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[OOC] Cast of Characters

Postby Ninja Vanish on Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:51 pm



*Lord Elias Hawke // Lord of the House.
-- Son of Castor Hawke. Father of Draiken and Sophie Hawke. Husband to Juliet Hollister.
-- Brave. Wise. Forgiving.
-- 53 years old.

*Naomi Remington // Dead wife of Elias Hawke's.
-- Mother to Draiken and Sophie Hawke.
-- Died at 36.

*Lady Juliet Hollister // Lady of the House.
-- Husband of Elias Hawke. Daughter of Brennus Hollister.
-- 37 years old.

*Draiken Hawke // Prince of Lanchester // Portrayed by Ryan Gosling.
-- Son of Elias Hawke and Naomi Remington. Brother of Sophie Hawke.
-- 23 years old.

*Sophie Hawke // Princess of Lanchester.
-- Son of Elias Hawke and Naomi Remington.
-- 19 years old.

*Dorian Hollister // The Golden Prince.
-- Son of Juliet Hollister and Gregory Remington.
-- 21 years old.

*Alistair Greene // Squire to Draiken Hawke.
-- Quiet and quick. Good listener. Dependable.
-- 18 years old.

*Lord Commander Darius Halycon // Commander in Chief of the Royal Guard of Lanchester.
-- Good leader. Quick-witted. Charming, brave, soldier.
-- 39 years old.

*Ser Duncan Lambert // The Lord's blacksmith.
-- Bitter. Easily annoyed. Tired.
-- 56 years old.

*Janos Huxley // Herbalist and Alchemist of the Apothecary.
-- 47 years old.

*Bruce Byron // The Lord's personal attendant.
-- 32 years old.

*Ser Jenson Silvercrest // Knight of the Private Guard // Portrayed by Hugh Jackman.
-- 38 years old.

*Ser Avery Cunningham // Member of the "Silverbacks", Lanchester's royal guard.
-- Nervously loyal. A genuinely good man.
-- 31 years old.



*King Elliot Brackard V // King of Olympus, the Capital City.
-- Son of Elliot Brackard V.
-- Youthful. Boastful. Agreeable. Excellent marksman.
-- 33 years old.

*Queen Evelyn Montague // Queen of Olympus, the Capital City.
-- Daughter of Byron Montague.
-- Stunning, cold, manipulative, clever.
-- 27 years old.

*Lord Commander Desmond McCallister // Commander in Chief of the Olympus Royal Guard.
-- Brave. Dependable. Unpredictable. Brilliant. Excellent duelist.
-- 36 years old.

*Demetrius Montague // Attendant to the Lord and Lady.
-- Queen Evelyn's younger cousin.
-- A ruthless people pleaser. Vain, proud, clever. Cares about nothing but wealth and status.
-- 25 years old.

*High Inquisitor Roland Von Pontius // The interrogator, detective, and seer of all.
-- Intimidating and incriminating. Charming, deductive, and full of resources.
-- 47 years old.

*Fenix Brackard // Prince of Olympus, the Capital City. Lord of House Brackard.
-- Eldest son of Elliot Brackard IV and Evelyn Montague.
-- 10 years old.

*Geoffrey Brackard // Baby Montague.
-- Son of Elliot Brackard and Evelyn Montague.
-- 2nd Eldest son of House Brackard.
-- 3 years old.

*Jamison Linus // Uncle of King Elliot Brackard V.
-- Stalwart, Clever, Menacing.
-- 57 years old.

*Lillian Brackard // Princess of Olympus, the Capital City.
-- Eldest daughter of Elliot Brackard V and Evelyn Montague.
-- Inventive, well-spoken, polite.
-- 9 years old.

*Elizabeth Brackard // Daughter of Elliot Brackard.
-- 2nd Eldest daughter of House Brackard.
-- 7 years old.



*Lord Robert Renwald // Late Lord of the House.
-- A wealthy and missed man.

*Lady Morgana Isilian Renwald // Lady of the House. Widowed wife.
-- 23 years old.
-- Expert in poisons.

*Michael Rush // Overseer of the House. Trusted hand of Lady Morgana.
-- Caretaker for the Lady.

*Isabella // Handmaiden to Lady Morgana.
-- Young.
-- 14 years old.

*Bernadette // Handmaiden to Lady Morgana.
-- Rambunctious.
-- 15 years old.



*Lord Henry Murphy, the Third // Lord of the House.
-- Father of Prince Julius Murphy, Father of Tessa Locke, Husband of Lady Elizabeth Murphy
-- Wise. Corrupt. Bitter
-- 63 years old.

*Lady Elizabeth Murphy // Lady of the House.
-- Mother of Julius Murphy, Wife of Lord Henry Murphy
-- 54 years old.

*Julius Murphy // Prince of Stal // Protrayed by Gaspard Ulliel
-- Son of Lord Henry Murphy the Third, Brother of Tessa Locke Commander of the House Guard
-- Brave. Cold Hearted. Easily Annoyed.
-- 26 years old.

*Tessa Locke // Bastard Child
-- Sister of Julius, Denounced Daughter of Lord Henry Murphy
-- Bastard Child of Lord Henry Murphy
-- 23 years old



*Lord Fayden Daan // Late Lord of Dorwall.
-- Killed in defense of the city during the Ten Year War.

*Leon Daan // Eldest son of Fayden Daan.
-- Killed in defense of the city during the Ten Year War.

*Lord Issack Daan // Heir of House Daan. Current Lord of Dorwall.
-- Betrayed father and brother for the throne.

*Susan Daan // Only daughter of Issack Daan.


*Lord Arthur Montague // Lord of the House.
-- Son of Nicholas Montague and Bridgette Townsend.
-- 67 years old.

*Lady Vivian Locke // Lady of the House.
-- Daughter of Derek Locke and Aspen Darrows.
-- 61 years old.

*Jasper Hughes // Councilor to the Lord and Lady.
-- Attends and gives advice on financial and economical duties.
-- 38 years old.

*Commander Adam Dunham // Commander in Chief of the Crimson Guard.
-- Vigilant. Fierce. Quiet.
-- 43 years old.

*Ser Donovan Montague // Military Councilor to the Lord and Lady.
-- Brother to Arthur Montague, Father of Percival Montague.
-- Brooding war veteran. In charge of global relations.
-- 56 years old.

*Percival "Percy" Montague // Attendant to the Lord and Lady.
-- Son of Donovan Montague, Nephew to Arthur Montague.
-- Clever, manipulative, calculating.
-- 38 years old.



*Lord Odius Dunn // The late Lord of House Dunn.
-- Father of Markham and Aya Dunn
-- Married neither of his two mistresses
-- Died at 25

*Lord Philomere Dunn // Lord of the House // Portrayed by Timothy Spall.
-- Husband of Lorelei Dunn. Son of Andrak and Aria Dunn
-- 48 years old.

*Lady Lorelei Dunn // Lady of the House.
-- Wife of Philomere Dunn. Daughter of Gaius and Cherimole Flumere
-- 42 years old.

*Markham Dunn // House Heir Presumptive.
-- Son of Odius Dunn and Caroline Kronne
-- 25 years old.

*Aya Dunn // The fatherless daughter.
-- Daughter of Odius Dunn and Sarah Ellen
-- 24 years old.



*Lord Brennus Thorne // Lord of the Isles and Black Market. Lord Captain of the Tsunami Syndicate.
-- Called the "Pirate King".
-- 37 years old.

*Captain Henry J. Triton -- Captain of the "Jade Pearl", a pirate vessel.
-- Legendary smuggler of the sea.
-- 38 years old.

*Captain Alexio Kadmizzare // Captain of the "Vishanti".
-- 34 years old.



*Thomas Henry // A banker.
-- Uncle to Lady Morgana Renwald.

*Margaret Isilian Henry // A seamstress / dress-maker.
-- Aunt to Lady Morgana Renwald.

*Sophie Rafiki // A rough tavern owner // Played by Mary Stuart Masterson.
-- 23 years old.
-- Owner of Rafiki's Place in West Olympus.

*Ashton // Waitress at Rafiki's Place.

*Cade // Heavy lifter and extra muscle at Rafiki's Place.

*Mason "Longshot" Ostermark // A Warden of the Rangers of the East.
-- Patrols between Kensington and Laruzia.
-- 28 years old.

*Lurick Marlin // Head of Bora Men-at-Arms
-- 31 years old

*Hayden Winzer // Head Vintner of Bora
-- Appointed position
-- 19 years old.

*Emmett Warden // Abbot of Bora Monastery
-- Replaced longest standing Abbot in Boran history
-- 40 years old

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Re: [OOC] Cast of Characters

Postby Avella on Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:17 am

Are we still allowed to post for "Friday"?
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