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Re: Blasted Haven

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Axanthisis on Mon Apr 14, 2008 9:23 pm

Alex found himself caught up in a gang war before he knew it. It seemed the pirates had gotten into some sort of a feud while both had tried to hold up a diamond store. On the one side there were patch metal welded swords, and on the other cutlass and rapiers. One pirate with a hand cannon was wreaking havoc on the ranks of the industrial criminals. Poison Dart blasted his hand with a shot of energy, causing him to drop the cannon, which exploded with the charge currently in place. The good news was that no more civilians could be hurt in the cross fire. The bad news was that he now had the attention of both groups at once. He leaped over one foe who was striking at his chest. The unioner found his blade sinking slashing the chest of the pirate who was coming up from the behind of Poison. Now they were fighting amongst themselves a bit too. Alex sent a poison blast at an incoming pirate rendering him ineffective, then caught another sword swipe at the wrists. They struggled a bit over the crudely constructed weapon, but finally dropped a knee into his foes side. The momentary shock gave him a good chance to plant an open palmed strike at his the lackey's nose, breaking. Just then he heard the roaring of a jet engine, that sounded very familiar. Alex turned to see the Prospector closing in.

"How's that twerp friend of yours?" He laughed.

Alex didn't say anything, instead he leaped into the air at his foe, tackling him from the sky. The two collided onto the ground, with Alex on top. With the momentary lead in the comment, he laid into the pickax wielding criminal, with blow after blow. After a good number, he drew his hand back with a sharp pain. Evidently it was broken, which was a good indication of the damage done to the Prospector's face. The other gang members had retreated to lick their wounds. Shaking his hand, Tanner headed home to bandage the wounded appendage. Fortunately the Lion didn't know who or where he was, so he could retreat into his normal life until the hand healed up.

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Re: Blasted Haven

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby markj1998 on Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:17 am

Name: Ashley Leonardo Rio
Alias(es): The White Light Eagle
Age: 20
Physical Description:
Out of costume/outfit:
He has a short sleeved denim jacket with a light blue shirt underneath also short sleeved
He has a Pair of Dark blue Denim jeans too
He has a watch on his wrist what acts as a communicator between heroes and allies
his watch also has a built-in GPS and can project holograms aswell with high precision of detail
he has a set of straps under his shirt to pin back his wings to prevent his cover being blown

In Costume/Outfit:
He has a Bullet proof easily maneuverable kevlar jacket and shirt covering it with a Symbol of an eagle on it with the tail and wings in a circle the wings curling round and the head facing left
he also has easily movable tights as well to allow him to make High kicks and do the splits without breaking them
he also has a belt with a buckle that can fire in one of two functions a grappling device for when his wings are injured and a fire-able tracking device, it also contains a powerful knockout gas in-case of emergency
he has boots with holsters on them to put in a whip and a tazor and a sash on his back with a pocket and a BO staff in it
he has a mask that has eye holes and a curved lower half what goes down to his chin
He still keeps his watch on his wrist what acts as a communicator between heroes and allies
his watch also has a built-in GPS and can project holograms aswell with high precision of detail

He was born in San Francisco as a young blonde haired boy, with green eyes.
At the age of 3: when growing up his parents discovered he was incredibly agile by him jumping from the window on the second floor to the ground without being injured at all.
At the age of 5: He was playing in the garden under the searing sun and started to get too hot so he removed his shirt to reveal his wings and that was the day his whole life changed.
At the age of 10: He started to live his life as a secret with him avoiding P.E. at school and all other sports to make sure he wouldn't have to remove his shirt at all.
At the age of 15: He was walking home from high school and was attacked by a gang of men, in which he believed to be aged between 16-19 they suddenly rushed at him and stabbed him directly in his leg. He was rushed off to hospital but when he got there still conscious only to find the stab wound was gone the doctors were baffled and each of them suddenly went flying back and hit the wall dazed the doctors rushed out of the room to get help not knowing it was secretly their patient (Ashley) that was Ashley's chance and he leapt from the window flying off home using back streets to avoid pedestrians then when he arrived at home he had a thought and left for china to start training in karate and martial arts then to Brazil for Jiu-Jitsu and London for quarterstaff training.
At the age of 19: he returned from his trip and vowed to be a hero who would prevent crime throughout the city and the world.

Powers: Wings - for flight and can also act as projectiles not to mention there strong enough to withstand bullets and knife attacks
Agility - for fighting and escape
Sight - for searching the city for crime
Hearing - for listening in on conversations
Wind Elemental control - for wind based attacks

Paraphernalia: a BO staff, a tazor, a whip, a belt with tracking device and grappling functions and a watch with multiple functions including a communications function, GPS function and Hologram function.

Abilities: He has had no jobs so there was no risk of health checks (hide his wings), also he has been assisting his friends and their fathers who work together on weapons manufacture so he has the latest and most hi-tech weapons without the need to buy them.

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Re: Blasted Haven

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby mistmantle on Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:10 pm

Is it too late to join? (Adding this cause someone else has said it already.... o.o)
"Without you, I'm a natural disaster."
"...when I mentioned that the poison would kill me within the hour, did either of you happen to notice the time?"
"I'm really glad that worked. Those would have been terrible last words."
"The name is Sherlock Holmes, and the address is 221B Baker Street. Afternoon."

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