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Birthstone Spirits: The Second Revival

Character Relations

a part of “Birthstone Spirits: The Second Revival”, a fictional universe by birthstone_spirits.

The fate of a world lies in the hands of twelve young people who are just trying to figure life out. What happens next is a test of growth, luck and magic.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Birthstone Spirits: The Second Revival”.
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Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby birthstone_spirits on Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:43 pm

Here is a forum where folks can discuss and post their character's first impressions/current attitudes about other characters in case they don't come through IC. This will help steer and solidify character relationships when we do time skips too. Please feel free to post here whenever!

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Re: Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby AngelGirl on Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:47 pm

Hey, people! :)

I'm thinking we can all post snippets of our characters personalities (just little anecdotes), and then underneath all of those, we can write brief relationship ideas based on personalities. Thoughts?

P.S. Sorry if I'm imposing, @birthstone, I just thought it might be a good idea!

Here's an example of Sorrell's relationship post:

If Sorrell lets you in to her heart, it's a great honor. She cares so ferociously and so purely that it often knocks you off your feet. She's always there for you when you need it and never says no if you ask something of her. She comes up with the best comebacks and she knows the funniest jokes. It's pretty hard not to laugh when she says something. She never says no to a date and even though, for some reason, people find this hard to believe, she's totally cool with just chilling and watching someone play video games if her friend is super tired. She just loves to be around you, in your space. If you don't wanna talk, she's fine with it. People underestimate really how "go with flow" she is.

Tallyho would definitely fascinate Sorrell. Most likely from the first time they met, Sorrell would treat her like they had known each other forever. Since Sorrell has such an open personality, she would sympathize with Tallyho's cautiousness. She might try and set up a casual coffee outing, just to test the waters. However, even Sorrell has her secrets, and if she keeps trying but Tallyho continues to avoid her, she'll withdraw in an effort to protect herself. It's just her way.

Dorian has the personality that gives Sorrell major anxiety. Never knowing when her comments are welcome, or whether she's making someone happy, keeps her up all night. Everytime they interact, she'll try and compliment him or include him in the conversation, but if even that doesn't help her relationship with him, she'll be lost on how to make him feel important. Eventually, she'll give up on him altogether for self-preservation.

Vegas would not amuse Sorrell. She might intimidate her, but only to the extent of Sorrell's initial reaction. She might think about what to say first, instead of later. She may be hesitant to extend ideas or invitations in V's way. But, Sorrell would show no animosity towards the other girl.

Heather would no doubt be one of Sorrell's best friends. They are very similar, in that they are both highly compassionate and outspoken. Heather is definitely bolder than Sorrell, though, and Sorrell would definitely look up to her in that sense. She would admire the way Heather can stand up for others and speak her mind. Sorrell would attach herself to Heather, if the other girl permitted it.

And then, everyone would comment their charrie's blurb, as well as an idea for a relationship based on Sorrell's (and whoever else has posted) personality. Once you come up with an idea, the other person will check it out and edit this post with a further developed relationship idea. You can either leave it there or keep developing until you reach a consensus.

I think this could be a fun way to get to know each other and our characters!

Like? Dislike?

birthstone_spirits wrote:I Like!

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Re: Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby birthstone_spirits on Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:53 pm

I Like!

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Re: Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby birthstone_spirits on Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:13 pm



Tallyho isn't the most friendly or outgoing person. It's not that she's particularly awful, she's just a quietly independent girl who is comfortable with her own company. At first glance it would be fair to think of her as an aloof, luke-warm figure who isn't particularly intense or passionate about anything. Though she tends to do well around demanding divas, (she has experience taking a back seat to figures like her mother), she tends to prefer being around people with a similar energy frequency to her own. It takes a bit of persistence for Tallyho to completely embrace a person as a friend, but when she finds that connection she thinks of them often and tends to exhibit her admiration for them through her actions and presence rather than her words. And if she REALLY cares about a person she'd go from 0 to 100 and put her life on the line for them ride or die style in a heartbeat.

Sorrell: Tallyho might find Sorrell a bit overwhelming at first. She won't dislike her, she'd just be a little shocked! To Tallyho, Sorrell seems like the kind of person who would want to latch on as best friends after a week. Tallyho, who is much more guarded, might initially write off her efforts in friendship as ingenuine (no matter how real they are). Though she would appreciate Sorrell's code of "going with the flow" and allowing space when requested.

Dorian: As far as Tallyho is concerned, Dorian (a fellow Airesian) might be one of the few people she can at least begin to relate to at the beginning of the game. She respects how out of the way and about his own business he seems and might feel less self-conscious when interacting with him. Although, she doesn't imagine that he'd make himself a very easy person to befriend. Additionally, the unwavering nature of their aloof personalities might cause them to miss a potential friendship altogether.

V: Tallyho isn't so bothered by divas because after years of being told she's talent-less, she's developed the ability to let their criticisms roll off her back like water on a duck. She would tolerate V's behavior because she wouldn't take it seriously. She also wouldn't enter an interaction with V expecting it to be enlightening or enjoyable. Tallyho's initial plan would be to co-exist and take her for what she is. Besides, for the most part, the blonde wouldn't expect to have many reasons to cross paths with V directly.

Heather: Tallyho might appreciate and relate to Heather's independence, a trait she values more than anything else. Tallyho also gets the sense that Heather could match her laid-back nature easily should they interact. Overall, if she can appreciate and respect Tallyho for what she is and how she acts without pushing her too far, she might be on a fast track to friendship.

Angela: Remember when Tallyho thought Sorrell might be a clingy type? Well Angela might be a bit more intense... She also doesn't seem like the type to take 'no' for an answer when it comes to friendships. Which means that, at some point in the journey, Angela will inevitably infiltrate Tallyho's good graces if only because of her honey badger-like persistence that Tallyho will find... exhausting...but endearing enough later on in the story.

Ron: (based on last game) Tallyho isn't usually one to show too much emotion ,but she will go from being neutral about Ron to being absolutely disgusted by his tendency to look down on Aires as an inferior place to earth. His complaints and his desire to have athouratative power over a world he doesn't even know will be taken as a personal affront. Eventually, she may even accuse him of being a straight-up colonizer should an argument take place.

Calliope: Tallyho should have no qualms with Calliope's independent, fix it up yourself attitude. And would be comfortable in her company should they cross paths. Though she might initially think of her as a situational friend and a good battle partner rather than a person Tallyho goes to first if she has big news. Almost like a work colleague.

Aster: If Tallyho had any cultural knowledge of what a Disney princess was, she'd definitely put Aster in that category. Aster is what Tallyho's mother wants her to be. The girl seems just a little too perfect for her tastes. The blonde might not be inclined to interact with her out of fear of being directly compared, especially as one of the few Airesians in the group.

Emerson: Tallyho will not understand most of Emerson's jokes because of cultural differences and her earnest demeanor. Many of his interactions with her will be met with a blank stare and a tilt of the head, but despite what it may look like she will be interested in his antics. If they can break the cultural barrier, laughing at him might be a good way for Tallyho to open up socially and understand her earthly comrades better.

James: Because Tallyho chooses her words carefully, she might feel a bit rushed when communicating with James who might not listen to everything and only grab the bits he finds important. What she perceives to be him being impatient won't be a nail in the coffin though, nothing about him feels particularly overbearing and they should have positive interactions overall.
Though she might opt for keeping him as an acquaintance and would need some extra pushing on his end to establish a better friendship.

Jules: Tallyho would relate to Jules' tendency to be a behind the scenes kind of guy. He isn't always to most obvious of month warriors but she suspects that he's one of the smarter ones in the group. If approached she will take to Jules more easily if only because he doesn't seem like one who beats around the bush or suffers any fools.
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Re: Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby usernamesareadrag on Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:00 pm

Dorian Steinsson
No one could ever accuse Dorian of being friendly, outgoing, or even approachable. He is an intimidating figure to strangers (and even some acquaintances), too quiet, too blunt, and too pragmatic for anyone's comfort. In reality, he's not much of a monster, not as cruel or hostile as he might first appear. Dorian is a hard worker by nature with a deep sense of honor and decency dictating his code of conduct. He prefers to listen to others rather than speak, which can be a little disconcerting at first. That is not to say that he is without his flaws, however. He is zealously dedicated to his homeland and his family, deeming both causes worth killing or dying for with no regret.

Sorrell: Admittedly, Dorian doesn't know how to react to Sorrell. She's like the sun over a snowy field- warm but perhaps a little too bright and a little too intense. People don't often tend to invade Dorian's space or show much friendly interest in him, barring his own family of course, so anyone trying to get too close will likely be met with confusion and a little distrust. The last person to do so wasn't exactly best friend material, after all...

Tallyho: Dorian will likely have no qualms with Tallyho, even finding her to be a respite among the collection of bold and bright personalities around them. As one of the only other Airesians in the group, there might be a certain bond forged between the two, surrounded as they are by a group of strangers from an even stranger land. It will take some time for him to fully trust her, but her quiet personality, honesty, and the strength of her independence might make it easier than with most. She's certainly done nothing to make him think otherwise yet (then again, they haven't quite met yet, have they?).

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Re: Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby BurningDark on Sat Sep 16, 2017 8:23 pm

vegas has seen a lot growing up in new york city. she's hard to intimidate, hard to scare, and hard to befriend. though she's outwardly friendly, she's also definitely judging you. she's proud and works for herself. she's an extrovert, and feeds off of the energy of others, whether that's negative or positive. she likes to stir up drama for fun, and if you're not careful, she can easily twist your words and manipulate you into things you'd never normally say or do. behind the frosty facade, she's deeply passionate and ambitious- but it's a constant task to earn her respect and trust.

TALLYHO ABEL would likely clash with v. tally's complete lack of motivation would get on v's nerves, and unless tallyho reached out to her, she'd likely avoid the blonde altogether. v is a demanding diva, and tallyho is more on the boring side of the group.

ANGELA TAYLOR would.... description! [i'm you, but stronger]

HEATHER DEVEREAUX would.... description! [kindred spirit, likely would try to befriend her]

RON MULLER would.... description! [interesting person but not friend material]

SORREL HUNT would probably fly completely under v's radar. v is more high-maintenance and constantly demanding. if sorrel decided to latch onto v, she'd tolerate the brunette, but would treat her more as a minion than a friend.

DORIAN STEINSSON wouldn't intimidate v as much as he might frighten the others. instead, she'd likely be suspicious of him- likening him to her father and his issues. his lack of social skill clashes with her exceptional extroversion, which might keep the two on opposite sides of the group.

CALLIOPE ALEXANDER would.... description! [either best friends or rivals]

ASTER STORM would.... description! [v would probably overwhelm her, could grow to be friends]

EMERSON MOTLILIO would.... description! [best friends w maybe a romance plot?]

JAMES LABONAIR would.... description! [could definitely get along well but might fight in the beginning]

NAME would.... description!

-went ahead and put in all characters to make my life easier in the future

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Re: Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby chanelindistress on Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:13 pm


Heather is a firecracker, through and through, and she makes sure that you remember it. She's not the type to assume leadership right off the bat, but she's also not about to sit idly by and wait for someone to tell her what to do, how to react. In fact, she's not about to let anyone dictate anything about her without having some kind of say in it. If she feels something, then it goes down. She wants something, she goes for it - and will be hard-pressed to not do exactly what she feels is right, regardless of whose toes she's stepping on. Heather is a highly compassionate individual who stands up for those who can't always stand up for themselves and brave to the point that she can be reckless and a touch too impulsive, but what you won't do is doubt her after all that she does. You're going to know that she's more than just a privileged little girl who's mommy and daddy takes care of everything, that much is for certain.

ANGELA TAYLOR would.... description! [would probably wind up finding her endearing. a bit much, sure, but overall someone heather could like and become really good friends with]

ASTER STORM would.... description! [could more than likely become best friends as time goes on. shared love of art, reading, and wanting to help people.]

CALLIOPE ALEXANDER would.... description! [could probably grow to work very well together in terms of figuring stuff out and researching (if it ever comes to that) because of their inquisitive and scholarly nature, but probably won't be exceptionally close]

DORIAN STEINSSON would.... description! [aside from thinking that he's absolutely gorgeous - definitely possible crush - heather's definitely gonna wind up intimidated by him. she just won't tell him that. won't be afraid to ask questions if she thinks he'll have answers and question him when/if he assumes control, particularly in the beginning when she doesn't know what's happening around her]

EMERSON MOTLILIO would.... description! [though heather might be the one to send an exasperated look when a serious situation is serious and he's cracking jokes, she'd eventually break out into a fit of giggles every now and then. could probably like him a lot, become even best friends possibly]

JAMES LABONAIR would.... description! [could definitely get along. artists gotta stick together, after all.]

RON MULLER would.... description! [tbh still trying to figure this one out]

SORRELL HUNT would.... description! [more than likely fast friends]

TALLYHO ABEL would.... description! [heather would probably grow to appreciate having a quiet person to be near when shit gets real. could possibly develop into a friendship, hard to tell]

VEGAS SINCLAIR would.... description! [wouldn't be against the initial formation of friendship, but might clash in the future as more of their personality traits come out. they're definitely kindred spirits to an extent, but that might make it impossible for them to have a lasting, close relationship. heather would be too quick to call her out and vegas wouldn't like that, and heather's not about to hold her tongue for anyone]

just decided to go ahead and add everyone's names up with opinions at the moment, but will more than likely message people to confirm or at least begin communication

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Re: Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Linnea on Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:28 am


ImageAngela is a bubbly and optimistic person who seems to be determined to make friends with just about everyone. Boundaries are an issue for her, as she's quick to step into situations. She means well, though. She's kind and she has little trouble accepting people. She's flirty, fun-loving and a bit flighty. Some may call her airheaded but she has deep passion and an eagerness to learn.

Sorrel: Angela would be more than happy to chat with Sorrel and might consider her a good friend later down the line.

Tallyho: Angela would love to talk with her and would enjoy her company. She'll have difficulty giving Tallyho her space but will learn over time.

Dorian: Though she may find him threatening at first, she's also eager to befriend him. She'll treat him like everyone else and would enjoy hearing him talk about Hales and his time in the military. She'd be pretty flirty unless he made it clear that he wasn't happy with that.

Vegas: Angela isn't that great with drama, and would find Vegas hard to deal with. She'll likely become confused and upset, causing her to avoid Vegas.

Heather: Due to her fun nature, Angela would love to hang out with Heather and would include her in whatever activities she might be thinking of. Though, she'd be more likely to follow what Heather is doing.

Ron: (Based on last game) Angela wouldn't be keen on getting along with him. She's not a big fan of guns and would find him to be too abrasive for her. He'll frighten her a bit.

Calliope: Angela is happy to talk to anyone and Calliope is no different. She'd hope for them to become friends.

Aster: Angela would look up to her determination and hope to learn more about Aires from her. As someone who also enjoys nature, she'd enjoy hiking with her.

Emerson: Angela would enjoy being around Emerson, and would find his sense of humor to be a huge relief in this new and strange world. No doubt she'll be plenty flirty with him, though like all of her flirtations it's just friendly.

James: Angela can relate to his zoning out, as she's also prone to doing so. She'll enjoy seeing his artistic side and will find him to be a fun person to be around.

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Re: Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Necromantiae on Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:16 pm

ImageEmerson Motlilio

Many find Emerson overbearing. He shows his interests loudly and refuses to be a wallflower. Even so, Emerson is typically a rather happy young man. He is always interested in making new friends and has no qualms with others. Despite this, he refuses to open up about his past. Even he has some guarded secrets. Emerson holds people at an arms length, dodging any form of closeness with friendly smiles and jokes.

Constantly thinking with his dick, Emerson's life has been filled with flings and flirtatious advantages. If he can't fix a problem, might as well distract himself from it with a little pleasure. He's bound to hit on anyone he finds attractive, just depends when.

Angela Taylor......Description

Aster Storm.....Description

Calliope Alexander.....Description

Dorian Steinsson.....Description

Heather Devereaux.....Description

James Labonair .....Description

Jules Fontaine .....Description

Ron Muller.....Description

Sorrell Hunt.....Description

Vegas Sinclair.....Description
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Re: Character Relations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby birthstone_spirits on Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:23 pm



Haru is a very responsible,very efficient, very stressed individual. He expects the best of himself and of those around him. He doesn't suffer any nonsense when it comes to doing what needs to be done and can come across as a bit harsh to people who aren't used to dealing with serious personalities. However, whether people see it or not, he is the ultimate champion for the warriors and their success as a team.

Sorrell: Haru isnt a fan of her emotional impulse and spontaneity. However, while he won't see Sorrell as warrior prodigy material, he thinks that if she can be worked into the right head space (No pun intended) she could eventually do her job well enough.

Dorian: As the Red Commander, Haru feels that Dorian is everything a Halesian soldier should be. As a guardian of the month warriors, well, the sentiment carries over.

V: Haru suspects that V could fall into one of two extremes: A stuck up control freak who doesn't contribute any physical labor to the cause. Or a competitive warrior with a thirst to hone her skills. Which way she will go though is a mystery to him.

Heather: Haru doesn't imagine that she's the best physical fighter, but she seems to have a lot more common sense than the rest of them which counts for something.

Tallyho: She's another who has good common sense, but he refuses to suffer her quitter attitude. And because he's technically her guardian, he will constantly compare her to the former February warrior with will really suck for Tallyho.

Angela: A little too bubbly for his tastes. He's skeptical about her ability to toughen up and survive, but he won't count her off completely.

Ron: (based on last game) Haru is a man who prefers to speak only if he has something worthy to say. And he will genuinely wonder if Ron thinks about some of the things he says before he says them. He'd find the young man's desire to challenge him a bit self-destructive seeing as Haru will, more likely than not, be the only person actively trying to make sure he doesn't die.

Calliope: While she's not in tip-top condition with that limp, Haru would think of her as a competent individual. As far as he's concerned, she can hold hold her own and he would find her handiness quite helpful

Aster: A sweet girl from the Rose Kingdom with a tragic backstory and a heart of gold? Hearts of gold don't win fights for humanity. He won't think much of her potential as a warrior and will likely think of her more as a liability.

Emerson: He's physically suitable, but he's just not in the right head space. Haru wouldn't find his jokes funny, and would honestly prefer that he puts his dick away and gets with the program.

James: He tends to space out and Haru needs him to focus.

Jules: Something about Jules seems slippery and sly to Haru. It's like Jules is the kind of soldier who could get away with pretending to do 100 push ups, when in reality he only competed 7 successfully.

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