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Castlevaina 3, Dracula’s Curse Rp

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Castlevaina 3, Dracula’s Curse Rp

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Sun Aug 12, 2007 10:07 am

Ooc: Whe I got off work last night, I was craving to play an old 2d game, and well, Im a big Castlevaina fan and was thinking of a new rp. So I got an idea.

Setting: 1476, In the small village called Warakiya in Romania. It’s a peaceful day as the town folks finish up there day, but little do they know what heads for them this night.

Castlevaina 3, Dracula’s Curse Rp (or ruffle along those lines.)

-No god all
–keep spam/ Flaming on the down low
-Don’t use other character unless you have there consent
-You can join anytime after the rp starts.
- When attacking , unless fighting large hordes of monster that respawn, you should declare your attack at the target you pick and leave it to the other persons better judgment weather the attack should hit them or not. Also this rule may apply to someone trying to grab something out of other peoples hands and stuff.

Example: wrong
“ Trevor lunged his whip right through Alucard’s head.” See? Now either Alucard dies right there or he lives with sounds a little godly.

“ Trevor lashes his whip at Alucard’s face.” This now allows Alucard a chance to defend himself.

-You can have up to 2 characters, Whether they be official or not. And if you want, you can control lesser enemies as well. You can also make your characters or use a list of Cv chars that would appear in this time.

Official Chars you can use.(unless you want to request for me to add another one.)

-Trevor Belmont: The member of the Belmont blood line in this day. He is a muscular man who wields the Vampire Killer! (A magic whip that was made to kill creatures of the night. In some games it leather others its metal. Ill let you chouse with one. If metal, it would be stronger and heavier,. The leather would be weaker and lighter and you would be able to swing off things with it. (You could do it with the metal one, but it would ne a lot harder.) ... 76-1479.29 for other info about him.

(Also the sub weapons he uses in this rp (along with any other people who have access to them) are Throwing daggers, throwing axes, holy water, Cross (works like a boomerang), Bible. The other sub weapons that can be fond (later in the rp) are pocket watch (stops time for five seconds. Its longer that it sounds.) Large cross (A large ray of holy light in the form of a cross engulf the user, uses up lots of energy.)

- Sypha Belnades : A young witch with a verity of spells at her disposal. But she lacks physical strength.
(No article about her and her powers sry. >_< So you can make your own up, just don’t get to godly. And keep the amount of spells she castes in one sitting in mind, It takes energy to cast spells, but this energy is gained through rest.)

-Grant DaNasty: A nimble pirate (who’s has the skills of a ninja.) He can do all kinds of crazy speedy things. (No article about him >_< He uses knifes and throwing daggers, along with the other sub weapons the Belmont’s use.)

-Alucard (Adrian Farenheights Tepes) : the Dhampir swordsman son of Drac himself. Alucard rebels against his father for his evil ways. for rest of his bio.
Can also use hellfire. (Lifts cape up and shoots three fire balls.) He can transform into a bat, a wolf and a cloud of mist. Can use the Belmont sub weapons. But to be fare, Alucard should have to find his, Because Alucard is already strong.

- Count Dracula (Vlad Tepeşs) The main villain of the rp. But trust me, I’ve rp count cool as it sounds..its boring as hell. Because all he ever dose his sit in his throne room and drink blood from a wine glass, and when the time comes, and the only action he sees is the final fight (witch 99% of the time he dies.) But if you want to rp him, go right ahead. other info about drac.

- Death: Dracula’s confidant. He is one of the most powerful minions of Dracula and is blindly loyal to him. To rp death is slightly less boring then the count him self, because whenever the group makes progress, he will show up and give a spiel on how you will face the end, and how powerful his master is and so on. Death sortta speaks in old English but dose not use contractions. He would say “Do not” appose to “don’t”. other info about death.

If you want to make your own chars, he is the guidelines.

Other items:
Other info:

Also, ill use any official characters that noone is using, but if someone joins later in the rp and wishes to use them, Then I will gladly give them to them. Im going to wait until we have at least three people to start.

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