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"Businesses are People"

a topic in Politics & Governance, a part of the RPG forum.

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National politics and the governance of the population.

"Businesses are People"

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ChaoticMarin on Sat Feb 15, 2020 2:32 pm

Yo, this got brought up in chat a while back and I thought I'd drop some thoughts here since it didn't really stick around as a topic there. The quote in the title usually refers to Citizen's United, a Supreme Court decision in the USA. I'd like to start off by addressing a point Rem made before the topic got dropped. The fact that Businesses are run by people. This is true, and the point of saying that businesses are not people is not to dehumanize business owners. Nobody ever says "Business Owners aren't people". The issue of businesses being people is about trying to get money out of politics, not something inherently wrong with being a business owner.

Y'see, a successful business owner can accumulate much more capital than the average person can ever hope to. The way a traditional business works allows a business owner to essentially take a percentage of all the profit their employees generate with their labour. This adds up to more capital than any one person is generally capable of very quickly. And when money translates into influence in our political system, this gives them a much louder voice than everyone else. This includes their employees, who generally don't get a voice in comparison.

This isn't true of every business model. Worker Co-Ops for example would be very different in this regard. However, they are not the norm in the USA in spite of their good track record so far.

So, the problem with "Businesses are People" is that it ignores the nature of our capitalist system. The fact that wealthy business owners are able to essentially appropriate the value of their employees to amplify their own voices while leaving their employees in silence is anti-democratic and props up an unjustified hierarchy which is anti-thetical to anarchist values. (Anarchism in a political sense holds the destruction of unjust hierarchies as its core value. Different flavors of anarchism disagree on how to do that / which hierarchies are unjust) It would have to be something addressed if we wanted to stop the phenomenon of people attempting to buy elections.
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