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Bloody Life!

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Bloody Life!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Fri Mar 02, 2007 4:34 am

This is a combo of medieval 32- years in the future mythical beasts and a aliens attacking the same time Nazi terrorists start bombing.
Name:Jack Grifchs
Hair:Long hair slicked back.
hair color:Blue
Eye color:blue
weight:265 LBS
Clothes:Chris Daughtry Hoodie: Jeans: Red Tennishoes.
Skin Color:White
Facial hair:None
Weapon(s):None yet
Personality:(Put this in the termas as if somebody walked up to you and said something stupid) "Okaaay...?"
Interests:Pretty much anything
Dislikes:People trying to kill him!
Accesories: Necklace with a stone with a scarab carved into it. A Bracelet with the word "Hope carved into it. A bracelet with the word "strength" carved into it, Big Loose belt withpuches lined on the front of it,
abilities:Triple speed/strength
(Now lets start)
As the sirens blared bodys were being slung through the air and ships were falling to the ground. Most of the Vampires had already escaped underground as the mindless werewolves raided their clubs. More civilized werewolves had struck a deal with the vampires to finally bring peace between the two races. Elves were standing in the middle of roads blasting at the aircraft of both Extraterrestrial and Enemy fleetgs. Not many were left to do this. Dwarves and Gnomes han mannes cannons lazer guns and such to knock ships out of the air. The Humans were striking back with their air force against the war Blimps which were tougher to penetrate in the early 20th century. Now they were alligned with a special powerful alloy that made them war machines. Already over the couintry nukes had been set off and soon after other countries were hit too. The sky turned red as space Debris fell from the sky. Blood was spread every 5 feet along with either bodies or disfigured body parts. The destruction to the planet had disturbed its natural balance and demons started flooding from the underworld. each second felt like an hour. there was constant screaming, a mix of commands and fear. In the hevily populated areas there was lotting and murder as the buikdings were the lesser populated areas about 70% was already gone. The Natural beasts were starting to attack anything that moved. the treeants were destroying any enemy the could find, trying their best to keep control. Shevite used their extra arms to an advantage wielding heavy 2-man weaponry against glying vessels. Fire Sprites started to launch out of volcanoes at the ships in the air. The water sprites started attacking vessels in the water fairies were trying their best to hide and blast to weaken the alien shields. Death was wishing he was dead. It couldnt do a thing except transport dead bodies back and forth. Armageddon was upon the planet. Hell was walking on Earth as bigger demons started to emerge. Since Death was bored it selected out a human to revive "I shall give you enough power to survive out there. If you suceed in the aid of stoping both one enemy and the new threat you shall be rewarded." "But arent you already gonna reward me with my life?" the man asked "Exactly. If you are in fact sucessful I shall give you the power of life!" "That doesnt exactly fall under your jurisdiction does it?" the man asked again "Grrr. The power of life is ashamed of whats happening. I grow tired of the Death as well. The power that controls life might be... easily persuaded in hopes to stop all of the death." "fine than. Lay it on me bone-head!" "Grrr..." "Sorry.. but anyways." "Next time I see you... The death had better have slowed down!" He raised his scyth and struck at Jack.

When Jack returned to the living world he picked himself off of the ground and saw a missle coming at him, Somehow he dodged out of the way at the last second, he got back up and found a draw. His drawr in fact, it still had the stuff he was saving for some time when he needed it, he decided that this was that time. After he got fully dressed and put his charms and belt on he ran off in a random direction. A while later he found a door to one of the Vampires undeground tunnels. He tugged on the door but it was locked, he pulled a little harder and it came off its hinges "HOLY SHIT!" He shouted as he dropped the door. "Next time Death plaese at least tell me what powers I have." He proceeded down the hall making sure to jam the door back. As he continued down the halls he found an open door to a room of werewolves and Vampires. The room was about 10 miles big with titanium-covered walls. Tables and chairs were sitting all around. There were several doors, one led to a freeze chamber that was about the size of the room that was packed with normal foods for emergencies only. Aother led to a room where the watched the surface. 3/50 of the cameras were destroyed. another led to a theatre which was a dark room with a room above it where the projector was and a room below it where the movies were kept. The main room was well lit with several hundreds of thousands of Vampires and Werewolves, Lower down the would have been more encampments like this. the Vampires no longer needed human blood to survive, The just needed meat, pink meat. Jack walked through the room looking around at his surroundings as he approached what seemed to be a bar. "Ill take a burger, dark please." "Are you sure?" the man behind the counter said "Yah Im sure. Cant you smell? Im not a vampire, or a werewolf, im the original species of each." "Oh. Okay than."

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