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Chat Quotes & OOc RPing From PP!

a topic in Possibly Pirates, a part of the RPG forum.

Chat Quotes & OOc RPing From PP!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby tigerz-peace on Sat Apr 26, 2008 12:29 am

(11:17:07) (Richelle): Raff, me dear, tell me was NOT ye that was snoggin' on the cap'n th'other night? *smirk*
(11:17:59) (Elizabeth) Eyes widen as the blush rises to her cheeks, just visible on the tanned skin
(11:19:40) (Raff): Ye're not well lass and seen things
(11:20:12) (Richelle) winks at the Captain. "Now, Cap'n, were me eyes mistaken, or did I indeed see ye wiv Master Raff here, just this other night? On the deck of the Fledgling, smooching like a couple of lovers?"
(11:21:40) (Elizabeth): Nay, Richelle! Ye' saw naught such a thing! Meself and Master Raff, we be merely good friends, lass! - Glances about fervently -
(11:21:58) (Raff): I think ye need more rest lass
(11:23:14) (Richelle): Hm...I could have SWORN...mayhaps 'twas another fair lassie I saw Master Raff kissin' on?
(11:23:33) (Richelle): Or another brawny sailor that the Cap'n was blushin' with?
(11:24:06) (Raff): I be thinkin that ye have had strange fever dreams lass
(11:24:20) (Elizabeth): Richelle dear, I assure you I was tucked away in me cabin tha' nigh', with a comforting bottle o' rum and a letter an' map or two!
(11:24:37) (Richelle): it would seem! I suppose I be needin' a bit more rest!
(11:24:58) (Richelle): Accourse, wiv all the strange sounds comin' from Master Raff's room late at night, one can hardly catch a wink!
(11:25:08) (Richelle) scurries off to her room.
(11:25:42) (Raff) blinks
(11:26:13) (Elizabeth) Narrows her eyes at Richelle as she scurries off, before turning to Raff and whispering harshly. "What be this, Raff, a lass in yer bed? Pray tell who it be, when there be many a lacking of un-commited lasses aboard!"
(11:26:46) (Richelle) hides around the corner to listen, fighting the urge to giggle.
(11:28:16) (Raff) puffs up, whispers back. "I've had no lass in me hammock! I think in her sick start, she mistook me praying for her health for strange sounds!"


[size=50](10:05:07) Jadeling_Hawkins: lol I think it would be cute if we did a wedding at sea...XD
(10:05:19) Jadeling_Hawkins: Especially if it was Liz marrying herself to Raff..
(10:05:24) Tigerz-peace: Tha' would be cute![/size]

(10:06:22) Jadeling_Hawkins: Elizabeth: An' do ye, Master Raff, take me ta be yer lawfully wedded wife?
(10:06:47) Irish Wolf: Raff: *flees from the ball and chain of marriage*
(10:06:53) Tigerz-peace: Elizabeth: say yes or ye'll find ye scurvy hide bin' fed ter the fishes
(10:07:20) Jadeling_Hawkins: Richelle: *trips Raff and drags him back to Elizabeth*
(10:07:27) Jadeling_Hawkins: Richelle: Here you are, Cap'n ^-^
(10:07:27) Irish_Wolf: Raff: Nooooo
(10:07:35) Tigerz-peace: You'd reject the all wonderful, wolf-whistlee worthy Elizabeth - Ye'd not spend th’ rest of yer life with the bonnie lass and wha' lay beneath those mannish clothing?
(10:08:06) Tigerz-peace: Elizabeth: Me thanks, Richelle Dear *Curls a chain around Raffs ankles with a cannon ball attached*
(10:08:09) Irish_Wolf: Raff: nah lassie....just marriage
(10:08:31) Jadeling_Hawkins: Richelle: *sits back down, beaming* 'Tis nary a problem, Cap'n. Enjoy!
(10:09:13) Irish_Wolf: Raff: *gulp*
(10:09:40) tigers-peace: Elizabeth: Well I be afraid tha' we must do it the proper way lad, for I fear to say I am of no'le bloo'. A distan' distan' relative of the King and Queen imselves
(10:10:20) Irish_Wolf: Raff: can we not elope?
(10:10:54) Jadeling_Hawkins: Richelle: Nay, indeed not, Raff! Would ye not make an honourable lass o' the Cap'n?
(10:11:09) Irish_Wolf: Raff: we be pirates


Jadeling_Hawkins: I'm getting the image of Caesar following Elizabeth around with little drunken cartoon hearts floating around his head..
Jadeling_Hawkins: And Raff and Esath following him with daggers in their eyes


(16:52:15) tigerz-peace: Elizabeth: *Sighs dramatically and drapes herself over Raff* Aint tha' the prettiest sight, Raff? All those twinklin' stares up there. Just think, each o' them beauties woul' represent all the little Kiddies Richelle and James will have.. And who knows... Possibly an extra few from some o' their mates....
(16:53:05) Irish_Wolf: Raff: *grins widely*...who had ye in mind for those mates?
(16:54:36) tigerz-peace: Elizabeth: Well there be a mighty chance one woul' happen ter be a gunman we both happen ter know of, him an' tha' pistol tha' will ever be a' thine command...


(16:50:18) Skallagrim_Cught: I actually think I will miss RPng James and interacting with the rest once the RP ends
(16:51:32) Jadeling_Hawkins: at the very least, we have to do a freakin' sweet epilogue
(16:51:41) Jadeling_Hawkins: so we know what happened with all these guys
(16:52:10) Jadeling_Hawkins: and then maybe we can 2nd gen thread XD

(16:54:01) Jadeling_Hawkins: (hehe) Elizabeth: *meeting James' and Richelle's offspring* Now, who be this?
(16:54:18) Jadeling_Hawkins: Richelle: *beams* Here be James Junior, an' James Junior, an' James Junior..*continues*
(16:55:54) Jadeling_Hawkins: James, Richelle, and their crew of fat babies...XD There can be no happier ending.


(11:10:46) Jadeling_Hawkins: I think it would be funny if all this ended with Raff and Caesar being best buddehs
(11:11:06) Drako11: NEVAH!! ANTI RAFF FOR LIFE!!! XD
(11:11:22) Jadeling_Hawkins: especially when Elizabeth marries herself to him...lawl
(11:11:30) Jadeling_Hawkins: Elizabeth: An' do ye take me-
(11:11:37) Jadeling_Hawkins: Caesar; *swings in on a rope* NOOOOOO!!
(11:11:45) Jadeling_Hawkins: teehee
(11:12:17) Jadeling_Hawkins: Raff and Caesar have their final duel on Elizabeth's wedding day...lawl


(13:02:50) ChatBot: Drako11 enters the channel.
(13:03:00) (Richelle): Ah! Caesar!
(13:03:01) ChatBot: tigerz-peace enters the channel.
(13:03:05) Drako11: I'm back, I found a picture of Caesar!
(13:03:08) (Richelle): Elizabeth! ^-^
(13:03:13) (Richelle): I saw that, very dandy.
(13:03:37) Drako11: its up in the OOC, also there is a very nice picture of Elizabeth lovin on Caesar as well MWUHAHAHAHA!!!
(13:03:38) (Richelle): XD I just saw the 'ending' picture of Caesar and Elizabeth...*giggle*
(13:03:59) (Elizabeth): ...*Freezes and goes to check it*
(13:04:25) Drako11: *hands to Raff* loser!! XD
(13:04:28) Drako11: I WIN!!!
(13:04:46) (Richelle): *slowly backs away from the two men*
(13:04:55) (Elizabeth): *Is wearing grim smile, waiting to see what there all on about*
(13:04:58) (Richelle): This be not something I've a desire to get caught in the middle of...
(13:05:11) Drako11: I WIN I WIN I WIN!!!
(13:05:41) Drako11: What you don't remember it Elizabeth?
(13:05:45) (Elizabeth): Ye dun win until I say ye win
(13:05:53) Drako11: You should it was wonderful!!! XD rofl
(13:06:08) (Richelle): Blimey...Elizabeth, I didn'ae know ye were the type to wear such a dress!
(13:06:10) Drako11: *runs off before he gets shot*
(13:06:25) ChatBot: (Raff) has been logged out (Timeout).
(13:06:36) (Elizabeth): *Dies from laughter*
(13:06:39) (Esath): ok im back i was cheacking all my RP's
(13:06:40) Drako11: oooh Raff couldnt take the heart break he left!!
(13:07:14) (Elizabeth): Me rear dun be tha' big, an me hair be longer than tha' Ceaser, I'm afrai' the poor lass ye inticed just aint me
(13:07:14) Drako11: Look at the pictures I put up in OOC
(13:07:21) (Esath): oh that
(13:07:21) (Richelle): Apparently, fair Elizabeth be havin' a wee bit of romance unner Master Raff's nose..
(13:07:27) (Esath): yea it made me laugh
(13:07:43) (Esath): but i will win in the end me thinks
(13:08:03) (Richelle): What is there for you to win, Master Esath?
(13:08:07) Drako11: Your hair was in tied up, and it was jest the dress that was poofin out!
(13:08:39) (Esath): ha methinks it was your cousin and not our fair capt'n
(13:08:50) (Richelle): :X
(13:08:59) Drako11: hooooo!!!
(13:09:10) Drako11: *throws Esath overboard*
(13:09:26) (Elizabeth): *saves the hunky sea-artist*
(13:09:29) (Esath): *grabs Caesar and pulls him over with him*
(13:09:49) (Elizabeth): *Leaves Ceaser with the dolphins as a new play two*
(13:09:49) (Esath): lol
(13:10:23) (Esath): *kisses Elizbeth* thanks for the save love
(13:10:32) (Richelle): *gasp*
(13:10:44) Drako11: Never fear Elizabeth I shall allow you to throw yourself around to all the men, but sooner or later you will come to me begging!
(13:10:48) (Richelle): Garn! 'Twill be the end of ye once Raff an' Caesar find out, Esath!
(13:10:58) Drako11: Begging for a real man that can take care of you propper!
(13:11:11) Drako11: *hangs Esath from the mast*
(13:11:38) (Esath): oh the dolphines be killin’ him soon and what raff not be of the knowing wont be hurtin him will it


Drako11 on Tue Feb 26, 2008 7:54 am

Well I was thinking since it was called the Fledgling we could have a little skeleton bird or something, maybe the bird would be perched on the cross bones. I might try to draw it, but I usually stink at drawing skeletons. If anyone else wants to try drawing it, be my guest.

Yet if all else fails we shall paste a picture of Caesar on the flag, I mean who could resist a flag like that?

Sarithus on Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:17 am

lol wow, someone’s conceded.

Drako11 on Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:23 am

Caesar: "Conceded sirrah! Never! I am merely stating facts that some people are born handsome, daring, brave, and cunning. I just happen to be one of them, now good fellow if you did not happen to be one of these elite few then I feel for you very deeply. However I can not change who I am and you can not change who you are, thus we must all live together as best we as the people we are, acknowledging the fact that some people were just born to be better then others."

XD Rofl...I must admit he is just a LITTLE conceded. XD But he will change, I have a feeling he will have to, to ever get the attentions of the captain. He has already experienced quite a few errmmm....humbling? experiences.

Sarithus on Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:47 am

hehe very humbling. And Rand will be like the matchmaker, helpin' him to try and win 'the queens' heart xD.

Rand: "Okay, mess up you hair, you don't need to look like your hairs been glued together. Stop talking like a snob and take up pirate slang. No, you pronounce it Savvy, not save me. Oh, I see, you have a shark attacking you. See, I knew swimming lessons would be good! Your learning to swim, and wrestle sharks at the same time! By next week cap'n Elizabeth won't be able to take 'er eyes of you!"

tigerz-peace on Wed Feb 27, 2008 5:19 pm

Elizabeth: The grey eyed captain stared at the pathetic sight before her, her slate-grey swirling orbs stony to hide the amusement that danced there.
"Shou' we be therowin' a line in, Cap'n?" Asked one of the crew.
"Nay peter, he be needin' a few lessons with tha' Grea' Whi'e if he is ter sail beneath Cap'n Elizabeth, Queen o' the Orient."
Elizabeth continued to watch as Caesar swam frantically towards the boat, trying to avoid the fin o' what appeared to be a great white. It was less then a metre away, and she yelled out to him hoarsely.
"Oi yer stinkin' load of horse dung git ye behin' on deck now before we throw ye overboard when a real shark comes along' mate!" The woman turned away now, her body racking with laughter as she heard the welcoming call of a bottle-nose dolphin.

Drako11 on Thu Feb 28, 2008 8:26 am

Caesar: *swimming furiously* Please marm!! Dolphins have been known to kill! I swear if ye pull me up I won't ever look at ye again just pull me in!!! *Dolphin pulls him under, blood appears*

*Caesar pops back to the surface* AHHHH!! IT GOT MY LEG!!!!! PLEASE SAVE ME HAVE MERCY FAIR CAPTAIN!!!!

tigerz-peace on Thu Feb 28, 2008 4:25 pm

"Ahh Caesar my fair Englishman, I'll take a pity on ye sorry soul. I take it ye wish not to visit Davie Jones at such a time, when ye have no' even managed to entice the fair Cap'n Elizabeth, Queen o' the Orient. Ahhr, Rand, raff an any capable hand, pull tha' man an' 'is ruddy hide ou' of tha' blimey sea for pi'y's sake."

tigerz-peace on Thu Feb 28, 2008 7:52 pm

Elizabeth Darson fell dramatically into the strong, pirating arms of the handsome Raff, submitting herself to a mock-dead-faint. In an equally dramatic manner, her eyes shot open wide as she stared at Raff.
“Oh brave, strong, handsome saviour! Do ye’ think tha’ repulsive Englishman, the scury dog, will pursue who I be, the Piratin’ Queen o’ the Orient, in his pointless quest fer her love?”

Jadeling Hawkins on Thu Feb 28, 2008 8:04 pm

Richelle: *stares with obvious confusion* Blimey...Raff be doin' nothing but threatening to slaughter the English chap, an' the Cap'n fell right inta his arms!
Jadeling: Well, you fell for a man wearing a dress.
Richelle: ....true enough. ^-^

Irish Wolf on Thu Feb 28, 2008 8:07 pm

Raff: “my good captain, shall I throw him off the side of the Fledgling for thy?”

Drako11 on Thu Feb 28, 2008 8:47 pm

Caesar: OI! You great buffoon get your dirty gun scrubbin paws off the Captain, she deserves better then you!! *twirls Elizabeth into his arms* Someone like me. *Smiles*

tigerz-peace on Thu Feb 28, 2008 8:53 pm

Elizabeth, simply put, was shocked, and disgusted.
"Curse ye Caesar yer dirty scoundral how dare ye' assume wha' I deserve or not. I'll be damned if the mighty Raff is nay good enuff fer me. He be excellent!"

Irish Wolf on Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:02 pm

"How dare ye!" cried Raff, his accent very heavy. His right fist swung into Ceaser's face, forcing him to drop Elizabeth and fall back. As his punch handed, Raff fell to one knee and caught Elizabeth with his left arm.

vasa o souls on Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:06 pm

*sighs and hangs head *

Esath walked out of the map room having heard the conversation and looked around "aye he may have the accent, but he have not the brains to say anything" Esath laughed his accent just as heavy "now we welshmen now how ter please a lady and speak intelligibly when need be" he said winking at her

Irish Wolf on Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:21 pm

"Unfortunately for thy" said Raff in a low voice, "Ye never speak intelligibly at any time." Raff stood from his kneel, lifting Elizabeth in both his arms now. "He's just wishing" said Raff in a very low whisper, "That he had an Irishman's tackle."

Jadeling Hawkins on Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:33 pm

Richelle: *sits back on a barrel to watch the show* "Garn...I never knew wooing was such a violent sport!"

vasa o souls on Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:42 pm

" i hear say irishmen got nothin that fits a lady, only the sheep of the highlands under thine kilts" Esath said "besides you can have the capt'n Richelle is more my type anyways" he said as he walked over to the barrel she was sitting on took her hand and kissed it lightly

by Skallagrim on Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:43 pm

James watched a moment before shaking his head, swooping the tricorn off his head, he ran his fingers through the dirty blond locks, "It's only such with amateurs and Englishmen." With that James started laughing, "Arrgh the Captain be a such a bonny bit of fluff, and ta have only ye three as her choices...truly the Laird has cursed ye the curse of ages Cap'n, truly..." James lowered his head and said a prayer, keeping an eye on the others incase they felt like tossing him over the side.

Jadeling Hawkins on Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:49 pm

Richelle stared at Esath for a moment, then cleared her throat and offered a fair warning. "Laddie, 'tis a great honour ta hear such things, but if you like yer face arranged the way 'tis, I'd advise ye to keep your kisses an' affections in another direction. I donnae know if James be the jealous type, but it strikes me as a safer bet to avoid findin' out!"

vasa o souls on Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:53 pm

" I be knowing how ter take care of me self and i be takin chances anyway on this trip so why not in th's" Esath said standing "what if i beat him, in a fair fight mind ye? mayhap you be thine prize?" he said

Skallagrim on Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:57 pm

James had to chuckle at Esath's bravado, "Lad 'tis nothing more dangerous than a fight for love, especially with a pirate fighting for the fairest bit of treasure the Laird ever laid on the green earth and blue seas. For Richelle I'd not fight fair."

vasa o souls on Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:03 pm

"aye tis true and nither would i but it be worth mentionin the possiblity of a fair one" he said touching his sword in case james jumped at him "and i would fight just as hard i bet and i would beat ye to i should say"

Jadeling Hawkins on Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:09 pm

"But if you were to harm James, then ye'd have to fight me," Richelle added, nodding sagely. "An' if that were the case, ye'd not be walkin' away, mate."

Skallagrim on Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:11 pm

James shook his head, "Lad as I mentioned to our Spaniard, anyone can hack or swing with a bit of metal, but I said I wouldn't fight fair." Noticing the hand on the sword, "I've already won lad, yer on yer sword ready to defend yerself and I haven't even moved."

vasa o souls on Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:12 pm

" I see it be true love betweens you two then and i shall wait, but when all falls apart as it always does I will be there ter pick up the peices" Esath said as he walked up to the crows nest

tigerz-peace on Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:18 pm

As Elizabeth was caught by Raff, she stared up at him wih complete and utter adoration in her eyes. Glancing back at Caesar, she threw an array of insults some may say unfitting for a woman, before turning back to Raff an throwing her arms around his neck.
"I thank ye, Raff my dear. I know not how I'd get by withou' he bravery by me dainty side."

Irish Wolf on Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:24 pm

Raff flashed a many toothed grin and puffed out his chest a little. 'Why me bonnie lass" said Raff, "Me pistol will ever be at thine command"

tigerz-peace on Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:57 pm

"Ye' pistol aye? An woul' tha' happen ter be a pistol I have seen yer handle, by any chance?" Elizabeth looked up at Raff inquiringly, questioning brow raised.

Irish Wolf on Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:09 pm

"I don't think ye've seen my shoot me long pistol yet lassie" said Raff, accent heavy and think.

tigerz-peace on Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:15 pm

"Nay, tha' I haven't.. Will I ever gi' the chance, Master Raff, or do you reserve tha' show of power fer a secret sweatheart at home?"

Irish Wolf on Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:20 pm

"Well me bonnie lass" said Raff, "I have not been home in quite some time."

Drako11 on Fri Feb 29, 2008 7:04 am

Caesar fumbles back up and grabs Raff's pistol chucking it overboard. "Well now seems ye don't have your great pistol now laddy, I suggest ye go swimming if ye want it back." *Pushes the stuned Raff to the deck* *picks up Elizabeth* "Now now your highness why would you settle for a lowly gunner like him, when you can have royalty like me? I mean us royals should stick together, plus look at that ugly mug of his, crooked grin, broken nose, receding hairline, AHH HORENDOUS TO LOOK AT! Now I am not one to brag, but I have taken a gander at myself in the mirror and I say I look a might better then him. A beautiful lady as yourself deserves someone who can take care of her proper."

Jadeling Hawkins on Fri Feb 29, 2008 7:12 am

Richelle smoothed out her skirt, an amused smile on her lips. "Aye, so long as a man wears a proper bucket crown, what could he possibly be lacking?"

tigerz-peace on Fri Feb 29, 2008 7:24 am

Elizabeth glared at Caesar as she was picked up, removing herself from his grasp and taking stand on her own two feet.
"Condemn yer petty attempts to the blazing hell, Caesar. The often kind captain helped the Irishman to his feet, restraining his re-fueled attempts to throw the man overboard and rolling her eyes at Richelle.
"Richelle, I pray ye never lose that James' o' yours fer I fear ye'll be succumbed to receiving such attention as this. -- And Caesar-" The woman returned her attention to him and raff.
"Im afraid to say bu', this here "lowly gunman" as ye put it, just has more... Manliness about him then ye have yet to achieve about ye."

Sarithus on Fri Feb 29, 2008 7:33 am

Rand sat nearby watching and laughing. "What kind of crew have I gotten myself into." He shook his head. "Madness." He jumped to his feet and walked over to the group, putting a hand on Caesars shoulder. "Don't worry mate, the worst thing she could do to you is scalp you, shave your head, toss you over board, fill you with bullet holes..." List goes on forever...

Irish Wolf on Fri Feb 29, 2008 7:43 am

Raff snarled at Caesar. The only reason he didn't strangle the man was Elizabeth.

Jadeling Hawkins on Fri Feb 29, 2008 8:47 am

Richelle beamed and nodded with obvious delight. "Aye, me fine James be a right bonnie catch indeed, Cap'n. Why, I remember once when the baker's son an' the plough boy got in a quarrel over me own self." She shook her head tragically, "..'twas embarrassing, an' I not even taken fancy with either of 'em! But take heart, Cap'n, at least yer choices be made up of strapping men under yer own command. I imagine 't’would be most awkward if the situation was reversed!"

tigerz-peace on Fri Feb 29, 2008 3:49 pm

...*Whimpers and sniffles* Caesar gave up **Bursts into lage salty tars, watching them slide down her face, over the railing and into the green water below**

Irish Wolf on Fri Feb 29, 2008 5:37 pm

*Raff stands behind Elizabeth and wraps his arms around her*

Jadeling Hawkins on Fri Feb 29, 2008 5:43 pm

Richelle grinned over at Raff and Elizabeth (and Caesar) and started humming the wedding march.

Irish Wolf on Fri Feb 29, 2008 5:45 pm

*Raff glares at her*

tigerz-peace on Fri Feb 29, 2008 11:46 pm

*Elizabeth Is warm and is feeling quite un-pirate-captain-is due to the romantic attention she has been receiving of late. Watches the glaring and giggles at the wedding march Richelle is humming, picturing lil James and a lil Richelle sailin out of a small lake in a piratin' ship of their own, whilst on the shore Caesar chases Elizabeth who chases Raff who chases Caesar, whilst James and Richelle prepare the, gallows?*

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Re: Chat Quotes & OOc RPing From PP!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby tigerz-peace on Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:12 am

(13:21:15) Skallagrim James...erm Cap'n I've noticed ye've been taken a larger share of yer cut than normal, infact ye've had two shares thar something ye be wantin ta tell me?
(13:22:11) (Richelle): Aye, Cap' be appearin' a bit fuller in the belly than normal...are ye feelin' well?
(13:22:34) (James): Hmm me be thinking our master gunner be a master gunner
(13:22:45) (Richelle): Oh my! *blush*
(13:22:54) (Richelle): 'Tis a son of a gun we be dealin' with?!
(13:22:58) (Rose/Twigs): *sits back to watch*
(13:23:01) (James): indeed me poppet
(13:23:12) (Elizabeth) Rests her hand on her tummy, looking a bit sheeish before glancing over at Raff, then Rose Kelly (if she's there). "Well lads... An' lassess... It seems tha' uh... Raff's gun provs true to its suprior aim..."
(13:23:37) (James): the right Laird and Lady MacLeod of Carin Wood...((I laugh when I type it))
(13:23:52) (Raff) Grins and shrugs
(13:24:00) (Richelle) blushes over her new name ^-^
(13:24:24) (Richelle):' to think, I had to nearly force the truth from yer lips over a simple bout of kissin' betwixt the two of ye!
(13:25:01) (James): pfft 'twas clear as the nose on yer face dear, they were in love...but umm they have a bit of decorum
(13:25:29) (Richelle): Aye, stubborn over something so plain as a bonnie day!
(13:25:51) (Richelle): Tsk tsk an' a bottle of rum.
(13:26:03) (Elizabeth) Blushes slightly, still with a small, sheepish smile. "Well.. Ye'no Richelle dear.. We all thought twould be yerself an' James to have the crew of fat blonde babes before meself an' raff, an' we just though' we might suprise yer both an' beat yer to the.. Uh.. yes, anyway..."
(13:26:08) (James): Rum? Rum?
(13:26:21) (Richelle) blushes!
(13:26:24) (Raff) Grins more
(13:26:38) (Raff) rolls his eyes
(13:26:44) (Richelle): Aye, well...the good Laird of Carin Wood be a mite busy with matters of state an' all...*blush*
(13:26:52) (James) looks at his bottle then at Richelle...shrugs his shoulders
(13:27:16) (Elizabeth): Richelle m'dear ye blush all too much o'er the simple thing of parenthood! I be in histerics at how ye'll be actin' when yer present a' the birth!
(13:27:23) (James): Indeed matters of it were
(13:27:52) (Richelle) pokes James in the gut. "Though I do believe I was promised me own crew of fat babies! Was it not so, Milord?"
(13:28:49) (Richelle): Well, Cap'n, when it comes ta matters of I allus tell me dear elder brother...'tis no ones business what I do in me bed but mine an' me fine husbands.
(13:28:49) (James): Indeed it is so Milady...but I would point out we've chased the entire world and have yet had more than a fortnight tagether
(13:29:34) (Richelle): *sigh* Aye,' yet somehow the good Cap'n an' her gunman have managed it, eh?
(13:33:09) (Richelle): So, Raff me boyo, what be yer thoughts on fatherhood? Or will it take ye another five moon cycles ta own to it?
(13:34:28) (Raff): I'm not so sure (may turn out like his father and jump on a ship to flee)
(13:35:08) (Richelle): Why, tsk tsk! I suppose 'tis a good thing me own crew of fat babies has yet to manifest itself!
(13:35:25) (James) frowns at Raff...indeed?
(13:35:53) (Richelle) gives Raff the ultimate glare of British disaproval.
(13:35:56) (Richelle): lol
(13:36:03) (Raff) glares right back
(13:36:50) (James): Yer a Scottish Lady now dear, not English
(13:37:21) (Richelle): Raff, me beauty, I can be tellin' ye this much: If ye breaks the heart of our fair Cap'n a prove an untrustworthy man wiv her honor, I'll be sendin' me boot so far up yer...ah, yes, thank ye luv. *changes glare*
(13:37:50) (Raff) blinks rapidly
(13:37:54) (James) nods in approval at the glare
(13:39:35) (Elizabeth) Giggles softly and stands by Raff, wrapping a arm about his waist and leaning into him, stage whispering "Don' worry abu' Richelle dear, yer bonnie red headed lovely will protect tha' lovely rear of yours" wink
(13:40:27) (Richelle): Hmph...I'm just glad that I've got meself a decent gennelman who's flawless in every manner! *luffles with great conviction*
(13:40:30) (Raff) Grins and slips an arm around Liz's shoulders.
13:41:18) (Elizabeth) Cuddles up to her Irishman and pokes her tongue out at Richelle in a smug 'Look what I got' kinda way
(13:41:36) (James) peers at the couple, chuckles softly "and ta think Liz ye could have had the noble Caesar as yer dashing husband had ye chosen him"...laughs hysterically at the thought of the cock-fight
(13:42:13) (Richelle) is far too busy adoring her Scottsman to take notice of any low level Irish riff Raff. But sticks her tongue out anyway.
(13:42:48) (James): aye me dear, yer a treasure ta be sailing the seas ta fight Davy Jones hisself to recover ye
(13:43:22) (James) looks at the rum again and then at Liz's belly, swigs some rum
(13:43:34) (Richelle): ^-^ An' yer a brighter star than any that's dared to show its face in the sky. *cuddles*
(13:43:38) (Elizabeth) Looks slightly offended at the way Richelle's acting and cuddles her Irishman tighter, mumblinjg "Give me an Irishman fer breakfast an' a scotsman fer tea.. But I'll always ask Raff Kelly to a-lie in bed wiv me..." (LMFAO and breakfast is the most important meal of the day =] )
(13:45:14) (Raff) Chuckles lightly, squeezes Liz lightly. "Ye don't have to ask me twice"
(13:45:16) (Richelle) sneaks her Scottish Laird a smooch on the cheek, then grins over at the Captain. "Aye, Cap'n, jest think of the joy ye could be havin' if ye had chosen the e'er faithful Caesar Grent for yer man!" Giggles.
(13:47:43) (Richelle): Aye...a British babe ye'd be havin', an' Caesar would be all excited for approximatedly half an' hour, eh?
(13:48:18) (Elizabeth) grins slightly "aye, jus' imagine.. I'd be clothed in the fineries of buckets galore" Eyes Richelle giving James a smooch, lifts her head and plants a much better kiss full smack on Raff's lips. Returns to looking at Richelle all smugly
(13:48:43) (Richelle) gives Elizabeth a 'challenge accepted' kind of grin.
(13:49:18) (James) looks at Raff and shakes his head, it was gonna be another long night
(13:49:25) (Elizabeth) Nods once, in an affirmative "Bring it on poppet" kind of manner
(13:49:38) (Raff) grins and shrugs
(13:49:40) (Richelle) throws her arms around James and kisses him right down to the couch. Then sits up and straightens her dress ^-^
(13:51:33) (Raff) rises eye brow and wonders just what Liz will do
(13:51:55) (Elizabeth) Narrows her eyes at Richelle's antics and turns, curling her arms round Raffs neck and kissing him romantically, much more romantically then Richelle kised James, right onto the arm chair, sitting on his lap neatly with her arms still draped over his shoulders, cuddling him greatly

~These dont really relate to PP, but it has their players so they win a part in this thread~

(13:10:45) tigerz-peace Dances about with her can of slightly warm 440ml Highlander with 5% alcohol that tastes absolutely delicious extrememely happy that she gots it
(13:10:56) Jadeling_Hawkins: XD
(13:11:02) tigerz-peace And will soon be dancing around with Red Eye when it has chilled
(13:11:17) (Rose/Twigs): *becomes jealous of Tigz*
(13:11:24) Irish_Wolf: nice tigerz
(13:11:41) tigerz-peace Shares her alcohol and energy drink with Rose =]
(13:11:50) (Rose/Twigs): woo hoo!

(13:17:00) Jadeling_Hawkins: HEY! At least he knows what Princess Bride is.
(13:17:04) Skallagrim: shush you utes I am trying to stay hip and young
(13:17:06) Jadeling_Hawkins gives points to Skall.
(13:17:07) tigerz-peace: Lmao
(13:17:14) (Rose/Twigs): lol
(13:17:17) Jadeling_Hawkins: lol
(13:17:22) tigerz-peace Cuddles Pappy "Its okay Pappy =]"
(13:17:37) (Rose/Twigs): *claps for no reason in particular*
(13:17:42) Skallagrim: yeah yeah...
(13:17:46) tigerz-peace Gives him more points for making me think he was in his 20's when I first met him from the way he acted
(13:17:51) tigerz-peace: =]
(13:17:53) Jadeling_Hawkins: XD
(13:17:56) Jadeling_Hawkins same here.
(13:17:59) Jadeling_Hawkins: lol
(13:18:03) Skallagrim: LOL
(13:18:03) tigerz-peace: Lol
(13:18:10) Skallagrim: are you serious?
(13:18:16) Jadeling_Hawkins: *nod nod* ^^
(13:18:25) Jadeling_Hawkins: lol totally thought you were my age.
(13:18:30) tigerz-peace Nods vigorously
(13:18:31) Skallagrim: jimminy christmas
(13:18:38) Irish_Wolf: ROFL
(13:18:46) (Rose/Twigs): Now that makes you sound old.... just kiddin
(13:19:31) Skallagrim: lol yeah all make me feel younger and I am grateful...except Tigz kicking my arse
(13:19:40) Jadeling_Hawkins: LOL
(13:19:44) tigerz-peace: Yup
(13:19:47) Irish_Wolf: WOOT!
(13:19:48) tigerz-peace Struts

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Re: Chat Quotes & OOc RPing From PP!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Drako11 on Tue Aug 26, 2008 5:34 pm

Huhhh.......this brings back such good memories. : D It warms my heart to read all the old arguments with Irish. XD Thanks for putting it up Tigz!
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Re: Chat Quotes & OOc RPing From PP!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby tigerz-peace on Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:48 am

Was entirely my pleasure sweets! <3 them all so I really couldn't resist sharing them with the rest of the world... Well... The rest of Gateway, anyway x]

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Re: Chat Quotes & OOc RPing From PP!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Drako11 on Mon Apr 27, 2009 3:59 pm

Good Laird I miss our fireside chats....what a you all say to getting everyone together again one night for a good long chat!? PWETTY PWEASE WITH A CHEST OF GOLD ON TOP!!!

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Re: Chat Quotes & OOc RPing From PP!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ExiledfromJudgement on Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:36 pm

(17:33:14) Moniker: Jyll. I really love your peaches. I want to shake your tree.
"I like a man who grins when he fights.” -Churchill

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