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Chaos Revelations- The New World Raids

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Chaos Revelations- The New World Raids

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Synik on Sat Sep 01, 2007 12:25 pm

It is the year 985 A.D. and the raids have begun. Clans uniting from Greenland and Norway have come together to set ships asail side by side to eliminate all Indian and others who come in their paths. As day breaks the sharp winds roll across the glaicers and flat icy lands, smoke rises as a viking outside sets a bundle of dead grasses ablaze. Others peek out of their tents as they lace up their amours and get ready to eat before the raids to the " New World" begins.

Group status:
Viking, Indian, or other:
Other professions and skills:
Items traveling with:
History if any:

Name: Synik Wulfrunner
Age: 24
Group status: Chieftain
Viking, Indian, or other: Viking
Clan Name: Howling Clan
Weapons: A small flint dagger on the side of boot, Double headed axe, willow crafted bow with a small quiver over the other shoulder.
Other professions and skills: Great at tracking and camoflauging. Has a hunger for slaughtering.
Items traveling with: Small backpack and pouch of: gold coins, rolled up tent and blanket made of bears skin, wooden untensils, flint and straw, rope and limestone for sharpening blades.
Appearance: Synik has long blonde hair, parts of it are braided and others neat, but thick and bushy. Also has a thick and rough beard and mustache. His eyes are icy blue and he has a small scar on the left side of his face from a bear. ( Same bear that is his tent and blanket :D ) He wears thick deer skins layered and blackened with oil. His hide armour is also layered with bones and is washed after every battle. For the most part of his armour he wears Norweigan crafted shoulderplates and a thin layer of chainmail under this deerskinned chestplate and armguards. His helmet replicates one of his vision of Odin and Freya. It was made from molten iron and is in the shape of a rectangeled lantern, the face mask is three bars across and two bars down all lined with bones. Two large horns are crafted on the sides of the helmet with a large spike forged on the front of the helmet to replicate the dragon. His size is large. He is very muscular and has been rumored of killing a whole indian village with a single arrow.
History if any: Synik was the son of Eisengwar a great chieftan who was on of the main viking leaders who encouraged peace amongst the dragon clans. At age 10 Synik was sailing with his father and going on raids with "The Dragonheads" one of the most feared clans in all of Europe. At age 17 Syniks father was captured by an indian village. There he was stones and set on fire. By the time the rest of the clan made it to the village Eisengwar was dead and the village is known as Moonseve. After surviving most of the rest of the Dragonhead clan Synik soon found himself as the last. After sailing to Iceland it is here he was challenged by a cheiftain of the Wulfgulch Clan. It is here that Synik defeated the cheiftain and took lead of the viking clan renaming it, and spreading rapidfire terror across the whole Eastern side of Europe and the artics.

Synik laced up his armour as he crawled out of his tent. He could smell the smoke from the fire from inside the tent and was curious as to what, if anything, they were cooking for the clans first meal of the day. As Synik walked over to the flames he say a split setup over the fire, but nothing was cooking. " Still alive?" a clansmen called out as the others laughed. Synik smiled as he replied. " Yes, it is good to see you aswell Siglor." Synik paused as he looked around the site counting the tents. "Have the archers already set out to catch our food?" Synik asked as Siglor looked up and replied, " Yes, we heard a bear growling from about a mile away. The hunters went to track it hoping to find a cave of them in hibernation." "In other words an easy kill, and praise from the clan." Synik interupted as he snarled at the thought of their intents. Synik heard a eagle call in the winds from the north, it was one of his hunters ensuring that they were bringing back a kill.
" I'll fight through the gates of hell to claim this land for the Howling Clan."

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Re: Chaos Revelations- The New World Raids

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby HorusTheHeretic on Mon Sep 03, 2007 9:17 am

Name: Shikoba Shanawadithit

Age: 27

Group status: Warrior

Viking, Indian, or other: Beothuk Indian

Weapons: (All Painted with Red-Ochre) Two tomahawks, hickory longbow, a tall, vaguely diamond shaped shield made of oak and leather, a small flint knife, and a spear with two eagle feathers.

Other professions and skills: Skinning, leatherworking, hunting, weapon-making, and some woodworking.

Items traveling with: An animal-hide blanket, flint and iron, torches, waterskin, as much jerky as he can carry, and a quiver of arrows.

Appearance: Shikoba is tall and muscular, standing high above nearly everyone else in his tribe at a towering 6'7". His hair is long and dark, and entwined with a multitude of odd trinkets, such as a faun shinbone and red wooden beads. He has dozens of scars that he wears with pride from his many battles. His eyes are smoky grey and his skin is tan, almost red, as are his people and he almost always his red ochre war paint. He generally wears layers of bear-skin clothes to keep warm in frigid Newfoundland, but in the heat of battle he will often strip down to a single shirt and pants, to give him more freedom of movement. He always has at least his knife and a tomahawk on him, but often carries the rest of his gear as well.

History: Shikoba was born the first of three children to a weak and sickly man of the Beothuk tribe. Luckily, his mother's hardy, powerful blood won out, and Shikoba grew up to be the largest and strongest man in the tribe. At five, he hunted down and killed three caribou by himself, and fed the entire tribe for days. At seven, he killed a bear alone. More and more success stories occurred over the years and Shikoba more than redeemed his father's name. Shikoba is a man of few words, letting his actions speak for themselves. He is average in nearly every other way, including intelligence, except for his legendary patience, but his skills in the ways of war more than make up for it. He is the greatest warrior in Newfoundland, and will likely become chieftain once the present leader dies, but he is perfectly content with serving and defending the tribe from any who threaten it...


Shikoba finished the caribou off with a single stab from his spear and slung it over his back. He carried it through the white, frigid woods, the snow crunching beneath his feet as six-hundred pounds of man and animal sank into it, and hauled the carcass all the way back to the village.

If the people had not witnessed such feats of strength on a regular basis, they might have been surprised, but such was not the case. They welcomed him back, and the women came over to begin dressing and preparing the kill for dinner, while he went back to the shield he was crafting in his small cabin.

The shield was nearly finished. All he had to do now was apply the deer-hide and paint it, then it would be ready to present to his nephew for his coming of age.
"It used to be that our elected officials were veterans of World War II, Vietnam, or the Civil Rights Movement. But with the election of Jesse Ventura in Minnesota and Arnold Schwarzenegger in California, I foresee a day when all our leaders will come from the movie Predator. Think about it. Governor Carl Weathers. No wait: Senator Predator. I bet he has some pretty interesting things to say about tort reform."
- Stephen Colbert

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Re: Chaos Revelations- The New World Raids

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Synik on Mon Sep 03, 2007 2:37 pm

Synik peered at the direction of the eagle calls as he saw a small group of three hunters dragging a bear and two deer behind them on a sled. They were moving pretty fast for the their small build, but strength was a deciding factor of the Viking community. As the sled got closer and closer, Synik ordered two other men to greet and help the hunters skin and prepare the animals for roasting. " Ah, a well catch!" Synik yelled to the hunters as the looked up through their helmets, Synik predicting a smile from them. Synik looked around the camp once more as he made sure everyone was now awake or atleast if they weren't now they were. Synik let out a yell throughout the camp as all the clan looked ahead lacing their armours and grinning at the sight of the fire. " Breakfast will be ready in twenty minutes. Be ready or you'll starve til the next meal." he yelled as the hunters drug the bear over to the split running the speared tip through the raw meat. Two splits we now setup holding the meat from the bear as another was being made from two near branches for the deer.

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