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Character Bios

Postby SSJHunterKiller on Mon Aug 28, 2006 5:24 pm

Well hello again, here's where you'll be placing information about your personally character, or stating which character you will be playing. And I guess everything will be done on a first come first serve basis. So if two people want to play the same role, like Kakashi for example, the first person to post claiming that character, will get it, so please no fighting over a character unless there is a good reason, along the lines of the person that is playing the character has been a member for an extended period of time and has done absolutely nothing. If that's the case then we may need to rethink about who is playing that character.
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Postby SSJHunterKiller on Mon Aug 28, 2006 5:32 pm

Name: Kanzaki Onihe
Rank: Jounin and member of Shadow Village Black Ops (The Shadow Village doesn't have enough Ninja to have a separate team of Black Ops Ninja yet)
Age: 26
Village: Hidden Shadow Village (Originally Konoha, Hidden Leaf Village)
Height: 6'00"
Weight: 160
Hair color: Black
Hair style: Short and ruffled
Eye color: Dark Blue normally, red when Sharingan is active
Clothing: Black ANBU pants, black sleeveless shirt, white arm guard on his left arm, black gloves with metal plate over the back of the hand, black mask covering his nose and mouth, blood red robe (worn during formal occasions such as when the council of shadows meets)
Scars/Tattoos: Three long claw marks running from his left shoulder to right thigh. A result of poor judgment when dealing with a Tiger. ANBU tattoo in blood red on his left shoulder, swirling black tattoo running from his right wrist up to his right shoulder and all around the arm (think pure black flames). Circle with five curved spikes rising from the top and four extending from the bottom on his back. The mark of the heir of Karinzanjutsu, "The Slashing Flame Circle".
Weapons: Six Kunai, eight shuriken, one demon wind shuriken folded up and strapped around his right forearm, ten exploding notes, and Tokijin, a sword with a fifty inch blade. Kanzaki's personality style of martial arts is the Tiger's Claw, a style that allows the tips of the fingers to become as sharp as a tigers claw, without the use of Chakra.
Personality: Kanzaki has two different faces, the serious face which he wears during missions and anything else that requires him to be serious. His second face is a more lax one, one that he wears around the village. The second face isn't a joker but every now and then he has a few good jokes. His sense of humor is a little dark, he takes almost no interest in the lives of humans in general, but he will go out of his way for his friends and students.
History: I was born Kanzaki Uchiha, but was sent off to a different village as a small child. I, along with the children from many different villages were brought together in an attempt to ally all of our countries together to form one giant Empire. The only problem was, the children had different plans. Once all of our training was completed, we banished our teachers and used the village we had been trained in to start a new Shinobi village. Our village, the Village Hidden in the Shadow was the end product. A village that answers to none, but serves all, if the price is right. By our law any run away Shinobi can seek refuge here, so long as they are not a criminal ranked B or above. Each ninja of the Hidden Shadow Village studies the deadly art of Nan Shin Shadow Style Martial Arts from a young age.

When I was a child, I was given to the great beasts of the jungle; much like the Aburame clan of Konoha does with bugs. The first five years of my life I spent with the animals, with only minimal interaction with a Konoha Jonin to learn to speak and do the basic Jutsus. Other than that I was on my own, like most of my Shadow Village comrades. By the time I was ten I had perfected a number of transformation Jutsus based on the numerous animals I had grown up with. As a side effect the abilities of my Sharingan are a little different from the average Uchiha, well, what's left of them anyways. My Sharingan has all the abilities of the original, but it also allows me to see Chakra. Not to the extent of my Byakugan using comrades, but I am able to chakra much like a snake would see the heat of a human's body.

***Might add more later, just need to run for now***
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Postby Sanjuro on Wed Aug 30, 2006 2:48 pm

Name: Sanjuro Hyuga
Age: 26
Village: Hidden Shadow Village (Originally Konoha, Hidden Leaf Village)
Weight:175 pounds
Hair color: dark blue
Hair style: long, slightly past shoulders, at the end I have it tied
Weapons:five kunia, ten to fifteen shurikans, and about five exploding notes, Shirazaya (or a white-wood katana without a tsuba) about 45" total.
Sword Style: Shinmei-ryū ("Gods-Cry School")
Eye color: lavender
Kekkei genkai: Byakugan
Ninja Rank: Jonin, Member of Shadow village Black OPS.
History: I was born in Konoha, Hidden leaf Village, but was sent off to a different village as a small child. I, along with the children from many different villages were brought together in an attempt to ally all of our countries together to form one giant Empire. The only problem was, the children had different plans. Once all of our training was completed, we banished our teachers and used the village we had been trained in to start a new Shinobi village. Our village, the Village Hidden in the Shadow was the end product. By our law any run away Shinobi can seek refuge here, so long as they are not a criminal ranked B or above.

To prevent anybody from getting the secrets of the Byakugan, I was cursed. This curse is placed on all of the Hyuga branch members, the main family can activate the cursed seal and kill the person instantly. So when I die the curse destroys all traces of the Byakugan. When I was a small child, my Jonin trainer (a member of the Hyuga family) taught me the Hyuga family fighting style, Gentle Fist. Around the age of ten I had mastered gentle fist style (as well as coming up with a few techniques) and had completely learned how to use my Byakugan. Around that time I decided to train with special weights in my arms and legs. I also decided to try and see if I could open the inner gates (limiters inside yourself that limit the amount of chakra) but found that i could only open the first gate and gave up trying to open the other ones under the logic that i only really need the first.

I had mastered close range combat at the age of sixteen.
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Postby Omikron on Fri Sep 08, 2006 3:03 pm

Name: Kazuma Imawano
Height: 6'2
Weight: 152 lbs
Age: 26
Hair Color: Long White Pulled Back
Eye Color: Blue-green
Village: Shadow Village (Originally from Sand)
Ninja Class: ANBU Black Ops
Clothing: Black trenchcoat(Think Ibiki) black pants and shirt. Wears head band on right arm.
Weapons: Fang of The Midnight Wolf (This is a spear concealed in my own body. It is unsheathed through the hand.)
Blade Style: Kusenhya-Kushiki "The Red Stained Hundred Ways" Originally a sword style i adapted it to facilitate a spear.
Scars: One scar running over right eye (think Kakashi) as a result of giving my master "attitude"
History: Born in Sand Village sent to Shadow in an attempt to create the perfect village. Master of the tri-fold Phoenix palm style. It’s not that I don't like to use weapons, I just don't need to. I am the only pupil of Master Li Shao Tao the first and original master of the Tri-Fold Palm. She took only one In martial arts I am close to being unmatched. The first fold can be completly copied by the Sharingan as well as some parts to the second fold. However, most of the second fold and all of the third fold are incapable of being copied.Without the proper training, it will tear a normall person apart. The strain you see, it's just to much. I have undegone extensive training to be able to use this style.
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Postby Sirge on Wed Dec 06, 2006 5:38 pm

Name: Izon Izuka
Rank: Jounin
Age: 17
Village: Hidden Shadow Village
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 224
Hair color: Dark brown
Hair style: Buzz
Eye color: Pale green
Clothing: Hidden Shadow Village head protector (bandana style), dark clothing, Jounin vest.
Scars/Tattoos: Entire body covered in a seal
Kekkei genkai: Shadowfist
Style: Master of Nan Shin Shadow Style, has developed his own veriation of Nan Shin Shadow
Weapons: two black kama, 13 kunai, 13 shuriken, 13 exploding notes, 13 smoke bombs, and 13 meters of wire
Personality: Believes that one should never need to defend by never giving your opponent time to strike or react. Serious when he needs to be. Is very blunt and barely does things that don't interest him. Loves to eat BBQ.
History: Result of a Bear demon sealing himself into a human baby. His chakra and immense strength come from this sealed demon. He has lived and trained in Hidden Shadow village all his life.
Other Powers: Strength rivaling Tsunade's
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Postby SSJHunterKiller on Fri Mar 16, 2007 3:14 pm

***Adding Midnight's Bio***

Name: Ushimitsudoki
Age: 26
Village: Hidden leaf Village
Height: 5'10
Weight: 150
Hair color: Black
Hair style: Short and spiky
Eye color: his left one is blue his right one is red.
Scars: across his right eye the eye wasn't removed but it was scratched and the blood turned it red as a result and he can see out of it still
Ninja Rank: Chunin
Jutsu's: Cutting Whirlwind Technique(signature), Sly Mind Affect Technique, Leaf Body Flicker, Chakra Absorption Technique
Weapons: 10 shuriken and 10 kunia and gaunlets on his hands that are built to cover his gloves with metal leafs set so that his entire hand becomes a type of claw as well as adding def to him and the gaunlets also hide a chain with shuriken on it that he can bring out and use to tie people up.
Kekkei Genkai: True eye: Able to see chakra outside the body or in objects that normally can't be seen. Able to tell normal clones from the real ninja. Able to detect transfromation jutsus. Stuff like that where chakra is being used.
History: Not much is known about him only that during his training he did learn new jutsu quick but he made it through not making to much of a appearence so not many actually know of his full strength.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Serpaara- on Fri Jul 13, 2007 6:02 pm

That is my character.

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Re: Character Bios

Postby belasko on Sun Sep 02, 2007 1:17 am

Name: Yoshikuni Kaito
Village: Hidden Among Clouds
Height: 5'10
Weight: 140
Hair: black
Eye: none
Aperance: forehead protector around eyes like a blindfold, hair is all over the place.

Bio: Yoshikuni was born in a attempt for the hidden village of clouds to create there own version of the
Byakugan but when he was born without sight he was seen as a failure and left to his mother the only one who cared about him.
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Bio Clean Out: Second Time!

Postby SSJHunterKiller on Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:39 pm

OK guys, the time has come once again to clean out the Bio's. There's a number of people that have bios that aren't participating.

So, if you survived the first Bio Clean out, you know the score. PM, IM or E-Mail me that you're going to keep participating and you're Character Bio will be saved.

For those of you that weren't around for the first clean out, I'll be saving all the Bio's that I do delete (for a few weeks) in case there's a reason someone can't respond in the given time.

So in one week, September 20th, all those that have not gotten word to me one of te ways will have their Character Bio's deleted.

I'll have a list of the people that have contacted me at the bottom of this post.

Thanks guys!


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Re: Character Bios

Postby Wyxz on Wed Nov 07, 2007 11:08 am

Name: Kawazoe Kaito

Rank: Jounin

Age: 24

Village: Hidden Shadow Village (Originally Konoha, Hidden Leaf Village)

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 176 lbs

Hair color: Black

Hair style: His black hair is unkept and similar to an afro, but they are spiky (similar to Mugen in Samurai Champloo).

Eye color: Sky Blue

Clothing: T-shirt, ANBU vest, breeches, fingerless gloves,

Scars/Tattoos: Kawazoe has infinity symbol on his back.

Weapons: Double-edged katana , Tanto (concealed in opposite end of scabbard); 4 shurikens, 5 kunais and 5 exploding notes.

Fighting style: He is master of taijutsu and sword fighting. But his fighting style is very unorthodox. He utilize erratic movements to prevent anyone from predicting them.
He never was strong at nijutsu and genjutsu, because of that he concentrated on taijututsu. Kawazoe knows basic ninjutsu and few high level nijutsu techniques (Kage bunshin no jutsu (shadow clone) and Bakuretsu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (suicidal Kage Bunshin (shadow clone)).
Maybe later he will learn more techniques.

Personality: Lewd, vulgar and sometimes rude. Kawazoe is straightforward man. He has strong sense of justice. Losing for him isn’t option. And he never betrays his comrades.

History: All his life he lives in Shadow village. He never was strong in nijutsu and genjutsu, but because of his outstanding physical powers he was trained in taijutsu and sword fighting. His hard working made him one of that best close range fighters.

P.S. I hope everything is ok.Maybe someone could help me implement my character into story.:) i would be very grateful.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby MetusOccultus on Tue Nov 20, 2007 8:28 pm

Name: Karasu (literally: Raven)
Rank: Chunin - rogue-nin
Age: 19
Village: Village Hidden in the Stones
Height: 5'9
Weight: 138
Hair color: Black
Hair style: Pulled up into a ponytail that hangs down to his shoulders. (out of the ponytail it hangs down to the middle of his back.)
Eye color: Blue
Clothing: Karasu wears a red, poncho like, cloak. It has black flames crawling up from the bottom of it. Black, cargo-like, pants are tucked into a pair of combat boots. A tight, black, long sleeved, shirt hugs his torso up to cover the lower portion of his face.

Scars/Tattoos: The tattoo of a skull sitting inside the peddles is on his left shoulder. The 9 kanji of the kuji-kiri behind the flower. The only noticable scar in the one over his left eye causing it to become a milky white color. The eye seems dead.

Weapons: A No-dachi slung over his right shoulder, a sheath of kunai on each hip, a bandoleer of kunai and scrolls, his belt contains more kunai, there are a good deal of things hidden on him.

(The no-dachi is a huge weapon, typically 5 to 7 feet long, slightly curved like an enormous katana. forged in the same manner as its smaller cousin, the no-dachi is capable of inflicting grievous wounds. It us intended as an anti-calvary weapon. The greatest no-dachi masters can cut through a horse and rider with a single stroke.)

Personality: Karasu is silent and only speaks when he has to. When he does speak its in a slow, raspy yet commanding manner, with a certain accentuated low-key moroseness to his tone, sometimes placing unusual stress on syllables, stressing the wrong parts of words, making unneeded pauses, and awkwardly changing the pitch of his voice, sometimes in the middle of a word. It is common for him to elongate "S" sounds.

History: Little is know about karasu's past. What is known is him is that he was adopted by a family of excellent smiths. Karasu's 'father', Reju Tzi, a ninja who retired to perfect his art taught the boy as if he was his own son. The mans son got jealous because of Karasu's talent. During the Chunin exams the two boys had to fight, Karasu won, even furthering the boys shame. Eventually. Shortly after the two brothers fought again, with steel, an iaijustsu duel. They stared each other down for 10 minutes and then came the strike. Once again Karasu one the fight, but not the war. After killing Reju's blood son he cast Karasu from his family. He disappeared and began working as a mercenary.

Karasu is an excellent swordsmen and works for the highest bidder.


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Re: Character Bios

Postby DarkFire on Mon Dec 10, 2007 10:55 pm

Name: Okugi
Rank: Rogue Nin
Age: 32
Village: Formerly of Kirigakure (Village Hidden in Mist)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150
Hair color: Black
Hair style: Spiked an inch high, slanted backwards slightly.
Eye color: Steel grey.
Clothing: White cloth wrappings form a mask over his mouth and nose. Wears a white, sleeveless top and straight, wide, loose pale blue shorts that reach past his knees. White cloth wrappings covering his lower legs, knees, and feet. Thin, flat bottomed sandals with an extra strap securing them to his heel aswell as his toes. He still sports his Hidden Mist headband across his forehead, despite the horizontal gouge across the Mist symbol.
Weapons: A wakizashi (30cm(12in) blade length) strapped to the back of his waist, six kunai, fifteen exploding notes, two 10' lengths of wire, and a summoning scroll (3in diameter).
Personality: Okugi is very relaxed the majority of the time, only becoming serious when the matter really requires it. He normally gives the impression of a selfish person, but he is always ready to step into harm's way to save a valuable ally or good friend. Most would think he's lazy at first glance, but when he becomes serious about something he becomes almost completely devoted.
History: Okugi was born and raised in the Village Hidden in Mist, and was very adept at water style jutsus. People believed he was destined to join the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, and received plenty of training with his choice blade - A wakizashi he called Kiritsurugi (Rough translation - Mist Sword). However, Okugi disgraced his village and was banished when a mission went out of hand and both members of his team died while Okugi hid. Rumors surfaced that much more happened during that mission than what was being released, but solid facts never emerged and the truth was only known by Okugi and the Mizukage. Okugi began to roam the land, learning and creating ninjutsu, as well as selling his skills to those who needed them.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Faded&Jaded on Sat Dec 29, 2007 8:55 pm

Name: Aeron
Rank: Jounin
Age: 27
Village: Village Hidden in the Leaves
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150
Hair color: Black in the back and a dark blonde in the front.
Hair style: The front has long bangs that always hang in front of his eyes but don't touch his nose and the back is cut shorter.
Eye color: Dark Green with Light Blue Flecks.
Scars: Two lines that run from the edge of his jaw to his collarbone, received during a battle.
Clothing: White cloth that runs up the length of his arms and up to his calves upon his legs, also wrapped around his waist. A black shirt with cut off sleeves and black shorts. Tan Sandals that strap across his feet and the backs of his heels.
Weapons: 4 shurikens, 3 kunai, a staff with blades on both ends that slide out with a flick and can grow larger with a single word.
Personality: Aeron is sarcastic and outgoing yet serious when it comes to fighting along side friends or elders.
History: Born in the Leaf Village and taught the ways of their life-styles. He was obsessed with improving himself to be like his elders that taught him, he saw them as heros. He was always ready to challenge someone in order to move along and begin with the next lesson of becoming stronger so that he could protect friends and families from harm.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby White Poison on Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:26 pm

Name: Kashome' Kantuo
Rank: Began at the academy at age 8, became genin at age 12. So, he is currently genin.
Age: 21
Village: Hidden In The Mist
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair color: Blonde with dark brown streaks.
Hair style: Kashome's hair comes down to his shoulders and is completely staight straight. His bangs partly cover up his right eye.
Eye color: Steel-grey
Clothing: Kashome' wears a white long sleeve shirt that is made of a very thin cloth. He then places a black tank top (also thin cloth) over his long sleeve shirt. He wears this due to some research saying that white will bring in the cold climate to his body and pushing away the heat, while black is to the contary. His pants are of silk clothing and are white. They come down to his sandals and slightly sag over the sides. At the ends of the pants on the side, there is a trianguler cut going upward about five inches. His footwear is white sandals with the normal appearance from Naruto's.
Scars/Tatoos: Kashome' had both a scar and one tatoo. His scar is located from the middle of his cheek to the middle of his chin. He had gotten it while in battle at the academy. And the tatoo is located at the top of his right arm. It is the picture of a cricket, and he had gotten this because of the luck crickets posess.
Weapons: Kashome' will usually have a couple of shuriken on him, but the weapon that he keeps with him the most is his bow with some arrows in a leather quiver that is attached to a strap hung from his waist. He mastered archery very easily due to his clan's kekkai genkai. It is somewhat similar to byakugan. The name of their kekkai genkai is called, "Hawk Eye." This ability will allow him to spot out his target much more easily, and it also give him better accuracy when shooting, throwing,... etc.
Personality: Kashome' is not someone that is easy to hate. He'll get along with anyone and will have a soft heart most of the time. Although, when he is facing off against an enemy it is like he is a totally different person. He will do whatever it takes to take a target down, even if that means risk his own. He says that there is no point in doing anything, if you don't put your all into it. Although, in battle, he just craves to kill, but he does know when the time is right to stop himself from going any further. Example: Kashome' will come face-to-face with a target the he needs to interrogate. He will damage the target severely even if they say they will speak. He is finished when he is finished. He will then stop when he has enough and will listen to the enemy, but mostly kill them after they are done speaking. If he is feeling kind-hearted then he will let the target go.
History: Kashome' was given birth to parents that didn't care much for them. They were more interested in his twin brother that was born a minute after he was. Whenever Kashome' argued how he never got any attention from them, they would always say that Kinamaru (his brother) was younger and need the attention. Kashome finally gave up trying to argue with him and went to academy school to learn to become a ninja. He figured that if he could show his parents a super cool jutsu they would love him alot more. His parents were ninja, too, but they both were severely damaged at the legs. They gave up on being a ninja and had their two children (Kashome' and Kinamaru, of course). Kashome' then passed the academy and was ranked as a genin. While he and his squad members were on a C-ranked mission, and they were split up through the nearby forest, Kashome' had thought alot about his parents and how they acted torward him. What was even worse was that his brother was on his squad team. Kashome' knew right then and there that he would run away. He thought about options and came across his answer. He was going to run away to the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He knew that village had the best ninja and is the best village there is. Kashom'e quickly exited the forest and ran away to his new destination (not knowing that he was now a traitor, and they would probably send ninja out to get him). He arrived there at the village and was amazed at how beautiful it was. He also took notice at the loovely buildings that filled the place. He was off, exploring the new village. But he then stopped and looked down at the ground. He had came in front of a puddle, and it reminded him of home. He saw his reflection with his headband, and angrily, he kicked the water. He smiled back up at this new place. He took his headband off and threw it in a nearby dumpster. He was now going to become enrolled here at the ninja academy. With confusion at why he was uncreduously good at water jutsus, they let him pass. He now had became the genin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby killguard05 on Thu Jan 17, 2008 5:02 pm

Name: Kojiro Ryukoski
Rank: Jonin
Age: 25
Village: Hidden Mist Village
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 148Lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Hair Style: Dred Locks
Eye Color: Naturally Red Eyes
Clothing: He Doesn’t Wear his Jonin vest but has his own style of a Jonin Vest. it’s a Light Grey torso vest with one shoulder strap with the Hidden Mist sign on the upper left part of the chest area . Under the vest is a Dark Grey long sleeve shirt with the right side cut off with white bandages on his right forearm. On his left arm is covered with a long black arm cloth. Sporting a pair of dark grey cargo pants with the left side cut off at the knee and his shin and cave wrapped in bandages.
Weapons: 5 Kunai, 5 Shuriken, 3 Paper Bombs, 5 Exploding Notes.
Fighting Style: Uses Tai-Jutsu for Close Combat, He also knows how to open the First, Second and Third Gates.
Personality: Kojiro is a Serious Ninja. He Can’t stay in one Place for too long cause it will bore him. He hates to wait. He’s always on the defensive cause he doesn’t feel safe anywhere anyone tells him. He loves Beef Ramen with Boiled Eggs, Bribe him with that and he will make sure nothing happens to you!
History: Reigning from The Hidden Mist Village he was a highly respected Jonin of the Mist Village. He was sent on so many missions that were A and S rank that he gained the Respect of the Kage of The Mist Village. What they didn’t know was that he was sent on murder missions, Killing Feudal Lords. He hated the way the Mist village made him do their dirty work. He hated This Burden he Carried upon himself. The day came when he decided to tell the Kage that he didn’t want any part in the murderous crimes he was committing in the Name of the Mist Village. The Kage didn’t like his conclusion so the Kage tried to force him to do the missions without question but he strongly resisted and was sent to death. On the day of his execution he came to a realization that he didn’t want to be killed cause he didn’t want to be a murderer. When the Guards came in it was Black Ops and he panicked and killed them using the chains on his arms breaking one of the Black Ops’ Neck and Breaking the neck of the other one with his legs. Using a small paper bomb he found on one of dead bodies he broke the chains with it. Without making a commotion he escaped the Village as a Fugitive. Till this day he has to stay hidden from many Mist Ninja.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Qetzo on Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:00 pm

Name: Kristo
Rank: Chunin
Age: 16
Village: Hidden Leaf Village
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 171Lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Short
Eye Color: Brown

Clothing: Chuning Vest below that is a sleeveless black shirt. Navy blue pants white fingerless gloves regular sandals simaler to Narutos and the tradition hidden leaf headband.

Wepons: 7 kunais 10 shurikens 3 exploding notes

History: Not much is know about Kristo before his enrolment in the ninja acadamy he was found during a still clasified mission by a jonin with no recollection of who he was or who his parent are when he arrived at the hidden leaf village he was adopted by a loving couple who could have no child of their own due to medical reasons. Soon after he was enrolled in to the ninja acadamy were he passed with above avarage marks in taijutsu and excellent marks in ninjutsu.
Soon after passing his chunning exam he kept on going on missions, but on a B rank mission they were ambished on their way back they won but at a terrible price Kristo was the only one left of his 3 man cell that was 2 years ago to this day he does not speak of what happened the event has left him cold and uncaring.

Main Fighting style: He uses a combination of the speed and resilience of his taijustsu training and the ability to release controlled amounts of charka when he strikes with his hands or feat leading to devestating blows if they connect with his opponent.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby pessyopti on Wed Jan 30, 2008 5:25 pm

Name:Yoichi Nakano
Rank: Chunnin
Age: 16
Village: Konohagakaru (originally Sunagakure)
Height: 5'9
Weight: 140
Hair color: light pink
Hair style: long and pushed to left of face
Eye color: Dark Blue
Clothing: Black chunin pants, black elbow length shirt, with mesh sleeves underneath. On my wrists I wear a silver bracelet with black gloves with red spirals on them. I wear my dark green flak jacket open to show my black shirt. And I wears my headband on my left shoulder.
Scars/Tattoos: I have 3 identical scars across my back from where I won't say
Weapons: 4 scrolls, 5 poison needles. 2 small identical fans that when chakra is applied can become very sharp and lethal.
Techniques: Sand Shuriken (Suna Shuriken), Armor of Sand (Suna no Yoroi), Desert coffin (Sabaku kyuu), Desert graveyard (Sabaku SouSou), Sand Clone (Suna bunshin no jutsu), Shield of Sand (Suna no Tate), Sphere of Sand (n/a)
Personality: I'm a really nice guy who loves having fun. Even when on an A-ranked mission(if i ever get one) I'll still wear a goofy smile to hide my fear. I would sacrifice myself to help a friend or anyone else for that matter. Even if you make me angry I'll probably say its okay and I forgive you. But inside I'm not okay with it. I will always say I'm okay. If I am ever asked to kill someone I will do it smiling even if their blood is running down my face.

History: I was born Sunagakure and was raised there untill i came to Konohagakaru to take my Chunnin exam age 13. That's pretty much it. I have allways had a teeny crush on the Kazekage no matter what my friends say. I was a little bit of a loner at a young age but when I became a genin I gained more self confidence with my team mates. Later after passing the Chunin exam I announced that I Agito Uraha-Chunin rank ninja am a homo! I specialize in sand techniques and summoning jutsu's
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Midnight on Fri Feb 08, 2008 2:50 pm

Name: Gemini
Age: 15
Village: Village hidden in the Rain
Height: 5'9
Weight: 350 (combined)
Hair color: Black
Hair style: straight and short
Eye color: Blue
Ninja Rank: Genin
Weapons: One carries all shuriken one carries all kuni.
Discription: Gemini is a pair of twins Kai and Sai. They grew up so close that they even think almost exactly alike. Most times you can see them together in their village but when they leave only one stays visable. One always fights from the shadows.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Moonstar Flower on Sun Mar 09, 2008 11:18 pm

Name: Mitsunari Fujiyoka
Rank: Rogue nin
Age: 22
Village: Hidden in Mist
Height: 5'9
Weight: 136
Hair Color: Silver White
Hair Style: He wears his hair in a long thick ponytail that hangs to his waist. He has 2 long bangs each drapes over his shoulders. He also has some hair that hangs a bit over his right eye that give him a feminine look. He also has 2 large beautiful and elegant hair pins he keeps in his hair to keep his hair in a ponytail.
Eye Color: Blue
Clothing: He wears an almost skin tight white kimono that drapes past feet. He wears a burgendy ribbon bow around his waist. One of the sleeves of his kimono is skin tight, and the other sleeve is very loose. He also wears a gold bracelet on his right wrist.
Weapons and Abilities: He has the ability to fly a skill that has been passed down through the Fujiyoka Clan. He is not much of a fighter, but does when needed. He fights with 7 poisons as his weapon, each has a different fragrance, that causes a different effect when inhaled through the mouth or nose. He keeps these 7 poisons, in separate small bottles, which he hides in his loose kimono sleeve, until needed. He also knows Genjutsu and when combined with one of his 7 poisons, it can have devastating effects. He also has the ability to make an unlimited amount of the poisons appear out of no where.
Personality: He is very laid back and when in battle he keeps calm and doesn't get angered or provoked very easily. He acts somewhat feminine, which would lead you on to ask "is he gay?", well guess what he is. (Just Kidding). In battle he is usually not the first one to attack, but more of the strategist. He prefers to stay in the back of the battle and let his teammates do most of the fighting until the time is right for him to use his poisons. His calm and laid back personality is why he gets along with so many people.
: He was born into the clan by his mother Yumi-hime who died when he was born, which left him with his father. His father was fierce and abnormally more fierce than most people in the clan. His dad had become one of the top military leaders this clan had ever seen, but now he is to old to fight. Yumeji began to study the art of alchemy and in time he created 7 poisons, and only he knows the ingredients. His father always critized him for being weak and a bit feminine, but his goal is to prove how strong he is. He wants to prove to his father that you can fight without using brute strength. He became famous for his 7 poisons and became the official alchemist for the Village Hidden in the Mist.
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Re: Character Bios

Postby Nevan on Mon Mar 10, 2008 10:22 am

((just before i post a Bio, can i make an akatsuki bio, and also are you alowed Canon characters, if youve already guessed i want to make an itachi bio, if the spot aint been taken and im allowed))

Warning contains spoiler!!!

Name: Uchiha Itachi
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Rank: S-Rank Akatsuki Member
Village: Konoha Originally-now a rogue nin
Height: 6"
Weight: about 9 stone id say
Hair color: Jet Black
Hair style: Its straight, and some strands come infront of his eyes, it goes down his back into a slight pony tail style.
Eye color: Black, Red when teh mangekyou sharingan
Clothing: He wears a large straw hat on his head, aswell as his black aktsuki cloak, with red clouds and a white outline on it, aswell as his akatsuki ring

Scars/Tattoos: He has as eries of scars on his neck, with rings around them aswell, asthough he has had his head cut off and fixed back on with metal.

You can find a picture of him here

Weapons and abilities: Kunai and shurikan, he also has a short katana he keeps up his right sleeve, wich he holds high up it so it sometimes looks like he has no right arm, with the katana there instead.

Using his mangekyou sharingan he likes using genjutsu against his oponents, as a highly talented and young s rank ninja he is concidered very dangerous, although he is blind he is after Sasukes eyes so it gets rid of his blindness

Personality: As cold as a person can get, he felt nothing as he killed his entire family, and still doesnt now, he serves akatsuki and completes there missions without questions.

History: He grew up in Konoha, where his talents and regards as a ninja developed extremely quickly. He unlocked the sharingan at an early age and joined anbu at aged 15, after a short time of training and helping his younger brother sasuke with his academy days, he started training under uchiha madara in secret, murdering his best freind suishi so he could gain the mangekyou sharingan.

On the night of the massacre of the uchiha clan, he killed his own parents and family whilst aiding Madara, but letting his brother live due to the fact his mangekyou sharingan made him blind. He left the village immediately after and joined Akatsuki about a month or so later.
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