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RPG Characters

Who exists in the worlds?

These fictional characters have been created by the many authors on RPG.



Aeon Shirokami

Aeon Shirokami played by Lady Ethereal

"For me, it will always be business as usual."


Master played by Remæus

As an immortal, Master is strong, silent, and solemn; driven by that which extends his life: the construct of the first fallen archangel.

Ivera Clue Rixy

Ivera Clue Rixy played by LookingAtPerks

Subject VII. "Now the truth is revealed!"


Cryoface played by LawOfTheLand

A Snow Warrior from the land of Lore, Cryoface is skilled in the art of melee combat, but is also learning how to control the ice magic inherent in his creation.

Koishi Komeiji

Koishi Komeiji played by ColeMaibara

The sister of Satori! She'll never truly be understood.