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Re: Character Bios

Postby Sinn-Seduxion on Fri Mar 14, 2008 12:46 pm

Name: Sinn Seduxion
Rank: Rogue nin
Age: 17
Village: Village is Extinct
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 427
Hair Color: Ice Blue
Hair Style: His hair is similar to that of Itachi's but with an ice blue tip on jet black strands. It falls straight down except for the strip that falls over his left eye. On the left side, he has a green hair pin.
Eye Color: Ice blue
Clothing: He wears awhiteloose fit kimono that drapes past feet. He wears a Blue ribbon bow around his waist. the sleeves hang down past his hand. He also wears a white straw hat with a blue cloud on the top of it. On his kimono there are also blue clouds.
Weapons and Abilities: He carries a long blade katana of about five feet. He also carries around soldier pills. He has a extremely dense body, but is thin and muscular, keeping him from looking how much he weighs. He can move at an extreme speed and has hidden chakra. He uses Dragon jutsus. Mainly Genjutsu's and Taijutsu's. He is somewhat strong at ninjutsu.
Personality: He is very hidden and held back.When in battle he keeps calm and doesn't get angered or provoked very easily. He acts somewhat taunting. In battle he is usually not the first one to attack, but more of the strategist. He prefers to stay hidden. He prefers to get straight to the point whether you like it or not.
History: Very little is known. He was raised by a cursed monk. At the age of 6 the monk placed the curse upon him. He does not know his full ability, but he knows he is powerful. His village and clan was slaughtered by a huge group of nin. He has had only one friend, but he was killed. He was known at Kaguya.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby XDemolitionLoverX on Sun Mar 30, 2008 5:17 am

Name: Uzimaki Mazumi(last name,first name)
Village:Suna,Hidden village of Sand (origionally HIdden Mist.)
Hieght: 5"4
Weight:Not sure
Hair color: naturally white but dyed black with random blue and natura coloured streaks.
Hair style: choppy cut,half way down back,choppy cut side fringe
weapons:Kuni,Shuriken,has control over shadows,sai's.
Eye color: green but changes with mood.
MOD NOTE: All blood line traits must be cleared through me first.
Ninja Rank:Jounin,recently assined own team.
History:Born in Hidden village of Mist.When I was five years old my father killed my family.I ran away to Kahona and found my half-sister had ben adopted by Naruto's family.She took me in and when I was nine we moved to Suna,where I made friends with Gaara.He was in my team after the academy and is my BFF!I also have an angel sealed inside me named Rin.
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established character.

Postby Unquestionable on Tue Apr 08, 2008 5:01 pm

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Re: Character Bios

Postby 6pathsofpain on Tue Apr 15, 2008 9:01 pm

Name: Tosaka Shiratori

Rank:Officially Chunin(But has Anbu level skills)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Hair Color and Style:Black and cut short

Eye color:Brown(but is hidden behind glasses lenses that become sunglasses when exposed to light)

Village:Takigakure(but holds no allegiance to any village)

Profile: A crafty ninja who watches from the shadows until he is ready. He comes from a clan of bird users in the Hidden Waterfall. His bird is an owl named Renzu(japanese for 'lens') and he uses her in conjunction with his jutsu, He deals in information and prefers not to fight as he is a lazy person who moves at his own pace. But he usually has a plan of action ready for most possible outcomes.He is perverted and writes his own adult novels in his spare time. He is a member of a group of ninja informants from many shinobi nations which are loyal to whoever pays them the most. Though he has no loyalty to his home village he is still loyal to his family and will not do anything to put them in danger. He is able to perfectly understand his owl, Renzu, but he claims that he cannot.

Main jutsu-Fire, Wind, used in conjunction with his owl, he uses Bird-based jutsu
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Character Bio: Rei, Samishii

Postby KatsuXGuujin on Sun May 04, 2008 7:57 am

I hope this is okay. I created her on my Naruto RP site thingum that is around somewhere. If you're curious to see that I really created the character myself just follow this link thingum mkay? Thanks! Though it's slightly altered for this site. ^^; Oh! O_O And one more thing! I believe Deidara isn't taken yet! Could I be him? I love him! He makes things explode! *grins madly* But sorry if this is too much info! Just lemme know if I need to shorten it! ... &thread=77

Name: Rei [Ray], Samishii [Desolate]
Nickname:Weasel, Eight-tails, Demon, Freak, Sam.
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 130
Hair: Shoulder-length flared blonde hair with purple tips usually worn under a red bandanna.
Eyes: Black/Onyx eyes.
Physique: She has a slight muscular build, not too much, but not too little. ^^
Traits: Two lightning bolt scars on each cheek, three on each arm, and four on each leg.
Kekkei Genkai: Katon Affinity!


Ranking: Missing-Nin/Chuunin
Village/Country: Previous to Missing-Nin status: Iwagakure Now: Unknown location.
Kunai x8
Shuriken x15
Seek and Sen: Samishii has her two little weapons she hurls at people called Seek and Sen, they are round and contain small blades, they are bright red, but are extremely hard to follow due to their extreme speeds.

Name: Rokuko
Height: 4 inches tall, 5 inches wide.
Senbon launcher - All of backside, top of head.
x1 Seal of Electricity, this makes Rokuko able to attack people if they catch him spying for Samishii. He launches his Senbon which are attached to his soul's chakra and Rokubi's electrical powers and he can make people pass out from the special voltage.
x100 Senbon. These cover Rokuko's entire back, and head, they range from an inch tall to four inches at the very top!
A small porcupine made of wood with the spirit of her pet porcupine in it., it usually looks like a ball with holes in it. When he unfurls he can choose to have his Senbon visible or hidden, there are many sizes of the senbon ranging from an inch tall to four inches tall. He has small golden marbles as eyes and is painted the color of black for stealth purposes.

Fighting Traits: She is very fast, has the ability to shock things and or people, if Rokubi ever possesses her she gains inhuman speed, strength, and more chakra.

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu supplementary.


Name: Kugutsu no Jutsu (Puppetry Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C/B
Range: Approximately 20 Meters
Description: Kugutsu no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique that allows a ninja to use a puppet to attack from afar. Using their body's chakra, the ninja emits strings of chakra that run from their fingers to the puppet. The puppet itself can be loaded with many weapons and tools, allowing the puppet master to remain hidden while the puppet moves and attacks the target.
Chakra Usage: 10% with one puppet, extra puppets add 5%, and 1% is used every five minutes the technique is in use.

Name: Denkou Boruto Renda (Lightning Bolt Barrage)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: S
Range: As far as she wants.
Description: She can only use this jutsu if the fourth tail of Rokubi appears, then she is fully possessed by him and he can do as he pleases, though it only lasts about ten minutes, then she passes out from the stress of the power. It releases as series of dozens of lightning bolts that strike the enemy multiple times, thus killing and or obliterating them.
Chakra Usage: Around 90% of the Rokubi's plus 10% of Samishii's chakra.

Name: Sutatikku (Static)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D-C
Range: Arms length.
Description: It shocks people!
Chakra Usage: About 10% plus 2% from Rokubi.

Name: Sutatikku Marui (Static Round)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C-B
Range: 30ft.
Description: Samishii has her two little weapons she hurls at people called Seek and Sen, they are round and contain small blades, static charges both the strings and the two weapons become deadlier than they used to.
Chakra Usage: 40-60%

Name: Kai (Release)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Range: -
Description: Kai is a Ninjutsu technique which allows the ninja to avoid the effects of a Genjutsu illusion. After forming the needed hand seals, the Genjutsu technique will not affect the ninja. The ninja can also use the technique on another individual who was unable to avoid the attack. After forming the needed hand seals, the ninja touches the one affected to end the affect of the spell.
Chakra Usage: Varies.

Name: Rokubi Houshutsu (Six-Tail Release)
Type: None, Rokubi
Rank: None?
Range: One's body.
Description: A form that is released when Rokubi's chakra is much more dominant than the jailer's own. In Samishii's case, she is enveloped in electricity, untouchable due to the high voltage, it depends on how many tails she has how dangerous she becomes. Her teeth and nails become sharper, noticeably.

One Tail: Samishii is engulfed in Rokubi's electric demon cloak, she has full control of her body but tends to react to attacks with more speed, strength, and defense.

Two Tails: Samishii is once more enveloped in Rokubi's demon cloak, but this has a higher voltage and it usually can paralyze someone temporarily. She has a slight possession of mind when the second tail forms, and she has more power, you may not see it but it slowly starts to peel and regenerate her skin constantly. She has even more strength and speed, and her defense becomes the cloak, she has no further need to focus on getting injured.

Three Tails: Samishii is moderately dangerous now, she cannot think very well and her cloak takes a more defined appearance as that of a small weasel, the end of her lightning cloak is bristled and now a purple/lavender color tips the ends. Her movements are more feral-like. She is extremely fast by now, but her actions are a bit sluggish.

Four Tails: This gets very hazardous, she can now maneuver the aura of the Rokubi and it creates arms, and they can extend as far as she wants. She now only walks on four legs and she takes a more realistic form of the Rokubi. It is more deadly than what it used to be and the voltage can bring death to the unprepared.

Five Tails: This is extreme, once the fifth tail appears lightning storms appear, unstoppable and hazardous they strike anywhere, anytime, and without clear warning. She now looks like a miniature Rokubi and it has lost all control of her body, the Rokubi's state of mind now in place.

Six Tails: The seal is very weak at this point, and might break, she has never reached this state and hopefully will not experience being ripped apart by Rokubi himself.

Weakness: Hearing of her Mother or Brother.
Rokubi Possession.
Inability to speak.

Personality: Since birth Samishii has been unable to speak, becoming quiet and withdrawn. She did not even try to keep contact with people and had become anti-social.

History: Samishii, when she was first born into Kumogakure, was fated to seal the Rokubi inside of her. The Raikage of that time had a wife, Samishii's mother, who had just given birth to a daughter the other day. There had been a discover the Raikage made of a scroll in the Thunder Shrine, he had taken it home and began studying the seal, seeing it was unreadable kanji he hoped that the inside was readable. When he had opened the scroll, Rokubi burst out and he quickly was forced to seal the Weasel inside of his precious baby daughter. It had taken his life and a new Raikage was stated into order, he then banished the old Raikage's wife and Samishii
Samishii was a beautiful baby, her face now covered with two thin lightning-bolt- like streaks on each cheek, three on each arm, and four on each leg. She did not cry however, and they found she had lost her voice during the sealing.

Samishii's mother then moved into Iwagakure, who had no idea of Rokubi inside of her daughter. She had started attending the academy, quickly leaving the academy with the rank of Genin. It was so simple for her they enrolled her in the Chuunin exams, which she lost at the age of seven to a ten year old who used brute strength. She had felt like a failure and had ran off into the forests of Iwagakure for quite sometime. She had trained and had accidentally lost control of Rokubi in her second tail state, not remembering a thing about it.

About a year later she had returned, her mother very grateful, though she had begun to develop purple streaks at the end of her hair, which was very unnatural seeing as hair grows from the scalp out. The people accused her of being a demon or a witch, then they finally realized what she really was, the jailer of the grand Rokubi. They immediately shunned her, well, the people she didn't befriend over her time at the academy.

In hopes of proving to them she was still the same she entered Chuunin exams once more, defeating and winning the title of Chuunin. Most of the village was very proud of her, glad to see that she was still the same as she was a year ago. However, the love and joy they enveloped her in was not to last.

Samishii had a nightmare at the age of 10 and had accidentally electrocuted her mother, killing her. She felt so ashamed she packed a few items, including her new pet Rokuko, a porcupine, and fled Iwagakure, becoming a criminal and a Missing-Nin. She had scratched her own headband in remembrance of her mother, longing to have her life back. If people in her travels tried to get to know her she quickly rejected them, becoming anti-social and very withdrawn.

As she aged her control over her powers strengthened. And she also blossomed into a gorgeous woman, her lips now pierced at each corner on the bottom lip. She has been wandering aimlessly, when her porcupine finally was dying she had created a puppet, using a soul transfer with a bit of her soul infused with it, giving Rokuko another chance at life, this time it's an eternal chance unless he wants it to end. She then traveled for three more years, coming upon the Village of Kohona, she then got prepared for a chance of being chased out of the village, seeing if she could trick them into letting her in.

History of Rokubi:
Rokubi (Six Tails), Raijuu
Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: Raijuu, a bijou in the form of weasel, has four legs and very sharp claws. Its cry sounds like thunder. It was originally the god of Thunder, but because of Yamata no Orochi's power, it was transformed into a beast. Raijuu can release a huge amount of electricity for battle assistance.
Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 5 times; 2 Wins, 3 Losses.
Wins: Shukaku, Sokou
Losses: Houkou, Yamata no Orochi, Kyuubi

A ninja called Sarutobi (That’s right, but I don’t know if it’s the series’ Sandaime), in the legend, effectively eliminated Raijuu by using the technique “Kinjutsu: Raikiri”. In other words Chidori. What actually happens is that the technique counters the lightning released by Raijuu by cutting it, making the beast receive its own attack, and become severely wounded. (Thus the name lightning edge.) He then is sealed by Sarutobi with the “Tool of Power: Hidden Thunder Prison” into the seal in the Thunder Shrine. Then a few Nin from Kumogakure had discovered a scroll, bringing it back to the village, in turn the Raikage opened it up while his wife and their newborn daughter were in the room and quickly had to do a seal on their daughter, the Rokubi did not have the chance to escape in it's smaller form of a golden weasel
Japanese Myth Appearance: A species of weasel with golden yellow fur. The whole body’s fur grows upright. Its six tails take a lightning shape with purple tips at the end.
Ability: Fire caused by lightning, Lightning Thunder, Lightning bolts, Lightning elemental magic arts; Rokubi may also fly about as a ball of lightning / fire.
Bijuu Strength Ranking: 5th.
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 4th.
Symbolic Element: Lightning (God of Lightning)
Origin / Discovered in: Underneath the Thunder Shrine in a place near Kumogakure.

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Re: Character Bios

Postby Protoman X on Wed May 07, 2008 1:08 am

Name: Sanzo Attori
Rank: None. Former Jonin.
Age: 32
Village: None. Born in Konoha but is nonafiliated.
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 176 pounds
Hair color: Light red-brown
Hair style: Medium/long, left loose.
Eye color: Aquatic blue, the left is glazed over, indicating blindness.
Clothing: A bamboo sunhat covers his head and shades his eyes. His torso bore a basic white shirt over lapped by a linen blue coat originally designed for conealing weapons. On his legs were blue cloth trousers with pouches for carrying ninja tools. A pair of dark sunglasses hides his blue eyes. His feet wore worn straw sandals.
Scars/Tattoos: A slash scar crosses his left eye, beginning on the center of his forehead and ends on the far end of his left cheek.
Weapons: None that can be seen in plain view. But he does carry a concealed wakizashi.
Personality: Sanzo is light hearted and easy going. He is most always seen with a smile on his face and rarely keeps himself from laughing at something he finds funny or humorous. He seems to have a natural humane character about him, usually coming to the defense of someone who cannot defend themselves, but "for no particular reason", as he claims.
History: I was once a jonin from the Hidden Leaf Village. I was quite the shinobi, a skilled fighter with blades. But, on a particular mission, my skill wasn't good enough. My squad ended up being killed and my left eye lost its ability to see after being grazed by a sword. I was racked with guilt and I felt useless with only one good eye. Since then, I've worn my sunglasses in order to hide my bad eye. I've given up life as a shinobi and started a new trade. I buy and sell weapons and ninja tools now, and even make my own. I have a base shop in The Hidden Leaf Village but I'm also known to do some traveling in order to obtain foreign merchandise. My shop is called the "Ninja's Gaiden".
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Nevan on Fri May 09, 2008 2:57 pm

((Im being courageous here :P. I thought of a good charry idea about 3 hours before making this and i later realised the charry would go so well with the Shadow Village story thing...I can edit this if need be by the way, after all i made this up without spending hours and hours reading the shadow village things))

Name: Sandake Kagemaru (Japanese order)/Kagemaru Sandake (English order)
Rank: Non
Age: Concidered about 25-28
Village: He originally came from a village long exstinct, a village where his clan - the Sandake clan were the only Shinobi who resided there. Its location is top secret. However his clans Blood line limit helped alot with the hidden shadow village incident, and as such Kagemaru was sent there. So in otherwords; he grew up in the hidden shadow village.

Height: 5"7
Weight: Around 8 stone
Hair color: Black
Hair style: Its long and straight, and reaches down his back
Eye color: Jet black, as all of his clan's eyes are. (There is no pupil or white bit around his eyes, the whole eye ball is jet black)
Clothing: He wears completely black clothing, black trousers and shoes. He also wears a large black cloak wich coveres nearly his whole body, its sleeves are immensly long and reach down to his ankles. Under that he wears a weak shinobi armor, and yes - its black.

Scars/Tattoos: Non that are known.
Weapons: He has a series of 5 strips of large black wip-like strings coming out of both of his very long sleeves (5 in each sleeve).

These wip type weapons can be shot out of his long sleeves and swung around like razor string, they reach up to 30 metres and are the main weapon Kagemaru uses, they also are kept up his sleeve, and seem to hang from his sleeve when he uses them. Other than that he has Shurikan and Kunai also kept up his sleeve, so he can shoot them out at enemies.

Info on the Sandake clan: They had theyre own shinobi village wich taught very advanced ninja technuiques, they kept in the dark and there village was never recorded in any history or on any map. It is like it's invisible. The Sandake's never brought war or fighting, but they would immediately kill anyone who somehow discovered theyre village and those who threaten there plans. They are literally the most secret shinobi clan on earth.

Sandake's blood line limit is what Kagemaru is named after. Shadows. They use there black eyes to controll and manipulate shadows with there chakra. They can do almost anything with the Shadows, and it's said they created some of the most widely known shadow based jutsu's in the world. One being Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Shadow clone jutsu). Sandake ninjas use mostly the shadows for real genjutsu situations and similar things but the can create weak shadow minions out of them (Wich can be destroyed extremeley easily but can make a suitable distraction and can be turned into small life animals in a shadow form to spy and similar things).

Clan major history: Being a Shadow using clan, the Sandake clan was contacted by the creators of the shadow village to help make it. Seeing it as an opportunity to do so they agreed and helped lay the original foundations. They are said to be the ones who created the large shadow jutsu wich keps the village hidden. But after its failure they left all contact with the shadow village, but kept the shadow barrier up. But they left there brightest young ninja who was sent to grow up in the village there also.

Kagemaru's History:

Kagemaru was sent to the shadow village at a young age, already a good ninja he progressed quickly in the shadow village, wich he often claimed should rightfully belong to his clan, or more specifically; him. He grew up and harnessed his shadow technuiques, Kagemaru quickly became an amazing ninja but held no rank in anything. He stayed in the village until it was destroyed, being the link between his clan and the village, he also made sure that the barrier was kept up. After his clan suddenly broke all contact after thinking it was going to fail, Kagemaru was left in the shadow village alone. He even exiled himself from it to look for his clan at one point, thinking it strange the barrier was still holding. He went to where his clan village was once. But it was gone, he searched for many months until he heard they had vanished from earth. Not beleiving slightly he went back to the village angry and wanting revenge for being left. It is said he is the one who broke some jutsu that held the shadow village together, ultimately destroying it, but that is just a conspiracy Kagemaru heard of himself among the shadows and rougue ninjas when he became rougue - after the shadow village was destroyed that is.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Kyoshi on Sun May 18, 2008 7:55 pm

Name: Sasuke Uchiha
Rank: Genin. (Jounin-Level Combat).
Age: 16
Village: Formerly Hidden Leaf; Missing nin.
Height: 6’00”
Weight: 123Lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Hair Style: Spiked, set in a reasonable way.
Eye Color: Blue; Red with Sharingan.
Weapons: Kunai, Shuriken, Paper Bombs, Exploding Notes, etc;
Note: Carries sword at rear.
Kekki Genki: Sharingan.
Fighting Style: Uses Tai-Jutsu for Close Combat, and ninjutsu. Carries the Heaven Cursed Mark and bares the Sharingan. He can do both Close Combat and Long Ranged Combat.
Personality: Sasuke is a serious ninja, and does not like to fool around. He is on the move a lot because of the ANBU and Hunter nin. coming to track him down and take him back dead or alive.
History: He was one of the prodigies of the Uchiha clan besides his rother Itachi. Excelling in his grades, Taijutsu, and ninjutsu status. He was an adult ever since 6 years age, because of the Uchiha clan saying. Learning the Katon element is like a rite of passage for Uchiha, meaning once learned they were looked up to as an adult. Sasuke witnessed the Uchiha Clan slaughter and made his goal to defeat Uchiha Itachi.

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Re: Character Bios

Postby DoomBlood on Mon May 26, 2008 6:39 am

Name: Taznu (Last name secret)

Rank: Former Jounin ( Now an S rank criminal)

Age: 19

Village: Unkown

Height: 7'00"

Weight: 120

Hair color: White

Hair style: Long and "Shiny".

Eye color: Gold

Clothing: Common ANUBU clothing but stained red with blood.

Scars/Tattoos: Many small markings used as a seal for his vast Chakra the reason for this is that if it was realesed he would go bezerk and kill all he encounters.

Weapons: Twin Katanas he uses a ninja type of bushido called Kenkage (Sword Shadow) his skill with Ninjutsu alows him foucus fire type Chakra into the blade thus turning it into a flaming weapon .

Personality: He is kind person which does not show that he is a S rank criminal but when in combat he turns into a sadistic demon whos care for for human life is little if not none he is very loyal he always protects those who he loves

History: he was born in a small and unrenownd Village he was born with a level of Chakra that casued his mother to die in child birth beacause of this he had seals ecthed into his skin to readuse the amout that flowed freely through him ten years after this his seal faild for a day he destroyed his village and oblitirated the area around it now to seal acts to allow him sanity.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Koori Maiden on Fri May 30, 2008 2:27 pm

ok this might sound stupid, but I'm new here, and man I just got to get some of these ideas out of my head. I have quite a few, so I'll pick the best......

Name: Koori Sumairu "Kitanai"
Gender: female
Rank: Genin, but officialy a missing nin
Age: 17
Village: Hokorigakure (the dust village, in the unkown regions of Land of Wind)
Height: 5'9
Weight: "don't ask"
Hair: raven black, ussualy in a braid ("it's too long.....maybe I should cut it...")
Eye color: blood red
Clothing: ", I ussually wear my dirty black army boots, and a guys undershirt. Black leather arm bands on each arm,........the pants change from time to time, and thats it..... I'm not picky sue me..."
Scars:" a lot of those! Three on my left thigh, which I aquired during..........I have no idea when, and 1,2,3,4,5,6 cut on my arms altogether. Some are still fresh!"

Weapons: A naginata. (The Naginata is a long staff with blades attached to both ends)
Jutsu type: Genjutsu and Taijutsu
- mind controling jutsu, can alter ones memories, erase them, use the memory against them,.... even make up new ones.

Personality: Quite the character, Koori is sarcastic and kind at the same time, which often confuses many people. She is good at heart, and is very good at fixing things, especially relationships. Since she is on the list of missing nin in her village, she has the pet nickname "Kitanai" Koori, which means Dirty Koori.

History: Koori is the granddaughter of Orochimaru, and she usually tries to hide her heritage. Orochimaru has no idea of her existence and Koori wants to keep it that way........She finds it appaling that she is somewhat tied to that monster, its a burden to her and to every one around her .
Her family is no more. Her father, a well known samurai, was killed during the sealing of the Kyuubi and her mother, a kunoichi and expert in Genjutsu, went crazy after her husbands death, leaving little Koori to tend to herself.
Koori was quite the child progidy. The teachings were boring to her, for she learned everything ever so quickly, and sometimes she even mocked her teachers if they were stalling, making new patterns and themes on the jutsu itself. At the age of 15 she was noticed by the Akatsuki. They tried to persuade her to become one od them, but because of her free natured spirit she refused to be dominated by " a bunch of bakas in cloaks" and thus became their nb. 1 hit target. She fled from Hokori and ever sinse she's been moving place to place, running from her family and the Akatsuki.
Now she is somewhere near Konoha.

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Re: Character Bios

Postby Chronepsis on Sun Jun 01, 2008 2:51 pm

Name: Mizukyoukan Hayaken
Rank: Genin
Village: Hidden Mist
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170 lb
Appearance: Hayaken has dark brown hair, held back from his face with a crimson bandanna, offsetting his dark blue eyes. Continuing in this style, he wears a black outfit with crimson trim that covers him from his neck down, his hands wrapped in red hand tape. The only visible weapon he carries is a kodachi strapped to his back.

Abilities: Hayaken has the ability to control the temperature of liquids around him, resulting in the ability to create fog, Ice, rain, and various other atmospheric conditions. He can also manipulate bodily fluids to a degree, slowing his opponents, but due to homeostasis, he cannot freeze bodily fluids, merely extreme-cool/heat them.

Personality: He is extremely laid back for a genin from the hidden mist, but when he has to be he gets right to business. This is the primary reason for his low rank. Despite this, he has a curious nature, and likes to read and tinker, giving him a high level of intelligence.

History: There is nothing exceedingly special in Hayaken's past, and as such, he is viewed as merely another genin punk from the village in the mist.

(Is the standard posting format 1st person?)
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Sataro Miyaki on Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:59 am

Name: Sataro Miyaki

Parents: Mubi Miyaki (Father), and Ilyana Hyuuga (Mother)

Siblings: Tasura Miyaki (Brother), and Chiori Miyaki (Sister)

Rank: Leader of Kurokiba "Black Fang"

Age: 17

Village: Sataro was born in the Hidden Leaf village but he left it when he was 15, And he went to the Hidden
Shadow village

Height: 6'3

Weight: 159

Hair Color: Blue

Hair Style: Sataro has short blue hair

Eye Color: Sataro's eyes are blue, but when he uses his Shimogan they turn an Ice blue color

Clothing: Sataro always wears his Kurokiba jacket and he wears a Kurokiba ring on his right middle finger. He also on his arms under his jacket he wears two small, but heavy weights.

Weapons, and Abilities: Sataro makes his own weapons from a strong material he finds. Sataro uses Water, Wind, and Ice style jutsu. Sataro mostly uses Ice style jutsu.

History: Sataro born in the Hidden Leaf village, was taken from his parrents when he was young. He was taken to a Sound village base and was tested on every day. One day Sataro went unconsious, and he went berserk and destroyed the Sound village. He ran back to his home town in search of his parents. He collapsed infront of the Leaf village. A member of the Anbu Black Ops took Sataro to the hospital. When Sataro awoke he found out that the man infront of him was his father. Sataro moved in with his father, mother, brother and sister. His fathers name is Mubi Miyaki, his mothers name is Ilyana Hyuuga, his brothers name is Tasura Miyaki, and his sisters name is Chiori Miyaki. Sataro at the Chuunin exams had made it to the final match but somthing went wrong. Sataro again went berserk, and killed his opponent, and started attacking other ninja around the area. Sataro's family managed to calm Sataro down. Later the Leaf village decided that Sataro should not be in the Leaf village. They through Sataro and his family out of the village. Sataro and his family searched for a new place to live. Sataro and his family came across a village called "The Village Hidden In The Shadows." Sataro, and his family began to live in this village. Sataro created Kurokiba inside of this village. Now Sataro and Kurokiba are out to stop the Akatsuki, and Akatsuki II, and Ragnarok from destroying the world. ... Miyaki.gif
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Chihari on Wed Jun 04, 2008 2:09 pm

Name: Kamizo Nakamura
Nickname(s): Camisado, The Raven
Age: 18
Village: Hidden Leaf
Rank: Assassin
Weapon(s): Dual katanas, poison throwing needles, fanblades
Skills: Hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, negotiation
History/background: Kami's parents were murdered when members of her clan went rogue. She swore to get revenge on the ones who betrayed her and her family. After taking years of practice she became an assassin.
Appearance: Image
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Gravity on Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:11 am

Rank:S ranked criminal
Wepons:lighting fans
History/background:When Gravity was younger her parents stayed away from her becaues
of her thirst for blood,so they left her when she was 3. But when she was 7 she her thirst for blood grew to the point that she found her parents and killed them becaues of what they did
when she was younger. then she became a S ranked criminal when she was 10. Know she
romes the villages for more blood.
Skills:genjutus,ninjutus and taijutus
Appearance: Image
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Sitting in this room playing Russian roulette,
Finger on my trigger to my dear Juliet,
Out from the window see her back drop silhouette,
This blood on my hands is something I cannot forget
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Gabriel_Whist on Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:46 am

Name: Miyamoto Kouken (English style) Kouken Miyamoto (Japanese style)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Rank: Genin
Home Village: Konoha
Appearance: Slightly above average height for his age, he is long and leanly muscular with greater strength than his frame would lead you to believe. He has black mid-length thick and spiky hair in typical anime style, piercing blue eyes, and fairly pale skin. He wears a tight black long sleeve with a short stiff upraised collar and a slight v neck dip. Over that he wears a thick gray vest resembling that of a Jonin. He wears black pants with a gray sash belt, and grey shoes (like those of all ninjas). He also wears fingerless grey gloves with the konoha sign on metal plates on the back (like Kakashis.) His Konoha head band is tied just above the knee on his right thigh.
Personality: He is very ambitious, and always hard working. Not quite as light hearted in his zeallessness as Rock Lee, not quite as dark as Sasuke. He works hard, but he also knows how to play. Very kind and loyal to his friends, but he may be a bit of jerk to his enemies, mocking, taunting and ridiculing them. The most important thing about his personality is his dedication to his friends. He is the most loyal friend you will ever make, and risk his life for his friends countless times, whenever they are in need with no fear. When alone or fighting for himself alone he is brave and a good warrior, but when hes fighting for someone he cares about he is like a man possessed. He will stop at nothing, and back down from nothing to keep them safe, making him slightly stupid and bullheaded.
Jutsus: His clan has a Kekkei Genkai which: allows him to create and pull metal out of the ground, its kinda like a metal mokuton when he uses it normally, but he can also make iron sand that he can use like Gaara, though nowhere near as powerful. Not yet very proficient in the use of his kekkei genkai. Regular Jutsus: Sword Summoning Jutsu (works like a regular summoning but instead of creatures summons powerful swords) and Iron Clone Jutsu (can create a clone out of any metal he has touched, usually thrown kunai and shuriken). He may seem powerful, but he can't use his kekkei genkai well, or his jutsus consistently because he can't control his chakra well enough to keep from getting exhausted. He learns more jutsus later, obviously, but this is what he knows now. He is also more than profficient in Tai Jutsu and has built up great endurance from his constant training, as well as above average strength, and high speed.
Other: Wants to be the hokage. Really, he just wants to be in a position to help his village and loved ones, so he would later on want to be head of the ANBU corps or something just as much.
History: Parents and little brother died in a fire when he was 7, since then he and his big brother who he idolizes, have been living with his Aunt and Uncle, who is a Jonin trainer and ex-Anbu team leader.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Shinigami tarin on Wed Jun 11, 2008 7:04 pm

Name: tarin, Shinigami
age:[/b] 17
rank: S ranked criminal/missing nin
village: originally from the Hidden Sand village
hight: 6'3
weight: 190
hair: shoulder length jet black with red streaks
eye color: black
Appearance: wears a warn down anbu black ops vest with mesh shirt underneath, and a black trench coat with sleeves riped off, black fingerless gloves. wears a mask like Kakashi but with a respirator, and black pants.
scars/tattoos a black dragon tattoo down his left arm, right arm has a curse mark that makes his arm always a dark purple with black markings on it.
Jutsus:Fireball Jutsu, Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal, Kokuangyo no jutsu Bringer-of-darkness technique, Kokuryubo Fusetsu Ice Release: Black Dragon Outburst Snowstorm, Fire Dragon Flame Bullet, Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei (Summoning: Impure World Resurrection), Suiryudan no Jutsu (Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique, poison fog.
personality:aggressive and paranoid, psychotic and quiet.
weapons: modified katana and 2 kasurigama (chain scythe)
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Re: Character Bios

Postby KuroRyu on Fri Jun 13, 2008 11:06 pm

Name: Hikaru Miruma
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Rank: Jounin
Village: Konohagakure/Hidden Leaf
Chakra Type: Water (Main) and Wind
Main Jutsu:
Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Element: Water Wall)
Suiton: Suishouha (Water Element: Water Wave)
Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu (Water Element: Grand Waterfall Jutsu)
Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Dragon Jutsu)
Suiton: Suikodan no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Shark Missile)
Suiton: Suirou no Jutsu (Water Element: Hydro Prison Jutsu)
Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Clone)
Strengths: Ninjutsu and Genjutsu
Weaknesses: Taijutsu, being caught in life like genjutsu
-Eyes: Black
-Hair: Black and hanging right in front of his eyes.
-Height: 5'10"
-Weight: 120 lbs
-Clothing Simple white shirt, long black pants held up with a long black piece of cloth that's used as a belt. A long white coat with the word ’禅’ "Zen" printed on the back with a large wave coming over it and a large red sun behind it all. And flame designs on the bottom of the coat rising up. Konoha Head band is only on and around his forehead when he's sent off on missions.
-Smoke Bombs
-Gas bombs
-Flash bombs
-Exploding tags
-Food pills
-Blank scrolls
Personality: Hikaru is almost always calm and collected, and is viewed by most as being lazy. But he is not as lazy as people think and he says "I'm just saving my energy" which is most of the time true. When it comes to doing his missions he is always serious and his mind is continuously planning the next move. Most of the time he can be found eating Dumplings with a nice cup of tea somewhere on top of a building. He is a bit gullible and has a strange fear of stairs, especially going down them.
Biography: Hikaru's life started out not as his parents would have expected, nor the way anyone would have expected. His mother delivered him a month and a half or so earlier than expected so they were not able to get to the hospital as he was born. Because of that unforeseen detail he nearly died within the first 30 minutes of his life, but, as fate would have it, he didn't and grew up with a love of life. As a child he always loved to go up onto the cliffs and look out over the entire village and watching it's people.

In the academy he was an average student with talents that were nothing special and a chakra level that was only a little above par. His favorite type of jutsu are the water types and because of that he looks towards the 2nd hokage as his goal. He wants to be able to one day reach the level of the 2nd, thus far he has become capable of creating water from nothing by the use of the Suishouha jutsu. Still he knows he has quite a way to go before reaching his desired level of control. He always compares the strength and use of his jutsu to that of the 2nd and sees himself as below average in that way and the amount of water that he can create is almost nothing compared to the 2nd's.

To this day he trains hard to polish up and better his water style jutsu, and try to create more water using them. To those around him it seems that he never does anything to try and polish up his jutsu, but he trains just as hard as everyone else. Thus far he has not been assigned a Three-Man-Cell yet, but he would soon like to have students of his own.
Most Uttered Quote: "I'm not lazy, I'm just saving my energy"

((Hope this is alright, and do I like just jump in to that 25 page RP? o.O))
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Gabriel_Whist on Fri Jun 13, 2008 11:22 pm

((Dude, your character is tight. I got accepted, but I haven't done anything yet cause I don't know if I'm allowed to be in the Chunin Exams or not. You should totally be the Jonin leader of the 3-man cell I'm assigned to.))
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Hygro Ordos on Sun Jun 15, 2008 5:57 am

Name: Hygro Ordos

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Rank: Genin

Village: Rain Village

Style: Taijutsu


-Eyes: Light Blue

-Hair: Dark Grey

-Height: 5'10"

-Weight: 230 lbs

-Clothing: A leather chest plate with many hand and foot wraps. Grey woolen pants with tattered shirt over leather chest plate. A grey woolen hooded cloak hide his appearence well but a dark blue mask over his face only exposes his eyes.




Personality: A silent teenage boy, normally quiet and peaceful.

Biography: Always the reserved person, Hygro will normally stay mute. He grew up in the Rain village under the tyranny of Pein. Soon running away to hopefully find Sage training.

Quote: "go away"
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Feramor on Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:19 pm

(Wow, lots of great Bios out there. I'm kinda lost though. Do we just make up the village they are from or what? I have a guy that I made up but He's from a Village that I made up. What shoudl I do?)
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