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Character Catalog (WIP)

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Character Catalog (WIP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SunshineDaisy on Mon Jun 27, 2016 1:10 pm

Hello everyone! This is where I'll be storing all of my characters whose stories I haven't thought of yet but are complete otherwise. The list will grow as time goes on, I'm sure. Haha!

It's also where I'll be testing out things as I learn more about BBCode and explore FontMeme.

I'm really excited to have found Roleplay Gateway and look forward to getting to know you.

For now, let me introduce you to my characters...


♣ Carmine Innesco
♣ Uehara Kyosuke


♣ Amy Darling
♣ Tiffany Gutierrez

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Re: Character Catalog (WIP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SunshineDaisy on Wed Jun 29, 2016 4:05 pm

carmine's fc: giulio berruti

character collage

carmine's mask

------ ♠ ------

"I get paid to take out the garbage...With panache..."

29 / M / 12 . 19

A P P E A R A N C E:
His skin is light tan with golden undertones. As far as lines or marks, there are a few. Notably there are two small frown lines on his brow, even when it's not furrowed. Also some faded acne scars can be seen under his chin...on the few occasions he chooses to shave his stubble. From the collarbone down, the expected battle scars of a fighting life are present in varying degrees of opacity and width. His hair is deep black and has slight waves in it if left to its own devices. He keeps it on the shorter side to make blending into crowds easier. Carmine's eyes are chestnut brown, framed by dark eyelashes. He's in excellent shape as required by his occupation but his muscular build is toned, not heavily defined.

B I O:
Carmine is a skilled assassin with an unusual penchant for slight of hand, thanks to his upbringing. His parents were the famous Julian Mysterio and his lovely assistant Graceful Ava. The pair traveled from city to city wowing crowds with their captivating illusions and Ava's spectacular acrobatic stunts. From four years old, Carmine was taught gymnastics.
By the age of seven he was able to perform in his mother's segment of the show. He loved the freedom of flying in the air or flipping off high platforms only to be caught and hugged by the loving arms of his mother. When Carmine turned nine his father decided he was mature enough not to leak his secrets. The bright young boy soon fell in love with creating illusions then learning new ones. Unfortunately his future would not be so kind.

In one particularly influential city, predatory eyes assessed the Innesco family. Especially Graceful Ava. They belonged to Max Corrigan, a mob boss who--whether the police admitted it or not--ran everything. He sent an offer round to Julian Mysterio after the show. Ten thousand dollars had his name on it with no strings attached if he gave Ava over for one night. More could be negotiated when more was offered. Julian refused flat out. The next night Corrigan sent an offer of twenty thousand dollars. Still Julian refused. All Carmine can remember of that night was his father shouting…gunshots…his mother screaming and grabbing for him…Then everything went black.

After losing Julian, Ava married Corrigan. Not by choice. In return for their lives, she and Carmine had to entertain him and his guests whenever he demanded it. With her that included however he demanded it. Ava made her son promise to be obedient so she could plan their escape without raising suspicion. Despite his hatred for their captors, he agreed. As time went on the mobster noticed Carmine's talent as an acrobat and decided to train him as a hitman.

Corrigan had him start taking people out and delivering drugs by the age of sixteen. Carmine hated every minute of it. He hated seeing how far corruption seeped into his surroundings. He had a huge argument with Ava after a particularly nasty hit. They needed to leave. He couldn't live that way anymore. She tried consoling him but admitted she still didn't know what to do.

Finally, when Carmine turned nineteen, he had an idea and shared it with his mother. She tearfully agreed it would be best. So as any son of Julian Mysterio would...Carmine created a grand, heartbreaking illusion. He faked his own death and ran away to somewhere far off. To atone for his own crimes, he donned a mask and became a vigilante in his own way. Under the moniker The Masked Magician, he assassinates criminals. Ones who arrest is too good Corrigan.

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Re: Character Catalog (WIP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SunshineDaisy on Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:27 pm

Amy Catherine Darling
August 20th
personal quote:
"Never go down without a fight. Then when you get back up, give them something to remember you by."
Before being captured, Amy was a columnist for a small time publication under the name of "Kate Gray". Her career goal is to become an arts and culture journalist for one of the major news sites.

subject photo:
The first thing most people notice about Amy is her captivating eyes. They're too green to be considered brown yet too brown to be considered true hazel. She has a heart shaped face free of blemishes or lines with a pert nose and full lips. Her skin is dark bronze with reddish undertones. Despite her big personality, Amy's physical stature only measures up to 5'4". She's of average weight with a cute pear shaped figure, she's the type more interested in health than any particular aesthetic. Amy has a similar approach towards hair and makeup. For efficiency sake, she only lets her raven black hair fall slightly past her shoulders and either lets it down or pulls it back into a playfully messy bun. Makeup for her consists of mascara and a bit of tinted lip balm. Nothing fancy or too time consuming.
marks, piercings, tattoos:
Unfortunately getting caught up in human trafficking has left several marks on Amy. They were careful not to damage her skin as they viewed her clear complexion as a good selling point, but bruises on her ankles, hips, and wrists show they weren't above damage that faded relatively quickly. The only piercings she has are in the upper helix and in the lobes of both ears. Aside from the barcode marking her as originating from her brother's cartel, she has no tattoos.

Amy is resilient and refuses to back down from pursuing her goals. She believes that no one should limit themselves or allow anyone else to limit them. Despite her ambition, she knows life isn’t easy. Nothing worth having is. Amy doesn’t look for “perfect” especially in this world. She does, however, want to make the most of life. Generally she's an affable person and will affectionately tease those who've become her friends. Loyalty is something she takes seriously, as a result she isn't one for gossip or betrayal. However if someone takes advantage of Amy or goes out of their way to hurt her, they're dead to her.
family and history:
Eric is the only blood relative she has left. He's her older brother but as the saying goes, older doesn't necessarily mean wiser. Their relationship used to be decent when they were growing up. He protected her from local drug dealers who'd try and scare them for fun while they walked home from school. As siblings do, they got on each other's nerves frequently. Things changed in high school when Eric tried to get Amy involved in selling drugs. Their parents found out and it caused a huge rift in the already struggling family. Eric left them behind without a word. Years later, he came back into their lives but Amy wasn't open to speaking to him. Slowly he rebuilt the trust he'd broken with their parents. They begged her to give him a chance, that he'd truly changed and had become a stock trader in the financial district. Reluctantly she let him back into her life. Much to Amy's surprise, Eric showed significant change in his personality and lifestyle. Over time their bond improved...Until he got their parents killed for a gambling debt with a major player in their city's human trafficking. It was revealed that he had a trafficking cartel of his own and he intended to sell Amy to pay the remaining balance against him.

Before Eric's return, Amy had lived as decent a life as she could with their parents. They were supportive, hardworking people but despite having multiple jobs, the family had to share a one bedroom apartment in a particularly rough neighborhood. Initially Eric had gone into dealing in hopes to contribute financially but fell in love with money and its benefits. Amy avoided following his footsteps by excelling in school and working as a waitress at a local dive. At school she found her calling writing for its newspaper and being invited to write about an art show from a teen perspective. She hadn't considered art before as time didn't allow for it but when she walked into the small gallery, young Amy was engulfed in a world of color and expression. It was love at first sight. Ever since that day it became her goal to write about and see as much art as life allowed for. Passion fueled her through college and on into writing for an independent art publication. It went well despite Amy's family upheaval until the death of her parents. She'd left work early that day upon receiving the call. Unfortunately she never made it to her car. Eric's men made sure of that...

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