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Black and White

Black & White Information

a part of “Black and White”, a fictional universe by The Great Thundorz.

Good and evil, yin and yang, black and white... There's always two sides of the same coin. Will you make it to the other side?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Black and White”.
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Black & White Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby The Great Thundorz on Sun May 28, 2017 11:49 am

This is where you can find any information quick and easy that could be otherwise hard to find among the pile of posts in the actual Roleplay. If an update is required, I will add a post in here, so keep an eye out on this once in a while.

The Fable: In a time where magic is seen at it's most powerful, wizards from all over gather together in order to create an entity of ultimate power. With knowledge of the black arts to aid them, they succeeded in making something neither living nor dead, an entity that was given no name and thus is only remembered as The Wizard. With it's power, it corrupted magic in it's own image and created The Black.

None could stand up or fight back against The Black's power, it's corruption of the heart made it too tempting to resist. The world slipped towards a dark age, magic weakened as The Black grew in power and The Wizard stood alone at the height of it's conquest. When it all looked to be at it's worst, a warrior rose up with the power of The White to fight back against The Wizard's dark powers. With his magic sword, mighty armor and invincible shield ready, the lone warrior faces off against The Wizard and his dark forces!

The battle is long and both fight with everything they have, but ultimately, the warrior defeats The Wizard. Using his sword to pierce through the entity, he seals it away and weakens the grip of The Black upon the world. However, The White is also weakened from the battle and leaves the warrior drained. With his purpose fulfilled, the warrior left the scene of the battle and was remembered as a hero. But how much of the legend holds truth?

Magic: The supernatural force used by wizards long ago. At the height of it's power, it was said to be capable of shaping reality, altering history and granting godhood upon mortal's. When The Wizard was born, it twisted and corrupted all of the evil aspects of magic into it's own image, spawning The Black. In a final attempt to stop The Wizard, The White was born within a lone warrior who rose up to challenge The Wizard. So where has it gone?

The Black: The corrupted, twisted form of Magic. It's power is seductive, often controlling those who aim to control it. The Wizard first used it long ago in it's attempt to conquer the world. When The Wizard was defeated and sealed away, it was said that The Black weakened and faded away, thought to never return. This no longer appears to be the case.

The White: The pure form of Magic said to represent all of it's greatest aspects. First used long ago by the lone warrior who stood up and defeated The Wizard. After the battle, the warrior was weakened as The White lost most of it's power when The Wizard was sealed away. It was believed The White and The Black would never return, but now The White has appeared. If it's so pure, why does it hold demons?

Inner Demons: Whether you possess The White or The Black, eventually you will encounter them. They are representations of who we really are inside, they are seen as mostly neutral forces who are here to neither truly help you or truly harm you. However, an inner demon can be sealed away inside of an object, allowed to live long after the original dies. These inner demons seem to possess their own personality, and now no longer act as a neutral force. Is this just coincidence?

Familiar: An unknown power that one can gain through The White or The Black. What does possessing one mean, and how can someone obtain a Familiar?

Dominion: Another unknown power relating to The Black, The White and Familiar's. When an individual gains a Dominion, the Familiar appears to be able to hold it's own Dominion.

The Other Side: Accessible through strange devices is The Other Side. Not much is currently known about it, however magic seems to be stronger here than on Earth. Said devices have two key words to move from one place to the other. To get to The Other Side, one must place their hand in the device and speak the word 'Purgatory.' To get back to Earth, the same process is used but the word changes to 'Gaia.'

Sukodo Empire: [Classified Information Detected!]

The Order of Grey: The Order of Grey, also known by others as The Order of Gray (they don't seem to mind which you call them by), is currently an unknown organization who seem to handle magical affairs.

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