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Calming The Raging Liger

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Calming The Raging Liger

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Draruto on Wed Sep 28, 2016 8:53 pm

Vyxen Rex threw her PSX-440D Demonhauk around in brutal dogfighting manauvers. Her anger, notorious for it scale and staying power, was fully concentrated on her misogynistic ex fiancé. His words, all mancho and self centered, burned in her mind like a nuclear blaze. "FRELLING BASTARD!" she screamed into the helmet mic. Minutes passed before she leveled her fighter out and saw the other fighters give her a wide berth. 'Respect and fear, is that all I have left in this cruel universe?' she wondered to herself. Pointing the Demonhauk towards the space station Vyxen began to leash and wall off her anger so she could operate in the debriefing.

Entering the squadron ready room ahead of the others, she took her regular spot behind the CAG's empty chair. Resting her head on a hand, Vyxen plugged in her flight pad and heard it sync with the mainframe. 'Should I request a leave of absence?' she wondered. Once the debriefing began minutes later, she watched members of her squadron give their reports on the training mission. Tuning out midway through it Vyxen recalled a bakery she visited months ago.

A small place with descent variety of goods, that she'd planned on returning to once she had time. 'Wonder how that four foot ten pixie is during?' she mused. Glancing over her shoulder, Vyxen sighed inwardly. "Lieutenant Rex." snapping her gaze forward at her name. She saw that the rest had cleared the room. Standing up she faced the CAG with a stoic empression. "The captain heard what you barked over the radio," 'Shit. Shouldn't have done that.' Vyxen thought. "And thought it best that you get some r&r. Here are your orders and a sighed release for the ownership of the PSX-440D to you." Keeping her expression blank at the unexpected news, she nods and took the orders. "Good bye lieutenant." "Goodbye sir."

Retrieveing her flight pad, Vyxen returned to the hanger to find her Demonhauk repainted in her old racer's scheme. "Reaper blue and crimson, been awhile since I've seen that." she said softly. Pausing to notice that the military markings were also gone. She looked back, taking in the sight of the normal goings on. Climbing in the cockpit Vyxen ran through a truncated start up list as the Demonhauk was moved to the maglev catapult. Opening the nav screen with a thumb swipe, she sets a course to Alpha Centari 3.

Taking a breath for luck, Vyxen braced as the fighter was launched. Looking around once she was cleared of the launch tube Vyxen flipped her radio to a rarely used civilian frequency. 'Will I find someone to calm my unrelenting anger?' she found herself asking. Know that there wasn't a forthcoming answer. Rolling on her starboard wing she firewalled the throttle and saw stars turn into streaks of light. Hearing the constant low level rumble of the impulse/warp radial engine cut through space Vyxen activated the autopilot. Sitting back, she pulled the visor over her face and drifted into a dreamless combat nap.

Emerging from her nap as the Demonhauk decelerated from warp, Vyxen shook off any remaining traces of sleep. "One step at time Rex. You have the R&R days saved to liger." she told herself. Banking away from her entry vector, she angled her fighter towards the fifth planet. Maneuvering into a stand off orbit, Vyxen sent her landing request and thought she had a lengthy wait in store. But the acceptance notice came back within five minutes. Which puzzled her, as she remembered it took over six hours last time. 'Figure it out later, decompress now so I don't explode on an innocent bystander.' she thought.

Once she went the orbital telporter, Vyxen sets her Demonhauk down on the abandoned Rex family outpost just southwest of the city. Memories of another time flickered through her mind. Shaking them away, she climbed out the cockpit and watched as the automated platform swapped her fighter for a Hayabusa Quantum ZR-10 airbike. "Not as abandoned as it looks." she murmured softly. Mounting the airbike Vyxen powered up the engine and watch her helmet's inner visor became a miniature HUD. 'Sweet. Let's go.' she mused, zooming away. Weaving between slower moving vehicles she grinned.

"Tell me Venus, will I ever find calm and love?" she inquired aloud. Skidding to a hover near an ariel intersection, she looked around and took in the beauty. 'Could live here, wouldn't be bad place settle after retiring.' she thought. Resuming after afew seconds Vyxen gradually zoned out as time raced by. Thoughts of the bakery pixie flickered like video clips in her mind. "She was kinda cute." Vyxen said, as decision formed. 'To get pass the bastard, I'll hook up with her. And hope she can calm my rage.' she mused, while bringing the airbike to a skidding stop.

Resuming her ride after a few seconds at the ariel intersection, she saw the restaurant district just a head. Setting down on top of a parking garage Vyxen locked up the airbike and secured her helmet under it's seat. Stretching, she wandered down to street level. Putting on her mirrored blue lenesed sunglasses Vyxen paused. And subconsciously began to scan for targets and escape routes. Her years of having to live in a family at war with it self rearing it's head. While she managed to avoid most it when she was younger, her teenage years weren't so lucky. After her parents death, she bounced around from relative to relative till running off and joining a free lance space pursuit squadron. Which lead to the disastrous relationship with the bastard.

Meandering through the crowd, she hooked thumbs in her belt loops and read menus. "Hey Rexi-chan!" Glancing back, Vyxen saw her one time Futani lover, Amateratsu, waving at her. Slowing her pace she allowed the Futani to catch up and felt loop an arm in hers. "What brings you back here Rexi-chan?" Vyxen rolled her eyes at the Futani's tone. 'Sorry chick, but I'm not here to be with you.' she thought. "R&R after a failed relationship. Plus there's girl I want to see." Vyxen replied. Seeing Amateratsu's hopeful emotion rapidly deflate she glanced up and released a small sigh. "Look, you may be a nice person. But you aren't my type." she said gently. Feeling the Futani rest her head on top her shoulder, Vyxen came to stop at the small sit down bakery. "Let go Amateratsu." she commanded softly. Once she was free of the Futani's grasp Vyxen entered and sat at corner table. 'There she is, the four foot ten barkery pixie.' she thought, settling in for a long wait.

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