Burn to Bitten to Love

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Burn to Bitten to Love

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Draruto on Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:11 am

Laying in a bed in a strange castle with a pain in neck and shoulder, a sore hip War stared up at the ceiling. 'What did I do this time ?' he mused, as he heard vampires start to mill around the room. Minutes passed as the sun dropped bellow the horizon. Closing his eyes as he sighed,War wondered who the hell brought him here in the first place. Falling asleep, he didn't hear the door being open a crack by a group of vampires. They were undecided about what to do with him, some wanted to talk to him. While the more conservative of them wanted him killed. But the princess had brought him in, so they couldn't touch him. They then went to the thorn room to wait for the king to arrive from his trip to the eastern coast.

"You need to move on." Meryl said as she saw War come closer. "No shit you cheating bitch, I'm not the one who is holding on here Mer. You are, slut." he replied, leaning on a tree. She knew that he was right, she 's the one holding on to this. But she was in an other's bed. 'Why can't I let him go?' she wondered as she felt him add another layer of armor to his already shattered heart. But she knew why, she saw his hurt even when he was hiding it from the world. She wanted to help him, but couldn't and just added to it . 'I guess I'm only drawn to vampires.' Meryl thought as she felt fangs enter her neck.

Before he ex could say anything else, everything faded to black and he woke up. Looking up to the sliver haired, crimson eyed amazon he saw in the club. Sitting up and turning towards her, War said, "Hola miss Amazon." As last night replayed in his mind, he smiled inwardly at the fact he actually had some fun for once. 'I just wana be claimed, is that so hard to ask for?' he pondered as looked at vamp and grinned inweardly. Looking up from position he realized that she was almost as tall as he is. 'Ok, interesting. 'Didn't notice that last night. Guess I was to buzzed.' he thought. While waiting for her to say something to him, War did a small healing spell on his neck and shoulder to the edge off. 'That's better.' he thought rubbing his shoulder.

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