. She always answered that she loved him. No matter how many times Icarus said things against his step father when he was younger, she never listened, pushed his words away as if they didn't mean anything. It was infuriating! He didn't want to hear him yell at his mother; especially since he couldn't do anything about it. His step-dad was always sugar coating everything and trying to be friendly, but he knew the man didn't care and probably hated him to. Icarus couldn't stand t he fact that he did owe the man a little money for paying for his schooling. As soon as he had enough, he was going to throw the money back in his face and get the hell out of dodge.

The young man got out of his bed and started to pull on some party clothes. He hated to get out of the house tonight. He needed to let lose and just relax. He fixed up his short blond hair to look like a nice little mess on his head and framed his face. He touched the light dusting of freckles on his face and pouted a little. He didn't like his freckles. Never did once the man he had to call father started poking fun at him. It always made him so self conscious. He grumbled and started to pull on a tight black outfit with a shirt that was more fishnet than shirt before doing up a touch of shadow and liner around his eyes to bring out the color a little. He wasn't a fan of the guys that put too much on. Frankly, it looked awful when they did that. When he was ready, he grabbed his ID and some money before he rushed down the steps.

"Mom! I'm going out!"

"Where you going? It's nine," she said.

"I am 22, Mom. I am going to out some bars."

"Alone? What about your friends? Where you going? When you coming back?"

"Meeting friends there," he lied. "Going to Relax and maybe Haze. I'll be back before four."

"Be safe."

"I will Mom." He kissed her cheek before he headed out.

Once free of the house, he wandered around enjoying the night air for a while before he did drop in at a bar and got a couple of drinks, flirting around with the guys there. It didn't last long really. He wasn't in the mood for crowds. The drinks did help him loosen up a bit, but it wasn't what he needed. He left the bar and just started to walk around, hoping the chill of the air would help him clear his mind.

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