Challenge: Ash

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Challenge: Ash

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Orochimaru on Sun Feb 25, 2007 10:48 am

((OOC: My profile is posted here since I may use this for other roleplays. I don't like using overly-powerful characters since it takes the fun away sometimes.))

A chorus of whistling orchestrated alongside a rhythm of rustling was all to be heard within a dense forest a few miles east of the nearby town. It was a fine morning - the air was crisp and refreshing with a hint of a herbal scent, probably from the abundance of foliage. The ground was soft and moist with mildew, yet firm. The morning sun's blaze had died down and now emitted a warm golden glow, glistening against the mildew amongst the leaves and the grass.

This blissful scene was beautiful, until a riot of noise invaded the scene. Trees began to rustle with excitement and energy, and a clapping against the wood could be heard as something regularly smacked against the branches of the trees. The source ran riot through the forest and eventually stopped at a clearing, where there was a small oasis accompanied by berry-laden trees. To one forest dweller, this was called 'home'.

The source had revealed itself - knelt beside the oasis with his head dunked into the water was a well built man. He had dunked his head right into the water, almost as if he was attempting suicide. A few seconds passed, and a plume of water splashed up as he lifted his head up and shook it to release any excess drops of water out of his hair.

"Heh, that's good!" he rejoiced, enjoying his drink. He shook his hair again, rolled backwards onto his feet and headed towards the trees to tuck in to what will be his breakfast. Berries and fruit.

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