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Children of Beliar

Character Creation Guide

a part of “Children of Beliar”, a fictional universe by Bradok187.

When Beliar fell he separated his soul into six equal pieces, and each piece found its way into the body of a newborn child. Hidden in plain sight from the blade of the Templar they have grown into adults and now the sleeping power in them has awoken.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Children of Beliar”.
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Character Creation Guide

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Bradok187 on Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:52 am

Creating A Character:

Which Side Are You On: There are two sides to this story. Neither are evil, and neither are good, both are simply fighting for what they believe in.

Children of Beliar:
Pros- They each posses a powerful ability that varies person to person.
Due to their souls being infused with Beliar they posses long life spans.
Able to learn and develop skills faster.
Can learn and master advanced magics.

Cons- Their abilities have drawbacks.
They do not know about their godly heritage so when their power awakens they are scared.
All must start at age 21.

*Important* Children of Beliar have each have one special power called a Boon. What it does, what you have to do to activate it and so on. It must also have a drawback. Try to make the drawback equal to the ability. So lets so your guy can recover from any wound, but he can only doing that by sucking the life out of another living person or you can summon fire and destroy an entire town, but afterwards you lose all energy and collapse. Just something like that. Also towards the end of your history you must describe your power awakening. This can mean anything so use your imagination. It can be destructive or serene as long as it matches your boon.

Pros- Master Warriors.
Vast Numbers.
Each posses a blessing.(Not as powerful as boon)
Able to command npc Templar.

Cons- Shorter life span than Children of Beliar.
Can only be Human.
Must Obey Grand Master's orders.

*Important* Templar may seem the lesser of the two at first glance, but i assure you they are both equal in power and rp importance. Templar also have a blessing. It is meant to be the equal of a boon. It might not be as powerful, but it has no drawback, so a Templar can use it over and over again. Templar can also control npc Templar if ranks allows. Now you cant get 100 other Templar and ride around looking for the Children of Beliar, but if you want to take a squad with you that's fine. Grand Masters can direct raids on towns with permission.

Races: There are five playable races, but only three are allowed at the start of the rp.

Humans: The majority of the world ,the human race is clever and adaptable. They are average at anything they do ,and in time can become masters of anything they wish.

Elves: The most knowledgeable race, the elves make up the minority of the world. They are lovers of nature and the most in-tune with magic. They are also quick and nimble which allows them to become great with bows and light blades.

Dwarves: The most stubborn and traditional of all the races, the dwarves have tirelessly done the same thing since they were first given life. Their underground cities stretch on for miles and hundreds upon hundreds dwell there. They are master craftsmen able to forge jewels and metal better than any other alive. They also make great warriors due to their immense strength. Can on wield minor magic.

Demons: Creatures from the dark pits of oblivion. They can range from small sneaky tricksters, to large behemoths the destroy everything in their pat, to anything in between.*Not open till later on*

Gods: The very beings the waged war on Beiliar and sought to destory the world and all that inhabit it. What could be the reason for their return.*Not open till later on*

Magic/Weapon: There are no skills in Children of Beliar. Your Boon/Blessing is the only skill you get, but everyone can wield magic in some degree and that is supposed to make up your lack of skills. As the story progresses and time drags on you will be able to learn more magic, at what level depends on your proficiency. You start with five points. Each point represents a degree of mastery, three being completely mastered. You put points in either a weapon or magic, the number of points represent how good you are. So you can start the rp as a novice of 5 types of magic or a master swordsman than can heal averagely, or any combination of the five points.

*Important* Players make their own magic. I don't care if its talking to trees or seducing people its your choice. Just remember that there is minor magic and advanced. An advanced magic is a more powerful version of a minor magic so if you have an advanced pyromancy magic that cool, but your still not allowed to go around burning down towns without reason. Other than that have fun and be creative.

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