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Tidal Serpent

Character Relations

a part of “Tidal Serpent”, a fictional universe by Lostsoulsbleed.

{A Fairy Tail Fanfic}

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Tidal Serpent”.
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Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lostsoulsbleed on Sat Mar 25, 2017 10:08 am

Okay! So, Here is the character relationships form! Just copy and paste the second part repeatedly for each character. If you haven't established relationships that's fine, before we get into our first mission we will do a bit of rping to solidify relationships so if your character doesn't really know someone the relationship description can be about them first getting to know them during the beginning of the rp.

Code: Select all
[center][img]GIF/Pic,Preferably 500x###[/img][hr][/hr][hr][/hr][img]FONTMEME[/img] OR [size=200]your character's name[/size]

[hr][/hr][hr][/hr][size=85]◑ = Neutral || ☺ = Friends || ☺☺☺ = Best Friends || ☠ = Enemies/Rivals || ღ = Crush/Attracted to || ♥ = Romantic Interest/Dating[/size]
|| Character Name ||
(Emoticon here)
(Optional character quote)
(Descripition of relationship)[/center]

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Re: Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lostsoulsbleed on Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:52 am

Okay! SOOOOO... for relationships I was really thinking that Rin would have kept isolated so far, It being easy with the S-Class Competition and everyone thinking she is only a B-Class Wizard. I still haven't decided if the guild master will know who she is and just be humoring her or won't know. So far she has only gone on solo missions and done minimal conversation with Guildmates so now with the S-Class competition having ended a few days ago and Oceana making it mandatory that everyone stays in Nymphaea for the next few days this will be the time for her to officially meet most people. I am looking for a few things in other relationships, though with who I'm not sure.

1) I'm looking for a love interest for Rin. Someone who would be willing to put in the time and effort (which would be a lot on both accounts) to get to know her despite how hard she tries to keep her distance. Anyways as long as they're male this spot is open for any character though I'd rather they pm me than message here.

2) I want someone to have met 'The Celestial Wizard' (or maybe even 'Celestial Demon' if they were in a dark guild within the last 8 odd years) who Rin has yet to meet (since she joined) and will meet in the beginning of the roleplay. They wouldn't realize it right away, maybe just find her familiar. I'm thinking they could just realize after a while and confront her OR when she finally has to summon one of her Jade Spirits and reveal her true identity. This person can be anyone as long as they have been a member of Tidal Serpent at least a year.

Okay so that's all I have for Rin right now so if anyone is interested or has an idea for their relationship with Rin post or pm me. =P

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Re: Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Tanman on Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:51 am

Alright, let me just whip up a quick initial set of thoughts for what I feel Slick would think or how he'd associate with each of the guild members. At least, of the ones I've been able to snoop thus far. Of course, these are guesstimations of how their interactions might go, but feel free to use them as a baseline for how you think the characters will actually get along.


Dolores: Slick probably sees Dolores as a challenging individual. She's got the look of a lovely lass, surprisingly formal and probably a bit too uptight for some jovial flirtation, but never the less an attractive and interesting person - not to mention as one of the new members she's naturally drawing some looks. Chances are, he probably infuriates her though. Whether it be calling her Dolly or even 'Doll', chatting to her about her heritage, or just overall making her uncomfortable with his friendly advances, Slick knows his wiling ways are lost on her, but enjoys teasing DeeDee all the same. That said, he never can turn down a lady, and probably has been roughed up enough times in her 'offers' to spar to know not to upset her too much. Possibly also responsible for beating him out of the S-Class promotion six months ago.

Keiji: Keiji would fall into the category of being someone to strive towards. He's tougher than Slick, and probably another wizard that prevented him from reaching the big-time S class. Unlike the lovely Dolores though, being another guy probably leads to a little bit of rivalry. Jealous might be an appropriate word, but Slick is normally bigger than that, so he wouldn't let it affect him too much. Still, Slick's failure to move on from A class in the entirety of his stay at Tidal Serpent is a bit of a sore spot... Regardless, there's not much common ground, and Keiji tends to keep to himself, so there's little reason for them to associate much. If it somehow came up, Slick might happily have Keiji make his concealed knives, as it's rare that he actually manages to retrieve them after each mission.

Bardulf: Bardulf is likely a good companion to Slick. The two can sorta-chat and be merry, even through Bard's awkwardness and also have some common ground as Slick loves creative arts and would happily listen to and read over Bard's works. Still, Bard would likely remain the butt of a number of his jokes, whether that be the fact his nickname implies he plays instruments, his inability with women, his lack of social etiquette, or any time Slick can outsmart him. In fact, being a thinker (Or lover) more than a fighter, Slick would probably enjoy chess and the sort with Bard if he was into that sort of thing, even if his own magic is technically cheating on some level. How Bard would feel about constantly losing chess, occasionally being belittled, but also some genuine camaraderie is anyone's guess.

Cheneres: Chen is like a big dumb target to Slick. In fact, it's basically a game to see how much Slick can insult him without the big guy noticing. Still, they have a love of women in common, and other than to rattle Bard, there's no one else Slick would go to in order to discuss the finer points of the female wizards in the guild. In fact, Chen can make an ideal wingman, from the point of view that should his muscly macho moves not take a girl's fancy, Slick might just slip in and 'save' them from the big guy. Though he can be annoying, at least he's predictable, which works to Slick's advantage. Slick might join him for drinks on the odd occasion, but is smart enough to know when to stop. Also to leave before the man passes out or the bill arrives.

Rin: The young hotty with a body, Rin is flavour of the month for Slick. With a sleek physique and cool demeanour, Slick likely tries to flirt or chat with the newest addition to the guild with mixed success. Though her facade is hard, Slick's magic hints that there's more to it than that, though he still respects her cold exterior to some extent. Other than a mild hunch, Slick doesn't know much about her; but being new, female and attractive, he's more than happy to hang around her presence. Beats Dolly slappin' him again. Also, if no one wants the responsibility of recognising Rin or having met the 'Celestial Wizard', Slick's happy to not realise her identity immediately due to being distracted by Rin's other, more prominent features.

Oceana:Oceana and Slick’s relationship is an interesting one. Unlike most ladies in the guild, Slick doesn’t seem to openly flirt or make any advances towards her. In fact, he sometimes acts as a moderating force on her excess enthusiasm, reminding her of the positions and responsibilities of being a Guild Master. Still, he’s known her since her adolescence, and although he can act as a sibling to her, he mostly just provides encouragement and assistance from the sidelines. Still, through the years they’ve grown to have a friendly relationship, and despite occasionally grating on each other’s nerves, there are few other people that he’d trust with his personal secrets. Since Slick has no need to romance Oceana, whenever he’s not needing to assist or mentor the girl he instead tends to play harmless pranks and tease her; a habit from their younger years. He says it’ll help her build character.

Artemie Scheherazade: As far as people that Artemie actually speaks to, Slick is one of the few that has a reason to constantly associate with her -Other than his typical reasons for speaking with any ladies. As Slick handles the accounts and finances of the guild, he's frequently in the library to both work away at the books, as well as needing to refer to and add in more to the financial records. As such, Artemie makes a helpful and lovely assistant to his non-magical jobs, though her mannerisms and peculiarities can cause some friction, especially with Slick's habit of flickering between teasing her one moment and flattering her with compliments the next. Though she's easy to take advantage of, Slick's learned through seeing the girl almost literally work herself to death that he needs to be mindful and moderate his requests of her, and does tend to be somewhat gentlemanly towards her as a result. Either way, he finds Artemie an entertaining individual, be that her inability to take a joke, her literal interpretations, or the diligence she shows in her work. That said, he's not entirely sure what she thinks of him, as she often seems to avoid the topic due to her excess embarrassment.
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Re: Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Quakernuts on Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:15 pm

Alright, Tanman has set the stage, now to put my two cents in for the accepted characters so far!


Dolores De La Fuente:
Keiji has very mixed feelings about his fellow S class wizard. On one hand, he can respect anyone who's worked hard to get to where they are. Her skills aren't in question, even if Keiji sometimes feels the need to underestimate them due to their more subdued nature. He doesn't mind her presence, considering they seem to have the same mentality when it comes to small talk, but it also means that they don't converse often unless it has to do with a job or some sort of responsibility. The opinion starts to diverge when it comes to making decisions moral or otherwise, as Keiji isn't much one for thinking and Dolores likes to play the logical route. I can imagine they would come to a head on more than one occasion where, if they are forced to work together, Keiji will disrupt her plans intentional or not. There is also the sense that, despite his withdrawn nature, Keiji is more of a protector of his guild than Dolores is based on her history and decisions. So end of the day, while he can respect her abilities and rank, I don't see them getting along very well unless both of them are willing to give ground in their respective chosen paths.

Rin Hitomi:
Rin is someone that Keiji could see himself becoming if he started stepping off the deep end a bit more than he has. In many ways he's like her, but in more he's not. She's quiet, cold, withdrawn and refuses to mingle with her guildmates unless the situation forces it. Keiji often finds himself glancing over at her, secretly wondering if she's ok without ever pushing the question forward. Deep down, he cares about the safety and well being of those in his guild, Rin included. At times, he finds himself 'accidentally' bumping into Rin whenever she's around if only to remind her that there are other people in the guild aside from herself. Ultimately, Keiji worries about Rin in a way that an older brother would worry about a depressed sibling. He doesn't want to see her self destruct, but he's also not someone to directly intervene. So Keiji finds creative ways to help her, be it through sparring matches or just putting her into a situation where conversation or interaction with other people is inevitable.

Percival Ranvier:
'Slick' as he prefers to be called can sometimes grate on Keiji's nerves, and that's never good for anyone within a twenty mile radius. Keiji likes to claim that he's a very patient person, almost to the point of not having a temper at all if you exclude him in a fight, but Slick can come very close to irritating him to a point of retaliation. Normally Keiji does this in good nature, sometimes just nudging him aside or making him trip and fall whenever he's trying to act 'suave'. This isn't to say that Keiji hates Slick, quite the opposite actually. While Keiji's personality may not match with his, Keiji understands that Slick's reputation and charisma are a welcome addition to Tidal Serpent. They need someone who is boisterous, stands out and otherwise makes new comers feel welcome even if it is at the tip of a verbal jab. So while Slick can sometimes bring out a slightly vengeful Keiji, he's a welcome member of the guild that Keiji does his best to try and ensure his success...even though he's stopped him from becoming S-class at least once.

Cheneres Se-anhur IV:
Keiji keeps a close eye on this one for two reasons. One, the man is not a good judge of the amount of danger he is in, and while Keiji is always an advocate of pushing one's self to further limits, feels like Cheneres is always a little too close to the edge for his comfort. Keiji finds himself almost stalking the man sometimes, following him on jobs from a safe enough distance to ensure that he doesn't get himself or anyone else accidentally killed. The second reason is because the man reflects his own careless attitude when it comes to fighting and the damage resulting in it. Keiji often looks at the carnage laid about by Cheneres' attacks and realizes that he does the same thing, vowing to be different and never being able to achieve it. End of the day, Cheneres brings a much needed cheer and laughter to the guild, although his tantrums often have Keiji prepping to lock him in a cage of Force Sigils until he calms down. He tolerates excessive personalities, not abnormally large babies.

Bardulf Sherwood:
Bardulf is one of those guys that often flies under Keiji's radar. On the surface, there's nothing that really draws Keiji's attention to him either good or bad. Keiji would sometimes see him writing in his book, but he seems more or less at home at the guild and seems to get along with everyone. Keiji doesn't see any reason why he would interact with him, unless Bardulf came to him directly for something. He does his jobs adequately and with enough fervor that Keiji believes he's already on a path of self improvement that doesn't need any prompting from himself. This could be misinterpreted as someone thinking Keiji finds Bardulf uninteresting or boring, but really it's about how Bardulf is at a level that doesn't require Keiji's assistance in any manner or form until proven otherwise. Aside from that, he's a nice enough kid who seems like a pleasure to be around, so Keiji does his best not to bother him.

I believe that does it for Keiji, if anyone else has something to add for Keiji, let me know!
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