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Character Thread For While The Thing Is Broke

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Holdgrafer Estate was once a beautiful mansion in the heart of the noble society, run by the highly-esteemed Lord Holdgrafer, until he fell into scandal and withdrew from the world's sight. And slowly, the scum of the noble world gathered in his misery...

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Character Thread For While The Thing Is Broke

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MagicalNeko on Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:06 pm

Yes, apparently there's been some issues submitting characters.... Except Cyelena was submitted without a problem. Maybe I got lucky. Oh well. So until something is done about that, y'all can just put your lovlies in here.
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Re: Character Thread For While The Thing Is Broke

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby NeonBursts on Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:52 pm


Tinario D’Flavian Algresian

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Tinario doesn’t exactly come across as a butler if one were to just look at him. He looks more fit for something in front of cameras or on stages with the handsome boyish face that he has; rounded and young with shapely cheek bones underneath softly dusted pink, tan skin. Then there are those bright green eyes, humble and calming with the long thick eyelashes that seem to brush his cheeks when he blinks. Behind the softness an intriguing muted fire, burning and bristling and captivating before it’s gone and replaced by a curious light; above them softly shaped eyebrows that lift and drop and furrow and relax with his every emotion. His nose it’s nothing to really bother about, small, cute and almost button like in the way that it rounds rather than points and beneath that are probably the second most noticeable trait on his face which are his lips. They’re full but not plump and beautifully shaped but that isn’t why they’re noticeable. It’s the expressions they tell without the rest of his face taking part, like they speak without words and communicate without sound. If one knows how to read them they’d tell his whole life story from one tiny lift of the corner of his mouth to a slight frown and everything in between. His hair though probably completes the whole look. It’s a rather lush, deep purple that’s cut to frame his face and accentuate what makes it what it is.

Normally when someone sees him wandering around it’s usually in a perfectly ironed button-down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows to expose his forearms with a black suit vest on top. Around his neck he always has a tie, perfectly knotted at the base of his neck to give off a professional air. It’s a rather carefully put together look to keep him from seeming like the people that he works for and there is never a discrepancy in how he’s dressed unless one sees him before bed or early in the morning. Of course…. One would have to be in his chambers to see him dressed down in any shape or form because in public it just doesn’t happen.

Where to begin really? Trained to be the perfect manservant (butler) he’s learned to be rather pleasant to anyone he meets whether they be of the royalty he was trained to service or someone he’s meeting on the street. His voice is smooth like velvet and honey but has a manly huskiness to it that just adds to his presence. When he approaches people he’s sure to humble himself so as to not look opposing or arrogant and he’ll never turn down someone who’s asking him to do something. In the end he really does what he does to help people who can’t help themselves and even if they could he knows in himself that they couldn’t do it right. He tries to be a source of calm energy for anyone who needs it and though it isn’t part of his job description he’ll listen to someone bitch and moan for hours if need be and offer the best advice back if he can. Normally it doesn’t always work that way because sometimes he gets a little too caught up in other’s emotions and ends up seeing things the way they do but for the most part he can remain calm and logical. Logical, yes, if there were ever a word to describe Tinario it would be logical. Everything he does has to be done in the most efficient way and everything he says is well thought out before he even considers saying it.

That being said…. There’s a part of him that’s developed over the time of dealing with everything going on where he lives and for the most part everyone can thank Queen for it. He’s become quite the play card. If someone finds a way to blame him for something he’ll live right up to the part and due to his natural flirtatious nature bend it right back. He has his most fun when bending the strict butler guidelines and tip-toeing over the line that separates him from those that he works for. Especially when his biggest tormenter is involved or maybe even with his tormenter’s greatest investment because if he’s a trouble maker he’ll gladly live up to the part. Blame him for setting a fire and you’re likely to get another fire that he did set because they already see him as a firestarter. It’s not an often occurrence but he is there to please the people he works for and it is a rather twisted view of that but hey, it gets the job done. That’s all he’s really ever focussed on and that’s all his passion really entails so as long as he can do his job and do it right how it happens isn’t really that important. He still thinks it through beforehand but some would say it’s a more chaotic thought process that no one really considers to be the kind of logical he uses normally. He’d say that he’s only human and as a human he’s allowed to have differences in the way he thinks about things but he wasn’t trained to argue with his employers. And since he can’t argue he’ll have a little fun rebelling in the dark.

He’s rather fun too even though it would seem like he’s some uptight, anal little bastard. He likes to stay up way too late drinking and he likes to run barefoot in the grass because really who doesn’t and the only reason he can’t do any of that is because of training. Always remain as professional as possible because the employer must be proud of the butler they hired. Always. Never fail to maintain the illusion or face the consequences of being fired for failing the employer. It’s a tough life really because he can’t truly be himself when he’s working and can only be himself when he’s alone or when he takes his afternoon breaks every other Sunday because even he needs time off. Tinario may seem like a worker who can never tire but he gets stressed and he gets sick and he gets tired and he needs time to recuperate every once in a while. He wishes he could sleep in but every day at five am he’s up and at it and the only down time he gets is that every other Sunday when he can loosen his tie, unbutton his shirt and sit in his room with a good book and not even care if the lawn is on fire. Nope, not his problem one the noon hits on his break time. Someone else can call the fire department.

One might wonder why I decided to become a butler and it wasn’t because it was part of the family or because it would make my mother proud. I was born into a rather prestigious family and we had more than enough money to live on but I wanted to do something interesting, be around interesting people. My father taught me his trade in metal working as he had my brother before me and my mother taught me etiquette even though as a man I probably didn’t need it. I was more the kind of person who wanted to talk to people and help them with the things they could do and it wasn’t until an ex or mine recommended when I was eighteen that I be a butler. I mean, it was basically everything I was looking for and there was really no denying that I could meet interesting people. The rich ones were always the ones that lead the more scandalous lives – the ones with all the secrets to hide and the things they didn’t want people to know. I wouldn’t be able to have that much excitement anywhere else.

The training was extensive and when I say it covered all aspects of the dependant rich person’s life I do mean it. We were taught how to change, shower and feed a person if necessary. Taught how to fix everything from the kitchen sink to the roof shingles, make any kind of food you’d think someone would want to even eat, teach them probably anything they wanted to learn and I still don’t know enough. Half of the job is learning to improvise on the spot and if you don’t know how to do well you were damn sure I was going to learn how. I didn’t finish my formal training until I was twenty-one and the next year was training with an actual client to make sure I was refined in my behaviour and only then was I actually officiated as a butler. By the time I was twenty-three I had stayed with three other employers before I ended up in the mansion with the most scandalous group of people I’ve ever met.

I think I’ll enjoy it here.

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