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Character Profile: Jader

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Character Profile: Jader

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jader on Mon Apr 16, 2007 4:16 am


Alias: Con Fuoco

Age: 37

Height: 7’2�

Weight: 330 lbs.

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Hazel

Skin tone: Tanned

Hobbies: Training, fighting, eating, sleeping, taking long walks.

Bad habits: Talking too loud, acting on sheer impulse.

Fighting Style/Abilities:

Of the 7 seven saints in the organization Sancta Simplicitas, Jader is the most powerful when it comes to physical strength. Unarmed combat is his forte, along with the manipulation of fire. His fighting style is very unorthodox, which can sometimes get him into trouble against a highly advanced technique fighter. However, his cunning and experience in combat should not be underestimated, and will sometimes use his wits to defend himself or put his opponent in a tight spot where he can pound into them with his massive strength.

Jader is always the first into the fray. One who doesn’t much care for formalities in combat, he will dive headfirst into a battle, even if the odds are against him. He believes that succumbing to his deepest primal instincts during the fierce heat of combat helps him achieve a euphoric state of being. And so Con Fuoco charges into combat, roaring like an untamed lion, and pounding into his opponents with fire and strength without mercy. He has been nicknamed “The Beast� by his enemies, and such a title is suitable to his fighting style.

Jader only uses his flame attacks when he battles an opponent who successfully injures him. The internal flames given to him by God can only be brought about into a physical manifestation by sheer adrenaline alone. The fire can reach temperatures to about 1000 degrees, and it can be used for offensive and defensive measures.

Jader has currently undergone fierce training to obtain the legendary “Frostfire� ability. It is a technique that will heat his flames to over 3000 degrees by generating heat by means of contracting his muscles, generating a vast amount of energy, and opening his adrenal glands to their maximum potential. The fire no longer necessarily burns, but rather becomes so hot it literally “slices� through his opponents like a sharp sword. The flames cut the nerve endings almost instantly, causing no pain. All the opponent feels is a stinging cold at the impact location, thus giving the fire its name.

Like most of Jader’s moves, using the Frostfire will be a double edged sword. Pushing his body over the threshold of the common mortal limitations causes a severe strain on his muscles and internal organs. However, because of his massive bulk and constant training, Jader is able to use the Frostfire ability for a limited amount of time without bringing any harm to himself. However, using the ability for extended periods of time will most certainly injure him.

Signature Techniques

Jader only uses these moves as a last resort, considering the time it takes to use each one. He is completely vulnerable while powering them up, but if he is able to succeed, he is a definite force to be reckoned with.

Fuoco Trinity

The Fuoco Trinity is comprised of three stages, if Jader uses the first, he must instantly use the second or he’ll be completely drained of energy. Once more a double-edged sword.

Hell’s Fury: The Hand of Lucifer

Jader collects a vast amount of energy into his right arm, circulating the flames about the same appendage to contain the power inside his body. He claims his arm becomes heavier than a mountain, and it takes several seconds for him to lift his arm into the air and bring it crashing into the ground.

The energy, flames, and impact behind the punch quite literally tears open a portal to Hell. Jader commands Satan to endow his right arm with his power or he will tear Hell to pieces. The fires of Hell itself circulate into Jader’s body, and the next step of the attack begins.

Jader becomes encased in a raging ball of flames, slowly ascending into the sky. Exactly one thousand massive spheres of fire and energy are erupted from his body in a wide dispersal, raining destruction for miles around. After the attack, he is very vulnerable to assault because he must instantly slip into the second phase of the Fuoco Trinity.

Earth’s Love: The Kiss of Gaia

Jader conjures up his primal roots, summoning the energy of the planet itself to slowly restore his energy and heal his wounds. His animal companions are summoned to his location, providing temporary defense while he completes the ritual. Energy in the form of strange small green orbs begins to flow into his body, the restorative properties healing minor injuries while recovering his stamina and providing him enough energy to continue fighting or slip into the third and final phase of the Fuoco Trinity.

Heaven’s Passion: The Heart of God

Jader calls on the very power of God himself, sacrificing not only his physical body but his life force as well. This attack has never been used by the saint, because doing it would cost him his life, and he has never come across an opponent he has had to use it against, obviously. God uses Jader’s powerful body as a vessel, channeling his very power into the body and making Con Fuoco a puppet to his will. The power Jader receives is monumental, but only lasts for five minutes. He achieves God-like speed, strength, reflexes, and intelligence, and uses the temporary power to completely destroy his opponent. He breaks the very laws of physics in this ascended form as well, using the omnipotence of God to appear anywhere and everywhere at the blink of an eye. After five minutes have passed, Jader’s body is ripped to shreds from the unbearable strain put on it, and his soul ascends to Heaven to join God.


Jader was raised by a band of nomadic wolves and gorillas. No one can really be sure why these two very different species were traveling together, let alone why they decided to take the abandoned child into their care, but the young Con Fuoco grew and matured into a very powerful individual, learning great strength from the gorillas and equally surprising speed from the wolves despite his bulky muscular form.

He learned to survive in the wild, and had a great respect for all of the earth’s creatures. The young man found it very difficult to kill other animals for food, but his canine companions explained to him that everything had a delicate balance, and he was only maintaining that balance. Jader also learned to live off the abundance of fruits and vegetables of the jungle that his “family� had finally settled in.

Jader happily remained with his family until he was about twenty years old. During a hunt with one of his gorilla companions, the young man’s keen senses detected the thick scent of blood in the air: his family’s blood. They quickly rushed back to find Jader’s entire family slaughtered mercilessly and skinned by poachers. Con Fuoco slipped into a mad fury, killing all of the poachers with his bare hands. He continued on his rampage even after they were dead, his canines tearing into their bodies. Jader’s gorilla friend tried to stop him, but in his uncontrollable fury the man killed him as well.

Jader, disgusted by what he had become, leapt from the tallest mountain peak, hoping he would die and his condemned soul would be torn to shreds by Gaia herself. He survived however, found badly injured by a traveling circus troupe. They tended to his wounds, but the man had slipped into a deep coma.

He awakened two years later, having no memory of who he was or his horrendous past. The leader of the troupe, Vargus, took this opportunity to mold Jader to his liking, painting the blank canvas of Jader’s memories to suit his wicked plans. Vargus made the man into a perfect killing machine, often sending him to rough the local citizens up for money or kill a wanted criminal for the bounty on their head.

Jader became a completely emotionless killing tool, and for five years that would be his life. He never questioned his origin, his motives, or why he killed so many people. The only thoughts that ever crossed through his mentality were the horrid night terrors that he endured in the dead of night. Unable to wake himself, he would cry and scream for help, the circus troupe unable to decipher is animalistic grunts and whimpers.

Vargus also had other sick intentions, often using Jader’s body for his own sexual pleasure. Con Fuoco did not question these things; he simply did as he was told. For five years, Jader never spoke, thought, or even questioned his life. He simply followed Vargus’ sick orders.

At the age of 27, Jader more or less found salvation through a roving group of bandits that attacked the circus troupe and killed them all while Jader slept peacefully during the massacre. The leader of the bandits, a young woman named Katrina, was impressed by the man’s size and muscular capacity, and so they carried Jader along with them.

Katrina spent most of her time caring for Jader and curing him of the tainted manipulation Vargus had afflicted him with. She taught him to speak, read, write, and instructed him in the ways of the world. They soon became lovers, and Katrina gave birth to a daughter that they named Emily.

Katrina decided to abandon her life of being a bandit, and the happy family settled into a peaceful home in a pasture. For three years they enjoyed happiness and tranquility, Jader becoming quite skilled at hunting and farming. He learned to provide well for his new family, and began to forget all about the nightmares of his past.

Jader was now 30 years old, and in his prime physically and mentally. However, fate had more sinister plans for the middle-aged man, and he one day came home to find his wife and daughter being brutally raped by the bandit gang that she had left. The man watched in horror as the bandits slit his wife and daughter’s throats before his very eyes, and his heart shattered to pieces as he saw the life fade from their eyes.

Jader slipped back into his primal rage once more, killing and eating every single bandit in his home, showing no mercy even though they begged for it. He then sat in his home, cradling his wife and daughter’s dead body next to him for three days straight. The man nearly died of dehydration, but he finally stepped from his home and bathed himself in a river, washing himself of the blood and stink of death. Jader drank the water and killed a boar with his bare hands, eating its heart to show respect and to set its soul free. He ate the boar, and let the river take its remains.

Con Fuoco then began his journey, his heart shattered and his soul beginning to lose all hope for salvation. Would he ever experience happiness? Or was he doomed with a curse that would always destroy any joy he could obtain? He secluded himself in a forest, living off the land for six years before he suddenly fell asleep for two days straight without a single nightmare.

Instead, God visited Jader in his dreams, instructing him that he would achieve salvation by traveling to a monastery located in the direction of the setting sun. There all would become clear.

Jader took the dream to heart, and traveled for an entire year before finally reaching the monastery he had seen in his dreams. There God took the form of a brilliant pillar of white fire, and his words filtered into Jader’s mind.

“Your suffering will come to an end, my son, but the dark memories of your past that have been locked away for so many years must now be conjured forth and you must face them for an entire year before I can provide you with the salvation you desire,� God said.

“I will face my past willingly, and I will conquer it,� Jader replied, and his entire soul and mentality were suddenly cast into the dark recesses of his past.

There he remained for an entire year, constantly reliving every minute of his horrid past. His soul and mind came close to breaking to pieces often, but Jader survived, emerging from the coma one year later, standing amongst six others. A new power flowed through his body, but the nightmares that had tortured him for so long had all but diminished.

“Why God?! WHY DO MY NIGHTMARES STILL REMAIN!?� Jader demanded, wondering if that entire year of suffering was pointless.

“You have faced your past, my son, but you can never destroy it. Your nightmares will remind you constantly of your sins, and for the rest of your life until your last breath you will strive to achieve your redemption. Your brothers will stand by you, support you, and love you, and you will do the same for them. I have gifted you with the power of my righteous fire. Use it to destroy the all beings that contain violent tendencies, and then you shall achieve peace, my son,� God spoke, the white pillar of fire fading before Jader and his six siblings.

The man turned to look at his brothers, and they in turn looked at him. A silent connection formed between them all, and no words had to be spoken. They knew who he is, but Jader had to remind himself once more.

“I am Jader. I am Con Fuoco. May God’s will be done!� He shouted, the passionate flames circulating about his form.

And so Sancta Simplicitas had been formed, and to this day Jader battles the forces of evil and violence, using not only the power of God, but his own strength to crush any who would dare oppose him.

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