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Calling forth avid, and mature roleplayers.

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Calling forth avid, and mature roleplayers.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby invulnerableking on Sat Oct 06, 2007 10:55 am

Hi everyone, this is a game I'm going to be putting together when I return home in April. The website should be available within the coming months, but just to clarify to everyone... This is a free game. I looked over the rules for this forum, and the following post from what I determine is not against the rules. You have my word that I will not spam this post.

That being said, I would also like to extend the invitation that once my website for this game is up and running, I would like to share a link heading over to here so that other players who venture on my game might find interest in RP Gateway. If an administrator monitors this post, and would like to do such a thing, please e-mail me with further details @

The name of the game is World of Camelot: The Gears of War

It's something I'm putting together, using the RunUO client, so that people have somewhere to gather together and enjoy themselves in a constantly evolving and expanding world. I know that some that visit these boards are strictly Non-Digital roleplayers. In today's world finding a suitable enviroment to roleplay in is very hard to find, so I can understand such completely. I too was like that before I was introduced to a good roleplaying enviroment in the digital world. Which happened about six years ago. So, remember,s while some thing are very limited to game mechanics, other things are more enhanced because of the digital quality you get along with building your character.

Some of you may have heard of a Player-Run roleplaying server with the RunUO client, some of you may not have. If you've had bad experiences with Ultima Online and Roleplaying in the same sentence, I totally understand. That's the primary reason my friends have asked me to do this, so that I can provide for them and others an experience that so many others have failed miserably at trying to provide. If you decide to read on, and leave your e-mail address to be added to the contact list for World of Camelot: The Gears of War, I promise you right now on my integrity that you will not be disappointed.

First and foremost I am not asking anyone here to give up on RP Gateway. Since the ETA for this game is April of next year, you'll still be able to roleplay and enjoy yourself here. The best part about this is, it's a fun project. You can still roleplay here, and play the game simaltaneuously. Described below, is how character management will go as well as a brief overview of the world you'll be involving whatever character you choose to live in.


The year is unknown, as many survivors from the realm past have been killed in a cataclysm. While in shambles currently, the world is completely chaotic. Once the game begins, we'll pick up in a time that the Evil Emperous, Shiris Cannon, has been brutally assassinated by someone who we haven't been introduced to yet, and it will become an adventure to delve within for the discovery of this brave soul.

No starting cities will be introduced, as the land quite barren. On a flip note, players will make their own cities/towns (Depending on the size) as the game develops. This means that YOU could be the baron, president, emperor, whatever form of government you choose, of YOUR own city. The goal in World of Camelot: The Gears of War is to have everyone in tune and involved with the current storyline, while allowing them freedom over their characters, and personal storyline's with other characters in the game at the same time. It will be important to remember that everyone has some sort of effect on something. Every action you make, will create a reaction. Whether you start a guild that has 2000 members, or you play solo... Everyone will have some sort of effect.

The Gods are "dead". Actually, they're trapped. They were trapped in the Immortal Realm after the Cataclysm. This happened before Shiris took over. The Cataclysm was caused by two warring Gods, Tyr (the God of Justice.) and Cyric (the God of Chaos.). Once more storyline is released, you will learn more about what the people of that time called: "The Forever Wars". The best part? Your character will also be able to unlock secrets of the past, by learning about the past itself within the realm! It's a general quest to figure as much as you can about the past, as it's a large puzzle, and all the lives within the world will find it more and more relevant to conquer day to day tasks.

The game is based off of Dungeons and Dragons, v. 3.5. The deities follow suit in the Forgotten Realms plot. Yet here in this new realm, a player will be free to endeavor on his own deity, drifting from the one's who had existed. This is also a fundemental task of every player... Choose new Gods to follow? Or discover the remnants of Gods long past, and quest upon releasing the deities on the realm to restore balance.

I find it important to inform you of the dead Emperous, Shiris Canon. Once a great paladin of Tyr, she laid down her holy symbol in quest for ultimate power. Power being promised by Tyr's arch-nemesis if she would assist him in his plan to dethrone the God of Justice. Thus, she began a epic campaign in which most of Tyr's mightiest heroes were slain. She bacame a demi-god serving Cyric, and ultimately when Cyric was just about to destroy the God of Justice who was at his weakest point, Shiris consumed with power turned on Cyric using the Orb of Destiny to drain the Gods power and claim it for herself. At his end, Cyric used the last of his strength to wipe the world away, casting a great nothingness on the realm. At this point he'd made the world a barren wasteland.

Few survived, and those that did were put into slavery by Shiris to rebuild the world starting with her temple... A temple that took hundreds of years to construct, so nature would consume the rest of the realm. This was the only successful event of her reign as emperous, as soon after it was finished she was slain. So now the world is in shambles, and warlords are picking up everywhere trying to claim a spot for themselves. Which is where we begin.

Note: The first 10 applicants will have the opportunity to play Maxed Tier 1 characters, and will also be "survivors" from Shiris's rule if they so choose. These players will be the only ones who have recollection of what happened in the past, and remember some of the long dead heroes before them, as well as numerous other things such as: The 24 Artifacts that have gone missing, the locations of hidden temples, and other such things. Remember, it's only recollection so therefore what they know may or may not be true.

That's the gist of the story. I hope you are as thrilled about the possibilities as I am.

If you'd like to be a part of the staff, and think you could help me in one of the following categories, e-mail me as staff identites are kept secret:

Concepts (In anything, this is an "idea" job)
Map-Building (If you know how to build maps in UO.)

To play World of Camelot: The Gears of War, you'll be required to fill out an application when the time comes. If/when you send in your characters application, your reply will be within one working week and will give you either your acceptance letter... with account details, and specific reasons why you're starting where you are, with what you have, so on and so forth (based on what we gather from your application as to what you want for your character)... Or of course your letter of denial stating why you were denied, and leaving you an opportunity to apply again in 10 working days.

Character progression! This is one of the most vivid and fun things about World of Camelot: The Gears of War. The progress of a character will be based on a system of Teirs. Teir 1 will be your creating, and initiating period. You will choose one of the base classes from D&D 3.5. Your caps will be 70% of their maximum at their Tier 1 cap. This Teir can last generally anywhere from 1 to 4 months depending on the character, and the handler. Being granted the next teir is something that will be generated by roleplaying, not skill gaining. It's a privledge to be Tiered, not a right. For example: A player with 40% of his/her max capability COULD be granted teir 2, and adding to that, that will automatically max them out at teir 1 as far as skills, and stats are concerned. So while you can spend all your days developing the most powerful Tier 1 character possible, another player might be developing that character through his ability to roleplay within the community, and she'll/he'll soon surpass you.

Teir 2 is generally anywhere between 4-8 months. Upon reaching Teir 2, you'll get the option to prestige into six other advanced classes. CAUTION: If you choose not to move into a advanced class at this time, you will lose the option to do so altogether. If you choose not to, you will be making the decision to stick with your base class all the way to Teir 3 and for the rest of your time in WoC with that character, even if you're given the options of Teir 4, and 5.

Teir 3 is generally reached anywhere between 8-12 months. Once your granted this honor, you'll have the option to prestige into one of three other classes according to which advanced class you chose at Teir 2. Tier 3 is an epic character. Reaching Tier 3 is a great honor, and will be rare in this game. The general concensus is that Tier 2 is "normal", Tier 3 is epic. Being Tier 2 will open up the majority of the possibilites of your character, upon Tier 3 you character will be at the limit of his/her capabilities. Remember, Tier 3 is an honor, and perhaps the greatest achievement a roleplayer can achieve in WoC.

Tier 4 is Hero. Extremely rare for anyone to reach this level. This is given out via a staff vote, and the elected character will have to achieve a great task on a quest that the staff organizes for him. If he/she achieves this task, rumor of his/her accomplishment will be heard around the world and he'll achieve hero status. A statue will also be erected in this heroes honor.

Tier 5 is God. One in a million chances to reach this, but NOT impossible. This is an administrative honor, in which I give out by myself. Being such a tough critic of roleplaying, this is the best way to work it on WoC. This will also consider whoever the character is to be worshipped like a God before they become one. Do not expect to reach Tier 4, or 5. It is but a dream for 99.9% of the played characters, but again... It all depends on your devotion to roleplaying.

Currently their are 10 playable races at this time.

Elf (Won't be called Elves)
Dwarf (won't be called Dwarves)
Drow (won't be call Drow)
Vampire (Called: Caldryn)
Werewolf (Called: Ralliaj)

All races will be based off Tolkien lore essentially. And the play of each race will be very strict. While their will not be any set rules to play a race, because I don't believe in that... Your character will have substanial strengths and weaknesses, and it will be fundemental for you to play to those strengths and weaknesses in order to best represent the race that you chose. I wouldn't start picking out a race until the abilities, and background are finished for each. Werewolves and Vampires are being put together first. Followed by Humans, and then the other races in a random order.


The ETA is for May of next year because I'm currently deployed in combat operations with the 82nd Airborne division in Afghanistan. I get home in April. But the idea is to get the website put together while I'm over here, and get the forums started so everyone that is playing or wants to play will have the opportunity to start getting their stories started with each other.

I hope this allows some of you to grasp some understanding to the game I'm going to be putting together. If you're motivated to play, simply PM me, or leave a message here and I'll add you to my contact list as to when the game develops, and the website is released.

Have a nice day everyone.

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Re: Calling forth avid, and mature roleplayers.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Drako11 on Mon Oct 08, 2007 10:58 am

Sounds very very interesting. I will definitely check ito ut. If it isn't to much trouble PM or E-mail me when you get the game up.
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Re: Calling forth avid, and mature roleplayers.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Fullmetal Ky on Fri Oct 12, 2007 6:19 am

Ahhh Ultima Online. My first and only real love as far as MMORPG's go. Until that blasted EA took over and released Age of Shadows. It all went downhill from there! *shakes fist skyward*

I'd enjoy being kept in the loop about this game, if you wouldn't mind. My email is

My thanks.

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