Bleach: Death Stalker

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Bleach: Death Stalker

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Draruto on Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:44 pm

A lone Soul Reaper enters the smashed remains of his apartment as the rain fell. 'Damn hollow.' he thought, recalling the day Nariko's nemesis killed him. And doing it during his wedding to Rangiku Matsumo just pissed him to no ends. Seeing his Zanpakutō still embedded at the center of his apartment. Closing his eyes while memories of that day replayed in his mind. He clenched his fist, forcing them back behind the wall of fire and ice. Grabbing his chained choker, he felt the wedding ring dig into his palm and settled a bit of the storm in his soul.

Taking several moments to recover his numbless, he shook his head. Narrowing his gaze, he released his grip and slipped on a black spiked gauntlet on his dominant hand. Reaching for the Zanpakutō, he felt it's reiatsu reconnect with his. 'So Ryukimaru and Solar Dragon Cleaver fused with my other Zanpakutōs to survive.' he mused as the combined Zanpakutō seeped into his soul. "Ryukikami." he said, jerking the Zanpakutō from it's place. With a practiced flourish he slid into the sheath on his lower back. Spinning on his heel, he went to the gaping hole and looked out over the cityscape. "Nagato, you will die for what you did to me." the Soul Reaper states coldly. Taking a deep breath he flash stepped towards the gate of the Soul Society.

Appoarching the gate, Daimyo Masters tugged on the mask from his shamanic teacher. 'What skills I lack as a Soul Reaper, the skills I gained as a shaman makes up for it.' he thought at gateway opened. Entering, he ignored the weird feeling that always accompanied traveling through it. Emerging on the other side, Daimyo saw several Soul Reapers encircle him, Zanpakutōs drawn and aimed at him. 'They don't know me.' he thought, bringing his hands behind his head. Turning his gaze over them Daimyo snorted softly. "None of you have the skill or power to take me and win." he states coldly. Taking a step, he saw them back step and look at their leader. As they silently consulted, Daimyo glanced upward, lowered his hands and sighed. 'Rangiku, do you still love me? Do you ever think of me?' he wondered. As the russle of a Shihakusho reached his ear, he looks behind the reapers to see Rangiku and Toshiro there. Holding the stoic expression over his face, Daimyo felt his heart clinch tightly and break a little more.

'Giku.' he thought. Holding back tears of sadness and raging anger at what was stolen from him. 'The time, happiness, and loving memories that could have been share between taken by the hollow bastard Nagato.' he mused heatedly. "Masters?" Daimyo heard Toshiro ask. Matching the captain's gaze with his now violet tinted one, he just tilted his head. "We're take it from." Following Toshiro and Rangiku to the Squad 10 barracks, Daimyo wondered how this would pan out. 'Be ready to get slapped and yelled at.' he thought, bracing for whatever Rangiku decides to do once they reach Toshiro's office.

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