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Character Bio and Progress: VegaArchAngel

a topic in Vffekt's Challenge, a part of the RPG forum.

A challenge to all Roleplayers that wish to see their limits and grow from there.

Character Bio and Progress: VegaArchAngel

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby VegaArchAngel on Tue Dec 12, 2006 1:42 pm

Name: Vega
Race: Angel (Seraphic Choir)
Rank: Temp leader of Heaven, in the creator deity's absense.
Age: 103 (Appears as in his early twenties)
Date of human Death: 23
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 115 kg (Including wings)
Eyes: Entirely blue/black(situational) with white lightning inside
Hair Colour: Blonde




Vega's lived a very long life to say the 'least, he was born in the living world as a regular child, however his upbringing was harsh. He had a brother who was born through rape rather than love, and due to this, Vega's mother was particularly harsh to his younger brother Seidaki. They grew up soon enough, Seidaki was a common thief, with a violent nature, Vega was more calm and reserved.. however the day soon came where Seidaki killed his own mother. Vega was distraught from this, however he loved and respected his brother very much, so eventually he let it slide. The teenagers grew up soon after, Seidaki was taken in by the thief's guild of their home city, while Vega was apprenticed to a powerful runemaster. Seidaki and Vega still kept in touch, dispite the different worlds in which they now lived, one particular incident that the two got involved in however lead to their capture and death.. Seidaki was rescued in a midnight bail by his own guild, Vega's master let his own apprentice to rot. This occured 5 years after he had been taken in under his wing.

Vega's soul ascended to Heaven, and through the celestial gates he passed, only to be paused by a stunning young woman, six brilliant white wings sprung from her back, and bathed her in a magnificent holy radiance. She and her companions referred to her as Moonlight, at that time she was the leader of Heaven's army. Moonlight gave him an offer; his knowledge of the runecrafting profession would prove useful in combat, as well as his combat abilities developed with his Brother, allowed him to redeem a copy of his physical form.. and after a fierce battle with another angel named "Shantoku", he was offered the same base for similar abilities. Moonlight used a strange dagger to carve two holes in Vega's back, from which white celestial wings sprouted. The difference between his and the others were the metal tips of each wing.

Vega's element alligned him with powerful thunder and lightning based attacks, being a master of both the wind and light elements, he combines both to form powerful ranged attacks. And having ascended to the level of Seraphic angel, his weapon's basic form is of a hovering orb of lightning. It's name is Deathbane, and with it comes four unique forms, three accessible in his Arch Angel form, and the fourth accessible only in his heightened Seraphic Angel form. The first three are a giant metalic Zweihander, forged entirely of black steel, and is seen with constant electrical currents surging along the outside of the blade. The second form is a metal gauntlet that he wears on his right hand to replace the current one, with this as his weapon he is able to amplify his magical spells and prepare them before use inside three clear chambers on the upside of the gauntlet, it's purpose is to increase magical power and reduce casting time, in this form he is almost completely useless in melee combat. His third weapon is a rifle, looking similar to what one would expect from a sci-fi movie, under the barrel is a cubic chamber with a semi-transparent white solid, inside a dim blue glow is seen. From the chamber one small tube extends up from it to the base of the gun barrel, the second tube is formed out of black steel, and buries itself into Vega's arm, accessing some of his more unique abilities. The fourth is a simple one-handed blue hilt, from it he can form any weapon of his choosing out of the thunder, light, or wind element. The power of this fourth weapon is a lot greater than that of the first three. Vega is also known to carry a one-handed long sword, with a simple appearance hilt-wise, the blade glows with a strong white haze, and at the base of the blade a small runic emblem is carved.

In his earlier days in Heaven, Moonlight assigned Vega as one of the "Shadow Angel's" this was also initiated by a similar dagger removing the wings of Vega, not permanent however, the magics from the strange dagger did transform him to a complete shadow of himself, his body and clothing was entirely black, and pulsated with bolts of electricity which were also black. His eyes shone a faint yellow. This form was seen only for a few seconds, roaring out with the cry of a demon, a large orb of darkness engulfed the area known as "Shadow World", in it Vega was trapped for a year, before finally overcoming this new transformation, reverting back to his original angelic appearance. Shadow World is a passive ability in this transformation, which restricts the enemy senses, as well as completely blinding them. In this form Deathbane also succumbs to the darkness, and transforms into a giant scythe, with the name 'Dreadbane'

==Other Notable Events==

In one of his first assignments, having finally completed both Arch Angel and Shadow Angel combat training, he was sent to the human world to kill a weakened demon. Within a heavy area of forest, a large tower stood at it's center, no one dare ventured within the forest due to the number of earth-living demons that inhabbited the forests. The tower was like a game to them, whoever was at the top plate was their leader, and for months it was held by a demon with the appearance of a 10 year old, he had black angelic wings and used a scythe as his weapon. His name was Acropaethis, and Vega was sent to vanquish the kid-demon king. If it weren't for two other demons challenging him for his throne, Satsuriku and Styxeses, Acropaethis would have killed Vega easily, in his weakened state after repelling the two previous challenges however, he soon met his end to the Angel after a long battle, the tower is now uninhabbited and in ruins, at it's peak the scythe remains embedded in stone, Acropaethis now resides in hell.

Many years after his death in Earth, his previous runecraft master slowly sank into the depths of insanity, he was studying death based runes, as well as their combination with life based runes, he developed the art as a means of raising the dead and attempting to bind souls to the corpses, he was only able to experiment on the body of one though.. the body was Vega's human deceased form, and constructing a mysterious white mask, etched with a pentagram rune on the forehead, he placed it over the body's rotting face. Binding it to the body with other runes etched into the skin, the body soon came to life, something about the experiment also binded a soul into the body. He announced himself as Damien, in tribute to being the spawn of hell. And his first action was killing his own creator, along with the magic and arcana district of the city that he resided in, escaping into the night he went into hiding, emerging years later as one of Vega's assignments. Vega wasn't able to do much against the demon, he was simply a berserker, who moved as fast as Vega, but was much more adept at combat. The fight raged on, and Vega was brought near death, catching a lucky strike to the mask, it began to crack.. Damien hesitated for a moment, and then fled, leaving a mere fragment of his mask behind. Vega went unaware of the fact that he was fighting another form of himself.

On Halloween, the souls in heaven open the gate to earth, binding the two worlds for 24 hours, while the souls are visiting the earth, the pathway that is formed between the two worlds supplies Heaven with an infinite source of power, it's origin goes unknown to this day. Angel's of the past have made use of this day to form new wings for themselves, as well as absorb as much of the power that they can into these new forms. Vega formed six wings in the likeness of his original two, out of pure electricity, the power absorbed into his form made him into a being of immense power, and no one could even get close to him without being shocked by intense electrical currents. Having done this without the guidance of another angel however, he forgot to form his Halo, not being a true seraphic ascension due to this minor detail, it was a gateway to an even more stunning power. As long as he remains in the current form for 10 minutes, his halo then appears atop his head as a crown of electricity, and his entire form shifts to a state similar to what his wings are in. The greatest increase in his abilities is his speed, but becoming an entirely elemental entity, he also becomes immune to most melee based attacks.

Years went by, Vega's boredom increased, and he soon escaped from the heavenly realm, and chose to reside on earth for a few years. He chose a place near the demond infested forest, but to his dissapointment, most of the demons were already vanquished, the change was recent however, and Vega took it upon himself to investigate. Several uneventful days passed, on a sunday he met a strange man on one of his checks.. the man had wings fashioned entirely black similar to the ones of Acropaethis, he was adult however and bore no physical resemblance to the demon king. The man announced himself as Darbracken.. he added that he had an intense hatred for Angels. Knowing what Vega was straight away, he attacked indiscriminately, his first few assaults consisted of illusionary abilities, Vega fought back with his own strengths, and the battle drew to a quick conclusion, both parties being forced to flee as a stalemate was the only thing that could occur. Other then that, Vega led a pretty boring uneventful life.. and returned to Heaven.

The gates of Heaven were in ruins, wings ripped from the backs of an army of angels littered the gateway, mingled with the blood of his comrades.. horrified Vega went on. Inside the gates, corpses were everywhere, blood and feathers were all that he could really see, along the the ruined buildings on the horizon, survivors only spoke of a man with black angelic wings, and pointed in the direction of Valsedor, a strange and ancient tower that was there before the rise and establishment of Heaven, a tower that seemed to even predate time itself. Vega approached the tower that was bound shut.. all that there was here were flowers turned to black, with a dark aura enshrouding the vicinity in a gray fog. To this day it remains in the same state, after the reconstruction and recreation of Heaven under Vega's rule, he forbids anyone but himself to go anywhere near the place.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Vffekt on Tue Dec 12, 2006 5:53 pm

Well done, but I hope I can expect you to go over the typos and format there so people can understand. You're still the top contender right now, but as I've added this to the forum's Roleplays, you may not keep that rank for long.

Watch your back.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby vagabond on Wed Dec 20, 2006 8:33 pm

*nods* very nice I must say. Your challenges, I would think, might be more ferocious, seeing as how Vffekt's history with angels ain't exactly hugs and puppies >< That is, if he remembers what happened back then

Though if anyone were to defeat him, I'd put my money on an angel *nods again*
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Vffekt on Wed Dec 20, 2006 8:36 pm

To be honest, Vffekt doesn't remember, but feels instinctive animosity. The fight between Bel and Vega was very intense and suspensful.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby VegaArchAngel on Thu Dec 21, 2006 2:39 am

[align=center]Vega's Current Progression:


Vega vs. Enslaved

[16:28] <Vicious> The pleasurable air that poured into one’s lungs, suffocating all misery and malice. It poured into the various souls of Heaven’s domain like syrup. Warmth and comfort was there for any who would accept it. Any, that is, with the exception of it’s finest honed warriors. Their bodies and minds were purified of these ignorantly blissful extras for the lingering disembodied souls.
[16:28] <Vicious> Even the farthest reaches of the Kingdom of Kingdoms were soaked in this bountiful paradise, nothing left to ruin, nothing resembling hell in the least, save for those meant to fight off it’s fiery embrace.
[16:28] <Vicious> From the soil beneath to the sky above, all could feel the influence of the creator’s essence, though it seemed that being was either sleeping or had long forgotten this plane of reality. Then again, whether it was the One Being or one of many was mortal speculation.
[16:28] <Vicious> Regardless of it’s makeup, this place was now tainted. A black scourge rushed through the air like tendrils of wickedness. Not evil by any means, but when something so real lay hand on Heaven’s purity, it’s taint was as vile as an airborne poison, infecting the souls with doubt and fear, sending their spirits restlessly into chaos. From the center of this infection, from a glowing blood-red crack in the ground, rose a
[16:28] <Vicious> Not unlike some of their more eccentric Archangels, the man in a buckled black coat seemed to float without wings. Flying without wind, and without lift or thrust. His eyes closed and his hands behind his back, this malevolent figured stood alone, a solitary blemish on the face of this entire universe. The havoc only worsened as the otherwise joyful spirits caught sight of this monster.
[16:28] <Vicious> *:Cut:* man.
[16:28] <Vicious> Then eyes with the color forbidden, those eyes like blood opened with a cruel and sadistic smirk on his face were revealed. Suddenly this unclean taint was reinforced a hundredfold, now a truly evil taint that was instantly driving some souls beyond their limit, transforming them into demons of the highest order. Without thought, without word, these creatures approached their unquestioned lord and knelt.

[16:48] <Vega> :: From the horizon expanding around the tainted field a faint sound crept.. it made the sound of gusting wind, but in a beat similar to the hit of a drum. Word had reached the military post of a darkness invading the kingdom of heaven, panic arose immediately.. but one of the more steadfast angelic commanders, one who frequented the living realm answered the call. He had gathered as many troops as he could, and approached the scene with what seemed like hundreds of airborne angels, armed with swords, shield, and weapons crafted of arcane powers for the support units. At their lead, a simple looking muscular figure flew at a pace faster than his comrades behind. Golden strands hung
[16:48] <Vega> C1: over his brow, and formed a long pony tail at his trail, glistening orbs full of both anguish and determination shone a crimson radiance, his body was clad in barbaric armor, an array of leather hides stacked atop each other and decorated with armor platings of all sorts clung to his right shoulder, and lead a strap around his bare chest. He wore blue denim jeans, faded over the years, atop the pants were metal platings, in the shape of mighty sabatons, and upon his knees and up to his thighs were lighter metal platings, decorated with the seal of heaven's army. And pinned with a medallion of arcane amplification, worn only by the generals of the army.
[16:48] <Vega> C2: Vega spotted off into the distance a man clad in darkness, with demonic creatures at the ground below him bowed down in servitude. His reflex came into play, and an instant battle cry he made, followed by a call; "Come Forth, Deathbane!". On this call, his right hand glistened with an arcane orb of burning crimson for a moment, and bursting through the orb came a giant zweihander, the mighty two handed blade wielded with his own right arm shiverred for a moment, it's blade shifting between an array of grey and black, before locking itself on a midway colour, blue etchings depicting an ancient lost language forged its way onto the blade, when the markings were made, an explosion of thunder
[16:48] <Vega> C3: and lightning surrounded the weapon, making a constant crackling noise, never fading. Raising his hand once, and then pointing forward at the legion of demons below, he sent his troops to surround them, and hold attack. Vega himself approached the dark figure hovering in the air, getting a glimpse of his face, his heart skipped a beat, and he stopped a good 10 metres away, staring back at the man, no fear in his eyes, but an unsure emotion played in through his mind...
[16:48] <Vega> (( Tell me if there are any cuts you suspect in the lines, and then tell me to post them ))
[16:50] <Vega> C0 Cut: approached the scene with what seemed like hundreds of airborne angels, armed with swords, shield, and weapons crafted of arcane powers for the support units. At their lead, a simple looking muscular figure flew at a pace faster than his comrades behind. Golden strands hung
[16:50] <Vega> C1 Cut: in the shape of mighty sabatons, and upon his knees and up to his thighs were lighter metal platings, decorated with the seal of heaven's army. And pinned with a medallion of arcane amplification, worn only by the generals of the army.
[16:51] <Vega> C2 Cut:with his own right arm shiverred for a moment, it's blade shifting between an array of grey and black, before locking itself on a midway colour, blue etchings depicting an ancient lost language forged its way onto the blade, when the markings were made, an explosion of thunder
[16:52] <Vega> C3 Cut:but an unsure emotion played in through his mind...

[17:04] <Vicious> Raising a hand forward, his palm open and fingers together as if suggesting the opposing party to stop in their tracks. And stop they did, all but for the most familiar and yet most despised of them all. This blonde one with such horrifically human armor clad over the convincingly mortal form. All but him were swept from his sight by a force that was nearly unfathomable. Forced backwards, yet left unharmed.
[17:04] <Vicious> His other hand rose to the side, before dropping again and pointing one finger at the ground beside him. From this finger a creature wove itself from the base of his energy. A very small black thing, hardly more than a shadow that could hardly maintain any form for more than a few seconds before fading and forcing a different one.
[17:05] <Vicious> The demons already spawned from the doubt and darkness in the souls around this rotted gateway moved swiftly towards this Archangel with speed and power that their progenitors could not have imagined. Their power and intelligence enhanced a thousand fold but cut back by their lord’s mental leash.
[17:05] <Vicious> Surrounding the stellar being, with hunger in their eyes and their misshapen fangs cutting their very own flesh trying to reach towards this creature of holy light and stark conviction.
[17:05] <Vicious> The dark lord spoke simply, looking him over idly as his words rolled off the tongue as smoothly as one might expect from the Lord of Deceivers, “I am what these things call Vffekt!� Shrill and growling cries resounded, the demonic word for the most unspeakable evils spoken and causing them must unrest.
[17:05] <Vicious> “You may call my what my former masters knew me by. I am Vicious. I do not come to infect this world, but I do come for you, my boy.� Grinning, and flicking his wrist. The small and insubstantial mindless being of shadow and evil darted off in a slick blur like ink trailing down paper. It pierced through soul after soul in a relentless mission to spread the chaos further. “If you refuse my challenge, your entire
[17:05] <Vicious> *:Cut:* kingdom, your world will collapse at the hands of the simplest of things.�
[17:05] <Vicious> Demons roared as they were born from the pain and fear of the souls which spawned them. Leaving nothing of their former selves, only servants of cruelty and their all powerful masters remaining. His word was true, his eyes unflinching. None but the very finest warriors of this world could match the one whom held this power. “I challenge you to gain power from my strongest beasts, and finally face me in combat.�

[17:13] <Vega> :: Oh how he wished to be his usual self, and play words with the being infront of him, but at home he had a duty that had to be fulfilled. Listening carefully to the words of Vffekt, he nodded in an understanding manner. Expanding his wings somewhat as mere effect, the metal claspings on the end of each feather tip unfastened slightly, and each one let off a small charge, orbs gathered at the largest opening of each clasp
[17:13] <Vega> C1: and crackled slightly with the sound of electricity. "Call them off at once, unless you wish to force my hand and tear them of their existance, we _will_ speak of this like mature adults, 'less you want to show off your toys some more like a simple minded child! I have seen your powers, you need not give any more proof.." he felt his pride slipping as he spoke, but did so in a tone that didn't let himself down completely.
[17:13] <Vega> C0: and each one let off a small charge, orbs gathered at the largest opening of each clasp
[17:13] <Vega> C1: he felt his pride slipping as he spoke, but did so in a tone that didn't let himself down completely.

[17:21] <Vicious> With nothing more than a nod, the wicked being took his winnings. Unable and unwilling to convert these things back into the pure and useless things they were. Instead he gestured towards the shadowy creature that was continuing what his aura had been doing passively. It turned in mid-motion and rushed through the chests of every demon thus far created. Those like dogs, and those like men alike were slain without a
[17:21] <Vicious> As it passed through each of them, it grew in power, growing longer and sharper, more powerful. Ending it’s journey by thrusting into Vicious’ chest and not out the other side, he staggered back slightly as all the powers and all the souls of those consumed allowed him to grow slightly beyond what he was. Nothing could be seen physically, but one could feel his aura expand just a little.
[17:21] <Vicious> “Follow me, ye Acolyte,� He spoke without malice, or even a hint of demonic taint. His power was quite suffocating to those that could sense the levels of others, impossible to ignore once felt. He dropped into the red pit, through a vortex torn violently between earth and it’s paradise. Dropping from the sky like a bullet, he landed softly at the very edge of a cliff, looking down.
[17:21] <Vicious> *:Cut:* word.

[17:32] <Vega> :: Grinning softly, words raced through his mind; "This should be fun" was worded to himself. And willing it to be, the orbs upon his wing tips faded, and the metal clasps bound together again, releasing a current through his body.. lightning spiraled around him for a single second, before he stretched his wings back, and went into a freefall, plumetting towards the vortex below him, a grin of excitement was on his lips.
[17:32] <Vega> C1: Behind Vffekt, the giant zweihander crashed down, and stuck into the earth, cracking the surface of the land around very slightly. The sword didn't lose it's thunder effect for a moment, something one would expect from a weapon bestowed by God to the seraphic angels of Heaven. And moments after Vega landed next to it, his wings wrapped around both himself and the blade, and from one knee he slowly stood again,
[17:32] <Vega> C2: and moving his hand to the sword hilt, he chanted "Shift!", his bracelet grew further, changing to a steel gauntlet, with thick iron plating. Parting his wings, and letting them rest in their respective position behind him, he spoke; "So... not Vicious now huh? I didn't think it possible for him to lose any more of himself.. what do you want this time? Oh and you can loosen up a bit.. the way you talk shits me."

[17:46] <Vicious> With a flare to his coattails the dark lord turned and laughed rather darkly, but loudly so that he showed no restraint around this weakling of a creature. Likely an extremely powerful entity by any other standards, not worth the energy it would take to shatter his existence. With the intent to build himself a worthy rival, he refrained from destroying this wretch and responded ‘like an adult’.
[17:46] <Vicious> “My name is Vicious, the demons titled me Vffekt. It is truly a compliment among the wicked. Though without mercy I am, I do not seek wanton destruction. I know not how you know my name or my form, but whoever it is you did know died quite a while ago. Stripped of power and sanity, I was formed of that soul. You will learn more later if you can manage to survive.� A wink came, before the man’s body shattered into a
[17:46] <Vicious> *:Cut:* hundred black widow spiders, spraying in all directions.
[17:46] <Vicious> Their poisonous fangs went to sink into the divine flesh of Vffekt’s enemy, but they were not nearly enough to pierce the blessed flesh. Where Vicious had stood now was revealed. Off the side of the extremely tall cliff was a completely massive coliseum. At it’s center, at the very bottom, was a small black creature that couldn’t move very much. In it’s stands stood thousands of hellish creatures.
[17:46] <Vicious> All cheered for the next challenger, the next show that their lord would grant them. Though they were aware the ensuing battle would likely destroy most spectators, they cared only for the carnage that would ensue.
[17:46] <Vicious> As Vega would approach the edge of the cliff, his wings would fade to ethereality. No longer able to hold his physical form as it had, hopefully only for the remainder of this battle. Surely this first challenge was meant to be fought on the arena floor.

[17:58] <Vega> ::Simply pacing through the spiders that leaped towards him, before making contact with his skin, they simply faded from existance, burning up in miniscule white flames. Upon reaching the edge of the cliff, he let forth a sharp whistle just as his wings had faded from his back. "Same as last time eh?" he said to himself as the clasps from his wings fell slowly, before sparking up with life, and then heading towards his body,
[17:58] <Vega> C1: each clasp parting somewhat creating the appearance of a diamond with a line cut up through it from the bottom to the center, at the base was a small hole, glimmering slightly with blue sparks. The clasps hovered slowly around his body, about 10 in total. Pacing backwards a tiny bit, he then ran towards the cliff edge, his body taking on the form of molten rock, a keepsake from the last time he was involved in these
[17:58] <Vega> C2: fights, he fell more quickly due to his increased body weight, the metal clasps following his every movement. He landed with a heavy thud, a small crater formed where he landed, glaring at his opponent, he held his right arm forward and announced "Shift!" A light one handed rifle of sorts formed in his hands, index finger on the trigger, and a hose reached out to his right forearm, and injected itself into his body,
[17:58] <Vega> C3: the hose lead to a blue glowing tank located on the bottom of the rifle's gun barrel. He aimed the weapon at the creature ahead of him, grinning wickedly.

[18:07] <Vicious> The would-be small creature was like a moving and shapeless rock. Almost like a mound of metallic flesh. But to the Archangel’s surprise, the earth around it began to tremble and crumble. A massive hole opened before him, and further until it reached the odd creature. Then it rose, revealing that it was truly a monstrously sized demon. Without any cognitive thought or planning, it rose in it’s heavy chains.
[18:07] <Vicious> Watching from a platform high above was the Lord Vicious, hands behind him. His eyes were calm and observant as the adamantium-shelled beast rose and shattered it’s bonds as the lust for the exceptionally delightful soul before him grew. Only it’s torso revealed from the fathoms of darkness below, the beast towered several stories above Vega. It made him seem no bigger than a finger.
[18:07] <Vicious> From it’s jaws dripped a sort of saliva, and from the cracks in it’s flesh dripped the same fluid, which burned deep holes in the earth it dropped to. The horrifically powerful acidic blood, as dangerous as passive fluids could possibly be, the nearly indestructible demon was merely a shell for Genocide incarnate.
[18:07] <Vicious> It bellowed monstrously and one claw swung downward to wear the young heavenly body stood his ground, swiping with the power of a hundred demons, crushing the ground to a dense stone with the pressure he put.

[18:23] <Vega> :: His reaction kicked in, jumping up swiftly, he dodged the hand completely, three of the clasps that surrounded his frame stayed beneath, and with an otherwordly speed, the three miniscule metal objects ripped through the giant hand of the Enslaved, not enough to damage him, but the things were mindless, and reacted only on what they were programmed to do. exiting from the beast's hand, they burnt up somewhat,
[18:23] <Vega> C1: not enough to damage them at all, but enough to coat the clasps with a small layer of hardened liquids. Vega at this moment landed on the wrist of the creature, and at the moment of initiated combat, a tube similar to the one entering his right arm protruded from the right side of his head, a simple glass screen attatched to it, and flailing for a moment upon exit of his body, and shaking off the blood that
[18:23] <Vega> C2: it carried, it stretched so that the screen covered Vega's right eye, on the micro-monitor a small cursor formed, followed by several lines of data collected by simply looking at the creature. Such as armor thickness, elemental properties, and a little circular cursor to show where the tip of his gun was aimed, with several other miniscule dots, showing where the clasps were aimed. Vega began to sprint up
[18:23] <Vega> C3: the arm of the Enslaved, Shock Rifle held out so that the cursor was positioned between the beings eyes, and with the pull of the trigger several times, mid-charge lightning bolts surged from the gun tip, spiralling up in an incoherant motion almost instantly, towards the creature's head. Their trajectory changed ever so slightly, as lightning does, however not enough to miss the target entirely.

[18:31] <Vicious> The little pricks of their attacks were as nothing to the beast. Probably painful to another being of it’s size, this felt no pain at all. No sense of touch at all, inside or out. It’s armor spilled the acidic blood endlessly, the hand now pouring it’s extremely potent fluid.
[18:31] <Vicious> The readout would display simply: 53 cm thick armor, 0 Elemental properties, Highly toxic and corrosive innards, Armor hardening to compensate and learn from his clasps. The metal was similar in molecular makeup to Titanium but was infused with demonic energies, which were then drained away to leave only a relatively sentient acid-filled monster. It’s strength was enhanced by seals carved into the underside of it’s
[18:31] <Vicious> *:Cut:* flesh.
[18:31] <Vicious> The other claw ripped at it’s own arm, aiming for it’s foe with relentless and dauntless energy, much swifter than a being it’s size should rightfully be able to move. If behind in step, it would only follow his dodges by a hair’s breadth, striking decisively right where Vega would intend to land. Though it lacked proper thought, it was not short of forming tactical plans.

[18:42] <Vega> :: Leaping upwards to avoid the arm, he noticed at that instance the creatures other arm leapt up for him as well, moving a lot faster, reacting to this, the metal clasps gathered under his feet, and then shot him up further, avoiding the creature, and throwing him with such force that he soon was above the creature, but only momentarily, the hand moved over the metal clasps, however not all emerged from the hand as
[18:42] <Vega> C1: it passed, only three would return to Vega for his protection, seven were inside. Projecting from his mind the orders for clasps 1 to 7 and instantly they set to work, they had already learnt the coordinates of the seals within the creatures body to enchance it's strength, and at that moment they formed above seal after seal, slowly eliminating them one by one by shooting forth a low charged laser meant for cutting
[18:42] <Vega> C2: from the little opening at the base of the opening in each clasp. Using the energy blades that they protruded, they began to slice around the seals, and from the outside, bits of flesh were seen falling from the creature to the ground. Vega had begun falling from his previous launch, aiming the rifle down towards the Enslaved, the three remaining clasps attatched to the tip of the rifle, extending the barrel by a
[18:42] <Vega> C3: considerable amount, and upon pulling the trigger, slightly more powerful and accurate beams were shot forth, his target again was the point between the enslaved's eyes, trying desperately to break through.

[18:51] <Vicious> The beast gave out a tremendous bellow and it’s endless supply of the thick substance sent a gushing wave of the red material pouring at Vega at intense speeds, the beast tearing at the air wildly and with such speed that it tore into the audience that cheered and gored itself in such a violent frenzy.
[18:51] <Vicious> This gathering was something that the Archangel had often hunted for, seeking the chance to slay this many dark ones to purify the earthen world that much more swiftly. And now, ironically, here he was entertaining them by fighting for his very life. The air was riddled with specks of that horrific acid, the blood river of Styx was nothing more than what this creature held, every drop shed stronger than any before it.
[18:51] <Vicious> And as suddenly as it rose from the ground, it slammed it’s claws into the side of the hole and allowed itself to drop into the depths of it’s cave. The darkness was blacker than ink and many times more mysterious and frightening. It’s roar could be heard loudly from above, as it prepared another attack.
[18:52] <Vicious> Looking on still, was the Lord, watching his pets dance together and hoping for a profitable outcome.

[19:00] <Vega> :: Issuing one final command for the 7 clasps within the creature, he formed them all at the neck of the beast, and commanding them into a ring formation, with the cannons pointing outwards, they shot out from the creatures neck, seven equally parted beams. Quickly rotating enough so a decapitation would hopefully occur. They then swiftly flew back out following their respective beams, and back up to Vega, pausing near
[19:00] <Vega> C1: his body, they were all burnt rather badly, a few with their armor worn thin, others with multiple layers of filth, one even emerged aflame. The others worked to quickly put the fire out. He glared at the hole in the stadium floor, wondering if the beast was truely slain..

[19:10] <Vicious> From the depths came a slosh, and suddenly a fountain spraying the massive monster’s blood in all directions. Then silence. Vicious could be heard laughing from above, but his wings had not been returned to him just yet. The fight didn’t feel over, and it was proven thus when a headless mass of extremely black meat leapt out. It’s blood could not be avoided, as it sprayed everywhere. Perhaps blocked somehow.
[19:10] <Vicious> A gurgle came from the exposed throat, it’s only opening was the throat and now it’s armor was completely and impassably hardened. Not even those little technological marvels could scratch the armor now and the Archangel’s sword began to resonate. Pulsing, crying out in silence to taste the enemy and punish it’s blasphemous existence. Then from above, Vicious spoke.
[19:10] <Vicious> “I have granted your blade, in all it’s forms, the durability of this beast in it’s ultimate form. And, it is now the only thing short of Chaos energy that could rend this best asunder. Do your best, boy.�

[19:26] <Vega> :: Vega widened his eyes for a moments as he looked at the beast, a slight feeling of disgust overcame him, but was soon dismissed by the curiousity that overcame him, looking down at the charged blade it began to resonate an impure aura, something he had thought impossible. The same occured for the clasps surrounding him, the severely damaged ones even went so far as to regenerate the damage they took, as the metal
[19:26] <Vega> C1: turned darker, the metal of the shock rifle also went darker.. The three clasps already attatched to the gun were reinforced in a triangle formation by another 6 of the clasps, the final one rested itself on the tip of the gun, even though the order had not been made, they simply reacted to another presense, or another form of coding that had gone undetected, it even went as far as raise his arm to point the gun
[19:26] <Vega> C2: at the chest of the creature.. and then to pull the trigger. A slight churning noise was made, slowly as particles gathered into each clasp, and formed an orb of crimson lightning at the tip of the rifle. Energy crept in at a rate he could no longer control, and two metalic structures shot out his back immediately, almost like metalic wings and such, but completely useless as far as flight went. They just opened
[19:26] <Vega> C3: at the tips, and vented both red and blue steam, mixed with the odd jolt of electricity. The charge only took about 5 seconds, before the orb simply faded, two seconds of silence passed before a gigantic laser erupted from the tip of the rifle, it's breadth was almost enough to engulf the creature entirely, but it made good of it's power, and pounded at the chest of the Enslaved, a few seconds would go by as the
[19:26] <Vega> C4: energy gathered at that point, attempting to break through the armor. Vega simply stared in awe as his mindless nature took control of his body, at the power that was granted.

[19:31] <Vicious> The beast bellowed with it’s last action, a roar erupting without vocal cords or any head to speak of. It’s open neck emit the dreaded shout as it lunged for him, but as it did it dissolved just as it would reach him. Gazing down still, the primary spectator snapped his fingers and a small red gem dropped from what little remained of the creature, and instantly it’s blood turned to ash.
[19:31] <Vicious> Filling the air quickly, the ash itself was rather toxic, but the gem dropped right before Vega. Demons screams, fleeing from the poison ash as it’s substance, it’s essence was robbed. Vega’s true wings suppressed the metallic expressions of newfound power, pulling them back in as the feathered protrusions took their place. Vicious smirked, as the land around the coliseum began to collapse into the pit.
[19:31] <Vicious> “Bon voyage, little soldier. Good luck.�

[19:34] * %Vega shuddered for a moment, claiming the red Gem, he watched as the clasps flew straight back to his wings, resting on the tips, as they respectfully should be. Not a stranger to this world, he decided to remain for a while, flapping his wings somewhat, he took to the sky, and disappeared over the horizon. ~fin~[align=center][/align]
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[align=center]SPOILER WARNING[/align]

Felhound Pursuit:

[16:53] <West> Brought to a thrilling and destructive climax, the battlefield was a smoking black hole in the ground, surrounded by rubble that could hardly be known as a coliseum. Standing at the highest spire of rock, which hung over the black pit, was the one and only Vffekt. Staring down into the black depths though the chalky ash that spun in the air around him.
[16:53] <West> A sphere of dust swirled around him thickly, his mastery of even the simplest element laid quite bare for his star contestant. Arms behind his back, it could be seen that an emblem representing seven elements was visible. A circle like the sign of Zen could be seen, but with seven sides overlapping rather than two. Each one coloring the dot at the center of the next.
[16:53] <West> Red, Icy blue, Black, White, Purple, Green were the colors that adored his back. Behind his shoulders were two sings that were identical. Whirring mixes of black and purple that seemed to actually stir against the black leather of his jacket.
[16:53] <West> The young, yet ancient man turned. Looking down towards the Archangel whom his heart swore to destroy, but his pride pledged to make his equal. “You have defeated my pet, and with that you have been granted the Stone of Toxins. Ingest it to gain the power of liquid fire. Poison that can kill any creature and destroy any substance, save for the metals it’s infused with.�
[16:53] <West> Bowing his head, the lord turned to smoke. The orb of wind that had cocooned him burst, sending the ash in the air to spill into the sky and quickly dissipate. The air cleansed and the warrior left to wonder what to do next. And from the black pit could be heard the growls of many feral beasts.

[17:01] <Vega> :: Vega stood still for a moment, holding the red gem in his hand, his body completely unscathed, however his stamina waning.. he took Vffekt's word for it, having experienced something of the like before. Raising his right hand to his open mouth, he consumed the gemstone, which then quickly turned to liquid upon contact with his tongue, and sweeped it's way down his throat... his body paused for a moment, before
[17:01] <Vega> C1: his body turned a hazy green, the brilliant white feathers on his back showed most of the taint, and from his form, a putrid emerald aura crept off of his physical frame. Urking in disgust for a moment, and bringing himself to one knee, he coughed up some acidic fluids, which melted into the floor, creating small burning holes. Another moment would pass, and enduring this pain to the end, his body began to
[17:01] <Vega> C2: accept the changes. His colour turning back to the normal, his heavy breathing subsiding, and his pain reduced to Zero. Picking himself up from the floor, he shook his wings rather violently, off them flew several acidic droplets, the discovery of a new technique left Vega rather baffled at the nature of this power.. stretching out he discerned it as a physical trait, and his attention soon was placed on the
[17:01] <Vega> C3: sounds emerging from the hole in the ground.

[17:11] <West> Bursting from the dark recesses of the earth were craven monsters. Doglike in build, but similar to felines as well. Long bodies covered in sparse black hairs. They seemed to not have any skin, yet they didn’t need it. Their mere presence sent out an aura that sapped the energies of those nearby. Their eyes placed at the joints of their jaws, they spied around until one caught the magical scent of Vega.
[17:11] <West> Rushing for him as a pack, as if connected by thought and instinct, the closer they drew the weaker his powers became. Even his wings shuddered weakly, if he’d move to unfurl them. The clasps strained to maintain their hold on his wings, and worst of all the beasts were swift in their movement. Rubble blocked all escape but straight away, and towards a tall pillar of black smoke, likely an encampment.

[17:19] <Vega> :: Glaring curiously at the hounds for a moment, the monitor covering his right eye went on the fritz, static started blurring across the screen, as a red text hovering over the static screen read out "DANGER!". Vega took this one seriously, and as the hound who first picked up his essence charged, Vega was already on the run, retreating to the outer edges of the Arena, he then hopped up a ways, 5 of the clasps
[17:19] <Vega> C1: breaking free of his wings flew under his right foot as he jumped up, and using the platform that he had made for himself, he threw himself up further, using the clasps as a catapult. He repeated his action once again for his left foot, landing atop the arena roof, scanning his surroundings outside and inside of the arena for a moment, he tried to figure the best route for escaping, the monitor, being less
[17:19] <Vega> C2: disturbed at this distance also attempted to aid him.

[17:25] <West> Among the ruins was a path, so clear and clean that it could be easily deduced that it had been made since the fight and intentionally to guide the Archangel. These spawn of darkness and the void of mana, these things hounded him, clawing and jumping over the rubble, not as fast as him but more capable of skipping the obstacles. Tendrils began to wind out of them, capped with a mouth that inhaled the aura of their enemy.
[17:25] <West> The path lead out of the rubble and to a flat plain of grass and wildflowers. Expansive and vast, it could be seen that the pillar of smoke was one among many distant ones. All deep craters in the ground, made for a vast army of demons to encamp. Perhaps it was this way that the next challenge could be met and the journey would come closer to a finish.
[17:25] <West> The beasts sped their pursuit, rushing wildly and a few would stop now and then to feast on the leftover energy and some flesh from the demons that had been trapped by the events in the last match. Their pursuit was taxing Vega, draining his energy and not allowing him to regenerate it as quickly as usual.

[17:33] <Vega> :: Grinning wickedly, Vega spoke to himself, almost chuckling at the Felhounds in pursuit of him; "Never thought this would come in handy." he said to himself, as he leapt off the arena roof, and allowing his wings to drift out and carry him on a glide towards the pathway, he loosened the clasps attatched to the tips, and attatched themselves to the mighty metal sabatons he wore. 5 on each.. he also eliminated
[17:33] <Vega> C1: some of the weight he was carrying, by shifting the shock rifle into it's metal plated gauntlet, now covering over his right hand. Upon landing on the ground, his feet did not touch the surface, he hovered there for a moment, the clasps rotating in such a way to allow their openings to act as minor engines, shooting out miniscule amounts of energy to propel him in virtually any direction he wished with ease.
[17:33] <Vega> C2: The two clasps on each foot that attatched to the heels were the main devices in this first dash, and with an otherworldly speed, he shot himself forward, racing away from his pursuers and down the path ahead, reaching the field of flowers, his monitor shot up another warning display, and several lines reached out to the edge of the screen, meaning something was either next to him or behind him..

[17:41] <West> From the air above him burst a clawed thing, a creature born of blades and flame. It’s flesh was as black as coal with several bright red cracks all over it’s body. Metal protruded from various points in it’s form, seemingly without any real design. Dropping practically on top of Vega, it’s body instantly began to twist wildly, pivoting freely from it’s waist, neck and knees.
[17:41] <West> Blades swung wildly, like a cartoonish animal of frenzy, spinning all over with blades whirring like a blender set on it’s highest mode. As it met contact with his hair it didn’t disturb the hair at all except to shorten it a half inch and cutting his flesh just slightly… For now.

[17:47] <Vega> :: Looking up, his face was met with a giant mass of black and red, he quickly activated the clasps on each foot's right side, and strafing off the the left, he barely avoided the demon, it's erratic blades slicing off some of his hair and flesh, leaving them far behind at that instance due to the speed that the two travelled at. Continuing his movement to the right, whilst moving forward, he clenched his fist for
[17:47] <Vega> C1: for a moment, starting a small chant, and finishing in that moment as well, three orbs of lightning gathered into three empty circular chambers in the gauntlet, seemingly as if they were merging within his arm, with a window on the outside to view within. Whatever was inside of that arm, was not made of flesh nor bone. Waving calmly at the new intrudter, and glaring back and the threat behind him, then glancing
[17:47] <Vega> C2: towards his destination once again, he grinned, indeed it was a threat, but one of the most exciting ones he's ever had. Raising his arm to face towards the berserking demon, while moving to avoid his movements at the same time, he shot out two of the lightning orbs, the chambers emptying for a moment, before refilling with electricity once more.

[17:53] <West> The horrific beast of blades recoiled at the impact, it’s body still rushed with momentum so it stuck the ground and dug each portion of it’s body in. Snarling without a face, it made very little sound now as it struggled with the tough earth and it’s smoking wounds. Just small dents in it’s body that were still causing the beast twitches as it struggled.
[17:53] <West> One Felhound impacted heavily on it’s chest, just as another lightning strike was aimed to the beast. It’s tendrils latched onto the chest of it, sucking it quickly empty of it’s spiritual power, and quickly starting on it’s life force. The howl of it’s comrades signaling they weren’t far behind. The beast spoke, though briefly, “SAVAGE DOGS. VFFEKT WILL RAISE ME AGAIN!� as it was torn in half by a second energy-sapping
[17:53] <West> *:Cut:* beast.

[18:00] <Vega> :: Taking note of the actions taking place behind him, he stopped strafing off to the side. Putting all his propulsion forward once more, he counted it as a lucky break having the felhounds pause on their latest victim for even a moment. And darting forward down the track, he made it a habbit not to look back again.

[18:10] <West> Quickly approaching the Demon Camp, Vega would suddenly find time itself frozen. The motors beneath his feet were stuck, no longer holding him afloat or able to function at all. His weapon gave off no aura and sent to him no connection. Nothing but his body and mind would resonate now, as even behind him the beasts were held in mid-pursuit. In front of the warrior…
[18:10] <West> The air crackled with energy that felt almost the same as the influence the great Creator had. A body formed, like a shadow in the mist. Not bit by bit, but fading into existence right there as if molecules were sorting themselves to another’s bidding.
[18:10] <West> Over as if it never started, the man was a casually and eccentrically clad strange one. A bit more tan, and a bit more mellow, but obviously related to Vicious in some way. The similarities were too similar, and the one eye he kept hidden behind the hair, well as he might notice later, was red. The one showing was gray.
[18:10] <West> “West,� He said, as if indicating a direction, but the laid-back man didn’t stop there, “ArchAngel Vega, I presume. Very nice reputation you have, don’t you? Specialized in techniques rather than Magick or Melee fighting styles. Very creative, I might say.� Grinning slightly, his solemn yet casual expression was hard to keep at bay. “Good to meet you at last.�

[18:17] <Vega> :: Pausing for a moment, his feet hit the ground, the clasps still attatched. The electric currents visible inside his gauntlet were now halted; "This isn't a simple trick.." he told himself.. snapping his head back up, and glaring at the being fading into existance, he soon dismissed his hostile expression, both curiosity and realisation coming over him, he knew instantly that this was one of the gods, one of many
[18:17] <Vega> C1: responsible for different aspects of the world. "You are...? God yes? not mine though... what do you monitor in this realm?" was his initial reaction, his words somewhat hesitant, yet no fear was in his mind...

[18:24] <West> Smiling somewhat warmly at the timid creature before him. Created by a brother to him, this one was surely a strange one. “I am lord over all things Hidden. I am the personal creator of the Shadow Realm and your friend Vicious. It seems he’s gone amok…�
[18:24] <West> Muttering to himself a moment longer, he passively freed the Archangel’s gadgets, and allowed him some limited movement. A small area around the two was in his range, but the rest was an impassible and unperceivable wall. During this, the God himself spoke again but in a different language. One that this angel was not familiar with, but he could easily understand it.
[18:24] <West> “I am the creator of nothing. All that exists in my domain is free to create itself. I’ve never been one for creativity, more about adventure. I hide and conceal, as well and change and flow, but I don’t really enjoy creation or destruction.� Sliding his gloved hands behind his head, “Anyway, my story’s a boring one, and not of any moment right now. What you want to know is about Vffekt, right?�

[18:29] <Vega> :: He tilted his head slightly at the strange language being spoken to him, his understanding of it however whas what Vega found most fascinating. Whilst listening to the god speak, he summoned the clasps back to his wings, the electrical currents running back through his body once again. On listening to his words, Vega paused for a moment, before speaking up once again.
[18:29] <Vega> C1: "Vffekt, right? I know that Vicious has lost himself completely, I doubt he can be restored at this point... Vffekt is occupying my Brother's body then..?"

[18:33] <West> Laughing a little, the man shakes his hand and waves a hand dismissively, “Not at all. Vicious died and his body was destroyed the moment my power was returned to me. My own wife had shattered me, but Gods cannot ever die, not even by their own hand. That is how Demons were born.. But you can hear that later.�
[18:33] <West> “Vffekt is a demon lord appointed by the Seven Lords of the Underworld. Ifrit and the other six lords granted him their powers, thinking he had lost all sanity in the hundreds of years, which seemed only a few here. They granted him half their power, each. And now each at half power, together they cannot defy him. And for some reason, he has defied them. Without memory, he has a purpose, but I know not what it is.�

[18:40] <Vega> :: Vega gestured to the area located behind West, where time had frozen, one of the demon camps, as well as a pillar of smoke and ash nearby; "Heaven's been aware of this for some time now.. God of Light assigned me and some others to investigate.. it would seem the demon armies are trying to push their way up and conquer the realm of the living... one thing that I find out about Vffekt though is
[18:40] <Vega> C1: this..." Vega paused for a moment, pacing from left then to right, holding his chin quizically.. "He had the chance to infect Heaven, which he did not, instead brought me down here..." Vega paused once again, continuing his paces, "As much as I hate to admit it, he could do me in easily, and then scatter one of heaven's armies into confusion.. instead he's making me participate in this sick
[18:40] <Vega> C2: little game of his." stopping his movement, he sat down, and started trailing his index finger into the dirt. "You wouldn't suppose...?" he started, before stopping himself "no no... can't be."

[18:45] <West> Furrowing his brow, the man scattered into billions of specs, reassembling at Vega’s side, on his knees in the dirt with his arms crossed over his chest. “The thing is, his armies have been instructed to spare all but the authorities and aristocracy. Any that don’t resist are left alive in their wake, under the rule of a human warlock or a wise demon mage.� Snapping his fingers, he laughed.
[18:45] <West> “Little bastard’s just trying to sort it out! I don’t get it still, but maybe if you could talk to one of his generals, we might get some better info than this.� Smirking to himself and glancing to the other. “But, as to why he chose to spare Heaven entirely, and keep you for this test… I couldn’t even begin to guess. What do you think?�

[18:49] <Vega> :: Pausing for a moment, his thoughts raced through his mind, before holding out his left palm, and knocking his right fist into it, a conclusion was made; "Hear me out here... I've been through two of these fights before, each time I was the victor, I've been granted amazing new powers, as well as raises in my strength and willpower... what if this is some routine he's putting me through, just so he can fight me later
[18:49] <Vega> C1: on down the line..?" pausing his words once more, he continued; ".. I think it sounds crazy if you ask me.."

[18:52] <West> Raising a brow and pondering silently, the man nodded briefly and shrugged. “Well, keep in mind who we’re talking about. I used to be a complete nut job, and he’s my son. My semi-mortal, driven mad in hell, completely megalomaniacal son. So, it’s not too much to say he might have crazy plans. And at this rate, you still won’t be able to kill him when the time comes. Perhaps match him, but to end his life…�
[18:52] <West> “Well right now he has complete power of Life and Death, he’s able to resurrect his greatest heroes and destroy enemies at will. I don’t think you could kill him even if you could match him. The key is making his legion see you as the stronger, and siding against him. Their Demons of Life and Death might be able to counteract his abilities.�

[18:54] <Vega> :: Vega grinned for a moment, and heartily looked up at West, standing slowly and dusting himself off. "You know of any ways to get him and enough spectators up into Heaven then?" his grin soon became wicked "you know how my type benefits from that place I'm sure.."
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[align=center]SPOILER WARNING[/align]

Vega Vs. Soulfire:

[21:25] <West> [5:47] <West> “Well right now he has complete power of Life and Death, he’s able to resurrect his greatest heroes and destroy enemies at will. I don’t think you could kill him even if you could match him. The key is making his legion see you as the stronger, and siding against him. Their Demons of Life and Death might be able to counteract his abilities.�
[21:25] <West> [5:49] <Vega> :: Vega grinned for a moment, and heartily looked up at West, standing slowly and dusting himself off. "You know of any ways to get him and enough spectators up into Heaven then?" his grin soon became wicked "you know how my type benefits from that place I'm sure.."
[21:30] <West> His head turned to the side, looking at the Felhunters frozen in midair and pondering for a moment. The fringe over his eye still hid the red eye that made him resemble Vicious more than anyone else could. He was also more passive than Vicious, easily showing no care to the lesser dimensions…
[21:30] <West> “I think it suffices to say that your advantage in Heaven won’t be enough. I’m sure I can help trick him and a small portion of his Legion into a secluded spot up there, but still… You need a power boost, and experience, that only this Challenge can provide, first. Then you’ll know when to
[21:30] <West> With a grin, he raised his hand and offered it to the Archangel, a being worthy of the highest regard on the mortal realm, but hardly different from humans in their longevity and importance, from West’s perspective. But now he was living a mortal’s life and following a mortal’s path. May as well assume that respect for this creature of divinity. He bowed his head slightly as they shook hands. “Better start running.�
[21:30] <West> As quickly as the shield had started, it was gone and time was slowly catching up to itself. None, save Vega, were immune to West’s work with time, but now it was fading and the beasts were resuming persuit at a growing pace.

[21:41] <Vega> :: Casually shaking the hand placed ahead of him, he let loose the clasps attatched to the tips of his wings once again, and tightening his fist with a gauntleted hand, thunder and lightning played around the plated fist once more. Jumping effortlessly, the ten free loose clasps then assumed their position on his feet, erratic surges of electicity playing about his physical form. And just as the magic surrounding them
[21:41] <Vega> C1: began to fade, Vega once again darted forward, the four rear clasps on his feet releasing a high burst of energy in order to achieve such speeds. Several demonic soldiers tilted their heads in awe, on the approach of the single angelic figure approaching merely on foot from the horizon, and before the could shake their bewilderment, Vega soon found himself in the heart of the Demon camp, dodging around various tents
[21:41] <Vega> C2: and crates, while releasing some of the pent up energy inside the gauntlet at a few of the easier targets. He even went as far as to ignite some of the tent fabric as to lay waste to this particular camp. And just as swiftly as he had entered enemy territory, he was out of it, following the path forward..

[21:46] <West> The demons barely had a second to respond, but even the fearsome and impossibly quick Wind demons were stopped from harming him by a single flaming hand that blocked each of their ways. As fast as he was, or even they were, this invisible being of fire was quicker. As Vega exited the camp, he was to be greeted by a man in red, wearing a simple expression of mild annoyance, holding up a gauntleted and clawed hand.
[21:47] <West> “Halt, Angel.� The flames that were set were doused by Ice demons in his wake, the harm he would have done was ignored by many, demons left to die or be devoured by hungering imps. “This is my territory, and I challenge you to do battle.� Even as he spoke, the speeding being found himself somehow heavier, somehow heated… And just then, a woman seemingly made of fire turned flesh flipped into the air from.. Atop his head?
[21:47] <West> She landed at the other man’s side, dropping to all fours like a predator, grinning like a cat, and her clawed fingertips dug into the ground. Obviously she wore nothing but what she was born with. Her hair was flicking randomly, even crackling as dust met her head, her eyes gold and her body perfect, save for some scars here and there. “Sire… Let me play with him, please… It’s been so long…�

[21:57] <Vega> ::Stopping in his tracks, his reflex lead him to cry out; "Shift!" the form he desired most was the gargantuan zweihander sword. The gauntlet began to disintergrate, and in it's place, his hand reformed just as quick, appearing as a clasped fist however, a hilt then formed within his hand, and atop the lengthy hilt, a giant piece of darkened metal formed, around it's edges formed a crude unsharpened blade, the state that
[21:57] <Vega> C1: this blade was in was irrelevant however. Electricity began to form around the sword, darting around in an endless incoherant dance. Vega released the clasps from his feet, and not commanding them futher, they began to hover lifelessly around Vega's physical being. "What's this?" Vega began to speak. "Some demon dressed as a trannie.. and his lesser bitch huh? Is Vicious taking me too lightly?" he grinned wickedly as
[21:57] <Vega> C2: said this

[22:03] <West> In a flash, they were both closer, but the man in red had his back turned and was holding the screaming, thrashing woman by her arms. His hair was a mess, but it was easy to tell two particularly large tufts were made to look like horns. Or perhaps they were…?
[22:04] <West> Turning to face him after the woman had subsided, be bows deeply to the Archangel, who was roughly three ranks below him in the opposite army. “I am Bel. I apologize for my clothes, but this is the only armor my body could create. This woman here changes from a candle to a dragon in a flash, and burns as hot as any molten metals. There’s no point for her to wear clothes. Now I don’t see why you’re being rude.�
[22:04] <West> No weapon on this man, he seemed utterly unarmed and completely trusting in this stranger that just raided his encampment with one sweep. His hands looked ferocious though. The ruddy metal looked completely unusual, and even the little cloth tail trailing behind him hinted at a wannabe-demon that was simply human beneath. All these hints, but the burning hellish aura that could be felt around him was a sign to the
[22:04] <West> *:Cut:* contrary.
[22:04] <West> “I am Bel, descended from the One Firelord Ifrit, keeper of the Sacred Hellflame, Commander-General to Vffekt and loyal servant to his wishes. He wishes to see us do combat, and I myself am curious of your potency. I would make it one-on-one, but if I spent the whole fight holding this spitfire off, I’d lose for sure.� Grinning, as if with a friendly glance, he nodded knowingly, “Women, huh?�

[22:14] <Vega> :: Shrugging for a moment, he rotated his right shoulder, a heavy cracking noise made as he then did the same to his neck, jolting his head to the left then right. "Well you see, this is why I'm being rude now, we're enemies, you work for my.. err, well.. sort of brother.. Eh, I'm sure you've heard the story." Vega then eyed the female demon, his eyes mesmerized by the flames dancing about her body for a moment.
[22:14] <Vega> C1: "... How about I deal with her first, y'know.. remove the nake-- err, Distractions, then we can get the main event underway?" grinning at Bel, he then frantically added in one other thing "Oh yeah, seeing as you introduced yourself, Th' names Vega, Arch Angel of Heaven, the last remaining Shadow Angel. Under the command of Moonlight, who answers to no one but god himself."

[22:15] * West is now known as Bel

[22:22] <Bel> With a grin that almost broke into laughter, “Which God? The stupid Creator? Same God I visit from time to time, bleeding his blood into the cracked earth under Hell? I’ve heard of your Moonlight, and all of her instabilities. I can’t help but pity you for answering to such a lunatic.� Biting his tongue as a chuckle escaped him, he turned his back again and raised one hand to his side, thumbs up.
[22:22] <Bel> “I, on the other hand, have an extremely worthy cause where none suffer but the wicked. These mindless demons are put to good use doing what they do best, and this little number at my side is my favorite general. Though she’s not actually any real entity, she’s sure enough to keep my friends happy and my enemies crispy. I’m not sure, but let’s ask if she wants to fight you alone.�
[22:22] <Bel> Turning his head to her, the amusement only half-faded from his face, he speaks quietly enough from a distance that his words can’t be properly made out. She smirked herself, blowing the angel a kiss before crouching low to the ground again and growling in such a way that even her body seemed less sexy than ferocious. Except for pointed ears and many pale scars on her perfectly orange-red body, she looked human.
[22:22] <Bel> “Sure, I’ll fight you, honey,� Her voice seemed doused in honey, actually, thick with a unidentifiable accent and the tone one might take in the bedroom, “I’ll pluck all your pretty feathers off and cook you over a nice warm fire, chicky-poo. Cluck, cluck, little birdy, you ready?� Her grin had small fangs, nothing worth vampires or snakes, but certainly noticeably white against the red-gold flesh of her lips.

[22:36] <Vega> :: Vega paused for a moment, his facial expression froze in bewilderment.. almost embarrased.. hearing such a line he couldn't hold himself out much longer, using his free left hand, he grasped at his stomach, and burst out into a hysterical fit of laughter, every now and then through this he managed to blurt out certain words from her speech such as "chicky-poo" and "little birdy" not to mention taking the pause from his
[22:36] <Vega> C1: laughter to say "cluck, cluck" before breaking out into laughter again, this went on for a good 15 seconds before he let out a loud audible gasp, and ceased his laughing. "Oh man... that was great, almost made me forget the insults I had to endure from the other freak a moment ago." Breathing in again once more, he dispelled the comical nature that he had just a moment ago, and placing his left leg forward in a bent
[22:36] <Vega> C2: manner, and his right behind him completely straightened, he held the sword out infront of him tilted forward, focusing on the flame demon, his gaze made sure to keep Bel inside at all times too, just in case he tried to pull something.

[22:39] <Bel> Her body seemed to waver and disappear, only an apparition left in her wake as her clawed hand dug into his throat as she latched onto his back full-bodied. Her claws were sharper than most blades and they dug with a fierce strength and even her touch burned right through the resistance the Inferno Drake had instilled in him. She was hotter than molten rock and not holding back on it.
[22:39] <Bel> Her grin was malicious and her body half-solid and half-flame. A whispering combination of both and always capable of choosing either for her wishes.

[22:47] <Vega> :: Just as she had drawn blood from his neck, the defensive clasps quickly got into position, blades of energy protruding from them as 4 of the clasps rushed forward, their goal was to pin her down. A fifth clasp buried itself into the arm assaulting it's masters throat, and only a split second was needed to move the arm from his neck, before the clasp shot out, glowing a pale red in colour. Meanwhile Vega announced
[22:47] <Vega> C1: "Levitas Spiritus!" and from the wings on his back shot forth a wave of incoherant lightning, the rush was unexpected, as well as widespread, covering most of the area behind him, at that moment an orb of electricity formed within the vicinity of the attack, an an angelic being much like Vega's appearance was displayed for a split second, the difference however was this being was born of lightning only, then the
[22:47] <Vega> C2: spirit faded into nothingness.

[22:50] <Bel> Struck down in a flash, she grinned like a happy animal as she watched the attack come down in little more than an instant. Her body was replaced by scorched earth and the clasps were dug into it as her body materialized in front of him. Even for a woman with a lovely body, she had the punch of a male Fire-demon, as she was much more than any incarnation of flame. She was a hybrid, as one could see.
[22:50] <Bel> Her punch was aimed for his jaw, and followed by a rushing knee to his gut in a successive melee combination of force and frenzy. Her eyes glimmered with amusement and playfulness as she rocked against him with these two simple and powerful burning strikes, her body moving effortlessly and tirelessly.

[22:56] <Vega> :: Having not moved his posture, regardless of the last attack, he removed his left hand from the hilt of the zweihander, and then turning his right fist so that the thumb was facing downmost on his right hand, he used the gigantic blade as a shield from the attacks, two successive strikes against the metal let forward a loud echo of strange static noises throughout the area. Vega quickly moved to the counter-attack,
[22:56] <Vega> C1: with the sword in it's current position, he charged up against it, ramming his shoulder into the metal, and propelling it forward at high velocity, his goal was to pummel the demon.

[22:59] <Bel> Struck back, she left a shower of embers around him, little pinpoints of heat. And each, like a small bomb, went off around his body. One particularly close to his left ear, but they were numerous, and she was dropping from above silently, claws extended and eyes literally pouring flames into the air beside them. Almost like crying fire, but she was certainly not crying.
[22:59] <Bel> Gripping his shoulders, she’d bend her body and kick his back from underneath him, using gravity and leverage to lift and toss him through the air, hurling two thick and dense balls of inferno in his wake.

[23:08] <Vega> :: The clasps around his body saw the motion of the flames easy, and just as easily dispelled them, simply by shooting through the elemental flames, forcing their explosions well before they reached their destination. He did not expect the next thing however, and in the blink of an eye he was launched into the air, pivoting 180 degrees he held folded the giant wings around his body, and held up the sword infront for extra
[23:08] <Vega> C1: protection. The flames engulfed his body, and set alight an elemental fire dance in midair, a mixture of explosions occuring in the vicinity.. and from the flames emerged Vega, slightly burnt but otherwise unharmed, hate filled his eyes as he swiftly descended from the flaming smokescreen towards his opponent, two of the clasps attatched onto his blade, at the hilt on either side, and charged the blade, turning it
[23:08] <Vega> C2: transparent for a split nanosecond, before it emerged again as a blue and white glowing blade of elements. Screaming out in a hateful tone "Levitas Vado!" he pulled back his right shoulder, grasping the sword harshly, and then thrusted his arm forward, the blade extending instantly, heading towards Soulfire.. the tip of the blade getting smaller and smaller.

[23:12] <Bel> With a shriek, her body exploded into flames and massive white teeth caught the blade before beginning to break down, the teeth eroding against the power the blade held. The massive dragon was not crowned with flames, it’s entire body was flames. A brood mother, it looked, but it’s eyes were golden and almost human in nature. She didn’t care if her teeth broke, they held that damned blade in place.
[23:12] <Bel> And while she held it, the massive drake-woman swung a massive burning claw up at her opponent, even the tips were like fine-honed lasers of pure heat, that could pierce most any metal by instantly smelting the material. She had sacrificed her impossible speed to gain awesome power and only moderate speed.

[23:18] <Vega> :: Crossing his left hand over his stomach in an open palm, it was a command issued to the 8 clasps that remained, and in the wake of the strike that was aimed at Vega's body, the 8 clasps worked together in forming an high powered lightning shield, just two clasps lacking of it's greatest defensive capability. The impact against the shield made it shudder for a moment, and the physical transparent screen that made up the
[23:18] <Vega> C1: shield went static for a moment, but somehow managed to hold the attack at bay... Vega didn't take much notice of the power drain that the clasps went through in order to defend against such an attack. Instead his glare was set upon the dragon's maw, feeding more and more of his power into the sword, making a desperate attempt to growth it further.. slowly it protruded past the weakening teeth, inching further and further
[23:18] <Vega> C2: into her mouth.

[23:22] <Bel> As her claw drew back, and struck again and again, lashing against the lightning shield with thousands of pounds of muscle. An insane amount of power was being spent to shatter this shield that should be as insubstantial as she often was, and she didn’t seem concerned. Her teeth still rotting away, and at the last moment, the great mouth opened wide, putting all Vega’s effort against him.
[23:22] <Bel> As he fell into her mouth, her presence left the body a massive version of her bombs. Her limp and unconscious body dropped towards the ground, where Bel was waiting, and then he darted away, like a flash. The explosion rocked so hard he was thrown straight off his feet, which caught him a moment later and still he skid across the earth, now facing the inferno. “Impressive,� He said mildly.

[23:29] <Vega> :: Falling towards her mouth, the clasps disengaged their shield and followed, the two on his sword left as well, and as they all gathered near, they were then re-attatched to his wings. Falling into the maw of the dragon, he was surrounded by darkness for only a split second, before his physical fram was engulfed in flame, screaming out in pain, he covered his eyes with his forearms, and then knelt down and folded his wings
[23:29] <Vega> C1: over his body, those combined with the clasps remaining energy provided enough of a shield to endure the initial explosions that surrounded him... Slowly the fire faded down, and from its wake emerged an injured Vega, blood oozing from wounds that were burnt to his chest, arms and face, he was however very much alive. Bathed in his own life essence, he casually paced away from the flames behind him, and towards Bel, the
[23:29] <Vega> C2: clasps on his wings humming, as a pale blue screen surrounded his body, as if encased in a transparent egg shell. He stopped a few paces away from Bel, glaring at him wordlessly.

[23:38] <Bel> Smirking a bit to the other man, he pressed a kiss to the woman’s forehead before putting his gauntleted hand over her face. Her body faded, before sweeping up into the gauntlet’s grasp as a fireball. After that, it sunk into his hand and both gauntlets faded from his hands. Standing tall before the other man, he bows his head slightly, “Well played, kid. I’m glad I didn’t let you fight us both, or you’d be toast. Let’s
[23:38] <Bel> Walking towards the camp without further explanation, he signaled for the angel to follow. The blast area was a shallow crater that was burned so hot the earth beneath it glittered red, molten glass ready to solidify. Walking down the slight decline into his massive encampment, many demons moved out of the way. The ones that didn’t were pulled out of the way, or struck by a passive arm from Bel that tossed them like paper.
[23:39] <Bel> One of the smallest tents present was guarded by easily the most fearsome of the demons. Made of empty black armor, dual-wielding battleaxes at the end of sturdy metallic ropes, they stood like soulless sentries without movement, but for the occasional sway of the axe.
[23:39] <Bel> Bel turned to Vega as they reached this tent, “Welcome to my humble abode. You’ll need a bath, and my only bath is the nearby lake. You’ll also need new jeans, and I happen to keep those on hand for my special missions that require human look-alikes that aren’t shape shifters. Come in.� Waving again, he ducked into the tent.
[23:39] <Bel> *:Cut:* get you cleaned up.�

[23:44] <Vega> :: Vega grinned at the statement for a moment.. pausing before finally speaking "Perhaps.." he of course doubted this completely, having gone no where near all out in the last battle, he simply kept his mouth shut, to hide the fact that he could do much better.. Slowly following Bel, he simply glared at the demonic filth that was in the camp, the one he charged through moments ago. Inspecting the demon in the empty black armor
[23:44] <Vega> C1: most curiously however, pacing past the demon in order to get into the tent, he turned to face it for a moment, flicking at the black plate armor once, he turned and then went into the tent. "Interesting.."

[23:54] <Bel> With a shrug, Bel looked around the tent. It was rather large on the inside, looking from outside did it no justice. And it was all to himself, as one could plainly see. No scorch marks, a neat bed in the back. A library of books to the left, though a small one. A desk with several battle plans scattered on it, half of them already signed and awaiting to be carried out. Even hanging on one of the finely made walls, a
[23:54] <Bel> It was clearly a demon’s version of Vicious. His red eyes seemed to glow, his mussed hair formed a similar pair of horns on the back of his head as Bel had. This portrait was untitled and didn’t seem to interest Bel at the moment. He walked to a red candle on his desk and held his hand out. A small flame jumped from his palm to the wick, and it danced sleepily for the moment. “Sleep well, Soulfire.�
[23:54] <Bel> *:Cut:* portrait.
[23:54] <Bel> Turning to his would-be quarry, he tilted his head slightly in quiet contemplation. “I don’t really have any Life-type demons on hand. Most are off on reconnaissance missions or on missions to save Nobles that would serve our cause. The others are busy watching over other Challengers like yourself. I guess you’ll need some old-fashioned rest.� He grinned slightly and gestured to the bed.
[23:54] <Bel> “No point in bathing until after our fight, though. It’ll get messy. My friend on that candle may be impressive, but not by our standards. Even if you went all-out, you’ve spent enough energy to make it an unfair fight. There’s no point in me fighting you unprepared, considering the idea of our fight is to test you.� This was affirmed as he removed the red coat and hung it on a coat rack next to the desk.
[23:54] <Bel> Beneath he wore a simple black shirt with one mysterious dark green symbol where his heart is. Probably meant nothing, but it seemed strange. The red pants that matched the coat shifted in makeup entirely, changing to a pair of jeans that almost perfectly matched Vega’s tattered ones. “Under my bed you’ll find a few stacks of clothes I keep on hand. Feel free, there’s all types.
[23:54] <Bel> “Now if you don’t mind, I have a small kingdom to overthrow.� Bowing curtly, he made for the exit.

[00:00] <Vega> :: Vega tilted his head to the side in a confused state, he was unfamiliar of being shown such hospitality by his enemies. However he simply stood wordless, and did as told, first he changed into some new clothing, and then tore a few of the older ones into simple linens used to then wrap his wounds. He went about changing for a good 10 minutes, before he then began to inspect the tent, using this situation to his advantage he
[00:00] <Vega> C1: began to investigate, whispering to himself "Shift!" and instantly the Zweihander shifted back to the shock rifle, which was then dispelled into nothingness, he only used this so he could access the Data-screen, which slowly materialized over his right eye. He first inspected the book shelves, going over the many titles in the catalogue.. trying to find something on Vicious or Bel.. as well as some other demonic higher-ups.

[00:07] <Bel> The bookshelf held nothing of interest to him. Many books on warfare, even more books on summoning demons… Though it seemed odd that a Demon free of hell with every type of other demon at his whim would care about these types of books. What did show itself on his scan was the portrait of Vicious, or Vffekt rather. Behind it was a thin journal-type ledger, and Bel’s name was written in Demonic.
[00:07] <Bel> Several demons outside could be seen plotting to destroy Vega with his guard down, but Bel coincidentally passed through. One gauntlet materialized, and as the coat vanished from the coat rack, it appeared over his body mid-stride and he gut one of them without a word, passing by on his way to another of his many responsibilities.
[00:07] <Bel> The scan reported the same signals of energy from the flame as was detected from the woman earlier, though Vega was likely to have figured that out already. But it reported the Candle’s wax wasn’t ordinary, and in fact had nothing similar to match it to in it’s seemingly vast memory banks.

[00:11] <Vega> :: Glaring at the candle evily, he worded to himself; "And you can wait... Bitch." Moving from one side of the tent to the other, he peered at the portrait for a moment, and without word or expression he picked up the portrait, and moved it to the ground, picking up the Journal in the wall, he moved over to the table, and placing it ontop of the battle plans, he opened to page 1 and began to read over the details, only paying
[00:11] <Vega> C1: attention to the ones that mattered.

[00:22] <Bel> It portrayed not what one would expect from a journal. It was more of a record book, a timeline. “Using the blood of an Elemental Lord� was underlined, and a few words after, “Summoning an incarnation of the creator to physical planes. Lacking memory but retaining a portion of gifts, his blood would make the finest weapon imaginable. The book went on to explain many things about a particular summoning, without any
[00:22] <Bel> *:Cut:* important details.
[00:22] <Bel> Then it moved on to explain the Lords. Specifically much information of the Fire Lord. The seven lords were ignored by the Heavens because they were believes to possess much power, but no ability to leave Hell for fear of losing immortality permanently. A rather large notation was dedicated to one soul that was infused with the power of all the elemental lords and sent topside to investigate something.
[00:22] <Bel> As he was being infused, the Lords had difficulty stopping their spell as their powers were forcefully leeched by this anonymous but mindless soul. Bel was already topside during all this, which was briefly noted that Soulfire was the one that reported it. Apparently the soul ascended as planned, gathered a small legion as planned, but ignored his duties altogether.
[00:23] <Bel> When confronted by a juggernaut, he decimated the creature with seemingly little effort, harnessing a power believed only a silly rumor. A combination of all elements, which already seemed familiar to this man. There was no way to find out who he’d been before he was condemned to hell, but his arrival in it’s depths matched a disturbance in one of the highest towers the Upper level of Heaven had.
[00:23] <Bel> One human soul entered, and an impossibly powerful one exited, but they weren’t the same being, and the first one was presumed dead. This showed that the incident was linked to the soul’s arrival and unexpected betrayal in the Depths, but wouldn’t explain how. From then on, only indecipherable technical babble went on, and finally the last page wrote, “Vffekt. Most honored Demon Lord. Who is he?�

[00:28] <Vega> :: Reading over the contents again and again, he started chanting to himself "Who is he?"... finally he snapped back into a more solid state of mind, and using the data screen as a recorder, he read over one final time and saved the data to the memory of Dreadbane. Closing the diary, and then placing it back in it's rightful place, then putting the portrait back up, he paid little attention to the battle plans on the table.
[00:28] <Vega> C1: merely glancing over them for any clue to where Vffect or Bel were headed... finally he moved over to the candle, inspecting it for a moment, he ran a hand to the wax for a moment, inspecting it's properties physically, seeing as the data-screen had nothing on it..

[00:39] <Bel> It’s physical composition was much like real wax, but the second he got close to the flame, a spike of white-hot metal shot right into the flesh of his fingertip from the wax. After that, an upside-down dome of metal shielded the flame from everything but the precious oxygen above it. With a perked brow, Bel walked into the tent, his coat still on but his gauntlets sinking into his flesh. This looked very painful.
[00:39] <Bel> Flexing his hands, he walked to the desk, next to where Vega was standing, and took the flame into his hand, a small smile on his face. “I’d appreciate if you didn’t try to put out my only present friend. She’s all I got, and it’d really cause me to second-guess my choice of letting you rest here. Why haven’t you slept?� The candle suddenly changed shape and turned into a small metal dagger, and lay still. Apparently it’s
[00:39] <Bel> *:Cut:* candle form was not true, and it was strange for such a small dagger to have a large hand guard, much like a fencing sword. Bel didn’t seem angry as he seemed hurt.

[00:44] <Vega> :: Shrugged for a moment, glancing up to Bel; "Excuse me if I don't feel comfortable falling asleep in an encampment full of demons wanting to kill me, and one commander who strangely does not right now.. I've been reading instead" he said calmly while glancing at the small knife curiously. Coughing thirstily, he folded his arms back behind his head and looked over the tent once more, sensing no hostilities from the Demon, he
[00:44] <Vega> C1: threw forth a little hint "Conquering small kingdoms must make you thirsty huh?"

[00:48] <Bel> Laughing a little, he knelt in front of the desk and pulled out the bottom-half of a drawer. Apparently it was a semi-hidden compartment that he kept something he wasn’t comfortable other people known he kept. From the drawer, was an empty bucket with a bottle of the finest red wine, fortified and prepared in a human dwelling. Plopping that on the desk, next came the real liquor. It had no label, and this wasn’t made by
[00:48] <Bel> *:Cut:* humans.
[00:48] <Bel> Lifting the wine from the bucket, he put his hand to the side of the metal bin and spoke a short chant. Summoning from some odd place or another many shards of icy blue liquid that wasn’t water, but cold enough for their purposes. “May as well relax a little with my quarrel, no? I don’t get many chances for a drinking buddy. Soulfire swamps me with even more come-ons than normal when she’s drinking.�

[00:54] <Vega> :: Vega himself chuckled with amusement, although it was probably written somewhere in his code to not sit with a demon at the bar table, he could've cared less at this stage in the game, he was thirsty and hadn't had a drink in ages. Taking a seat by the desk he spoke "You don't seem all as bad as I thought you were now.. I was under the impression you had lured me here to kill me, hell.. you may still do that, but for a drink
[00:54] <Vega> C1: of _that_ I'd die a happy man" he pointed to where Bel was preparing the liquor. "Seeing as you're doing all this for me though, I'll give you a little heads up. Next angel you keep as your company here would have taken everything of value, and gone off in a hurry.. we're not so trustworthy I'm afraid."

[01:00] <Bel> Shrugging to his comments as if he didn’t mind if his things were stolen. He didn’t seem to want anything of value, save his own flesh. “Wine or Gherrickt? I prefer the wine. The rotted grapes and alcohol burn a lot less and give me a mellow feeling. If you like to get really smashed, I recommend the demon version.� Lifting ice-cold classes from the bucket, they’d blended in perfectly with the blue ice.
[01:00] <Bel> “If I wanted to kill you, I’d have torn you in two during that explosion, while you’re in this puny form. That weapon you have channels your more forbidden powers and draws them from their locked part of your soul, right? Very nice way of concealing your power, even I can’t estimate it right now. But then, in that flame, I could’ve ended this dishonorably.�
[01:00] <Bel> Guessing at the angel’s taste, he poured the demonic fluid that stirred itself as it swirled with a mix of many ferocious types of barley and other alcoholic ingredients, he pushed it towards him on the desk and poured himself some wine, “Anyway, I don’t see Angels much different from the Paladins of humanity. They believe whatever they do is God’s will. It’s a bit annoying, but Demons are even harder to bear.�

[01:06] <Vega> :: "You read my mind it seems" he said as he picked up the glass, and tipped back a sip of the alcohol. Letting it rest in his mouth for a moment before swallowing it, it left a displeasing taste in his mouth, the effects that soon followed from that simple sip were well worth it. "Dreadbane.. he has a name *gestures to the data visor screen still covering his right eye* crafted by the creator for me. Still... us angels aren't
[01:06] <Vega> C1: all like you say.. we're just the same as humans but are assured of the existance of gods. I don't believe what I'm doing is in his will, to tell the truth, I'm here to kill some time, and wouldn't mind finding out more about what happened to my Brother." he took another sip of the alcohol, shaking his head quickly and then swallowing the liquid, he gasped for air afterwards. "Phew, good stuff."

[01:10] <Bel> Perking a brow a little, he turned and leant himself against the side of the desk and asked a simple enough question, “Huh?� Maybe too simple, he laughed despite himself, pouring another shot for the other man, “I mean to say, the Creator, right? The one that made your species? Are you sure? What’s he look like?� Sipping lightly at the wine, enjoying the numbing it gave his fingertips, which were holding the glass.
[01:10] <Bel> “I’ve learned recently that after making Heaven, and even Hell, the creator had some kind of fight, lost consciousness in Hell, and his wounds still bleed to this day. Sorry if I seem skeptical, but… Who is the Creator you speak of?�

[01:15] <Vega> :: Vega paused for a moment in forth. Speaking in a feminine tone obviously imitating someone else "A being of the greatest power.. my leader".. going back to his regular voice "Is what she told me, y'know.. I've never seen this guy myself. Only Moonlight reports to him, I just sit back and carry out the orders, it's my job yeah?" taking another sip of the grog, he gasps out again "Still, I've heard that story as well, and have
[01:15] <Vega> C1: been told that it's nothing but a lie.. I don't care all that much for who my creator is and what-not, All I know is that I got this artifact from such a power, and that Moonlight carries out his orders." he shrugged slowly; "Besides, stuff like this keeps life interesting, one day I might actually find the truth.. or something" Vega then began to laugh.

[01:19] <Bel> Grins a little at the other man, which could easily be a friend of his had circumstances been different. Though, how they would be different would be strange, considering their absolute opposites in species and alignment. “Like I said earlier, this Moonlight is a lunatic. I’m sure he made the weapon, but that was likely a long time ago, and you only received it because you’re the last Shadow Angel, right?�
[01:19] <Bel> Taking a longer sip of his wine, swishing it a little in his mouth before downing his, eyes beginning to droop. “Ironic as it is, I got my weapon, and my life, from that Creator’s blood. Another thing he left behind, it’s purposes forgotten and it’s uses twisted… I’ve got a journal somewhere in here where I wrote down what I could from my father’s log book. Apparently all demons were accidents. I don’t feel so bad that
[01:19] <Bel> *:Cut:* way.�

[01:25] <Vega> :: In thought for a moment, Vega takes yet another sip of the alcohol, placing the glass back on the table he speaks up; "So.. apparently the creator is down in your place... and Moonlight is running the show herself decieving us all? Well.. to tell the truth, I wouldn't put it past her." laughing somewhat, he resumed; "So.. my Dreadbane.. and your uh.. .. yeah, seems we have at least one relation, who'd have thought huh?"
[01:25] <Vega> C1: pausing again, he finally asks; "How exactly are all demon's accidents?"

[01:31] <Bel> Laughing with Vega about the eccentric leader of all things “Good�, he spoke softly on the next subject, as if it was a secret or a sensitive subject. “The blood of a being whose very ideas were reality had a mind of it’s own, somehow. Perhaps it was a subconscious urge, or maybe little organisms in the ground, grown in the heart of evil human souls, leeched his power somewhat…�
[01:31] <Bel> “Regardless of what the cause was, a few monstrous creatures emerged from the blood, new life that was never intentionally made and had no specific design or purpose emerged. With only the base urges of all life, to exist. Naturally some forces discovered these things that were born to live in impossibly harsh environments, and tried to eradicate them. Drawing on the creator, they grew much stronger to match it.
[01:31] <Bel> Demons of all elements were born, and then as humans began to discover them, intelligent humans that weren’t base urges, and even some Angels, were corrupted with so much power at their fingertips, and the Seven Elemental Lords were made to organize this mass of beasts and nightmares…�
[01:31] <Bel> The empty glass of wine annoyed him a little, so he paused to fill it nearly to the brim, allowing Vega some time to contemplate and even comment, but it was clear to both of them that though they could relax, there was a battle ahead that could end in fatality.

[01:35] <Vega> :: Wishing to continue the conversation, even for a little bit, he began to speak up once again; "So... basically.. hell is pretty much in charge of keeping the order; is what you're saying? With these elemental lords and what-not.." Vega paused, deeply in thought. "And we're lead on like fools, with only a few targets, such as Darbracken and Vicious. As well as demons in general.. makes me feel kinda cheated now." laughing however
[01:35] <Vega> C1: it was evident that he didn't feel this way. "Oh well, It's an interesting lesson. If word got loose upstairs though, there'd be an uproar."

[01:37] <Bel> Grinning easily, feeling pretty tipsy himself due to a weakness to these things so long as he allowed it. He took a longer drink than he usually allowed himself, before blurting out a strange question, “So who’s your brother and how is he involved in this? And… How is Heaven hunting Vicious… My Lord… Without me ever seeing them? Or was this before he died?�

[01:41] <Vega> :: "You wouldn't believe me even if I told you", he grinned widely, speaking anyway; "My brother is Vicious, or as most of your soldiers know him as 'Vffekt', well... not the soul anyway, just the body." yawning a bit, finishing off the rest of his drink, feeling tipsy himself. "As far as Heaven goes, he's missing, Vicious died one way or another though.. and ended up down there. After sighting him a few days ago as he penetrated
[01:41] <Vega> C1: heaven though.. yeah, things are going to heat up again.. I shouldn't be telling you this, but the armies of heaven will be amassing to take on this new threat."

[01:47] <Bel> With a smirk of pride, he put down the wine glass and made a fist, which became plated with red, “It is the same soul, he’s told me the mortal memories are lost… And anyway, he’s already defeated Darbracken and Moonlight in battle, though he never bothered killing them. He’s more powerful than even his bragging could show. You and me are almost the same level, I can smell it… But he’s… It’s unimaginable.�
[01:47] <Bel> Running his fingertip in circles over the rim of the glass, he continued, “Their armies are a tiny fraction of what they used to be, and even then they could barely keep Hell at bay. Moonlight’s insanity and all this past decade’s infighting has made them pitiful in the face of this Army… But he doesn’t seek to destroy anything, that’s what’s so admirable. He seeks to make peace, and destroy false rule.�

[01:52] <Vega> :: Vega listens intently to Bel, taking to heart his words, he nodded and replied; "Even so, I'm living for myself, now that I've lost Vicious and Seidaki.. the 'least I can do for my departed brother is give his body rest.. and to tell the truth, this challenge excites me. It's the most fun I've had in a long time. Had we met on different terms we could've been friends, but you're working under a man I could just never meet
[01:52] <Vega> C1: eye-to-eye with." sighing slightly, he continues; "Still, even in my brothers body, he sounds like a respectable individual, and powerful to boot... this should be great."

[01:57] <Bel> Nods agreeably, taking a swig of wine to salute the sentiment to himself and to his leader. After a good swish-swallow, he took a deep breath and started to lean one way, gravity taking control, “Powerful is a word for people like Moonlight… Vffekt really make a new future, even for outcasts like me, and crazy guys like you… Without the stupid kings, with real rules that protect the weak and reward the strong.�
[01:57] <Bel> Stumbling away from the desk, he turned and dropped onto his back, the pseudo tail made of the strange fabric, soft like cloth but as impassible as armor, as his coat was between his hands, being idly toyed with, an idle hiccup punctuating his state, “Tomorrow, I’ll show you my power, and teach you how far you have to go before you can dust his shoes with your current power… And before that, gotta reward you for yesterday.�

[02:00] <Vega> :: Vega stayed seated, not wishing to fall over himself, he rocked back and forth slowly, under the effect of the alcohol; "Yeah.. I was wondering when that was coming. So what'd I win chief?" he chuckled heartily, with a brief hiccup. "Will it help against you tomorrow?" he asked out of reflex, not really considering Bel an enemy yet.

[02:04] <Bel> A smirk came and his hand raised from the floor, almost giggling, but laughing instead. “I forget… Vicious is supposed to give it to you… Something about her fire… Or something… I don’t know, ask me in the morning. You get my bed… I’m a little sick of it anyway… Grew up sleeping on a bed of granite, this silk-and-cotton deal is a little too much sometimes…�
[02:04] <Bel> His eyes drooped and closed, as he yawned noisily and dropped his arm lazily to one side, “I don’t think anything she’s got could help you fight me…� As he began to quietly snore, his red coat seemed to evaporate in a red haze around him, leaving the casual clothes and one gauntlet to more slowly dissipate.

[02:06] <Vega> :: Moving towards the bed, he detoured towards Bel; whispering with a soft voice to him "So what is your weakness then?" he said it trying not to slur his words to much, of course he made sure that his eyes were shut before doing so.

[02:08] <Bel> Grinning a little, half-asleep already, he laughed as he spoke it, “The best defense is a good offense, lad… Shut up dad. I mean Milord… Just, shut up… Let me sleep.� His grin turned to a frown, before he turned away from Vega and falling completely asleep.

[02:10] <Vega> :: Grinning himself, he was almost apologetic to the sleeping Bel, but whatever it took to win, Vega was up for it... slowly pacing towards the bed, only a slight shake in his stride, he then fell onto the bed, and began to sleep.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby vagabond on Thu Dec 21, 2006 6:12 am

I don't know if I'm still allowed to post here, but since this isn't the challenge thread itself, I figure I'd pres my luck.

I'm confused about the chat log. What are the C#'s (C0, C1, C2 and such)? and the *cut*'s?

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby VegaArchAngel on Thu Dec 21, 2006 2:04 pm

All the RP was done on IRC, the C's are referrences to the word "cut", basically on IRC you're limited to a certain amount of characters per line, so it cuts off any text after that, I post it on seperate lines with C1 C2 and C3 etc etc next to it. the *cut*'s are actual cuts that occured in the line, and the script automatically retrieved the text and posted it.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Vffekt on Sat Dec 23, 2006 1:25 am

At this rate, you'll be left in the dust. Consider yourself lucky, bro, that Orias has been busy or he'd be up to his elbows in West's training. ;x

You can be better than him! I know it! Just gotta apply yourself! yar.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby VegaArchAngel on Tue Dec 26, 2006 11:10 am

Getting over christmas gimme a break sheesh.

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